The Accuser Cannot Accuse

Learning to Defend Yourself
What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

As we enter together into the darkest times the earth has ever experienced, our greatest danger is being rendered powerless.  While this in no way endangers our salvation, it prevents us from doing what Jesus told us to do, and weakens our spiritual ability to take the offensive.  Not only are we unable to help others by “casting out devils” and freeing them to achieve freedom through salvation; but it puts us in a spiritual prison allowing the enemy to tear us down and literally destroy our lives.

The Bible has a “flow” that occurs throughout its text.  Failing to spiritually perceive this flow comes with a price.  So many of us fall into these “pigeon holes” of contrived doctrine because we do not see this “flow”.  There is a divine “story line” that unfolds from the beginning to the end.  But wait …  What end?  When you read the Bible from Genesis 1:1 through Revelation 22:21 one realizes there really is no “end”.  In fact one could argue the entire Bible is an introduction to a “new beginning”.  We are all just taking part in PHASE I, of all of eternity.

Pigeon Holes and Traps

Depending on your age, you may remember a game we used to play in the back seat of the car when our parents would take us on trips.  It kept us engaged for hours.  In our hands we would hold this little plastic box with a clear top.  Inside this box were little silver balls and a maze of holes.  Our challenge was to tip this box, to and fro, and capture all those silver balls into each of the holes.  Remember?

In a sense our entire spiritual lives are similar to this box with the little holes.  As we mature in our understanding of the Word of God, we fall into these holes and God needs to reach out and “thump us on the head” so we can “pop out” and move on to what? …. Yes you’ve guessed it ….  the next DARN HOLE!  Why do we keep falling into these holes?  Perhaps it is so we learn.  Maybe each hole becomes a lesson for growth.  One thing is for sure, you cannot allow yourself to remain stuck in any of those holes.  You must fight yourself to become free of these “sacred cows” so you can grow into a powerful Jesus-like force. 

Each one of these holes is a prison.  And there are thousands of “holes”.  You may fall into a hole called “the names of God” and spend your time explaining why you must use YHWH or Yeshua, or some other “name” to speak to our Lord.  Never mind the endless scripture that frees you from such traps.  Never mind the fact that God looks into your heart and knows your deepest feelings.  We think he doesn’t hear our cries because we haven’t figured out the formula for reaching him.  Did it ever occur to you that it was GOD Himself that created our linguistic challenges in the first place?

Realizing Your Advantage

Consider this:

2 Chron 16:9

For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth to show Himself strong in behalf of those whose hearts are blameless toward Him.


This doesn’t mean God looks to do good for you because you are “sinless”.  It is God Himself that makes it perfectly clear we can never be sinless without accepting the sacrifice of his Son.  Having a blameless heart unto God simply means you love Him and and are doing your best.  We make God too complicated.  He doesn’t expect you to be perfect.  He feels no differently about you than you feel about your own son or daughter.  He just wants to be loved.  He just wants you to “show it”.  He expects you to “mess up”.  He just wants you to ask forgiveness, love him, and seek him with “all your heart”.  Once you truly commit yourself to Him, and take your STAND, you are “blameless” and He will search you out and show himself strong on your behalf.

Consider Elisha. 

Elisha had a helper. He is referred to as the “young man”.   In 2 Kings 6, the King of Syria was baffled.  He couldn’t figure out how all of his plans to conquer Israel were being foiled.  The King figured he had a “mole” in his ranks.  Someone was leaking all his plans.  But in fact this wasn’t the case. 

The King then confronted his men in anger asking WHO was sending the “Top Secret” documents to Wikileaks!  They answered emphatically “None, my Lord, O king; but Elisha, the prophet who is in Israel, tells the king of Israel the words that you speak in your bedroom”.  So the King of Syria gets “miffed” and sends his entire army out to surround Elisha and “take him out”.

Now try your best to understand this picture.  Here you are this “young man” living in a house in Dothan, with this old bearded Hebrew dude who spends all his time praying and praising God.  You hear thousands of horses surrounding your village as you wake up in the morning.  You look outside and you “crap your pants” … do you not?  Wouldn’t you?  You are DEAD MEAT!  You have absolutely no doubt in your mind you are about to be slaughtered.  You scream in panic to the old dude in the back room,


Does Elisha say, “Go grab the rifles and ammunition, and call uncle Billy-Bob to bring reinforcements”?  NO.  He calmly looks at the “young man” and says …

2 Kings 6:16-17

16 […] “Do not fear, for those who are with us are more than those who are with them.” 17 And Elisha prayed, and said, “Lord, I pray, open his eyes that he may see.”


BUT THIS IS THE BEST PART.  Look what Elisha prays for.  Elisha doesn’t pray “Oh Lord please help us”.  Elijah simply asks God to OPEN THE YOUNG MAN’S EYES SO HE CAN SEE. 

2 Kings 6:17-18

Then the Lord opened the eyes of the young man, and he saw. And behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha.


The entire place was covered with God’s mighty army.  God’s spiritual soldiers dwarfed the army of Syria.  Elisha already knew they were there.  He never missed a beat. 

What will it take us to realize that we have those same “angelic warriors” standing by our side? 

Following the Power

As the flow of the Bible text unfolds, you see an amazing dynamic occur.  First you see God establishing His people and providing behavioral guidance written in stone.  Then you see more amazing dynamics unfold as these people of Israel become both empowered through their allegiance with God and be placed in “bondage” by their “falling away” from God.  This dynamic of choice is a part our everyday lives.

But then a wonderful thing happens.  The most amazing thing that has ever happened in the HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE.  The “Most High” God, the creator of all the Universe(s), gives His only “begotten” Son … Jesus … as a sacrifice for the sin of all of mankind. 

ALL of mankind.

And then later you see Paul.  Remember Simon Magnus?  Simon the Sorcerer?  Here is this “mighty and powerful” sorcerer that was trying to pay BIG BUCKS to Paul so he could have some of that “Holy Spirit” action.  WOW.  And we get that power just for asking.  Paul reminds the various “ecclesia” all throughout the New Testament to follow “the POWER”. 

Don’t fall into the trap of running after some “bearded” messianic “Torah of the Month Club”.  Follow Jesus.  Follow the POWER.  Align yourself with people like David Hogan, and Curry Blake.  These are people who are doing what Jesus said to do.  These are people creating empowered disciples.  They are “healing the sick” and “casting out devils”.

We underestimate this POWER that Jesus left for us.   We forget how amazing His atonement was.  When Jesus said “Tetelestai” (just before he died on the cross) it BLEW THE MIND of the enemy.   The “Darling of Heaven” was crucified.   All the angels of Heaven, and devils in Hell, were in utter shock.  Here was the SON OF THE ALMIGHTY GOD, beaten to the point of death hanging from a cross.  Millions of angels were astonished that God let him die!  And Satan himself was beaten at that moment in time.

And just before Jesus dies,  a criminal hanging beside him on a nearby cross simply asked Jesus to remember him.  And what did Jesus do?   Jesus told that man he would be in paradise with him that day. 


Don’t you see the POWER behind that act?  Don’t you realize this FREES you from ALL CONDEMNATION?

You simply can no longer be CONDEMNED.  You can no longer be ACCUSED.  Once you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior,  the penalty of sin is PAID IN FULL.


Do Not Let the Accuser Accuse You

Our greatest enemy is our own ignorance and failure to recognize the significance of Jesus’ gift to us.  If you are not “born again” and have not accepted Jesus as your savior, then you have a different set of rules and you indeed “stand accused”.  But once you accept Jesus as your savior then you are free from the penalty of sin and you MUST NOT allow the accuser to accuse you.  BUT HE WILL!

The greatest advantage the enemy can gain on God’s spiritual army of believers it to convince them that they can still be accused of past sins. 


I get emails all the time from wonderful spirit filled people who start following the Lord and get attacked with vivid memories of their past.  This is the DEMONIC at work.  That’s their greatest weapon against your POWER.  When you do nothing for God you are not a threat to them.  But the second you “start walking toward God” you will be “battered” with vivid memories of every “screw up” in your life. 

You must understand the enemy has NO RIGHT to do this.  You have your debt certificate.  You can no longer be accused.  But you must KNOW THIS and STAND ON IT in Jesus name. 

If you don’t, you can be in serious trouble.  Once the enemy wrongfully convinces you that you CAN be accused, it renders your spirit “impotent”.  You crumple in fear.  You get broken down.  You doubt your salvation.  You become a prime target.  Once you are down the enemy will continue kicking you.  I guarantee if you remain down long enough you will find verses in the Bible that convince you of your doom.



Stand before the ENEMY and PROCLAIM YOUR FREEDOM.  All your sins have already been PAID IN FULL.  When those thoughts enter your mind you say “Get Behind Me Satan!” I am saved by the Blood of Jesus Christ.  I am free of your accusations.

You must never forget your purpose in life. 

  1. You are a divine “Son of God”
  2. You are the “Master of the Devil”
  3. And you are the “Servant of Man”

Summary of Empowerment

The best weapon the enemy has against the “assembly of Jesus” is “false accusation”.  We must shed ourselves of these false doctrines and “sacred cows”.  There is NO SUCH THING as family curses that affect you.  There is NO SUCH THING as “past sins” for which you must pay.  When those thoughts enter your mind you become “weakened” by the forces of darkness and they will JUMP ON YOU and rip you to pieces.

When Jesus sent out those Seventy men from the crowd.  Those men were sinners.  Jesus told them to GO from house to house and “heal the sick” and “cast out devils”.  These men didn’t even have the benefit of Christ’s atonement.  These men didn’t even have the benefit of the Holy Spirit living within them.  But these TRUE SINNERS went out and did what Jesus told them to do “In Jesus Name”.


And here we are EMPOWERED by the Blood of the Lamb.  Here we are with the POWER of the Holy Spirit living within us.  With the faith of a mustard seed, we can “move mountains” .. but instead we get trapped in the “pigeon holes” of “thought”.  Instead we allow the accuser to tear us down. 

Take a STAND and accept your promotion into the Kingdom of Heaven.

The next time you feel down, the next time you start remembering your past mistakes, GET ANGRY and realize what is happening. 


You STAND and you TELL THEM …



“The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand”
“Heal the Sick”

“Cast Out Devils”

And most of all….


Gog, Magog & Arcturus

A Cosmic Epiphany
And Request for Comments

Well let me just say this has been an interesting day to say the least.  I begin this article with a disclaimer.  I do not pretend to have any “special information” and I cannot say for certain what happened to me today was anything other than a coincidence.  Right?  Well maybe it was.  Maybe what “hit” me just popped in my head.  Maybe the article I stumbled upon as a result of the subsequent search was an accident.  Maybe the fact the article actually had a picture of the same hieroglyph that Jonathan Kleck was led to was yet another “coincidence”.  Let’s be real … after all … maybe, just maybe it was.  I really don’t know for sure.

A Quick Review of the Unlikely

Any one who has been following Tribulation-Now for any period of time knows how I didn’t believe in the whole UFO deal “out of the gate”.  I learned about the New World Order back in 1988.  I didn’t even realize the World Trade Center event was an intentional super-nano-thermite demolition.  When I started my research, as I’ve mentioned in previous articles, I read Nostradamus’ World War III writings and when I saw his prediction of this “cosmic UFO battle” I tossed the whole thing aside and yelled “Balderdash”.  And now hardly an article slips by me without mentioning this “alien-demon” onslaught in some fashion or another.  Is it an obsession?  I don’t think so.

I remember when I bought my ESV Study Bible.  I was attracted to the commentary and all the great maps.  I can’t remember which verses I stumbled across but I was “taken back” by the use of the word “cosmic”.  All this “heavenly hosts” stuff and “cosmic” stuff.  I was like … you’ve got to be kidding me … Right?  Well…

Even my wife thought I stepped off the deep cliff.  I had her watching “The Reptilian Agenda” DVD from David Icke.  That didn’t last long for her.  The number of amazing “coincidences” that have pushed me into this “cosmic stuff” is utterly unbelievable.  Never mind that a colleague of the author of “Behold a Pale Horse” was led to become a friend of mine.  His name is Kenneth.  I spoke to him earlier today on the phone.  Ken worked with William Cooper a few years back and is keenly aware of this “cosmic” dynamic. 

Troubled by History and Traditional Prophetic Interpretations

As I reflect back on all my research, this UFO / Cosmic deal kept popping up.  It’s all over the ancient Egyptian, Sumerian, and Babylonian artifacts and artwork.  I’ve connected this “weirdness” in a number of articles to a “thirst for blood” and an attack on the Abrahamic “bloodline” many times.

I’ve always wondered what it was the Vatican was hiding from us.  I recently published an article entitled “Watching for Wormwood” (read it).  For far more than 2,000 years, SOMETHING has been after the integrity of our SCRIPTURE.  There are arguments even today about the integrity of the interpretation of the King James, due to its connection to the Masoretic text.  These demons have been trying to hide something from us for an extremely long time.  It seems today, without the help of the Holy Spirit and an EXTREMELY open mind, you can’t figure anything out with any certainty.  I have all the translations of the Bible that money can buy.  And no matter what, there is still no certainty in anything other than …


Pre-Adamic Earth “Stuff”

So as I am being led down all these amazing pathways and the Lord is bringing various “specialists” to me, I am discovering things that are nothing less than astonishing.  When I listened to Michael Tsarion’s work regarding Atlantis and the genetic onslaught, it was all based on “mythology”.  Now mind you it was utterly disturbing and for someone who was not as anchored in Jesus as I am – it would have been a guaranteed ticket straight to Hell. 

When you dig into this stuff you are quick to discover that Lucifer was running the “show” for a very long time after he and his “fallen angels” (turned “demons”) were scattered all over the “cosmos”.  Evidently there was “inter-planetary” commerce back then.  This whole “Atlantis” deal really happened.  These movies you are seeing such as “Clash of the Titans” are not that far off course.  All these “things” that were walking the earth, such as “centaurs”, may have actually existed at one time.  No wonder God was utterly disgusted and wanted to destroy all of mankind.  It was a HUGE MESS.

And Look at Us Today

If you completely disregard all the “Knights Templar” expeditions to hide things from us, you still have “gobs” of data that indicates we are missing some major information.  Has it occurred to you that the Scientologists are into the “cosmos” and believe the whole UFO Messiah deal?  Has it occurred to you the Mormons believe that Jesus was the brother of Lucifer and it’s all about what is “coming to earth” from far, far away?  Did you know that?  It’s TRUE.

Never mind that the Pope waves to the star systems of Pleiades and Orion on Sol Invictus our “fake” Christmas time which is actually a demonic equinox deal.  Forget about the fact that all the pyramids align perfectly to these star systems.  And surely it’s only a “coincidence” that the Most High God refers to these star systems in Job and Amos.


There’s simply no way the Bible could be referring to “cosmic” events … right?

What Happened to Me Today

So I am doing my “day job” deal.  Just another fun day in corporate America.  I feel led to call my sister and tell her how in Love I am with God and his Son Jesus.  I tell her I can no longer pretend to care about anything else.  She is thrilled and promises to pray for my ministry and future.  We discuss how God will “clear a path” and pay my bills so I can devote all of my time to his work.

I go back to my desk and start working.  Out of the “clear blue” I hear the word “Arcturus” in my head.  Arcturus is the star system that Maximilien De Lafayette says there are “humanoid aliens” that supposedly feel compassion for the poor earth folks because they are currently being targeted by the “greys”.  Yeah – I know – weird stuff… pretty darn unbelievable.

But then I feel really strongly that I should search on the word “Arcturus” in the Bible.  So I fire up my Internet Explorer and go to  I type in the word “Arcturus” and I get a hit – In Jesus Name – AMEN.  The word shows up in the same passages of Job and Amos …BUT ….THERE’S A CATCH!!

Now I am looking at multiple parallel translations side by side.  GET THIS!  It turns out that “Arcturus” is translated into the word BEAR in several translations.  WOW. 

All of a sudden it hits me.  The “BEAR” from the North.  Think MAGOG, and GOG!  Think about those verses.  Look them up please.  The Bible refers to those locations in the “cosmos” with “South” and other locations like that.  North, East, South, and West.  Cosmic in nature.  Wow. 

Since I was 9 years old I’ve listened to Jack Van Impe expound on who Magog, Gog and Rosh were.  It sounded like a bit of a reach to me.  But I bought the whole deal.  Wouldn’t you?  And quite frankly I am not sure mabye Jack is still right about that.  And praise Jesus Jack didn’t suggest Gog and Magog were from the star system Arcturus because I would have written him off to the “rubber room”.  Isn’t it absolutely fabulous how God waits to reveal things to you when you can actually “handle it”?

Summary and Humility

I have utterly no idea if this was from God or not.  Under the circumstances it “kinda” makes sense.  I admit I’m not running for president because God told me too. 

What if the Satanic onslaught of our Prophetic understanding has been immaculate?  Could we have underestimated our enemy Lucifer?  The original “Jekyll and Hyde”?  The “Light of God” but the darkness of “Satan”?

Maybe all of our traditional understanding of “end-times” prophecy have been “lacking”?  What if the Temple is in the BODY and the “Temple Institute” is a demonic distraction?

Could we be facing a DEMONIC onslaught from Arcturus?  Could it be from an army from a place called Magog with a leader called Gog?  Do we need to re-read Ezekiel with a new “frame of reference”?  Is it possible the whole Iran war deal is a distraction setting us up for a big surprise?



Aaron – please stand by for an onslaught of input.
God Bless You for Responding to the Lord’s Call



Check this out!

Right after I was led to this whole Bear = Arcturus thing I typed “Magog, Gog, and Arcturus” into Google and check out this web link


Coincidence ….

I don’t think so.

Start Re-Reading Ezekiel in Jesus Name!

Demonic Marching Orders

Keeping Your Sanity
While Praying in Your Garden of Gethsemane

As these events around us start to unfold, we can expect to be bombarded from all angles.  We must brace ourselves for this forthcoming onslaught by strengthening our relationship with Jesus through prayer and praise on a level NONE of us have ever embraced in our lives.  The time to get started is now.  If you wait until things get really dark, you may have a very hard time “pulling yourself up” from despair.  It is a demonic trap and NOW is the time to “stir up your spirit”.  NOW is the time to build your “Force Field of Praise”.

Frankly I hate to consider this but it is possible that we all shall face the plight of Job himself.  Imagine the agony Job went through.  Personally I don’t know how well I am going to do.  We really need to start working on building up ourselves on a powerful spiritual level as soon as possible to prepare for getting battered heavily.

I have an 8 year old step son.  He is accustom to eating food he likes.  If he doesn’t like the food being served he cries and refuses to eat it.  I wonder what it will be like for us all when we don’t get the metaphorical “food” we like or want or think we should have.  Are we prepared to live in the streets?  Are we prepared to become homeless and hold up a sign that says JESUS IS COMING, GET READY?  What is your “breaking point”?  When do you fold your cards?  Are you capable of remaining THAT strong?

Staring at the Devil Too Much

Folks you simply cannot stare at the devils’ work so much.  The balance in your life must lean heavily to PRAISE of your Lord Jesus Christ.  I get frequent emails from people who have done TOO MUCH research.  They dwell on YouTube and the stare at the devil’s work in progress.  This has an eroding effect on your mind and “spirit”.  This opens doors for demonic assaults on your life. 

While there is nothing wrong with listening to talk shows about the “dark times” we face, there must be MORE TIME given to PRAISE.  You cannot study these events without giving far more of your time to the “amplification” of the Holy Spirit within you.  You will lose the battle and make enormous mistakes.  You cannot HEAR God speaking to your heart when you trouble it with darkness constantly.  This is not about balance, this is about PRIORITIES.  Jesus must be your major priority at all times.

You should spend 2 days away from the news (YouTube, Infowars, you-name-it) in PRAISE and WORSHIP for every one day you spend in research.  Do not allow the forces of “information-darkness” to rob you of your peace.  You will sink your spirit like a rock and your entire world will crush in upon you.  The effects can be utterly devastating.



We all have this contrived illusion of Jesus being this “God-man”.  We imagine he glowed when he walked.  We imagine he floated down mountainsides.  We just DON’T GET IT.

Jesus was EXACTLY LIKE YOU!  He was a MAN.  He hurt.  He cried.  He even had doubts.  WOW.  Think about this for a moment.  All during his ministry he quoted tons of Old Testament writings and fulfilled prophecies demonstrating that he was the Messiah.  Jesus knew he came to die for our sins.  HE KNEW IT.  But when he faced that fateful day, he was in utter despair.  He didn’t want to go through with it.  I could tell you that “his heart was troubled”.  That would be the politically correct thing to say, would it not?  But I tell you the Bible is an UNDERSTATEMENT.  Jesus was utterly freaking out.  He was MISERABLE.

Read this passage about the Garden of Gethsemane.  Think about the words “deeply distressed” and “sorrowful”.  Notice that Jesus prayed directly to HIS FATHER and said the word …


Matt 26:37-45

And He took with Him Peter and the two sons of Zebedee, and He began to be sorrowful and deeply distressed. 38 Then He said to them, “My soul is exceedingly sorrowful, even to death. Stay here and watch with Me.”

39 He went a little farther and fell on His face, and prayed, saying, “O My Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass from Me; nevertheless, not as I will, but as You will.”

40 Then He came to the disciples and found them sleeping, and said to Peter, “What! Could you not watch with Me one hour? 41 Watch and pray, lest you enter into temptation. The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.”

42 Again, a second time, He went away and prayed, saying, “O My Father, if this cup cannot pass away from Me unless I drink it, Your will be done.” 43 And He came and found them asleep again, for their eyes were heavy.

44 So He left them, went away again, and prayed the third time, saying the same words.


Getting Slammed from All Sides

If you are reading this article, it is likely you are in the upper .01% of the most knowledgeable Christians in the world.  Look around you today.  You will see hundreds of people that have NO IDEA what is happening.  They might suspect that Israel is going to eventually launch an air strike against Iran.  But that’s pretty much about it.  While many of the more progressive Christian churches are aware of the “Temple Institute” and the forthcoming war, they have no idea what we know.  Again I tell you … THEY HAVE NO IDEA!

Since you have “chosen” to become knowledgeable about these things, you have chosen to carry a heavy burden.  This requires you to fortify your spirit with an enormous amount of peace through Praise.  Read Philippians 4:6-7.

Phil 4:6-7

6 Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; 7 and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.


Please notice the word “thanksgiving”.  You do not get PEACE without PRAISE!  PERIOD.  I struggle with all the people I get emails from and my heart breaks for them.  So many people are “freaking out” about their lives.  As Christians who become “watchman” you DO carry a heavy burden.  But what’s worse is you become a TARGET!  Because you have a “clue” what is going on in the world you become a lethal adversary of the DEVIL.  And as a “Son of God” with the POWER of JESUS inside, the enemy is going to do EVERYTHING it can to “TAKE YOU OUT”.
This means you are going to have “financial challenges”.  This means you might “lose your house”.  This means you might get “demonic illnesses”.  This means your “family” will be used against you.  If the demonic cannot get “to you” they will go after your family and make your life a living Hell.  The more dangerous you are to the demonic, the more of a target you will become.
Your only defense is prayer and PRAISE!
Take the time to read “Star Gate of Praise” here:
Also take the time to read “Sword of the Spirit” here:
You don’t have a choice but to prepare for spiritual warfare.  Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed right now!  This is likely only the “beginning of sorrows”.  If my hunch is correct, and the Bible is in fact a serious understatement, then the “beginning of sorrows” is just starting.  This means it’s going to get MUCH WORSE.  And Jesus help us all when it gets really bad.

Not Even the Illuminati Know When

We are surrounded with untrustworthy information.

If you believe ALL the information out there then it can appear that everyone is on the dark side. However it is likely what we are seeing is excellent counter-intel in effect.  Many great God fearing people at one time had joined the Masons or used some popular hand gesture before they knew the true meaning.

In fact there was a time before I knew anything about “them” that I had considered joining even the Masons myself.  Later I had considered joining them intentionally as an “infiltrator” just to reveal their internal workings but figured the time would be better spent doing other things.  I suspect many people out there “participated” in things when they were younger that they didn’t realize were linked to the “dark side” until they got wise to it.  Naturally these moments in time would be captured and used in co-intelpro efforts – particularly now.

So when you see information suggesting that Ron Paul and other anti-NWO leaders are “bad people” just remember “they” will use every trick in the book to “throw you off your game”.  Be wiser than they.  Be wiser than “serpents”.  Be “gentle as doves”.

I believe that, while Lindsey Williams MIGHT have been lied too, he is telling the truth as he knows it.  He might have been told the timeline as of TODAY and that timeline MIGHT change again without his knowing.  Again I am certain Williams – to the best of his ability, is telling the truth.  If you use the Venn Diagram “correlation” method of study and give some credence to the person’s Godly reputation as well, I think you can “correlate” which tidbits are worth watching and which are fluff.

THEN when you consider that people like you and I are in the upper .01% of the overall “enlightened” global population – it is highly likely our data is extremely accurate overall. 

“Demonic Marching Orders”

I would suggest that WE KNOW as much as the “upper 30%” of the Illuminati bloodline people do.  Even THEY do not know all the things that are going to happen and when.  Even THESE “people” are taking their marching orders from the DEMONIC world through their ceremonies and divination events. 

I am reasonably sure that even the top “shape-shifting reptilians” are waiting to find out what the next “chess move” will be.


Learn from Job.  Learn from Jesus. 

The Bible says that the Great Tribulation will be like no other time in the history of the earth.  WOW.  Holy CRAP!#@!#

Do you have ANY IDEA what that means??

Folks we need to brace for the worse.  If you “flip out” when you stub your toe, or you get “angry” when your money runs short for the week then you really need to get your PRAISE ENGINE REVED UP – in Jesus Name.  Please buy some praise music.  Please fill your car CD player with Praise Music.  Learn to “lighten the burden” by praising God with all your might. 

I struggle constantly with issues.  Believe me “none of us” have this figured out.  We need to “lean on each other” like no other time in history.

Tribulation-Now is investigating the use of private “by invitation only” Webex conference calls with our members and leaders.  We don’t know for sure if this will work well yet but we are testing the technology actively at this time.  It is imperative that those of us who are “in the know” have a means to “vent” and get the issues off our chest.  We NEED to become focused on JESUS through praise and take PEACE away from all this stuff … KNOWING THAT …


Warnings from Williams

Complexity Fails
Simplicity Works

As I brush away the tears from my eyes, I will attempt to present to you the “meat” of the Lindsey Williams “Prophecy Club” DVD set.  I have seen all the web site commentary out there and quite frankly could give a flying flip about what any of them have to say.

Through the 3 hours of his testimony I’ve learned NOTHING.  I figured that maybe he has some insider information from these “Elite” demon possessed freaks on what was coming our way.  And maybe, perhaps maybe, there is some golden insight on what we will see in the next 2 years.  Perhaps his insight will give you some warning as to the timeline we face and what is certainly in store for us all.

But I tell you from the bottom of my heart, that after 3 hours of listening to this information, it was NOT the warnings that made any difference.  NO.  It was the testimony he gave regarding the PEOPLE he worked with in the past.  It was the SIMPLICITY OF SALVATION. 

We are so unbelievably entangled in this wicked nonsense about everything and anything that has NOTHING to do with JESUS.  What is the “true name of God”,  (who cares – he looks into our hearts!),  should we follow the Sabbath (who cares – Tetelestai in Jesus name).  Is it the Temple Building, or is it the Temple Body (who cares – its about Jesus).  Why do we let ourselves be sucked into the demonic discord associated with everything that has NOTHING to do with saving souls for our KING?

The Williams Timeline

The following is the Lindsey Williams timeline / data from his $99 dollar prophecy club DVD.  And by the way it is NOT copyrighted and he encourages people to give it out for free.  If you feel strongly about seeing it for free, then you can email me and I will see about getting you a copy.

This is paraphrased with embellished language to get you to the “jist” of his statements.  I simply do not feel there is any divine purpose in beleaguering the points he is making.

The following points were made regarding the “Elite’s” Timeline for our demise:

  • Within the next 2 years we will have war.  The war is not simply about IRAN.  The war is intended to be global.  Iran is merely the catalyst.  Israel is a puppet in making it happen on their timeline.
  • The war they intend to orchestrate will be intentionally global in nature, no one will be left unaffected by it.
  • As a result of the war, nearly everyone will be working for the government.  In one way or another, your company will become a worker for the Elite through the control grid.  Think General Motors by force.
  • You will become so broke in the next two years you will not be able to “rebel” against them.  You won’t have enough money to feed your family, let alone go to some lame and forgotten “tea party” meeting.
  • Gasoline will stay at $2.65 or so a gallon until the war breaks out.  It could be a while so you best go to Yellowstone while you still have a shot.
  • Gold and Silver will soar in value.  But he rightfully warns that it is not that these values are soaring.  Instead these are true indicators of the fall of paper money.  Warning – this means the end of money as we know it is very near.
  • Pastors and churches are already completely owned by “them”.  The 501c3 and the “Faith Based Initiatives” have been an utter success.  The churches are 100% insolvent and are already fully cooperating with Homeland Security.
  • Homeland Security is collecting information, through the churches, on their congregations.  The pastors, in the name of “doing what is right” are soliciting their congregations to “tell all” on paper.  This is Nazi Germany in progress.
  • Nine Banks (think about the occult significance of this number) will be all that will be left standing in the next two years.  They will prevent you from withdrawing your money by setting limits.  If you have $10,000 in the bank, you will only be allowed to take out a small amount of it and there will be a time set before you can take out more.  It will be a stranglehold on what you can live on.
  • Your safe deposit boxes will be confiscated.  You think you are hiding your “secret stash” in safe keeping… think again.
  • Bankruptcies will soar far beyond the current levels.  It will happen slowly.  Not like Alex Jone’s contributors suggested in the years past, but instead over the next two years in an almost invisible way.
  • Inflation will be unbearable.  You have already seen how your Ice Cream boxes have shrunk to tiny containers.  This will continue to happen but you will hardly notice.  All the food will get less and less in the containers and the prices will inch up.  If you don’t record the numbers you won’t notice until it’s too late.
  • There will be a substantial increase in Hollywood’s contribution to your mind’s understanding of “things”.  The ABC mini series “V” is an understatement.  Williams said you will see many more movies that are key indicators of what is “to come”.  He mentioned the “Extraterrestrial” word. Amen!
  • Airport and Travel Security will become even worse than they are now.  Beyond “Naked Body Scanners” and road blocks.  Watch out.
  • Youth Corps, such as Americorps (the Brown Shirts) will become king and take on a whole new meaning.
  • ALL people will be required to do government service and pass security checks.  Those who do not pass the security checks will probably be “dealt with” (my addition).  Mandatory service.  Hard work, not licking envelopes mind you.
  • Chipping was mentioned. Brainwashing was mentioned. ‘SS” Nazi stuff was mentioned.


And the final coup des gras, was GUN CONTROL

This is why the Japanese did not bother to attempt invasion of the American mainland during WWII.  Too many people had guns in their homes. 

The final coup will be to take way the GUNS.  We have been watching Alex Jones freaking out over the gun control issue and wondering why it hasn’t started yet.  At least not on a large scale.  Yes they have been practicing for 10+ years.  Yes the lizard-like Hillary has signed away American gun rights to the United Nations.  But the BIG ONE is reserved for the final blow.  They will wait until war had devastated the country.  They will wait until we cannot feed our children.

Then they will take away the guns.

First by offering money for guns.
Then by force.


  • The Talk Show Hosts
  • The alternative media sites
  • Then Red and Blue Lists
  • Then Chipping
  • Then Guillotines

They have not forgotten.

It is “WE” that have forgotten.

But what is it that WE HAVE FORGOTTEN?



I wonder sometimes why I feel led to buy these DVDs?  After all haven’t I figured it out for the most part?  I’ve known about all this planned “order ab chaos” stuff for the better part of a half decade and arguably for more than 15 years.  Did I think that Williams was going to “knock my socks off” with some hidden mystery of the global takeover plot?  Perhaps I did!  Maybe I did.

But the most VALUABLE part of that $99 dollar investment had nothing to do with the “Elite’s” global agenda.  It had everything to do with what put me into tears.

At the very end of the third DVD he told a story of a fellow on the Alaskan pipe line project.  This guy was the “unsavable sort”.  He was a leader.  He was a drinker.  He was a story teller.  He was the most admired guy in the entire operation.  And they knew if only Jesus came into this man’s life that all the others would follow along.  So they prayed.

And prayed.

And prayed.

And eventually this one amazing bear wrestling, beer slamming, cussing, womanizing. man-leader. came to realized that nothing else mattered but JESUS!

This one man, told all 400+ of his subordinates that they MUST attends Williams worship sessions. 

And hundreds of them were led to SALVATION THROUGH JESUS CHRIST


I do not care what you think you are an expert on.  It means nothing in the eyes of your Heavenly Father.  You might think you have it all figured out. 




Does God Create Evil?

Moral Evil or Simply Judgement
Evil is the Absence of God

Well for those that are interested, I learned something new today.  It appears that once again our thoughts have been entangled into a literary interpretational “spin” of sorts.   A group of Tribulation-Now leaders have just completed a lengthy conference call in preparation for a forthcoming article on “The Sacred Words”.  However in doing so, an imperative foundation of Good vs. Evil was brought forward for consideration.

In our ongoing investigation of the wonderful mysteries of our Heavenly Father, I present to you …

Did God Create Evil – Does the Bible Say So?

by Rich Deem

Introduction One of the most common reasons skeptics reject the existence of God is due to the presence of evil in this universe. They reason that a perfect God would not create a universe in which evil exists. Skeptics claim that since God created everything that God must have also created evil. They even cite Bible verses, such as:

•  I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things. (Isaiah 45:7, KJV)

•  Shall a trumpet be blown in the city, and the people not be afraid? shall there be evil in a city, and the LORD hath not done it? (Amos 3:6, KJV)

•  Out of the mouth of the most High proceedeth not evil and good? (Lamentations 3:38)

However, evil is not really a created thing. You can’t see, touch, feel, smell or hear evil. It is not one of the fundamental forces of physics, nor does it consist of matter, energy, or the spatial dimensions of the universe. Still, skeptics like to claim that God created evil and cite the Bible to “prove” their point. The Bible is quite clear that God is not the author of evil and insists that He is incapable of doing so.1

Love that King James translation!

Skeptics love the KJV so much, one would think that they were still back in medieval England. Use of this translation is problematic these days, since it uses an archaic version of modern English, which doesn’t necessarily mean the same things today as when it was translated over 400 years ago. In addition, the KJV was produced using a limited number of medieval manuscripts that did not represent the earliest Alexandrian set of manuscripts.

What do the modern translations say?

•  The One forming light and creating darkness, Causing well-being and creating calamity; I am the LORD who does all these. (Isaiah 45:7, NASB)

•  I form the light and create darkness, I bring prosperity and create disaster; I, the LORD, do all these things. (Isaiah 45:7, NIV)

Isaiah 45:7 contrasts opposites. Darkness is the opposite of light. However, evil is not the opposite of peace. The Hebrew word translated “peace” is shâlôm,2 which has many meanings, mostly related to the well being of individuals. Râ‛âh,3 the Hebrew word translated “evil” in the KJV often refers to adversity or calamity. There are two forms of the word. Strong’s H7451a most often refers to moral evil, whereas Strong’s H7451b (the form used here) most often refers to calamity or distress. Obviously, “calamity” is a better antonym of “peace” than “evil.”

Amos 3:6

•  If a trumpet is blown in a city will not the people tremble? If a calamity occurs in a city has not the LORD done it? (Amos 3:6, NASB)

•  When a trumpet sounds in a city, do not the people tremble? When disaster comes to a city, has not the LORD caused it? (Amos 3:6, NIV)

Likewise, Amos 3:6 uses the same word, râ‛âh, referring to calamity or disaster. the context (a disaster happening to a city) does not refer to moral evil.

Lamentations 3:38

•Is it not from the mouth of the Most High that both calamities and good things come? (Lamentations 3:38, NIV)

•Is it not from the mouth of the Most High That both good and ill go forth? (Lamentations 3:38, NASB)

The King James Version of Lamentations 3:38 seems to suggest that God speaks both good and evil. However, if one reads the verse in context, the preceding verses indicate that God does not do or approve of evil.4 The verse following indicates that people should not complain in view of their sins.5 What the verse really is saying that God decrees times of good things and times of judgment. Lamentations was written by Jeremiah during a time of judgment, when Judah had gone off into exile. Jeremiah was chosen by God to be the prophet to tell Judah to reform or be judged. The people did not believe Jeremiah, and, therefore, fell under God’s judgment. In Lamentations 3:38, the word translated “good” is ṭôb (Strong’s H2896).6 The word usually refers to good things5 as opposed to bad things. Again, râ‛âh3 does not refer to moral evil, but calamities, in this verse. Likewise, the Bible commentaries indicate that the verse refers to God’s judgment based upon people’s sin.7


God is not the author of evil.8 However, God does reward and punish on the basis of good and bad behavior. Therefore, God does bring judgment and calamity (either directly or through human authorities) on those who rebel.9 God will ultimately judge all people, since rebels will not be allowed in the new, perfect creation.

For More Information and Citations on this Study please see:


Stand By for "The Sacred Words"

Isaiah 49:15
“I will never forget you, I have carved you on the palm of my hand”

If You Don’t Listen
You won’t hear …

It seems, sadly so, that “christianity” (lower case intended) has slipped into a crevasse of trapped thought.  We have been trained to think “inside the box” at all times.  When one really studies the Bible a divine revelation jumps off the pages.  If you don’t let yourself get snared in a trap associated with “Law vs. Grace”, or which prophecies are “symbolic” verses “literal”, you see another truth that is missed by virtually everyone.

The Bible was never intended to be the “Final Word of God”.  This is why you see the words “I reveal this mystery to you” all throughout the text. 


Never mind when John was seeing the visions of Revelation there is an entire sequence of events he is told he must not write down.  What do you supposed those events are?  When do you think those “secret mystery” events will unfold?  Is it possible these events unfold during the very “end of times” here on earth?  Is it possible these mysteries will happen in our life time?  Could it be that God will unfold these mysteries to the most unlikely people? 

The Olivette Discourse Paradox

I challenge you, in Jesus name, to “break out of the box”!  You are going to miss your shot at a piece of the “divine pie” if you are trapped in the “pigeon hole” that most traditional Christian leaders are shouting from.

Never forget, amidst the future unleashing of divine events, most people will be completely asleep at the wheel.  Try to understand the “twinkling of an eye” warning.  Try to grasp the “paradox” associated with Jesus’ warnings in the Olivette Discourse. 

Think about this paradox here:

Matt 24:37-39

37 But as the days of Noah were, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be. 38 For as in the days before the flood, they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark, 39 and did not know until the flood came and took them all away, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be.


Did it ever occur to you there are duplicitous dynamics at work in these three verses?  Most of Christianity embraces the notion that these three verses simply support the “twinkling of an eye” paradigm.   But the deeper thinkers out there realize that verse 37 is LOADED with parallelisms.

So how is one to embrace this paradox?

Do you think we will all see Nephilim rushing out of caves eating people?
Do you think we will all see UFOs landing on top of Pyramids?


There are a lot of things that most of “Christianity” will
if they

Responding to the Flow

Think about the spiritual dynamics in play here at Tribulation-Now.

The whole world of Christianity is shouting DOOM DOOOM DOOOOOOOM!!  OR … RAPTURE, RAPTURE, RAPTURE!  

Some are shaking their fists in the air. Simmons was murdered, Tsunamis are coming, death and destruction.

While this dynamic is occurring, Tribulation-Now’s people are emailing me. Look at the procession of articles in the order they were published.  I did not notice this until just this morning.

Read “bottom to top”

God is Calling His Warriors

When God Says Thanks

A Change In Priorities

God’s Special Forces

Tearing Down Strongholds

When God’s Special Forces was published, a demon started to email me viscous assaults. I sent some of them to a colleague of mine just to show him the “dark side” of paying attention to people’s “input”.  This is tricky business, writing these articles.  You have hundreds of emails coming in.  People need prayer, people are demonically attacked, people are demonically “attacking”.  It can be a bit distracting I assure you.  Couple that with a “day job” and family life and you can become mentally fatigued very quickly.  

The last three days have been exactly that … exhausting.

Enter Lewis Crompton

NEXT I get sent the prophecies from this young guy, Lewis Crompton, from one of our more gifted contributors Heather. Heather didn’t send them to anyone but me as far as I know.  At least, I was the only one in the “to” field of the email.  Prior to reading her email I had already authored and published “A Change in Priorities” and “When God Says Thanks” and I was about to leave for work.  But I don’t like to leave until I have finished going through most of the emails.

Then I open Heather’s email.  I start reading Crompton’s prophecies.  My eyes become instantly affixed to the text.  This wasn’t the usual “fluffy stuff” you get from “The Elijah List” – this was DEAD ON!  And if you read the comments section under this article you can see that people were on “both sides” of the fence regarding this word. 

The more traditional believers felt Crompton was too young and he used “lingo” which God wouldn’t use.  But when you  know how God prophecies through “people” and have been around it all your life you realize that this is EXACTLY HOW IT WORKS. 

You don’t drop your Southern accent when God speaks through you!  The characteristics associated with how you speak will “often” come out in the language you use to “relay” the words God has laid upon your heart.  Not all of prophetic utterances are “YEA SAYETH THE LORD” … we better watch our our established “belief systems” and attitudes and LISTEN IN JESUS NAME.

The Final Nudge

I read the email and published it immediately because even though I had already published 2 other articles that same morning, I felt a HUGE PUSH to publish the Lewis Crompton material.  I really needed to get to work.  I was running very much behind schedule.  I emailed my associate a copy of the Crompton prophecy and asked him to remind me to publish that work soon.

But I was unable to leave my chair.

I immediately started to publish his work.


I warn anyone that will open their minds and listen, it is people LIKE CROMPTON the Lord has NO CHOICE but to speak through as things become EXTRA BIBLICAL.

Do not forget that the Bible NEVER SAYS that all knowledge comes from only within its text. It is a “MAP” of truth, but it is not the only source of truth. This is why there are mysteries that were locked up and stated so in the Bible. 

These mysteries are yet to unfold.

With the Grace of God and the patience of Tribulation-Now’s key contributors we will investigate the amazing concept of …





God is Calling His Warriors

Trumpeting God’s Call

Praise JESUS the battle cries from our Heavenly Father are coming in at an alarming rate.  Do you suppose it’s because the time is upon us?

I believe there is no doubt about it.  You would have to be completely asleep at the wheel to not see what is on the horizon.  Here is yet another fabulous contribution sent in to Tribulation-Now from our Key Jesus Filled Contributor – Heather.


“Prepare for Acceleration, For What Once Flowed will Now Fly”

Word given by Lewis Crompton at Aslan’s Place on 7/19/2010:

“Are you bored of milk? Have you had your fill? Are you bored of the factory process? Do you want your cow and eat beef forever more? For this is the meat of My Word. I will give you meat as you meet with each other and with Me, for behold I am in your midst. I bring a strong arm; the right arm of the Lord is here. I tend to My people. I bring long-awaited provision which has been stored up for a time—for only a mighty arm can release what I have for you.

“Come and dwell in the tent of the King. I’ve laid awake for the heart of My people. I’ve set an ambush for My enemies and I will strike at the appointed time; and I will fight so that they do not have to, and you will reap their treasures.

“Prepare for acceleration, for what once flowed will now fly. I’ve woven together a mighty tapestry, and I’ve threaded you together today, for this group of people will hear what has not been heard before, and at no time on earth have these things been spoken, on no place on earth have these things been shown. This will be a great reveal. Are you ready for show and tell?

“Remember, this is a gift and I give it out of grace. You’ve done nothing to deserve it and you have nothing that you can buy it with. Freely I give. So freely you give. This is why it is show and tell. Learn what you learn. Learn what you learn. Make sure you are learned, to show yourself studied and approved. Not approved by man but by God, for I am the one who anoints; but it is man who appoints.

“Where are My anointed ones—those who carry My presence to reveal the mysteries of the living God? You were born for such a time as this—not that you would be proud but that you would shout aloud, for you are all evangelists and My Bride needs saving, too. For though I’ve pulled her out of darkness and set her feet upon a rock, still she does not hear My voice.”

“How will You Fight the Darkness if You Do Not Have the Light?”

Word given by Lewis Crompton at Aslan’s Place on 7/20/2010:

“Stop blowing your kazoos. Stop playing at war. This is a time of trumpets, a time of true war; and I bring separation to set you apart, not letting you be divided amongst yourselves. Be united in purpose with those who understand, with those called to war. My people are treating Me like Aladdin’s lamp and only let Me out to declare their wishes.

“I will be incubating a remnant. And in this place of warmth and safety, I’ve been cooking their hearts so that impurities will rise to the surface, and I will skim them off; and now I stir in the deep and I will bring a mighty torrent that will envelop My people. They will be overtaken by My presence and the breakthrough will go before them.

“Who goes to war without their God? They are foolish, for this is also sin. To war without Me—it is folly. Those who are in folly will go down to the grave. Those who seek wisdom will be lifted up. Do not go to war unless you are anchored in My presence—this is your firm foundation. For the tide of the enemy has come against you. Now I’m using you to turn the tide against the enemy. There is the secret the Egyptians understood about war—that secret I will release to My people. And the Russians knew what it was to war in winter, and you will need to fight in all seasons.

“Do not think in the season of rest there will be no warfare. The enemy will seek to steal your rest. This is why My Son expected fruit from us even out of season. I’m releasing eagles, and they will lift you up and enable you to fight from the skies—that you will not be bound upon the earth. For when you intercede on the land you are subjects of the land, but when you intercede from the sky you are not bound. You can fly where you choose. Fly to redeem the air. Fly above the snake line.

“Come into My plumb line. There you will receive a sign. The victory is divine. You cannot win by yourself. You can only win with Me. Take yourself off the shelf. I am not done with thee (KJV emphasis). For that which is old I am making new. For where there was no resolution I am bringing resolution. Where there was darkness I am bringing light. Where there was evil I am bringing My presence. You are light in darkness designed to shine. How will you fight the darkness if you do not have the Light? For the rod on your back is a lightning rod; it connects to My power, to My suddenlies.

“Do Not Fear the Enemy, For They Fear You”

“For I come all of a sudden—so be ready. Do not be a foolish virgin. Have your house in order, for the day is very short and the night is very long. The great exchange is coming like a whirlwind. From the highest Heaven to the lowest depth, My name will be known. And your names will be great in the camp of the enemy, for they will fear you as they fear Me, for I have chosen to inhabit My people.

“Do not fear the enemy, for they fear you. Do not fight unless I lead; otherwise, I will not be with you. How will you defend without your shield? How will you fight without your swords? For the Sword of the Spirit is the Spirit Himself and He only does what He sees the Father doing—so if you do not go where you see your Father go, you will be without resource, and if you go where I do not go, you will be without resource.

“Guard your sword upon your side. Walk with Me side by side, for I am raising up a mighty army and the enemy quakes before them—for I have made them dreaded. These are the dreaded ones. They carry the dread of the Lord, and it is deeper than the Fear of the Lord; for if My people should fear Me the enemy should dread Me, because I will bring about their destruction and they know this is true.

“This is a Generation That Has Never Been Seen”

“As I release My dread upon My people and they walk upon the land, it will cry out, it will tremble before Me—for this is how Joshua walked. For this is not a Joshua generation, nor an Elijah generation. This is a generation that has never been seen. This is a generation of Sons—for Joshua did not walk as a son, neither did Elijah. My Son walked as a Son. Why have you focused your attention upon others other than My Son? Will you not seek your sons and daughters to be as My son? Why limit them to Elijah, Joshua, David? These are but labels that confine My people.

“Again My people have allowed their eyes to shift, to change their focus, and instead of looking at My Son they look to others. This is idolatry. Why would you model yourself on anyone other than My Son—for He was the only worthy one. How can you do greater things when you are looking to the lesser? Fix your eyes upon Jesus—the Author and Finisher of your faith. In Him all things are created, all things are sustained.”

We are to travel on the light and go through the Morning Star to the King of Kings. The key is somehow enabling us to go into the heart of the Morning Star, into His light to drink of His life, to be energized by His light. “Why do you limit Me? I am not linear. I am beyond. I am King of Kings, King of the universe, and I call you to come up higher and to look from My perspective.”

“I’m Bringing My Bride into Adulthood”

Word given by Lewis Crompton at Aslan’s Place on 07/21/2010:

“For this is where you will stop on the merry go round, trapped on fake horses, reasoning as children, playing children’s games, never advancing but going around in circles. This day I raise My banner. I’m bringing My Bride into adulthood.

“Studying is not enough. Knowledge will not give you victory, but experience will. Your knowledge has become eclipsing of the sun. I will not allow a total eclipse, for I am sending forth experience to My people that their knowledge must be applied. Wisdom is applied knowledge. You have stayed at the door of knowledge and not moved to the next house of wisdom. Knowledge is not just information in your mind but wisdom releases knowledge, for this will be the manifold wisdom that I will release through My Church.

“You thought it would be good to be scholars. What good is reading a scroll if you don’t eat it and let it become part of you? This is how I write My Word on your heart, that you will live your life worthy of Me, demonstrating Me, experiencing Me, rather than just knowing Me—for knowing will cease and you only know dimly. What does it benefit a man if he knows all mysteries but not know how to use them? Who will he help? Who will he save? What will he grow other than his pride?

“I’ve Sent the Rain and I’m Bringing You to a Place of Rain—Rule and Reign”

“Do not look to the left or the right. Now I sound a war with a trumpet in all directions, up in space, down in space. All is mine. Even that which the enemy tries to create I have dominion over. Who gave them the power to create? Who gave them permission? Was it not from the Creator? So I will tear down.

“Prepare to be slingshot, flung three times in space to a place where flowers grow easily, to a place where there is fruit and it is easy to grow—for it has been hard in the desert. It has been hard without rain, so I’ve sent the rain and I’m bringing you to a place of rain—rule and reign.

“I’m releasing a holy unrest, a dissatisfaction, a realization that not all is well, for many have abandoned the truth in seeking green pastures, for they thought it was greener on the other side, but they have been lied to. They were told the battle was over, and instead of pressing on, they gave up and denied their own hurt. They rejected their own pain and sent it deeper.

“For you do not take out a bullet by pushing it deeper and covering it over; and they are wondering why they are infected when they will not receive the healing waters of My Spirit, for My Spirit heals and breeds passion and brings counsel. He is a Mighty Counsellor.”

“I Am Bringing a Day of Triumph,

And Now it Begins”

Speaking to the Church: “I have been gracious and worked upon their foundation. I work within their regime, within their control, for I am gracious and I am humble, but I will be free and once again I will move in power that they cannot contain; and though they can shut down one, they cannot shut down an army. If they kill one, I will raise up two. If they kill two, I will raise up four. If they kill four, I will raise up eight. This is a new beginning.

“For no longer am I bound by geography. I am not bound to the earth, the earth is bound to Me. I will walk across the earth in the hearts of My people. I am grounded in their hearts and they are hidden in mine—heart to heart, face to face, worshipping in spirit and truth—for I bring about a day of triumph, and now it begins.

“Joseph is coming. Dominion rule is coming. Dominion must be taken. It will not be given. Take hold of that which Christ took hold of you for. We are no longer in the nursery, but you still need to color outside the lines. Do not be limited to that which was drawn for you.

Lewis Crompton

Sound the Shofar