UFOs Aliens & The Bible

Alien Invasion 1

Life in the Universe Abounds
But the Fallen Angelics & Lucifer work to Topple Mankind

Here is a radio show that includes my testimony along with a number of discussions regarding fallen angels (angelics)  or cursed beings, UFOs, other life forms and how this all fits together into an incredible story about Jesus Christ our awesome savior and our amazing Father God.

Toward the end of the radio program, Discovering Your Spirituality, the host, Kenneth Locklin, explains that he started a Blog Talk Radio (“BTR”) show as a Bible Study but a caller from the United Kingdom challenged him saying …

“How can you teach the Bible and not believe in UFOs?”

The host was amazed at the question.

God bless you … Nowadays the importance of understanding this subject for the saving of souls CANNOT be understated.


Kenneth Locklin
Discovering Your Spirituality with Kenneth Locklin


To Download the Show Click HERE



Some Corrections / Updates:

And a couple of corrections to the show.  In one of my fervent monologues I said there are 66 books mentioned in the Bible that are not in the 66 Book canon.   That number is actually 22.  There are 22 books mentioned in the Bible that are not present in the existing KJV.

Also toward the end of the show, I mention the recent discovery of a 300,000 ton carved granite rock (megalith) in Russia.  The actual size was estimated to be 3,000 (Three Thousand).   Here is a link to that article.

Also the name of the woman who met with Gene Roddenberry to channel information from the fallen “elohim” was Phyllis Schlemmer in the book “The Only Planet of Choice“.

God bless you.



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  1. Is UFO demon that are flying around earth to destroy mankind any shape or form if this true then is any life from other our own that exist.

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