Holy Spirit Manslaughter

Strategic Targeted Poisoning
Spiritual Deadening

Sometimes I just shake my head in amazement.  Now is one of those times.  Yesterday was yet another day where the “coincidences” were so THICK you could slice them with a knife.  The information in this article literally fell into my lap by “accident“.  I am at a point right now where I am not completely unconvinced I have angels feeding me intelligence actively.  I know that smacks of Pat Robertson-like “running for President” stuff and I don’t mean it too, but you would “freak out” if you were sitting in my chair and seeing this stuff unfold. 

The Triple Helix Threat Coincidence
– An Example of the Impossible

Usually this “intel” comes down to me through other people’s emails, phone calls, and impossible coincidences.  It happens constantly at this point.  I am at a stage in my walk with the Lord that I am looking around me at all times for “signs and wonders”.  Let me give you an example of the type of thing that has been happening to me lately.  This is MIND SHATTERING.  Simple, subtle, but mind shattering.

Yesterday three things came together.  These are what I will refer to as “confirmations”.  This is how I know I am “on the right track” or studying the right material.  This is also how I know where I will need to begin focusing more time in my research.  I am living daily by the Job 33:14 principle “God speaketh once, yea twice, but man perceiveth it not”.  Well I percieveth in the Name of Jesus!

I have been led by some rather interesting “coincidences” to study the “Triple Helix” threat.  And I DO MEAN THREAT.  I expect there will be a forthcoming article that captures the essence of this threat with some detail.  However to summarize, the Triple Helix Threat is the fact that these “alien-demon” entities are altering OUR bodies (e.g. hosts … remember “Lord of Hosts”) to become “fit extensions” for their “perfect possession”.  “They” continue to “monkey around” with our DNA to create a version of mankind that is suitable for them to “inhabit”. 

Once “they” create a reasonably ‘fit’ extension (or version) of our altered body / soul matrix “they” can “enter into” our bodies more easily and take over.  Father Malachi Martin referred to this as Perfect Possession and pointed out that an individual who had reached this state could “NOT BE SAVED”.  Martin made this comment back in the ’90’s on Coast to Coast A.M. and made it clear this was a human-condition he was running into quite frequently.  The “perfectly possessed” individual was not normal in any sense.


Yesterday I was finishing up my “day job”.  It was 5 PM sharp.  I received a text message that said “Whoo hooo give me a call”.  I responded with “give me 5 minutes”.  I walked down through the parking garage, started my car, hooked up my cell phone, and called.  It was Jonathan Kleck. 

He said … [paraphrased]

“Johnny, listen to this. 
Today I experienced a serious “road rage” incident. 
This guy was flipping out on me. 
I was not proud of how I responded to him.”

We talked in detail about the incident and how it seemed to him that people were beginning to change and become more and more “volatile”.  I suggested to Jon that things are certainly going to become much worse as daily life conditions change here in the U.S.  He mentioned emphatically how bad it would become once the food becomes scarce.
Bottom line, we talked, it was interesting, I drove home.  No biggie.
Next I start watching the CBS Television Series entitled “THRESHOLD”.  There is absolutely NO QUESTION in my mind this movie series is “communicating” the master plan for DNA-Based “Transhumanism” (ala Horn).  The first episode is so shocking you will be utterly astonished watching it.  It covers the Triple Helix symbolism seen in crop circles.  This is the same symbolism used in the Logo of the Trilateral Commission.  It is the same symbolism used by the “alien demons” in their Federation of Light “metallic” outfits.
In the Threshold series a number of “things” happen that are shocking (to say the least) and coincide perfectly with all of my research associated with this threat.  It even includes mass “mind control” scenes on certain portions of the population.  The “bottom line” is that when one of the humans is “transformed” by this “triple-helix” effect and become “perfectly possessed” they also become extremely VIOLENT.

So I’m sitting in my living room in the dark watching episode two of Threshold, and my cell phone rings.  I look down at it because I am expecting a telephone call from one of Tribulation-Now’s key contributors, Kemer.  Sure enough it was him calling.  I answered the phone and asked him to hold until I got up to my office.
He said .. [paraphrased]
“John, something happened today to me. 
I had this serious “road rage” incident occur. 
 I was not proud of how I responded to him.”


The Pineal Gland Shock
Early in the day another awesome email list member and contributor sent me a You Tube video.  While I was watching that video I spotted an intriguing second video.  I randomly clicked it.  The topic of the video was the Pineal gland of the human body and how it was the “star gate” to the “spirit world”.  I was thinking like … NO WAY!! 
You see in my recent awakening it has occurred to me more than once, that the New Agers and Satanists are WAY AHEAD of us in understanding the spiritual part of our existence.  It’s too bad on many levels.  It’s too bad “we” Christians have been programmed to think that ANYTHING that is not talked about in the Bible is “OF THE DEVIL”, and it’s too bad the “New Agers” and Satanists are using their “spiritual” prowess to “connect” with the expressway straight to Hell.
These days I learn a LOT from the “dark side” to the benefit of Christianity and definitely myself.  Too bad we have been “programmed” by Lucifer’s army to “run away” from this “knowledge”.  Isn’t it fascinating that Moses himself knew about all these things but WE have been told by our churches and leadership that even having a book on this information inside of our homes will cause the demons to “eat our lunch and pop the bag!”.  What a bunch of BALONEY. 

Acts 7:22

22 And Moses was learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians, and was mighty in words and in deeds.


Why do you suppose the NEW TESTAMENT has this statement in it??  What was the point?  How are we to become “wise as serpents” if we have no idea what that means?
I think we have been DUPED!

Pineal Gland – the Star Gate to the Spiritual World
So after watching this video on the Pineal gland and how it is the human meta-physical star gate to the spirit world, I start doing a small bit of searching.  I do mean quite small.  In fact I did a single search.  And what I discovered was SHOCKING.
Evidently there are a number of books written on this subject by extremely smart people with Ph.Ds.  A lot of them.  One such book (which I have ordered) is entitled “The Spirit Molecule”.  You must remember that our existence is not much more than a particle-based hologram controlled by electro-magnetic forces. 
You must realize that virtually everything you see, feel, taste … sense … in any way is the result of ENERGY manipulation.  Our existence is trapped in a “time-space continuum” (e.g. dimension) that God controls.   So when you try to understand that there are “human glands” that “secrete” electro-chemical substances that can act as conduits to “spiritual energy flows”,  you must simultaneously embrace the fact that ALL THINGS are “SPIRITUAL” and some form of energy that GOD created! 
Get it?
One web link I found on this phenomenon, was on “eHOW.com”  here:
The pineal gland
–a small endocrine gland in the brain–
has been thought to be the “seat of the soul”
the spiritual gateway to all realms and all dimensions.

Read more: How to Activate Your Pineal Gland
eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_5092561_activate-pineal-gland.html#ixzz14JH1dVjl


Spirit is Spirit – the Destruction of the Star Gate
 So it stands to reason if this Pineal Gland is indeed the meta-physical star gate of the human body to the spiritual world, then it is likely important to all humans … particularly SPIRIT FILLED CHRISTIANS.  Right?  Sure it is.  You have to understand that these “alien-demons” know our bodies far better than we do.  Unfortunately this also means they know precisely how to poison us in order to achieve the desired effect. 

They FEAR the Holy Spirit.

So they POISON the gland
that assists in activating the
spiritual connection to JESUS

Fluoride Poisoning of the Pineal Gland
Please allow me to call your attention to this statement with the article at hand.

The soft tissue of the adult pineal gland
contains more fluoride than any other soft tissue in the body –
a level of fluoride (~300 ppm) capable of inhibiting enzymes.

For the entire article go here:

Summary in Jesus Name
I am not a doctor.  I am in no way qualified to make recommendations to you.  Your health decisions need to be YOUR health decisions.  However I will tell you that since I have purchased a “fluoride grade” water filter for my kitchen sink, and started to do oxygen detox, my perception of my own spiritual walk with the Lord is AMPLIFIED.  I beleive this is exactly why FASTING is important … because it “detoxes” you and amplifies your spiritual connectivity to God.
But that’s just me.  I have no idea what is best for you.  What I am proposing to you is that there is NO QUESTION “they” are poisoning our food and water for a specific purpose.  And how horrible it is that one of those purposes seems to be the destruction of our ability to communicate spiritually to our KING JESUS.
How successful is this attack?  I don’t know.
Am I taking any chances? 




Interim Epiphanies

The Greatest Story Never Told
To GOD Be the GLORY Forever and Ever

Greetings in JESUS Name. 

This is intended to be a short article providing you some highlights of new divine “intelligence” that has been given to us here at Tribulation-Now.

Greetings of Love, Joy, Peace and EXTREME Anticipation in the Name of Jesus THE KING OF ALL THE UNIVERSES!!

I just returned from a long weekend visiting my daughter up in Gatlinburg, TN. How anyone can stand amidst the Smoky Mountains in the fall and not see God’s unbelievable workmanship, I will never understand.  It was my honor to stand in those forests, with my arms raised to Him in praise, giving Him glory as loud as I could.

How fabulous.

So for any of you that wondered where I was or how I was doing during these few days of “quiet time” – all is well.  Thank you for your emails, concerns and prayers.

End Times Confirmations

The Lord has been AMAZING again regarding confirmations on “intelligence” that has flowed in this direction. 


The way God has been sending “us” confirmation is indisputable.  There simply is no possible way all this information is flowing in without there being “divine intervention” involved.  I am certain time is very short and we are blessed.  Take advantage of these early warnings and please, start working on your 1 Corinthians 3:13-15 “work” and “rewards” and start doing what Jesus said to do.

  • Go join your local Metropolitan Ministries and help them hand out clothes and food to the poor
  • Find homeless people and give them food. Take them food from the restaurants you eat and don’t throw it away.
  • Carry extra money in your pocket, God will pour out his love “through you” and you will know who to give that money too through Him ministering through your heart
  • Print out Flyers on your computer telling people TIME IS SHORT and 2012 is NOT A MOVIE, put them on people’s car windshields.  Tell them UFOs are FALLEN ANGELS and point them to Genesis 6

Divine Synchronicity

When I watch the “one-two-three” synchronicity of communications that come in, both before and after an article is written, the happenings cannot be described as coincidence. Sometimes it is an email, sometimes it is a phone call, every time is is IMPOSSIBLE.  These things simply cannot be happening by accident.

While some of you may disagree with some of these forthcoming revelations, many of you will be extremely excited as I am.  Below is a SHORT list of incoming intelligence that we will be tackling very soon.  It affects YOU and MANKIND both in the near future.  If you feel strongly about any of these bullet points and feel your “dander rising” then simply stop reading and request to be dropped off the email list immediately.  DO NOT email me and tell me I am wrong because in my opinion your “puffed up” attitude spits in the face of our Father God.   We live in very challenging times and I cannot pull you out of your “rabbit hole of unbelief”.   Quite frankly not everyone is of the mental caliber necessary to accept this information and that’s okay.  If shutting down your mind prevented you from making it into Heaven then we would all be doomed.


For the rest of you, welcome aboard for the most amazing ride of our lives. Jesus is AWESOME!!  Some people, LIKE ME, have to know the truth even if it hurts.  Naturally I would prefer if you were Godly and kind enough to give it to me “gently” but never-the-less I want to know the truth. 

I do not believe that God is anything but the MOST utterly awesome and brilliant, merciful God of which anyone could ever dream.  I, for one, CANNOT accept certain interpretations of the Bible stories.  If they “dont’ make sense to me” then something is wrong in my opinion.  The best example I can give you is this …


In the last 5 years I have researched information with an obsession that is second to none.  My marriage has nearly ended in divorce a number of times.  During my study of Biblical history, more than once it occurred to me, that Lucifer’s minions have corrupted our Bible and our belief systems.   At first I sensed it.  Now I am CERTAIN of it.  The corruption started thousands of years ago.  The corruption started LONG before Jesus was born. 

If Lucifer’s minions were SO DEAD SET on destroying the DNA of “MAN” since the “Beginning of Time” then why would they not be equally dead set on destroying our understanding of GOD’S word to us?  Think about that.  How can we accept that “fallen angels” came to earth and raped women to infest the GENETICS of “man” 4,000 years ago (give or take) and then BLINDLY sit back and believe the churches understanding of the Bible has not been utterly obliterated with equal fervor??  That smacks of ignorance and arrogance so mind rattling words cannot describe it.

Any researcher that has based their Biblical understanding on a “prior” scholar’s conclusions with too much allegiance has likely failed to miss CRITICAL points.  Assume no prior understandings are without some form of demonic corruption.  Be your own BEREAN.  Remember when Jesus said “Get thee behind me Satan” he was talking to one of his most trusted apostles.

Larry King Live – The Omegan Revelation

Imagine for a moment sometime in the near future.  The cosmic “landing” has already happened.  The world has already been introduced to our “cosmic” visitors.  The newspapers are filled with stories about how fabulous and wonderful “they” are.  Stories have already leaked.  Some stories claim mankind was created in “test tubes” using genetic sciences and DNA manipulation.  The “visitors” are astonishing and “godlike”.  They are so intelligent no existing scientist on the earth can dispute a single claim.  NOT ONE!  The “religious leaders” look like asses.  The information they present is PERFECT.  Their facts are backed by every possible type of evidentiary proof. 

They PROVE the Bible is WRONG


Do they?

OR ….

Do they instead take advantage of our own ignorance?

Maybe the real truth is hidden in the Bible in “plain sight”,
but we have been taught for THOUSANDS of years the wrong information ….

A List of Forthcoming Revelations

Here is a list of forthcoming revelations.  I make no claim these are all 100% accurate and we will wrestle through these together.  What I AM claiming is there is NO DOUBT … GOD has PUSHED US FORCIBLY to these LIKELY conclusions…

  • The real threat is coming from the COSMOS – period. The threat is ALIEN-DEMONS.  The threat is intergalactic (or likely “intra-galactic” … meaning confined to this “galaxy”)
  • Project Blue Beam MIGHT (pay attention here) … might have been cancelled
  • Pay Attention to the ELOHIM and their “channelers”… the Last Article has been CONFIRMED by GOD!   Please give me a little credit and understand I am not telling you that these “channelers” are telling you 100% truth.  Remember the 99% truth, 1% lie paradigm.   READ YOUR BIBLE and use some common sense.
  • Trust NO existing Prophetic Bible interpretation TIMELINE (pay attention please here … I said “TIMELINE“) Be ready NOW. STOP SINNING. Become HOLY… PRAY THAT YOU ARE FOUND WORTHY TO BE DELIVERED FROM THE HOUR OF TRIAL – NOW
  • The “Man and Woman” in Genesis One were created by these “Elohim” and are NOT “Adam and Eve”… Pay attention – they are not the same “beings”. While I have not fully researched this, the supernatural confirmations that have come in are INDISPUTABLE.
  • In Genesis Two – Adam and Eve were created by “LORD GOD” (YHWH GOD).  They were special and had the MOST AMAZING SPIRIT OF GOD BREATHED into them by the CREATOR. 
  • The Tree of Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden is symbolic of bloodlines.  One bloodline is evil and from the Demon Seed (fallen angel variety) and the other bloodline is “good” (from YHWH God and Adam and Eve).  The word “fruit” is symbolic of sex.
  • God KICKED Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden because they “mixed” their pure “spirit-breathed” bloodlines with the demon-seed bloodline through FORNICATION.  This resulted in the Birth of Cain.
  • God placed ENMITY between the SEED of the “woman” and the “serpent” by CHANGING “OUR” DNA on purpose.  God changed “our” HOLY DNA so that WE could no longer MINGLE OUR SEED by choice with the seed of the SERPENT.  God THEN destroyed ALL VERSIONS of “God-Breathed-Spirit-Man” that-mixed-with “Cain-corrupted-demon-seed-blood” through the FLOOD of Noah.
  • THEN … when the Fallen Angels of Genesis 6 came down to RE-INFEST the bloodlines again … IT DID NOT WORK!!!  Instead of them successfully infecting the bloodlines with “God-Spirit-Hosts” (as they did with the bloodline of Cain) they had MUTATIONS!  Because God changed our “Holy-DNA” we could no longer MIX with them.  This prevented “THEM” from successfully infecting our DNA. 

    (Please Note: This does NOT mean our bloodlines have not been corrupted by their evil demon-seed, this simply means they were not completely successful creating the type of human-hybrid-demon entity they intended too)

You will be presented “bit sized” articles that show you the scripture and explain how everything fits together.

You will see EVIDENCE in your daily life.  Pictures, images, and hidden messages of their assult on mankind’s DNA like never before.  You will see hidden images of GREY ALIEN faces everywhere you look.  They have “splattered” their assault strategy across our television sets, billboards, church logos, automotive trademarks, and childrens clothing.




God did not create us to be ignorant of these things people.  With the help of the Holy Spirit and a lot of prayer and common sense, I will publish articles that will help you understand these dynamics.  If I have a Gift from God, it is the ability to take extremely complex dynamics and make them easy for people to understand.  Most authors and researchers do no have that gift.  They can write wonderful books with tons of excellent citations and footnotes but they tend to lose the audience in the “weeds”.    Stick with Tribulation-Now and pray the Lord keeps the Oil Tsunamis and Planet X cosmic disturbances away long enough, and I will show you some of the most fabulous stuff you have ever seen.

When the Omegan freak-devils
show up on
Larry King Live
you will be able to

Summary in Jesus Name

When the alien-demon devils fly down here in a grand display of lying wonders, wouldn’t you like to be able to understand the whole story from the beginning to end?  Wouldn’t you like to be able to sit back and smile with a knowing grin and be able to point to the Bible scripture that shows people that YES they DID in fact manipulate “man-like” DNA and create a version of “man and woman” just like they claim BUT that the real bloodline of God has the SPIRIT OF GOD breathed into it?  The REAL version of “Man” … the SONS OF GOD, survived the FLOOD and could no longer be successfully corrupted by their assault and trickery?

Wouldn’t you like to realize there are THREE DISPOSITIONS of those associated with the Book of Life?

  1. Those who were pre-destined and “make it to the party”
  2. Those who were pre-destined and “got their names blotted out of the book”
  3. AND – Those where were NEVER INVITED to the party and arent’ coming – period!

There is a reason why these UFO alien-demon cosmic intergalactic freaks have been impregnating our women and tinkering with our DNA for thousands and thousands of years.

It is all about “FIT EXTENSIONS”

They need “fit extensions” to get back what God took away from them during their judgement.

“THEY” need our “Body-Spirit-Hosts”
to return to their
 “First Estate”

Today’s events are the “Tower of Babel” all over again.

And here is the Best Part!

When you accept Jesus into your heart and become “born again” your body and spirit is CHANGED.  There is an invisible change that happens to your blood and your spirit.  You are no longer the same.  I am NOT talking about some nebulous intangible churchianity “lip service” here.  I am TELLING YOU there is IN FACT a real change that occurs to your “meta-physical / spiritual” existence.  There is a supernatural Holy-magical change that happens to you that PREVENTS THEM from STEALING YOUR SOUL.

This battle here on earth is only an illusion.