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Tribulation-Now’s Research Style

How Postulations are Formed and Ideas are Analyzed

Many traditional Bible teachers and “Theologians” disagree with a vast number of Tribulation-Now’s hypothesis.  This is quite understandable.  I started to study under Jack Van Impe back in the 1970’s, and then intermittently studied under a vast number of other amazing spirit-filled Bible teachers throughout my life.   However I was troubled by the inconsistency in the various teacher’s conclusions.  Even though they employed the same “theological” practices (types and shadows, word tense studies, Hebrew analysis, etc.), they kept disagreeing.  This has led to mass confusion and a wide number of Christian denominations.

Quite frankly it has led to utter chaos.

Enter the New World Order

In 1988, I went to a seminar in St. Petersburg, Florida.  The speaker was a fellow by the name of Ralph Epperson.  On a large screen he presented a PowerPoint with photographs and other written evidence to promote his findings in a book entitled “The Unseen Hand”.  By the divine providence of God, this event changed my life forever.

This evolved into an obsession of sorts for me.  I not only confirmed Epperson’s findings but continued to study and research using many different disparate sources.  In order for me to consider a source truly unbiased, they could NOT know one another or “collude” in any way.  They could not be on the same “team”.  In fact, the best sources, I discovered, were often those who did not believe in Jesus Christ at all since they had absolutely no disposition to believe anything but what the data revealed.

After falling asleep at the wheel for a number of years, upon discovering that 911 was a “controlled demolition”, my research obsession went into “overdrive”.  I spent thousands of dollars on research material and to the detriment of my marriage, studied about 4 to 6 hours a night and sometimes all weekend long for nearly 4 years.  And the research has never stopped so the total aggregate number of years far exceeds the typical Ph.D. level of study.

I’ve researched everything from “conspiracy fact” to “conspiracy theory”.  I included testimony from an enormous variety of extremely smart people.  My DVD lecture collection is utterly vast and includes topics on Atlantis, genetic manipulation, ancient writings, mythology (which is not myth by the way), Bible history, other history, Satanism, Far East religions, Illuminati defector testimony, mind-control victim testimony, scientific studies, ancient archeology, UFO abduction testimony, and New Age “channeler” testimony – to mention only a subsection.

The more I researched the New World Order, the more it led the Luciferianism.  This tracked back through time.  It led to the Rosicrucians, Knights Templar and then all the way back to the ancient Sumerians.  I just about “lost it” when, in the movie “The Fourth Kind” the “aliens” evidently spoke “Sumerian”.  That movie was based on actual testimony of true events.  I was able to confirm that with additional research pulling up articles from the Alaska newspapers speaking of the events depicted in the movie.

It took years to realize that 100% of this stuff was directly related to a war between God and Lucifer.

How I Compare to Advanced Teachers

When I used to study “under” other people, like Steve Quayle, Tom Horn, Chuck Missler, Jack Van Impe, Hal Lindsey, … the list goes on and on … I used to embrace the style of learning that included Bible “word studies”, Greek text analysis, and word tense (plural, singular, etc.).   However often times this method still leads to disparity in conclusions.  While still a very important method of Biblical research, it has its problems and needed something more.  Too many paradoxes still existed in the Bible text that could not be explained.  Too many empirical scientific facts simply could not be explained.  And God created science so this was inadequate.

In an article written by David Attaway, a student at the Dallas Theological Institute, in an article entitled “Are You Reading the Bible Wrong?”  the following was said.

On a large scale we as Evangelicals claim that if Christians will interpret Scripture using a historical-grammatical method and good exegesis they will arrive at an orthodox interpretation. Is this true? No, and here is one reason why: interpretation never arises from a blank slate, which is what the historical-grammatical approach claims. This approach does not take into account that everyone comes to the text with presuppositions and a predisposition to interpret the text in a certain way. Currently, we find ourselves living in a post-enlightenment world, which states, “I am just concerned with the data.” So we look at the original language, the grammatical structure, and the cultural setting for our interpretation. This method is not all-together wrong or incorrect, but is it complete?

For the record, I stumbled across this very article by “coincidence”  as I was looking for a picture to add to this article.


Expanded Empirical Evidence Study

Steve Quayle and Tom Horn are two of my favorite authors, because their style is a bit more like mine, where the style of Chuck Missler,  Hal Lindsey, Michael Heiser, and most others of the “Christian Symposium” variety, is to “analyze” the tense of the words to deduce the intended meaning.  Again while I agree with the “types and shadows” and “word study” methods, it frequently leaves major gaps in the conclusions.

Over the years, however, I developed my own style of research that expanded more on the Thomas Horn, Steve Quayle style of research, which is to study ancient writings and empirical scientific evidence and correlate that into the understanding as well.  Where I differ from Tom and Steve, is that I also intensely study “alien abduction testimony” and “channelers” testimony.

A key to my expanded understanding is that I NEVER ally myself with anyone else.  As soon as you espouse another’s teachings or “join a symposium” your ability to embrace new concepts is destroyed.  The “group” will impose their position on you, and you will be stifled.  This again is utterly unacceptable.

The New Age channeler’s testimony was the most revealing.  When I discover these “channelers” were talking to the Luciferian “Council of Nine” (the elohim from the ancient Hebrew texts) I was astonished.  And these interactive conversations were occurring as far back as the 1960’s and prior.   And this “data” is surprisingly consistent to the scripture as long as you approach it with a non-christian biased analysis method.   If you start researching it with a pre-disposition to believe they are lying then your mind comes up with ways to convince yourself there must be another answer since they simply “must” be lying.

Summary in Jesus Name

These above mentioned research styles, I believe, cause key flaws to arise in the conclusions by  those who fail to embrace the intergalactic nature of the threat we are dealing with.

For example there are videos of extremely large space vehicles around the corona of the Sun.  The Sun is no trivial distance from earth.  And these vehicles are many times larger than the earth.  These are not some little saucer-shaped “scout ships”, these are mammoth motherships.  These are not some “interdimensional aberration”, they are real motherships. This, in my opinion, is “empirical evidence” that cannot be discounted and must be factored into the research equation. In fact this type of data strongly indicates the information the fallen-angels are giving to the channelers is far more trustworthy than they are given credit for.

Dr. J. Vernon McGee is one of the most amazing Bible teachers that ever lived.

Let’s take a quick look at what Pastor McGee had to say about our understanding of the Bible, shall we?

(Note: bold text added for emphasis)

Dr. J. Vernon McGee, in his book, Through the Bible, he wrote,

“I believe that Genesis is telling us that this earth became without form and void, that it was just as uninhabitable as the moon when the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. We can only suggest that there was some pre-Adamic creature that was on this earth. And it seems that all of this is connected with the Fall of Lucifer…”

“I believe that the entire universe came under this great catastrophe. What was the catastrophe? We can only suggest that there was some pre-Adamic creature that was on this earth. And it seems that all of this is connected with the Fall of Lucifer, son of the morning, who became Satan, the devil, as we know him today. I think all of this is involved here [in Gen. 1:2], but God has not given us the details.

The fact of the matter is that He has given us very, very few details in the first chapter of Genesis” (Vol. I, p. 13).

You must expand your understanding of the Universe past those things our tiny little peanut brains understand when reading the scripture. LEARN about science and other things and then MAP THEM BACK to the scripture. This is how you become “wise as a serpent” and remain “gentle as a dove”.

Much of the research I have done, my counterparts have not done, or if they have (which I doubt strongly) they did it with a preconceived notion that those who were sharing their information were not telling the truth or delusional.  This detracts from the scientific method of analysis and then makes the research invalid.

You must eliminate all bias, consider the data, research from multiple sources that are unrelated to one another, and then correlate it into a “hypotheis”.  Once you have formed your “hypothesis”, you then go back to the scripture and take a second look to see if it fits.

Since using this method, and paying unbiased attention to what the “fallen-angel-demons” have been interactively telling people for about 60 plus years now, I have concluded they are basically telling the truth. This is an intergalactic onslaught. The problem is that it is not “just” intergalactic, it is ALSO inner-earth as well.

For example, one would be amazed at how many different non-christian sources refer to Nibiru as a “prison planet” which holds extraterrestrial and dangerous life forms.  The list of these examples goes on and on and on.


9 thoughts on “Research Style

  1. JBaptist…I agree with this theory entirely…as this is the same way that I have approached it all. Like you said…since Christians defute much of science, mythology, & ancient history data (especially that that has to do with the ancients gods)…they miss much of the TRUE interpretion of scripture…much to their disadvantage!

    When I was 11…My Mom had bought a cassette tape from a man who visited & spoke at our church.  The tape  was made by a man named John Todd.  He defected from a very high position (as he was born into a high position, as his father was a High Priest) in the Illuminati.  The things he revealed did more than just astound & shock me.  They infuriated me!  He spoke of our Public leaders, famed Hollywood actors (who I thought a lot of at that time)…& so much more!  It made me come to the realization, at a very young age, that these people were/are NOT who they pretend to be!  

    I started to see them, from that point on, as ALL wearing “masks.”  Unfortunately…it has been a very long, lonely road…as VERY few believe these truths…nor do they desire to (too in love with Hollywood & public figures).   I suppose I felt “obligated” from that point on…to research all this…in order to “prove” who they really are…to friends, loved ones, & the “unsuspecting” world.   However…it still remains that very few people believe/see any of this.  These “revelations” have just grown from there & their ultimate LIES…never cease to amaze me! I appreciate all of your hard work & research. Blessings in the name of YESHUA Brother!!

    1. Well brother remember that just because the Illuminati freaks have historically funded Christian organizations doesn’t mean that all the people in those organizations are corrupt; nor does it mean that the money ultimately stopped God from moving. Sometimes Lucifer’s minions try to win control through money and control, but God wins the batttle in the end. Amen.

  2. Hi there! Just checking out the story off James Casbolt and I try to wrap my mind around this and I am like whow, like the interview of Jonathan Cleck with this ex black ops military guy, same kinda shit, excuse the word but man………….!!!!!! You see for me all this is new info and nobody I know I can talk to, who would believe? I myself have a hard time dealing with it. I don’t get how a guy like this James Casbolt can know so much about all this (been on the moonbase and all that) but not a word about Jezus Christ. He says he’s a descendant from the lost tribe of Dan and thats why they picked him……… this goes beyond my understanding really. I can only pray to God the Most High in the name of His only begotten Son Jezus Christ to keep me and my loved ones safe in His arms, I don’t know anything else to pray right now or how to deal with this info,……………HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Felt the need to share my feelings. God bless you, Cora (from Holland)

  3. Around 2005 when I discovered the 9/11 hoax through perusing YouTube, the shift in my thinking processes was so dramatic, it was almost painful. I walked around for days wondering what in the world was happening to me. Well, I now know that God was waking me up out of my slumber. My wife and college-age daughter both still see me as a bit of a nut case. I have to be very careful what I say and to whom. Not because I fear retribution, but the level of deception in our society is so pervasive that pure logic doesn’t even penetrate it. People look at you like YOU’RE an alien! It takes a quite a few very hard thumps on the head from God to get His message through to us comatose and stupefied masses in the Western church. No wonder they have been hidden for so long. Most of us have been drinking their Kool-Aid for as long as they’ve been pumping it out. And they’re becoming much bolder in their tactics, thinking that no one’s going to wake up.

    We must always remember two crucial things. First, our only refuge is in our intimate relationship with the Father in Jesus’ name. Second, as we draw closer and closer to Him in intimacy, the things He reveals get wilder and wilder. Brother and Sisters, we need to repent of EVERYTHING He has shown us not to do whether in His Word or in our consciences. We need to get in our prayer closets, and seek Him while He may be found. Let us lay aside every weight, and the sin that so easily besets us, and run this race He has set before us with patience. Purpose not to do ANYTHING That would displease Him. And pray ALWAYS that we would be accounted worthy to escape the wrath that is coming to the earth, and to stand before the Son of Man.

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