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      1. I can’t wait to see how this plays out. Is it God’s warriors come for us or the enemy from the far country come to destroy??? Keep looking up!!! Praise Yeshua!

  1. If it were 7 sided… i.e. the 7 sided stone in Zachariah’s dream, then I would be inclined to say “Yes”! However, 6 sides seems a possible counterfeit to the aforementioned. The hexagon has many meanings, most of which are related to the occult including Saturn, the 6th planet. Many believe that the hexagon star offers Sacred Geometry and Kundalini serpent energy. Sacred Geometry of course is the Kabbalah…as in practiced by Madonna and other Hollyweird types. It is used in many cultures for igniting the opening of the portal. Just as the Father uses numbers throughout the Bible, codes are also engrafted in the text. Not only in equidistancing of the Bible codes. Every Hebrew letter has a number, color, picture, action, musical note and frequency! The enemy has no originality…he is a liar and a counterfeit, as we all know. Unless YHWH is using this 6 sided object to fool the adversary, I can’t imagine he would want to use such a mystically powerful symbol for His purpose. This is not to say “I know that I know” or “thus saith the Lord”. If I were not in the habit avoiding sugar, I would have stockpile of gummy crows! It could be attached to the great deception, and ultimately crucial to our understanding of coming EVENTS. I too am working out my salvation with FEAR and Trembling!

    Look at the video on this site. You guys will no doubt find it interesting. http://biblefacts.org/prophecy/index.php?x=Seven-Sided_Stone.flv
    As usual guys, timely and provocative topics! Keep it up and especially the Berean part!
    Barukh atta Adonai! Eloheinu Melekh Ha Olam! BLESS THE LORD our GOD KING OF THE UNIVERSE!

  2. Interesting, it certainly appears to be something strangehowever my thoughts are that if heaven is on the sides of the north and the earth is the Lords footstool, would a rescue mission not come from the direct north of earth downwards over the planet? Any thoughts folks.

    1. North in the cosmos is not north of planet earth. I’m not exactly sure how the Mazzaroth is broke down into directions but it has to do with star systems or something like that. I wish I had more information on that. You do make a good point. Definitely worth researching.

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