Business Cards for Witnessing

Tribulation-Now Business Cards

(Tribulation-Now Cards)

Business Cards Side One


Here are images of the Tribulation-Now Business Cards for witnessing to people.  These cards are very easy to duplicate using Microsoft Publisher or by leveraging the included templates at Vista Print ( as I did.    If you create your own cards you can customize them with any text you wish,  which can add to the message you are trying to convey to the lost.

Here is the Back Side of the cards.

Business Cards Side Two


Ask and You Shall Receive

If you are  not the type to create your own cards, PLEASE email me at (or, and provide me your mailing address and I will stick a 1/2 inch stack of cards into a bubble-wrap envelope and send them to you free of charge.

Yes I will send them to you outside of the United States too!  PRAISE JESUS we are ALL in this together.  GOD BLESS YOU.


26 thoughts on “Business Cards for Witnessing”

  1. Hi John & Kenneth (Kenneth?),

    Praise be to the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob. Thank you guys for your work and your podcasts. Being outside the USA, it is difficult to get to hear you live, so the pods are it for me. I am currently playing catchup and listening to May news. Talk about information overload, but my spiritual sponge is softening and beginning to hold the spiritual water (of life), praise God.

    Looking forward to receiving the business cards and getting the word out (oh boy, do we need it)!

  2. many dreams and visions even waking to see the love of the LORD leads me to make known to you and any that have eyes to see and ears to hear “Of this generation every eye shall see me and have the oportunity to accept me.”

  3. Hi John! I just wanted to say thank you for everything you do! You are an amazing example on how we should all be concerning the Lord. I have been listening to your shows a lot lately with my husband. But I have followed Trib. Now for over a year now. I have been wanting to write to you for some time, but thought I would sound so silly. That’s. .until I heard you say you really do love the emails you receive. I have been blessed for finding Trib. Now. I still had sooo many questions as a christian that still hindered my walk with God. That’s until I read Light workers and Angel wars and the original sin. Also the seed of Cain. It’s almost. As if I had a revelation in God for the first time….it all started to make sense. And since I have been listening to your shows again lately, the Lord has lit a fire under my butt! I also have a quick story….So I fell in love with the song you play at the beginning of your show, so for days I kept wondering who sings that song… last night I was on Trib. Now page deciding what I was going to read for that night (because I have been re-reading articles)….so I went to the article “how to hear from God. So I read it and your examples….was wonderful…of course at the back of my mind wondering when I was gonna hear from God….so I decided to read the comments below and I noticed someone had asked you who sings that song at the beginning of your show…Then you told her. But as you answered her, God was speaking to me through you. He had answered my question when I least expected it, and I knew then, I had heard from God…and at that moment I fell in love with the Lord for the first time. It felt beyond anything I can describe. So again you truly are amazing in all the things you do in the Lord. I just wanted to share that with you. Oh and also I was wondering if you could please send me some of the buisness cards…. And I know you are really really busy, so if I don’t hear from you right away, that’s Why. I understand! So yeah thank you, thank you, for everything……Heather


    1. Sara! BELOVED! Go to a Bible teaching Congregation and get delivered! I was delivered from cigarettes 27 years ago HALLELUJAH!! It happened within a deliverance at a Spirit filled Church that taught holiness from the Bible WITHOUT COMPREMISE! Your body is the temple of YHWH! STOP defiling it! I and the Most High beseech you! This does not glorify the Father or the Son or His HOLY Spirit. HE has a much higher purpose for you! Worship Him in Spirit and in truth. If you do not have the indwelling of God’s Holy Spirit, then read the Book of Acts. It is the first book after the gospels…ie Matthew, Mark, Luke and John…Acts. If you are not baptized…Do so ASAP!!
      Derek Prince has a good DVD on deliverance. NOT JOSEPH PRINCE, Derek Prince! I will be praying for you….I have been delivered from cigarettes, alcohol and drugs 100%. HE is Mighty to save!

      1. Hi, John god bless you for your ministry.If you would like,send me some of those awesome cards.8303 N.103RD AVE PEORIA AZ Lot 116 85345.

    2. Hello Sara! I quit smoking when I was a young Christian for 2 1/2 yrs, then stupidly thought I could handle one when I was veeeery upset once–huge mistake. 1 led to years more addiction, and trying to quit many many more times, failing, even though I love the Lord sooo very much. anyway, I was given a card about 6 mths ago which read…”WHERE DO YOU WANT TO SPEND ETERNITY…SMOKING OR NON-SMOKING?” and I pictured my angel who was sent to whisk me away in the rapture passing me by, LEAVING ME BEHIND, saying…”oooh, you stink!” (sounds funny, I know, but those 2 things, & knowing the rapture is so close…SO CLOSE…I destroyed 2 1/2 cartons of cigarettes that day, and never touched another one, and God DID BLESS ME AGAIN…I’VE NEVER WANTED ONE! PRAISE GOD! (I call that a miracle, and smokers know what I mean) I WILL PRAY FERVENTLY FOR YOU TO DO THE SAME–WITH NO CRAVINGS–for ALL YOU NEED DELIVERANCE FROM. thanks for sharing. hope this helps. god bless you & deliver you, and see you in heaven soon. Love, Crystal

  5. Please send me the business cards. address is 455 1746 RoAD Delta col. 81416 Thank you already have ideas about giving out cards.

  6. John I have stated getting onto to your facebook and it is so laoded with great info and I want to thank you for all the hard work you do to get out the truth to everyone . I and my husband try every chance to share the truth and warnings about Christ soon return. I finding thou people are not interested or they think that they have all the time to prepare their hearts. I guess what I am seeing that they are being seduced to the sins of this world and their hearts are waxing cold. My own sons have totally turned away from me years ago because of my love and commitment to our Savior and King Yahsuha! I not complaing I knew that to walk the narrow road to serve our King that it would be hard and lonely and painful and realizing that it would divide families . I have the blessesed assureance that my sons will be saved! So I just want to say thank you for the radio shows and the info on facebook and look forward to meeting you some day in heaven . May GOd bless you and keep you safe! Laura

    1. Praise God and thank you so much for your encouragement. I needed to hear these words this morning too. I am alone / live alone on this earth too and its super hard. You are correct the very VERY few of us who love the Lord like the Bride of Jesus should are quickly rejected by the other folks, and family members around us. Ezekiel 34:17 even says that the Lord will separate the sheep from the sheep (NKJV). It doesn’t make it any easier though knowing it was coming. I spend a LOT of time in tears for the lost of this world and in my own personal struggles but we have to overcome, keep our heads up and run the race through to the end. Yes KEEP PRAYING for the Lost and KEEP PRAYING for your loved ones because the LORD will save them. God bless you.

  7. Shalom brother John

    Am unable to print tracts, and live in a small town in northern New York with 3 small private colledges.. would love to hit the streets and witness. May I please have some of your business cards to pass out on the campuses.. Thank you for your labor of love to the body of Mosiach
    Yahweh bless you

  8. I want to thank you again, Bro. John, for making these business cards available. They are easy to place in different locations around town, and handing them out is easy too. I encourage everyone to hand them out and find other ways to wake everyone up before its too late.

  9. Thank you Johnny for sending me the business cards. I wouldn’t have had much of a response when Jesus asked me what I did for the kingdom. Now I have something. I have passed out a few flyers too.

  10. Hi John, blessings to you Brother. Thank you for the sacrifice unto Our Lord that you, Ken and your team regularly make . This is a great show, I love the amount of scripture you have on it, the guests are very interesting and I’m often blessed by the joy you and Ken share in Him. Could you please send me some cards? Thank you. I would like to ask you to consider having Dr. Rebecca Sterling, who is now in Ecuador on your show . She’s an American and was a guest a few days ago on True News. Her testimony was so supernatural that part 2 didn’t get aired the next day, due to the amount of email Rick got. I think that you would like this testimony very much.
    I’d like to tell you a very funny story. Last summer I was traveling on a 15 hour road trip and I had my tablet loaded with your shows. There was an amazing song playing and I was in the spirit with my hand raised, going along with my van on cruise, feeling so blessed when suddenly I heard sirens. I pulled into the slower lane, my heart pounding and looked behind me, there was nothing around. Then I heard you and Ken laughing because you had hit the sound effect button for sirens accidentally during the song. I laughed so much even now I chuckle thinking about it! It sure woke me up!
    Thanks again for all the times of prayer, scripture reading, worship, laughter,guests and all in between. I guess you had to eat some more gummy crows again, that’s okay Brother, Father might be helping you by giving you some trial runs. You will be able to pack up the car in no time at all!
    I also have chickens and sometimes hearing them on the show makes me think I could get them some voice lessons and give Ken’s girls some competition. Love you all, Jacqueline

  11. My dearest brothers and sisters in the US, be aware that judgement is coming to your nation,, in SA where I live we are also experiencing a form of judgement as our government has turned to idolatry and practice the occult.
    Pray more and more for your families and friends to come to Christ time is so short!
    Love in Christ Lambert

  12. Hello,

    Would you please send me the location to go to in order to get the praise music list?
    Plus, I would like to tell you how much I enjoy your podcasts. I work as a cleaning lady and I just work all night listening to you talk about Jesus. I would happily donate, but just had knee surgery and it took my entire pay for two months except for what I need to pay lights, rent, meds and food. I know you didn’t need that explanation, but honesty is a good policy. I will donate as soon as I can for sure.

    I recently started going to a pentecostal church. It’s a new one and needs a lot of help to get it’s own location. The Pastor asked if anyone there liked to cook and I raised my hand. He said, great you are the answer to my prayers. He asked me if I could cook the lasagne dinner with salad and garlic bread for next Sunday before service. I said sure and I went out and bought all the stuff, made all the food, delivered it and served it. I didn’t know that I was also expected to pay for it all, every week. I called the Pastor and asked him for a little help because feeding 50+ people was a bit over my budget. He never replied but the next Sunday he said he forgot. He forgot three times. I then decided it was wiser to pull out of the cooking for the church because I couldn’t afford it. The Pastor made a visit to my home complaining that after I left they had to endure someone bringing hotdogs for dinner. I was asked to come back, but no mention was made to any help financially, so I decided to not go back. Now the Pastor is putting up Bible verses on Facebook trying to guilt or shame me into coming back. The verses say something like the rich should give generously and that way they can get into heaven. Problem is I’m not rich, never was. The house we live in is nice and we have nice stuff. But the house is rented by the month and our stuff is over 15 years old. It’s nice because we keep it clean. When he paid a visit, he assumed we owned the house and that all the stuff we had was an indication that I could afford more than I said I could. I mentioned to him that my other problem with returning to the church was that he didn’t speak about the Bible or get people awakened to the times we are living in to give them a fighting chance. I was told that the end is no where near and that the church should be focusing on giving more money than ever before to build a church and buy a couple of vans. I was quite surprised by his attitude to be honest.
    I’ve since decided to join a God fearing group of people that study the Bible at their home.
    Am I doing the right thing? Am I meant to go in debt to pay for dinner at the church?

    Kind regards,
    Lisa Ceh

  13. Hello. Brother in Christ.
    I started listening to you on your podcasts…all I can say is praise the Lord for strong prayer warriors as yourself.
    Please please please, send me some of the witnessing cards.
    My address is:
    Shonda Jones
    43 Community Square Blvd.
    PO 147
    Villa Rica, Ga. 30180

    Thank Yeshua for you brother.

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