Crisis Actors and the Capital Shooting False Flag (video)

The Art of the False Flag

What is a Crisis Actor?  How is a false flag executed?  Let’s understand how this works.  It is complex, yet it is simple.  And there is BIG MONEY behind the mind control manipulation of mankind on a global level.

The Use of Patsies to Hide the Truth

I could easily list about a dozen major mass shooting events that truly happened but didn’t happen exactly as we were told.  The recent release of the Wikileaks files exposed the fact that a black-ops FBI agent sharpshooter killed the majority of the people at the Jason Aldean concert in Las Vegas.  I personally saw video (long already removed by Google) of a taxi cab driver in the parking lot of the Mandalay Bay Hotel; as the murders were taking place.  She was paniced as she filmed the shooter popping off rounds from a long-range rifle from the TENTH FLOOR of the building (not the 32nd foor where the patsie was positioned).

Similarly, I watched in awe, videos surfacing in real time across the Internet in the immediate aftermath of the San Bernardino shooting. God has blessed us (if we have eyes to see) with nearly 7 Billion (est.) people who all have video cameras on their phones and can immediately upload mini-news reports as they occur.  Immediately after the San Bernardino shooting (on Dec 2nd of 2015; sold as a terrorist mass shooting event), people who were standing outside the Inland Regional Center reported that approximate 6 men dressed in black paramiliatary gear, got into several black Tahoes and drove away from the scene.   Amazingly, approximately 2 hours later (enough time for the “shooters” to drive to another state), a couple patsies were  miraculously captured by the incredible work of the San Bernardino local police department. Ever so quickly the local police took credit, explaining how they solved the crime and caught the bad guys as they drove down the local road.  The flouride poisoned American public slugged down the Kook-Aid like a thirsty kid on a hot summer day.

The bottom line is this.

It”s not that the event did not happen.  Absolutely the event happened.  The key to understanding the perfect “false flag” event, is to understand that the perpetrators are geniuses of human mind control and behavioral manipulation, and they plan way in advance.  They take a REAL EVENT and make it a hundred times worse by embellishing the truth and exaggerating reality with their false “narrative”.  And to make it much worse, Satan’s minions have inflitrated almost all countries worldwide, control the leaders of virtually every branch of the military, judicial system, law enforcement, lawmakers and parliament(s).  We’ve all seen the movies where the police were the criminals and the victim runs to them for protection only to become a victim of the overarching conspiracy themselves.

This is precisely how it works.

The enemy hides the truth in plane sight and makes fun of those of us with “eyes to see and ears to hear”.  We are laughed at and scoffed.  With the mere rolling of the eyes, our entire story becomes the joke of the day.

Satan is brilliant and his minions know the tactics.  They execute with unlimited funds and with military precision.

Cui Bono – Who Benefits?

Odd how in a court of law the testimony of a few witnesses can have a person executed in several states, but thousands of signed affadavits of eye witness accounts of election fraud have no meaning whatsoever.   How deep is the corruption and how do we rationally analyze what is happening and why?  In a court of law (which is very simlar in operation to the Courts of Heaven; ref. Zechariah 3:1-7), the jury is admonished to determine right from wrong and if the defendent is guilty or innocent. The prosecutors must be able to show “motive” in most (if not all crimes).  The rare exception is a serial killer who is invariably and utterly controlled by demons.

Without establishing motive, unless there is extenuating and irrefutable scientific proof, it is very difficult to convict.  The lawyers and prosecutors argue their cases in an attempt to explain WHY the accused would have done the crime.  They look for evidence such as large recently purchased life insurance policies to identify a likely REASON why the perpetrator would commit the crime.  They apply the principle of “Who Benefits” (Cui Bono) to determine the motive.  The Cui Bono paradigm is precisely the same as following the money trails b analyzing banking transactions through shell companies. The beneficiary has a motive.  The beneficiary is usually the mastermind behind the crime.  The beneficiary benefits (as do their accomplices). Inevitably there is a “payday”.

If the beneficiary is Lucifer (Satan the Devil) and his global web of followers (who operate in a realm that essentially has no time), they can spend hundreds of years executing their master plan across generations of seemingly unrelated people and events.

But they are related.

The endgame is clear.  The United States is going to fall. It is known as Babylon the Great in the Bible and sooner or later it is going to fall.  The angels that spoke to Dimitru Duduman (in his book “Through the Fire Without Burning“) were very clear that Jeremiah 51 and Revelation 18 spoke of the United States of America. The “city” without walls in Ezekiel 38 refers to the United States.

If we know our Bible and we have studied our Heavenly Father’s WORD and heard his “witnesses” here on earth (their testimonies in our Kingdom of God courtrooms), we ought to know these things;  unless we have been unwittingly misled by those who claim some scholarly title from a Satanically controlled and funded theological college. Not that they are bad people, they simply are unaware of the “control grid” that manipulated their curriculum.

Mixing Truth with Actors to Exaggerate the Crisis

To make understanding this dynamic even more difficult, in most cases there are elements of truth associated with both sides of the story.  When a “rebel rouser” is hired to stir up the crowds, invariably some people may be led to join the rebellion.  Sandy Hook DID happen. Charlie Hebdo (in France) DID HAPPEN.  However when the forces of darkness inject additonal evil and “actors” and paid rebel-rousers into the situation it exacerbates the seriousness of the event to bring about a worst-case scenario.

The bottom line is this:

Its never A, B or C.  The answer is always “D: All of the Above”.

Did it happen? Yes.  Was it real? Yes.  Was it instigated by paid agents such as Antifa people dressed in Trump outfits, almost certainly.  We need to be aware that the forces of darkness and Satan’s minions are involved in the toppling of the US at this time.

The End Game

Dimitru Duduman was given a vision from the Lord of civil war (his words not mine) breaking out in the United States.  As a preacher in communist Romania he was beaten relentlessly by the police for smuggling bibles.  Ultimately, with the help of his grandson, Michael Boldea (currently an amazing preacher and teacher of holiness and righteousness through Christ and a past guest on the Tribuation-Now radio show), Duduman was told by the Lord’s angels (who visited him in person) to move to America and travel from church to church warning the Christians that the United States was a type of Sodom and Gomorrah and it “would burn” (his words, not mine).  This occured back in the early 1980s.

God’s time is not our time.  I estimate, based on 1 Kings 22:19 and the “spirit beings” that discussed options with God regarding the demise of King Ahab, that in the time we eat a sandwhich, God could have a thousand meetings in his courtrooms.

The bottom line is Satan and his worldwide minions are executing on a plan.  We can call them the elite, the banking cabal, the Illuminati, the Brotherhood of Satan, BLM, the “dems”, Antifa, or just desperate patsies; people who hate another race or leader and who would gladly take a large sum of money to save their houses and family (particularly during the global bioweapon attack on humanity known as Covid). And they do exactly as they are told; keeping their mouths shut, knowing that if they speak out – their grantors will destroy their lives.


The Captial “RIOTS” to Villainize Trump and Christians

Whether Trump is part of “The Family” (see the Netflix documentary of the same name) which is a pseudo fake christian organization (note: lower-case c is intentional) or not, I do not know, nor do I care.  I withhold adjudication. My Bible says that we are “Citizens of Heaven” (Phil 3:20) and soujourners on the earth.  My only allegiance is to Jesus. Would we, as such soujourners, been better off with Trump as the president.  Absolutely – without a doubt. We are admonished to pray for our governments so we can live good Jesus-filled lives, helping to save souls and doing good works.  Not so we can take “little Johnny to socker practice” and get that promotion at work, while enjoying our suburbial solace.

Jesus said that Christians would be persecuted and that our families would turn against us.  This was stated in the Olivet Discourse (Matthew 24, Luke 21 and Mark 13).  It is especially clear in Mark.  In order for the warnings of Jesus to come true, it must happen on a global scale and include America.

We see this Christian persecution dynamic unfolding in “real time” today in our news.  Many of the people who attended the Trump rally in Washington DC were turned into the police by their own children.  As the riots ensued, unwitting Christian victims ran up and down the outside of the crowds with “Jesus Saves” signs.


Be WISE AS SERPENTS, but gentle as doves.

Gentle As Doves

As part of the hopeful Bride of Jesus Christ, we are all about LOVE, gentleness, kindness and prayer.  Our citizenship is in Heaven (Philippians 3:20).  We pray for everyone but we NEVER get involved because THIS IS NOT OUR HOME.  PRAY and love and touch people’s lives and remain aware of what’s happening around you.  We love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us (Romans 12).

An Amazing Mini-Documentary of the Event(s)

NOTE: It appears this video may have been removed from the Internet; which is why I uploaded it to this server directly.

(Note: Bad Language Warning)

Author: John Baptist
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