Taste Great! – Less Filling!

Bud Light or Just Bud

Isn’t it a wonderful thing that we don’t go to Hell for being wrong?  Well … for mis-interpreting Bible prophecy anyway.

Sometimes I think the approach the Rabbi’s take to scripture is the only way to go.  I watch Christians “duke it out” over their adopted belief systems with such fervor.  Rabbi’s are so kicked back in comparison.  What is it they know that we don’t?  Could it be humility?  Could it be that they realize, after devoting their LIVES to intense study, that even “they” could be wrong?

The David Ebaugh Testimony

I once knew an amazing Bible scholar. He tackled extremely difficult prophetic Bible interpretations and found a LOT of discrepancies.  He was one of those rare breeds who dared to stand up against the “pre-tribbers” and suggest the Daniel 9:27 thing happened in the past.  He had more Jesus “huevos” than anyone I’ve ever known.  And boy did he take a beating.  Every “Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship” leader in the North East got on his case.  How dare he question their collective intelligence?  He was upsetting everyone you see. 

Well there’s another side of his story that no one knows about.  Not only did he get flown all around the world to speak for free, but when he went to be with the Lord something amazing happened. 

Here is this guy who spent most of his adult life working for IBM as a senior engineer (aren’t the great thinkers always engineers and physicists?), but the Lord THUMPED HIM on the head and put him in a position where he could do no more work and only serve the Lord.

Isn’t it funny how that happens?  Isn’t it amazing how we tend to think we “did something wrong” when God intended us to be “put down” for his glory?

Well when this amazing Jesus filled, Holy Spirit, tongue speaking, Bible thumping, engineer turned Bible teacher got divinely kicked out of the worldly profession industry, some amazing things happened. 

He asked for no money.  It just came to him.  Get this!  The Lord told him to put a flower vase on the piano bench and so he did.  And miraculously that flower vase would have money in it.  Yep.  I kid you not.  Maybe it was his wife.  I don’t think so.

But the best part is this.  Not only did this amazing and brave Bible teacher withstand all the criticism, and not only did he DO WHAT JESUS TOLD HIM TO DO and …

  1. Heal the Sick
  2. Cast Out Devils
  3. Preach the Gospel
  4. Get people Baptised in the Holy Spirit (including my sisters who both speak in tongues)

… but when he got much older and eventually got sick, an AMAZING THING HAPPENED.

You see.  Even this amazing man thought that maybe, just maybe, he didn’t do enough.  Here he was on his death bed and he was worried what God would think of his work.  He was worried that maybe HE didn’t “cut the mustard”.


And the night he passed away, there was a moment where he returned briefly to report what happened.  He actually met up with the Lord for a moment in his passing.  Upon his brief return, in his amazement and joy, he reported that the Lord had a book held out in front of him.  It was the Book of Life.  And the Lord slid down the page to show him that HIS NAME WAS THERE!   He was soooo happy he had to briefly come back and tell everyone.  And AMEN he did.

And AMEN now you know.

The Four and Twenty Elders Epiphany

I humbly remind you all to be HUMBLE in Jesus name.  We do no one any good by thinking we have it all figured out.  I have a sneaking suspicion the Lord is going to amaze us.  What would God accomplish by telling us the secret to prophecy is this huge hundred yard long calculus equation drawn out on a white board.  We would all stare at him like a bunch of dumb-founded goof balls any how.

I predict our God is far more fabulous than we even imagine.  I predict we will all be sitting in front of the Four and Twenty Elders slapping ourselves on the head screaming …



Has it ever occurred to you that you don’t bear fruit by analyzing the Bible prophecy?  In fact, the only book of all 66 accepted books of the current canon that suggests any real blessing for its study is Revelation.  And if I’m right, most of you need a blessing far more than you need to be bickering over Daniel 9:27.  So be sure to read Revelation to get “some pat on the head” when you face Jesus. 

After all.  You might want to ask yourself how many people you have laid hands on and prayed for in the last week.  How many people have you cast devils out of?  Have you done ANYTHING at all that Jesus told you to do?  Is the only thing you do is study prophecy and kick crap up in other people’s faces?  Is it?

If so then I will see you in the basement of a dark building in the New Millennium.  You have a second chance here.  Get to work in Jesus name and stop all this analysis paralysis stuff.  Dont’ just study your Bible.  You do NO ONE ANY GOOD by just studying your Bible and adopting other peoples’ eschatological view points.




Be Blessed in Jesus Name

No Guts, No Glory

We have problems for a Reason

Did it ever occur to you we are actually devolving and not evolving?  Think about it.  When Adam and Eve were on earth with God, they existed with Him in a spiritual realm that does not exist any longer.  Many argue, and rightfully so, they likely had a telepathic / spiritual communion of sorts with not only God, but also the animals as well.  Perhaps even the plant life and the trees.  What an amazing experience that must have been.  OH PRAISE JESUS for a time that we can return to such Glory.

Communion with God Hundreds of Years Ago

Imagine just 100 years ago.  Or better yet, take yourself back to a time in the 18th century or earlier.  You didn’t have electricity.  All you had was your work day, your family, and candle light to read by in the evening.  Books were critically important back then.  A book would cause your imagination to soar.  Your imagination, arguably even the “spiritual you”, became the essence of your existence. 

And the BIBLE!  Can you imagine how amazing it must have been to read the Bible back then?  Imagine sitting with your family at the dining room table in the evening reading the stories in the Bible.  Your children’s eyes would be lit up in amazement.  The appreciation for every word would be magnified to a level that we can not conceive of today.  Your spirit would be uplifted by the Glory of its power.  Your hopes and dreams would come alive.  Your faith in God would be such that every problem you had would be handed over the the Lord with the utmost of confidence.

Spiritual Devolution through Technology

Now the entertainment industry has taken over our imaginations.  Some would argue that it has instituted a level of demonic control that is unsurpassed in the history of the earth.  We have television, movies, video games, data cell phones, the Internet (praise Jesus with balance), and an endless array of THINGS that remove our spiritual awareness of our Heavenly Father and his desire to do good on our behalf.

We no longer seek HIM for our problems until we are in a “pile of crap”.  NO WONDER we have so many challenges. 

When you reflect back through the scripture, you see endless story after story of how indignant God became when He was ignored.  He expected the Israelites to praise him ALL DAY LONG.   But instead even back then, without any distracting television and video games, they still murmured and complained.  And quite frankly God was less than happy about it.

We have become MANY TIMES removed from the Glory of God.

Escapism is the Enemy of the Spirit

While I believe there is no question that the Lord put all the plants on the earth for us to enjoy, I do not believe we were intended to enjoy them for the purpose of escaping communion through Him.  All things in moderation is a truism when dealing with our Father.  This is why it is “not what goes into the mouth that defileth a man, but what comes out of the mouth”.  There is nothing wrong with having a few drinks.  And one could even effectively argue, that if it weren’t for the law of the land, there might not be anything wrong with enjoying other things the Lord has put on the earth that give us a similar feeling of euphoria.  BUT ALL THINGS IN MODERATION.

But therein lies the problem.  If you are “using” something that is against the law then its “against the law” so you shouldn’t do it.   And if you are drinking “something” to escape going to your Father, and praising his name and depending on his Holy assistance …. then you shouldn’t do it.

God never ever intended for us to distance ourselves from our problems by using His earthly gifts to “deaden our spirits”.  He NEEDS US to come to HIM.  He grieves when we do not come to Him.  Why do we let things spin out of control to a point of utter misery before we reach out to our loving Father for help?

Can you imagine how you would feel if your son or daughter ignored you month after month, and only called you when they were in HUGE TROUBLE.  I know how that feels.  I used to CRINGE when my daughter would finally call me.  I KNEW it was a car accident or something just as horrible.

It made me feel used.

It made me feel “unloved”.

Brother Kenny’s Fear

I have a friend.  He is a friend of our family.  His name is Kenny.

Kenny is staying at our home for a while and helping us with some chores around the house.  He is a dialysis patient.  Recently Kenny went up to the altar at our church and was “technically” saved by their standards.  Some might argue that he was even “saved” by the Lord’s standards and I pray in Jesus name that is the case.

Last night I awoke at 1:30 AM.  I came into my office and started to answer your emails.  Kenny stuck his head in the door and asked me if he could talk.  He was frightened.  His heart had been beating irregularly and he couldn’t sleep for fear of dieing.  My heart broke for him when I heard him says this to me.

I explained to Kenny how important it is that he talk to Jesus directly all the time.  You see, Kenny loves to watch television on a level that can only be surpassed by a 5 year old.  He loves to watch WWF (and don’t get me going on that demonic stuff).  He struggles with understanding how bad TV can be for someone spiritually.

We had a talk.

I asked Kenny why do you think so many people like to say the prayer”

“Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep, if I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take”?

I had a long talk with Kenny about how vitally important it is that he grow his faith in Jesus every day.  No one knows when their life is going to end.  We must be perpetually ready to move on and greet our Heavenly Father with the utmost of confidence that being with Him is GLORIOUS.  There must be NO FEAR.




God never intended for any of us to have this wonderful problem free life.  Without the rain, we would not enjoy the sunshine.  Without the Winter, we would not be blessed by the flowers of the Spring.  We must have our downs, to appreciate the ups.

God draws us closer to Him through our problems.

No guts, no glory.



The Reptile and a Cup of Tea (Part Two)

Let’s Calculate the Number but Raise the Bar

Its often been said that one cannot fully understand the Old Testament of the Bible without “inserting Jesus” into the idioms and mysteries throughout.

As Augustine put it:

“The New Testament is in the Old Testament concealed, the Old Testament is in the New Testament revealed.”

In fact if one were to put a full effort forth into a Biblically sound study of the period of “Pre-Adamic” earth and the Satanic Rebellion, he would unquestionably arrive at the same conclusion.  Our very existence, arguably even the energy force that holds matter together, originates and emanates from the loving power of our Lord Jesus Christ.  The examples of this are fabulous.

From the mysterious positive and healing energy fields uncovered through the study of “orgone”, to the mysteries of water’s reaction to “negative and positive forces” discovered by Masaru Emoto in his book “Messages from Water”, to the discovery of the “cross-shaped” protein force holding the human body together, called “Laminin” – we find ourselves in constant awe at what we cannot fully comprehend.

However what is most fascinating is how those who do not know Jesus as their Lord and Savior can embrace an onslaught of extraterrestrial proportions, existing for thousands even millions of years, but cannot embrace this same TRUTH as the motivation behind it all.

How is it someone like Michael Tsarion, David Icke, or even Jordan Maxwell can spend their entire lives unraveling this age-long supernatural attack against all of humanity, and not realize the attackers themselves have “motivation”?  Whatever happened to the principle of “quid bono”?  WHO BENEFITS?  Surely they don’t really believe we are all cosmic life forms that will be saved by some obscure energy which emanates from an internal god-like force called LOVE.  Or is it that they ARE correct in that belief, but have missed the most important conclusion of all, which is that JESUS IS LOVE?


Stitching History Together with Motivational Glue

As I reverse engineered the motivation behind the establishment of the New World Order, there was a missing link.  Just as the Hebrew scholars have struggled with identifying their Messiah without the glue called “Jesus”.   When you can’t put your finger on the “God particle” nothing makes sense.

One of the most revealing and haunting quotes of all time came from Woodrow Wilson when he said:

” [they] … are afraid of somebody. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.”

How utterly sad it is that all these victims fail to realize who that SOMEBODY is. 

When you reach back through time, from the ancient Sumerians, to the Babylonians, to the migration of the Phoenicians, to the Roman Empire, into the “Black Nobility” roots of the German-Dutch, European, and Scottish Royalty, and even into the darkest reaches of the ‘far East”, there is a trail of bread-crumbs that have surprising similarities and foundations.

For the longest time I simply could not understand how this master plan of a New World Order was conceived by people who could not live long enough to see its fruition.  What would be the point?  What would be their “motivation”.


It was SATAN

These people.  Hundreds of thousands of people over six thousand years of recorded human history, were infested with “DEMONS”.    And one could argue, you must insert the term “alien-demons” to capture “The Rest of the Story”.

No wonder people mistakenly embrace the concept of “reincarnation”.  There is no such thing as reincarnation.  But there absolutely is a such thing as powerful demons that can move from one body to another.  An most horrifically, there obviously is a such thing as a physical manifestation of an “alien-demon” that can use genetic trickery to recreate “FIT EXTENSIONS” for themselves to inhabit in order to maintain control through demonically infested BLOODLINES.

From Nimrod / Horus / Osiris / Isis to the great leaders of the Nations throughout the earth today, we have an occult infestation of the most powerful demons that have ever existed.  And “THEY” have an agenda.  This agenda is demonic.  This agenda is POWERFUL.  This agenda is a WAR AGAINST GOD.  This war’s ultimate motivation is the utter destruction of everything having to do with the “seed of Abraham” and OUR saviour Jesus Christ.

So there lies but one conclusion that can be drawn from all this.


The Tim Cohen Analysis

Isn’t it remarkable that the only Bible scholars that actually “get it” are the ones which have no “formal theological education”?  While a few of them have “slipped through the cracks”, such as Chuck Missler with his daring attempt to conquer the UFO phenomenon, it seems they all have limits to how far they will allow their “hypothesis” to venture.

The intent of this article series is not to be a substitute for your own research.  Instead however, I hope to instill in you a desire to understand what some have found to be the obvious.  And admittedly one could argue there is NOTHING obvious about any of this.  That is … until your “frame of reference” is re-adjusted.  Once you see the “big picture” the mysteries becomes unravelled. 

Or as Jonathan Kleck would put it, “The Mystery is BUSTED”.

Calculating the Number of the Beast

If you type into “Google” the phrase “people who calculate to the number 666” or something similar, you discover what Tim Cohen says is true.  Throughout all of history, people have been doing an amazing job of calculating the number with a particular name in mind. 

For those of you who are “cryptography” buffs, in or around 1998 or so, the computer industry launched a challenge for the cracking of the Data Encryption Standard, known as DES.  Basically what they did was issue a DES encrypted disk with data on it.  They handed this disk out to the participating challengers and told them to “decrypt it”.  And in fact they successfully did decrypt the data in a surprisingly short period of time.  The winner was “The Electronic Frontiers Foundation” or EFF.  It as a big deal.  Nobody wanted to use “DES” any more to encrypt their data.  Everyone believed the algorithm was flawed.  THEY WERE WRONG.  The algorithm was not flawed.  The TEST CRITERIA was flawed.

Similary when you look at all the calculations of the “number of the beast” you find a similar paradigm occuring.  The testing criteria has flaws.  Whenever you take a “blob of data” and cyprtographically bombard it with math, eventually with enough minor adjustments to your “test criteria” you will get the results you desire.

This is why virtually everyone from Hitler to Ronald Regan, to Barrack Obama calculates to 666.  And I don’t discredit the math because frankly I suck at math.  However I do question the criteria.  I do question the “frame of reference”.  While I have absolutely no doubt “Obama” has a very sinister name sequence that matches up dramatically to the number of the beast, I cannot forget that the Bible warns us there will be “many” Antichrists.

Raising the Cryptographic Bar

What if you raise the mathematical bar on the calculation and change your frame of reference?  Would this not make the results more plausible?

Enter Tim Cohen

Not only does Tim Cohen, in his book “The Antichrist and a Cup of Tea”, raise the mathematical calculation criteria, but he weaves in the necessary scripture to set the appropriate “frame of reference”.  I highly recommend you invest in the book.  When you consider that Mr. Cohen has used both the English and the Hebrew spelling of the formal name for Prince Charles of Wales” and makes absolutely certain he is using the SAME numbering system that was used by the ancient Hebrew scholars as far back as Babylonia, AND you see that he extrapolates the numbers from the “single character” GREEK from the indisputable authentic text of the Textus Receptus, you have a dangerously complex formula that is has a probability of accidently occuring that exceeds 1 in 10 to the 50th power.  In fact it not only exceeds that factor, it actually DOUBLES IT.



Adding a Cup of Reptilian Tea

And Tim Cohen has no concept whatsoever of the intergalactic cosmic nature of this Satanic onslaught against humanity.  When you further adjust your frame of reference to include the dynamics of the Satanic rebellion, and factor into the equation this Reptilian, Pleadian, Orion, Draconian warfare scenario, and dump a gallon or two of Mystery Religion combined with a dash of Secret Societies over thousands of years of time and “viola!”….

You have the Antichrist.


Maybe Prince Charles of Wales isn’t the actual “mack-daddy” Antichrist.  Maybe HE is only the “predecessor”.  WOW. What are the implications of that possibility?  Yikes.  Is this genetically altered reptilian body of Charles the actual body that will take control of the World?  Maybe … maybe not.

Here are some of the points to consider regarding this particular world leader for this dubious role.

  • He has been actively driving world control through the United Nations for decades
  • He has personally requested to be assigned the position of the King of Europe (or the European Union)
  • His name calculates with impossible odds to the number 666
  • He claims to be from the bloodline of King David and Jesus through the Merovingian family tree
  • He heralds his achievements and intentions in the indisputable sybmolism found in his personal Coat of Arms which perfectly aligns to the symbolism in Revelation 13
  • The Saxe-Cobug-Gotha / Pheonician bloodline of the intentionally changed German name of the “House of Windsor” has been the epicenter of control for the New World Order from the “get go”
  • The “House of Windsor” is the hub of control for all Illuminati and Masonic orders worldwide
  • His power and “throne” of “Great Authority” comes from “the dragon” (see the book)
  • He drives “global governance” as a sign of the times
  • He has formed powerful control and partnership with the World Bank and IMF
  • And he has driven the establishment of the UN’s Security Council which Obama now heads


All things considered, as unassuming as he appears to be in the natural, this guy fits 110% of all the necessary qualifications.  I personally do not draw any conclusions but find this analysis most astonishing.

From the Canaanites, to the Phoenicians, to the Black Nobility, to the East India Company, through the Opium Trade and the wealth of the Commitee of 300, down through our Satanically controlled global governments and educational institutions and “religous systems” there has been a …

“power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.”


The Reptile and a Cup of Tea

The Alien Demon Connection to the Antichrist

Have you ever heard the phrase “all roads lead to Rome”?  Well sometimes all research points to one conclusion.  Over the last year or so, Tribulation-Now has published a number of articles that have pointed to certain connections. 

In June 17, 2009, an article entitled “The Merovingian Dynasty – The Bloodline of the Antichrist” was published which makes a connection to the painting of The Last Supper showing Mary Madeline sitting at the table in the Sistine Chapel and points out Dan Brown’s books “Angels and Demons” and “The DaVinci Code”.

In August 3, of 2009, an article entitled “Did Jesus Give us the Name of the Antichrist” was published.  This article pointed out the connection we have all seen on You Tube and the name calculation of Barrack Obama allegedly pointing him out as the Antichrist. 

In August 5, 2009, another article was published entitled “Who is the Antichrist” which briefly discusses a few considerations and vaguely makes a connection to the “God Hates Esau” problem.

And in August 25th, 2009, an article was published entitled “The Islamic Connection is a Lie” which shows the Pope kissing a Koran, and and makes a connection to Tim Cohen’s Book and You Tube videos for “The Antichrist and a Cup of Tea”.

Now admittedly these articles have not been some of my best work.  Without question many of Tribulation-Now’s earlier articles have not been especially well written at all.  The truth of the matter is that I never intended this web site to be anything more than an online diary of a sort as I researched various topics.  But it has taken on a new level of readership and brought with it a much larger challenge than I could have foreseen.

And with the emergence of our new Message Board, and other ministry-based efforts, even with the help of extremely gifted Jesus loving people, the mental burden and overhead has been nothing less than daunting.

Connection Upon Connection, Precept Upon Precept

It amazes me how I have been led to certain conclusions through vast oceans of material. I have shared these seeming coincidences throughout much of my writing.  But this could not have been by my own accord.  Ever since I lifted my hands up to the Lord in praise and utter surrender, a supernatural dam has broken and people have been led here.  I’ve learned to pay close attention to the people who have “come”.  In fact these Jesus filled contributors, have been the foundational element that has driven the vast majority of the articles published in the last year.

My Early Awakening

In 1988, while in a “backslidden state”, I was led to attend a conference presented by a Christian named Ralph Epperson.  It was there I witnessed some of the most shocking “conspiracy” information I had ever seen.  I purchased his book entitled “The Unseen Hand” and read every sentence with utter astonishment.

From there I continued my “backslidden” behavior.  I allowed the events in the 90’s to literally pass me by.  This is the time when Alex Jones arrived on the scene and started to unfold the agenda of the New World Order which I was already familiar with.  But I paid it no attention as life had taken over. 

When the 911 event occurred, I was like every other American.  I took it in shock and joined the crowd.  I placed a huge 10 foot American flag outside my garage.  I shook my fist in the air and wanted our government to seek vengeance.

I WAS WRONG but I didn’t know it.

Then around 2007 (give or take), I stumbled across the work of Richard Gage.  He is the lead guy at the Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth.  I watched every minute of his two hour presentation on the demolition of the World Trade Centers in utter shock.  In a frantic pitch, I immediately called my two best friends.  Both of them watched the presentation.  And their responses were astonishing as they were collectively representative of how most people react to such information. 

One fellow was in complete denial while admitting he was astonished and deeply troubled.  He came right out and said if it in fact did happen like that, “HE DIDN’T WANT TO KNOW”.  The other fellow called me back in horror and exclaimed “WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO?”.

And the only answer, JESUS, never entered my mind.

From UFO Denial, through David Icke

I began my rampage of research.  I spent untold sums on every topic I could find.  I spent endless hours abandoning my family and my home. 

I stumbled across the World War III works of Nostradamus.  I found it utterly amazing until it spoke of a forthcoming UFO invasion.  I tossed the work aside and turned my back.  I found it UTTERLY RIDICULOUS.

I studied the Illuminati (which I already knew something about) with extreme fervor.  I studied the origins of the occult and ancient Egypt.  I started seeing those darn UFO’s everywhere.   They were chiseled into clay as far back as 4,000 B.C.  They kept coming back to haunt me.  WHY?  What was up with those dang UFOs?

I collected and listened to endless testimonies of x-Illuminati turned Christian.  I listened to them explain how they had been forced to attend child sacrifice ceremonies in the catacombs of the Vatican under the supervision of a German “Father”.  I even heard one of them admit on a radio show she had witnessed a “reptilian” shape-shifting event.

I read the The Greatest Secret by David Icke.  Among vast libraries of lectures and books, this one confirmed all the data with great detail.  The entire 500+ page horrific account speaks endlessly about these “reptilian” encounters throughout all of history.  But this book only stitched together all the other information with remarkable accuracy.  If I had not already established the connection through endless research I would have considered David Icke to be a candidate for a “rubber jacket” and chains.

Aliens Demons and Jonathan Kleck

Then in the process of writing the articles on the “alien-demon” phenomenon, I was led to the work of Jonathan Kleck.  Recently Jonathan and I have become good friends.  He is a priority caller on my cell phone.  He is sending me some of his work in the mail.  His testimony is one of the most fabulous I have ever heard.  There will be forthcoming articles published that include both court transcripts of his amazing encounter with the legal system and his remarkable challenges with our “Christian” church bureaucracy.

If you have not already read the article series on Tribulation-Now entitled “Aliens, Demons, Nephilim, Time Travel, and God” and the recent follow up articles entitled “The Alien-Demon Agenda”,  I cannot more highly recommend you take the time to do so. 

Here is a shortcut to the series, but you will have to seek out the entire group of 8 articles on your own.




I believe, with all my heart, the Lord has been waking people up.  In fact, I am certain that since God cannot reach His own “CHURCHES” due to their “closed minds” he has had NO CHOICE but to reach out to the most unsuspecting witnesses you could ever imagine.

And Jonathan Kleck is one of these who have been BLESSED AND TOUCHED by our awesome Heavenly Father in these dire “end-times”.  I will personally request a seat beside him at the Marriage Supper.

The Reptile is the AntiChrist

Once again my research has led me in a complete circle.  It now points back to my discovery of Tim Cohen’s work entitled “The Antichrist and a Cup of Tea”.  But what is REALLY fascinating is that at the time I originally studied Tim Cohen’s work I did NOT even believe in UFO’s.   And I DARN SURE didn’t believe in anything such as a REPTILIAN.

Never mind that I received an email from a famous Bible scholar and lover of Jesus recently pointing me back to Tim Cohen’s work. 

But the LAST STRAW was just yesterday when I “accidentally” stumbled across an article published on Alex Jone’s site.  The article was published here:


It is entitled

“My Duty to Save the World: Prince Charles Believes he was Born for a Purpose”


As I must leave you now, to prepare for my “day job”, I will stop at this time with this thought. 

The Lord our Almighty Father, gives his “body” many gifts.  1 Corinthians 12 – 15 speaks in great detail about these gifts.  These gifts include the Gift of Prophecy, the Gift of Tongues, the Gift of Interpretation of Tongues, the Gift of Love, the Gift of Healing, the Gift of Miracles and the Gift of Wisdom.  And there are more.

The scripture makes it clear that these gifts DO NOT FUNCTION ALONE!

We cannot simply listen to prophecies.  You will learn NOTHING.  You must pay attention to ALL THE BODY PARTS. 


But as Paul makes perfectly clear, none of these gifts mean anything without CHARITY.  And CHARITY is the result of LOVE.

LOVE AND CHARITY are the MOST FOUNDATIONAL elements of the Divine Gifts of the Holy Spirit and the working of the “body” of those who live IN CHRIST.


I will continue this line of thought in another article soon.
That is if Jesus doesn’t pay us a surprise secret visit in the mean time.