The Sumerian “gods” are NOT our Creators

The Annunaki Did Not Create Mankind
Sumerian Text Points to the Bible

For those of you who may be researching the Sumerian texts and the notion that the Annunaki are the creators of mankind, there is far more to the story. I hope you take the time to see how the Sumerian text actually tells the truth (in most cases), but clearly shows that they FEAR the “Ancient Ones” return to the earth and that they did NOT create “civilized man” (the Adamic bloodline of Adam and Eve).

Its all in the Bible!

2 thoughts on “The Sumerian “gods” are NOT our Creators”

  1. We had a so called prophet named John Lewis, come in our church. I started to become to be acquainted with him in 2007. This time he came in with what I would call foolishness. He started introducing some second heaven information like kundalini, chakara, teachings. I have him recorded on CD’s in private session were he’s saying he’s been reincarnated at least 3 times, and he came back as a Sumerian high priest. The last time he said we were all Pleiadians from the planet Pleaides, some our church members have been influenced by him. I have sent him many emails to contradict the information he’s been putting out. (THE CHURCH IS CONFUSED!!!!)

  2. I love everything about this site and wish everyone knew about this subject matter in a way that is realistic like you do. Thanks for doing what you are doing.

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What is the Strong Delusion? What is the Lie? (2 Thes 2:11), It is the fallen angels (aliens) telling us that "they" are our creators.