X US Marine Corp Intelligence Officer Explains the Realities of Ukraine




Hey John, been listening to your recent shows and reading your articles. You are clearly onto something…. sending you this new article on the possibility of a cyber attack against the US. Also, Drudgereport.com headlines are full of dire warnings, including ones with Russia saying sanctions are a declaration of war AND the also a no fly zone over Ukraine. Ummmm….. it looks like this is what we’ve been waiting for, the powder keg that needed to be lit. I really don’t think there’s any turning back from this mess. My gut feeling is we got a couple months or less before all hell breaks out.
John (Me):

Well the “Wag the Dog” problem is so bad right now that you can’t trust any report not even Drudge, Alex Jones, or Sputnik.  I tend to hold Sputnik news a little bit higher in “veracity” (telling the actual truth) because Americans are always going to be Americans and that means they will always (deep inside) want America to be what they believe it should be, as they grew up as a child.  This causes the Alex Jone’s and Drudge Report people to LEAN very hard to a particular bias instead of being truly level headed about the stuff they believe (and publish). Jones is definitely less likely to be inaccurate and while it may take him a couple weeks, eventually he will see the “false flag” side of the story and realize there is more to it.

A person must actually must be a bit of an expert of sorts on a few topics.
 Most really don’t care.  I have been a focus study buff on:
  • World War II
  • Aliens
  • Nuclear Power Plants and Nuclear War
For about 30 – 40 years now. The alien studies went deep dive in about 2009, but the other stuff I’ve been studying all my life  Even since I was a child.
This is (in my belief) the most accurate understanding of what is happening.  Its long but every word needs heard or anyone not hearing it will likely have a distorted reality.
I think its 39 mins or something like that but its right on the money.  This guy is former United State Marine Corps Intelligence and he has first hand experience with precisely how the CIA works and how we control other countries and do the “propaganda war”.  He was actually inside the operations in prior war activities of the US and he participated in them.
This is so good, I may even put up a separate article with this rendition in it.

Oh I forgot to mention that Russia would have no reason to launch any attack against the US.

They have a singular purpose and that is to clear out real honest to goodness Swastika wearing nazis from Ukraine.  These are the sons of the Ukrainian army from WWII who LOVED HITLER.
They are the ones that are blowing up the apartment buildings & setting fire to the nuclear plants.
Russia is spending more time putting out THEIR FIRES and saving civilians than getting rid of the Nazis.
Important Note:
Russia was the one that called the cease fire in Mariupol to allow the civilians to escape becuase the neo-Nazi fascists were blowing up apartment buildings and have military equipment and land mines in residential areas.  (Just like GAZA does when they attack Israel).
If ANYONE takes out the US power grid it will be the CIA and the attacks will come out of Langley, VA (although they will hide them through proxy servers that appear to come from another part of the world and blame it on Russia (e.g., flase flags) JUST LIKE 911.
If we have any concerns they come from OBAMA + BIDEN
What a surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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