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& the Baptism of the Holy Spirit

This radio show is a Baptism Special which has everything you need to assist you with performing your own Water Baptisms (The Baptism of John by immersion in water), and also has a segment during the last hour for those who wish to seek the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Just start the show and fast forward to about the 70 minute mark for that portion of the show.



More Information:

Also for those interested on another perspective, here is an article that was sent into our ministry on this subject:

Disclaimer: Tribulation-Now does not necessarily agree with all of the conclusions on this web site.  It is only being presented as another reference for “self-baptism”.


16 thoughts on “Get Baptized Now!”

  1. Dear Johnny , I can do this by myself I will do it tonight!!!! I will have to go buy the patch and quit smoking. I love your show , I listened to you all day and was learning. I love Mr. Kleck . I prayed all day to become new again so Mr. Johnny pray for me!!!!! I thank god that I have been able to come pass by your site… I want to seek god I don’t want anything else …. Love you brother, Shelley

  2. My aunt and uncle are preachers and my uncle was once a heroin addict and he also smoked cigarettes but was fully delivered from both. Before I became born again I lived a very sinful life, I was a prostitute, and had done many drugs all my life. I have been smoking cigarettes since I was 13 and when I first was saved I was smoking weed and was taking pills and I finally stopped taking pills, but still smoke cigarettes. I recently started realizing that the rapture is real and I just want so much to be right with KING JESUS!!! My uncle told me a couple of months ago that I need to stop smoking cigarettes he said he prayed that GOD would make him sick if he ever picked one up again and he got the patches, and he said he just quit that it made him sick to even smell cigarettes. He told me that not giving up cigarettes would bring back drugs to my life and he also said the same as you did that our body is a holy temple. Well now I finally see what its doing to me cause no matter how hard I try to live a holy life I always have a distraction that doesn’t let me fully experience what Jesus has for my life, sometimes I feel like I have the holy spirit but then I take a pill and I feel like I have lost it, and I feel like I am getting addicted to pills again. I know I need deliverance I just want cigarettes and drugs out of my life for ever, I pray all the time for deliverance but I think it all keeps coming back because of the cigarettes, PLEASE LIFT ME UP IN PRAYER I JUST WANT TO BE 100% WITH JESUS, I WILL DO EVERYTHING I CAN TO QUIT SMOKING AND I THANK YOU FOR YOUR MINISTRY GOD BLESS YOU.

    1. Hi Sara
      I have a tes about God taking cig from me in 1990…one year after me Mom past away from throt night i felt i needed to go see me Dad..i thought maybe something was wrong with was about 6:30 pm now i know it was the Lord leading me i knocked on the Dad open the door suprised an ask was everything alright..and thats when i told Him that i felt like something was wrong with Him..He said i stayed for about 10 min and said im going i was headed to the door i saw this letter that he had pined on the wall about this miricle crusaide coming to town. and when i read that i knew it was for the time i was backsliden living in big time sin i call it..thought God had forgotten me for anyhow..i ask my Dad if He was going to this and he said yes i am would you like to go..and i said yes pick me he was a 20 min drive there an i think i smoked about 5 cig before i got there. i tryed so many times to qiut but feiled .i smoked 3 1/2 packs a day..started when i was 10 years sad but true. so on the way there i ask God to make it in way that i could not be able to smell them..that was my weak husband smoked and i knew if i smelled them i would want we got there . and as soon as i walked through the doors i was healed..i know this because i wanted a cig so bad i was thinking i should have had one before i came in. but in an instint that left me..and the paster had ask everyone that received a miricle to stand in line so i did..and he talk to everyone of us in line telling us what the Holy Sirit was telling Him..when He got to me He said that i would never pic up a cig as long as i lived. an God gave me a new set of was hard to breathe. but after that night i could breathe normal again and the next morning when i got up the whole inside of my nose was a scab..could not smell anything for three months..and i had dreams of smoking and i would wake up crying..thinking i started smoking again..i think this was satan..but its been 27 years i thank God that He loves me as much as He does..i couldnt live a day without Him in my life..HE is a loving awesome God worthy to be praised all the time. i will pray for you..just tell Him what you want..and He hears everything you say. God Bless you.


  3. I love you so much, John B. You’ve helped me so much to understand scripture and all the great shows you’ve done alone with Kenneth and Kathy. Just awesome. I continue to pass out tribulation now cards. I have to say however, folks seem so uninterested. I try to wake them up and I pray. It’s how you say even our own families deny us. It’s ok, John, because our intestions are right they’re good. We are doing the work of God! I thank you. Take care…

  4. Thank you for your website. I was first saved at age 13. I was filled with the Holy Spirit and served God with my whole heart. I fell away, but years later after trying and messing up a number of times God has been so patiant and helped me. Away from God I was caught up in so many bad things. I had a bad back injury wich required surgeries. I take pain meds for chronic pain. Also nerve meds for seveir anxiety. Please pray I would be completely healed, and delivered. All I want is to please Jesus and His Will be done in my life. I want to be ready for the rapture. Thank you from my heart and God Bless you. Please remembere in prayer.

  5. Dear Johnny Baptist.
    I listen to your podcast every night while I work in my cleaning job. I was unsaved until
    your shows urged me to go to church and accept Jesus as my Saviour. I would like to be Baptized by water and in the Holy Spirit, so will do that soon.
    Thank you for doing the show.

    Warm blessing from Australia,

  6. Hi Johnny Baptist,

    I was wondering if you could send me the name of a song you play?
    It has these words in it, ” his glory and grace”. I know it’s not much,
    but you play it on the podcasts (one verse only) quite often.

    I’m also wondering about speaking in tongues. I recently started going to one new
    church being held in a local community centre.
    The Pastor seems to be able to control the Spirit and speaking in tongues. At the beginning of every song, about one minute in, he starts speaking in tongues. As soon as the music is over, he stops. One lady asked to be prayed over and he put his hand on her head and started speaking in tongues, but with one eye open slightly, he reached over with the other hand and turned off the projector and never skipped a beat with the speaking in tongues. I’m thinking fake straight away.
    I know I’m not supposed to bad mouth someone working for the Lord, but I don’t think it’s wrong to ask if it is real or not. I want to belong to a church that is serious about preaching the Gospel, not about making it look and sound as if it’s a holy place to be.

    Blessings to you,
    Lisa Ceh

    1. You can always email me at its a lot easier than using this web comment system. I’m really sorry but I do not know the song to which you refer. Maybe if you can think of things like “is it the beginning of the show, every show?” or “what show is it?”

      Speaking in tongues is a supernatural activity that does not require the person’s direct thought or participation so there is nothing wrong with what you saw the pastor do that is perfectly normal. While members of satanic orders do speak with demonic languages and such to trick church members this is not a common thing for someone to be exposed too.

      I hope this is a little helpful
      God bless you

  7. I have an issue that needs to be addressed. I would like to be baptized with water again. Is water baptism necessary to make it into the Kingdom of Heaven? I was baptized as an infant but does this count? It was done in a Roman Catholic Church and was most likely not full body immersion water baptism. If I were to die before I received the water baptism will I be doomed to the depths of Hell? I asked the Lord this question and asked for the Holy Spirit to open up a page for me in the Bible in which he opened me to Acts 9 where I ended reading the conversion of Saul (Paul) where it reads, “…He got up and was baptized…” Is this the Baptism of the Holy Spirit of of Water? I looked up the concordance and it mentions a ceremonial wash which would imply a water Baptism. Thanks and God Bless.

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