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  1. Just want to thank you for posting all what God has being saying to you all personally in these past years and at the present moment.
    I wait so eagerly for your messages faithfully each day.I do get encouraged by what you all have been shown during these last days.I come before the LORD daily in total repentance,commitment and surrender myself.By posting these awesome messages I share these with my husband and only child(daughter) they are also being aware what is happening and why these important messages are posted on the web site.
    I personally want to thank you Elvi each time I listen to your message my faith rises more and I want to be caught up in the air with my family and thank you for teaching us if we do not make it @ the Rapture we can ask God to have Mercy on us and refrain from allowing us to put on the 666 mark of the beast.When I heard this wow I keep this in my prayers daily if I do not make it,and tell my husband and child to do the same.
    I want to share this amazing testimony my husband elder sister and husband who are hindu’s in India and who worship different so called god’s have accepted Jesus Christ into their hearts on Tuesday the 26 June 2012 .
    I have been praying for 17 yrs my niece also accepted Christ last year.Now it’s my husband parents and brother etc who needs to come to the Lord.
    Elvi ,please when you are giving us bible scriptures please say it slowly as some times you are fast sorry brother.
    I want to thank Choo also for her wonderful and powerful testimony.Love you all who are so crazy about our GOD and Jesus And the Holy Spirit.
    Thank you so much.
    God Bless,
    Sandra Pahwa

  2. Dearly Beloved Choo Thonas
    Within two years since 2010 our God had shown me 3 visions of rapture and 1 occurrence of earthquake so clear that I had to immediately start using them to spread the gospel of Jesus; the most recent was 9th April 2012. I had read about your visions and also use it often in my street and TV ministry preaching which the Lord instructed me to take the gospel for the world to here.
    I had once given your names – Choo Thomas, Bill Wiese, and Angelica Zambrano on the TV for the world to check out for themselves, telling them all these people are still alive as practical live experiences reveal evidence of heaven and hell; if they cared to make contact.
    My heart bleeds to hear and see believers seeking after “prosperity” outside holiness and have many “preachers” very willing to say what they want to hear and not what the master instructed us to preach – Christ crucified … the power of God … and the wisdom of God 1 Corinthians 15: 23-24.
    Please keep talking for Jesus for the benefit of unbelievers and to His Glory. Keep in touch if you can. Who knows, as the Lord blesses our ministry He may permit me to invite you one day to speak to people in this part of the world.

    I Chris, and my wife Uloma and our son Onesimus wish you well

    God Bless

  3. Dea Choo Thomas,

    I want to thank you for being so obedient to the Lord. Reading your book has created a very great sense of urgency for the times we are living in now. In my life I ca testify it has led to a greater repentance and eradicated many false doctrines i my life. My relationship with the Lord has grown and I am taking it seriously.
    The Lord has also given me more Spiritual dreams which carry important messages for the end times we are living in at the moment. In 2010 God gave me a dream that the rapture will occur in Rosh Hoshana of some year. I also got the revelation that things will happen rapidly from now onwards. This is encouraging as we will soon be with our Saviour for ever.

    May you continue to be blessed always

    God bless

  4. thank u for the book heaven is so real we blessed by the book and we are prepering for the coming of the lord our saviour pls pray for us ps.Hilda ps.Edward and for our church in India pls reply

  5. I am blessed by reading visions of rapture. My faith has been revived. Am looking forward to the rapture and pray the church will be ready.

  6. i have had tree dreams of rapture but am failling to understand/interprate them. Please help me by communicaing through my email ‘mpasamarumboh@yahoo.com’. Thank you for your reply and may the Lord Jesus bless you.

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