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  1. I have lived in Brasil for six years. I am canadian. Have just returned. I did not go for money or work. but for faith. Trials, failures, God’s unfailing love. I know the time is short before terrible things come. He sent me back with my wife and children. I know we will soon face difficult situations. I have a call from Christ. though he promised it many years ago I cannot remember the detail of it. I have turned down many an opportunity in hope of this CALL. Money, position in the church and fame. I was on a mountain for three days in the coast of brazil seeking His face in the MATA in Dec. 2011. he told me not yet….not to make the call he had for me happen on my own,,,,that I should wait for him.. At that time I waws offered to preach throughout brazil with the promise that I could make 5 to 16 thousands reais 2 to 8 thousand american a night for preaching……(yes, disgusting), . I want to say that He spoke my name literally a few years back. He calls for obedience. I do not fear anything now. Too much “I“ in this note. anyway. I…need his peace. Too much trial. Too much testing. Hunger, poverty, rejection, abuse, attempted assinations 3 times, the molestation of our daughter, two times attempted kidnapping, 3 and a half years of hunger and extreme poverty. Then a year and a half of food and shelter and spending money. Now were are back here in Canada. in debt….the raven was sent to pay the way. (Elijha in the cave) Many times I resisted the TEMPTATION to return, the Lord wanted me to persevere, though I did, and though I never gave up, I still feel as if I failed, because of my lack of holiness. Please pray for me, asking Him with me to restore my soul and make my righteousness shine like the noonday sun. Thanks. And yes, I would like to get to know you. abe.

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