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  1. Only a couple months prior to discovering Elenin, I was but positive something of cataclysmic portion was about to happen, I believe the great gathering of saints was only weeks, even months off. Henchforth I believe that astronomical that would just about proceed this glorious beyond description gatheting was fastly approaching as well, I’d even described it more than once as an ELE.
    It wasn’t long before I came to the conclusion this nearly extinction level event was possibly the fulfillment of the sixth seal, in my heart I’d been asking what manner of earthquake could cause this manner of earthshattering disasters? That mountains will move out of their places, that stars would fall from the heavens, that the sun would be darken, and the moon is to be just as compromised.
    It wasn’t long before I was on Goggle researching earthquakes, which then lead me to Yellowstone Park, the super volcaneo, which eventually lead me to my first Elenin video. I’d that morning of asked the Supreme that if something so catastrophe was coming I wanted to see it, I wanted to know about it, how I didn’t want to be surprised. Of course only hours later, again this especial video about the worse ever that was about to happen, anyway I included the web address, thanks and may the Supreme Heavenly Host blessed you. Beware, Apb, The RAM

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