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A Deep Heart Felt Testimony on Sins from David

Hi Brother John-

Thought I would drop a line concerning a dream that I had a couple nights ago regarding this very topic. Although it is personally embarassing, I find it compelling to share with anyone who has both secret sins, as well as overt sins in their life. I have scarcely slept due to it’s nature and I find myself trembling even attempting to share it for the first time. I knew that there would be an appropriate moment to share this, but didn’t know thta the Lord would make it this soon—so much for linear time seeming to linger to us peanut brains!

My dream (just 2 days ago) consists of me going into an attic of a house in which a rather large chest is stuck over in the corner with a lock. Around my neck is a chain with a key that opens that chest. Upon opening the chest, the stench becomes so overwhelming and disgusting (to the point of making me literally gag in my sleep).

I am suddenly aware that someone else is in the room just behind me and I am find myself wanting to quickly close the chest and leave the attic, but He says that we must do this together as He loves me too much to allow it to remain.

I peer into the chest to reveal that it is stacked with the most dirty stained rags imagineable but they are neatly folded and compressed into this chest, again the smell and revolting nature of these rags were previously unimagineable (and remember, I work in people’s mouths all day and am “used” to disgusting “things” in the physical world).

He said we must remove each of these rags and put them in His bag! I pleaded with him that it is simply not possible for me to do so as the deepest fear of exposing them to anyone would be to great for me to handle. He lovingly put his hand on my shoulder and said “do not fear, I am here”. As “corny” as it sounds, His voice did make the fear leave, but the dread I felt exposing these rags to Him made me start shaking in my dream-as well as my sleep apparently.

The process of removing each of these rags and remembering the sins it represented seemed to take hours, but I realized, even in the dream that the Lord was bringing each of these sins I was reliving, that I had hidden in the deepest recesses of my mind for exposure to Him. He sytematically took each of the rags whilst I relived the sin that had been buried there for all these years.

Brother, I am too ashamed to share them with anyone here on this planet as when I once tried to glance up to see His face, which I cannot describe, His countence revealed such a hurt look, but mixed with understanding and deep love for me that the thought of continuing to dig out these disgusting pieces of dirty rags in the chest caused me such grief that I was swearing to Him the whole time that I didn’t deserve Him to love me or cherish me this much.

The sins that flashed through my mind went back in time so many years that I had forgotten the depth of my selfishness and the hurt that I had caused others as well as Him. He seemed to understand my tears and trembling as well as deep weakness to dig finally to the deepest depth of the chest. When I had finally completed my task of emptying the all rags and the chest was empty I discovered I no longer had the strength to even speak so He spoke to me, He said, “my son, I have taken all the filthy rags that you have put aside and have carried all these years, you are now free of the guilt that they bring against you”.

I remember at that moment I felt an emptiness that I have never felt before in my life. It wasn’t an empty feeling of loss, but an empty feeling of a released prisoner of being used to be locked in a cell, but someone came and took my place in prison!

I asked Him about the chest, “will it become full again with my sins, Lord”? He responded by walking over to the chest and shut the lid and turned it upside down and stated, “I have taken all your sins and what I close, nothing can open again!”

I remember weeping very deeply (a weeping that I have never experienced in “real” life before) and trying to even say I was sorry to Him in my dream couldn’t come out of my mouth. I know what we feel is “sadness” here on this plane of existence,as we all share it fairly commonly, I too have lost loved ones, been divorced, watched as innocent people are hurt and die, etc, etc. etc..

This deep sorrow though with Jesus was/is something completely new though! It was a combination of sorrow for the hurt I have caused Him and others and deep love for the Master who would denigrate Himself to clean my sins out of a deep dark place as He did. I remember knowing that I diserved nothing but wrath as payment for each of these hidden sins, but knew that He Himself carried the scars of my compacted sins.

This “feeling” was something better described as a desire for my very existence to have never been as I saw the pain that He took on Himself! I felt as if I were going to start puking when it dawned upon me that He was tortured for my stench filled rags. As I crawled to His feet I still couldn’t bring myself to look up into His eyes even though, somehow, I knew this was a dream and needed to be able to describe his countenance later to others, but had not the courage to stop my weeping and gaze into my Saviour’s face even in the dream.

For this I’m very sorry to anyone who reads this, as I would love to be able to attempt to describe His face, but I can only attemept to describe His voice as it sounded very much like perfect harmony when sung by a choir-except the music of His voice penetrates completely through you-I know it sounds ridiculous. The sublte nuances of His verbage though causes one to stop and listen deeply to His voice(s) and the rythum of His speech makes you silent deep within your soul trying to capture the depth of His voice for future remembrance.

Forgive my feeble attempt at describing His Presence when He speaks-words do not justify the reality I felt deep within as His words penetrated much like music does sometimes here on this planet. If you have ever experienced a “deep moving” feeling when hearing a beautiful piece of music, then you only begin to understand what I experienced. If you add to that the transmitting of, only what I can feebly describe as “pure Love”, as an emotion that the music is coupled with, then you might begin to understand what His “musical” voice begins to when heard.

When I knew I couldn’t even bring myself to utter anything coherent, the dream ended, and I was left with this story. As my attempt at interpretation would only further muddy the story, I leave it to anyone who reads this for their own, whether or not it was “real”, or whether there is any help or guidance for them.

I will attest unto my deathbed that this is true, and have awakened a new man. I used to think I was humble enough—now I realize that He is Lord of All.

May the Lord be my judge. Amen.

Press on my brother,


A Wonderful Jesus Filled Take on Tribulation-Now!

(Thank you David in Jesus Name!)

I’ve been a subscriber to Tribulation-Now for a short time and have learned some very interesting insights into things that I thought I “intuitively” knew, but realize now that I didn’t have all the puzzle pieces aligned. John has taken his talent (gift) of spiritual discernment and has created a means to “keep tabs” on the enemy while staying focused on Jesus- our “hero”. There are many Christians that are waking up and taking notice that there is much more than “meets the eye” to everything happening around us. As such, we who are known by His name, use the Bible as a “roadmap”, and the Holy Spirit as our fuel to “get down the road” to our ultimate destination-HOME. I thought I would illustrate in simple terms what this is like to some of us, in hopes that some, who are either frightened or “put off” by the study of spiritual realms, can have “the peace which surpasses understanding” in realizing that there is a much bigger picture to be considered and that by knowing your enemy, you can prepare a little better.

It seems like the Bible is like the concrete slab of a new house being built; it has very little detail and is terribly understated. When a person walks on the foundation of their new home they can identify the different rooms by the small pipes sticking up for the kitchen and the large pipes for the bathrooms or even by the lack of plumbing in the living room. But some of the details are absent and clearly in place for a future moment (when the house is finished) and can only be imagined at the time of investigation. I think that this describes “much of where we are at right now”, both in linear time as well as spiritual growth. We’ve got the blueprints and know what the plans call for, but the building is still progressing toward the final goal. But the good news is that we know where we are heading!

It seems like God put the story of prophetic events together kind of like a Hollywood movie. For example, between the books of Daniel and Revelation, there are some eighteen scenes {prophecies} that create the incredible drama of the plan of salvation. Each individual scene plays a specific part of the overall dramatic picture. Each scene has a beginning point and an ending point of time just like the different scenes in a movie and the events even occur in the order they are written. By synchronizing each prophecy to the others by time, the whole story starts to come into focus by the total sum of all the parts. And just like a movie has mysteries, God has veiled and hid the identity of some entities, players, and even ‘time itself’ by many different types of languages, and figures of speech. One of the reasons He may have done this is to preserve a treasure that the casual investigator might miss. The symbols and analogous language given to the different entities also describe and identify the characters of each entity. It seems like this is part of the “linear timeline” that we as humans have to deal with and put our entire faith in the Author/Director/Producer of earths’ “movie”, especially when we can’t figure something out.

Just like a movie, there are good guys, villains, stars, supporting actors, and audience. The good guys clearly are God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The villains surely are Lucifer, the devil, and his fallen angels, the demons. Jesus stars as the Saviour of the world, and Lucifer, the devil, stars as the destroyer of the world spiritually, financially, and physically. The supporting actors are the good angels, the saints and even the wicked. The audience is the unfallen worlds {those that have never sinned or rebelled against God} of the universe that watch this live drama with intense interest, as well as those who dig into the deep study of these things. So, in essence, we are both “actors” as well as part of the audience in many instances in this drama.

Like a movie the fixtures and furniture for each scene change because of history, location, and even linear time. This drama unfolds in both linear time (in Daniel and Revelation) as it covers over twenty-six hundred years of time, starting at 605 B.C., and goes past the Second Coming of Jesus, to the destruction of the devil, the wicked, and sin itself, as well as progressing into a period where “eternity” will happen; therefore the audience needs to be acquainted with a lot of history for some of the events to make a lot of sense. As well, there are deep spiritual battles that are beyond the linear time constraints are eluded to in scripture, although not clearly undestood-yet, that require the audience to be “up to speed” to even begin to grasp! The story itself looks backwards before the creation of the world, as well as forward to a future that can only be meagerly described as wonderful, as our current language doesn’t conjure the correct depth of meaning for that period. Perhaps our peanut brains can only grasp a small ray of the depth of this drama, but we are assured that further study brings with it current rewards by going through the process!

This ongoing earthly story also goes beyond the understanding of human behavior, describing the events and behavior of supernatural beings, and the rebirth of the human heart; thus the “audience” needs to understand the different figures of speech used throughout the drama. God sometimes uses the things we do understand to explain things we do not understand. Analogous language, for instance, is not literal. Analogous language is used to describe human behavior as well as the behavior of supernatural demons. It is used to describe things that are seen as well as unseen. God uses simple things to elevate our minds to the deeper things of God. It seems that God uses simple language to describe complex elements of nature (such as the 11 or so known physical dimensions) that we can hardly begin to fathom. It seems clear that the intent is to create a deeper trust and admiration in those who love Him and desire to study His personal traits. And to those who do not wish to delve into the deeper things of God, He still allows them to partake in His awesome grace, if they simply humble themselves and accept Jesus as their personal saviour! What a drama indeed!

Jesus made the analogy of eating our daily bread and receiving Christ into our life as the bread of life that gives eternal life. But some of the people that heard him were not interested in growing spiritually; therefore because of their ignorance they became arrogant. They said, ‘How can this man give us his flesh to eat?’ They became angry and left him because they were not interested in growing spiritually; they apparently just wanted another free meal. There are those today that share that same attitude of distrust and spiritual dullness, this is a sad portion of the drama. However those who took that small step of faith, He richly rewarded and they became His praise instruments-so much for so little!

If, for instance, a person wants to understand why God uses the great image made of metals and beasts to represent the kingdoms of the earth, and smoke and locusts to represent demons, you will have to set some time aside for study as well as praise. You will need to put on your hard hat and “go down into the mine to dig for the gold of truth”. You will have to put aside many of your preconceived ideas and traditions, which are the worst enemies of the story, and ask the Holy Spirit to teach you. I think that John is doing a great job in presenting many aspects of this “drama” for the saints to consider in the days in which we live. Although these comments were not solicited by anyone, I freely share them as they were shared with me to whoever wishes to exercise their own spiritual discernment into the study of the great things of God. We need to remember that this “movie” isn’t over yet, in fact, some of the most interesting parts are coming very soon! So, stay tuned!

David M

David’s Dream about the State of the United States

I wish I were gifted in animation as the dream I had last night could be illustrated. A cartoon,of sorts, in light of the present timing of this political season. Unfortunately though, I lack that talent but what I share, in prose, is the story line of what someone else may be able to animate if they are so inclined. I offer this in the form of an email believing that if you are reading this you may wish to share it freely with someone else.

In the dream, a series of cartoon box graphics were shown clearly in panoramic view. Uncle Sam looked pale, sick, old and weary and was being pushed in his wheel chair to a fork in the sidewalk-it was clear that he was being taken intentionally into a rest home to die. A small but very loud group of characters were pushing him jovially and disrespectfully toward this rest home. There were illegals making a mockery of him whilst waving their own country of allegiance flags all the while making obscene jesters and spitting on the old man. The most visible though were characters were a large laughing donkey (whose face resembled Obama’s) pushing one side, and a big fat giggling elephant with pockets overflowing with money on the other side of the chair, there was also a pompous and arrogant looking judge sitting high on a bench whose gavel had broken and completely smashed the ten commandments on the right side of the bench and a blanket hiding Lady Justice on the left side of the bench. The bench was on wheels overseeing Uncle Sam being taken away, below looking up where the judge was seated, were degenerate homosexuals, misguided teachers and atheistic scientists with long lists of petitions for the judge to sign into law for their particular benefit, most all of which were blasphemous in nature. There were also the banker/wall street gangsters that were carrying their suitcases full of stolen money pointing their ugly fingers at him in ridicule.

Following behind these people were a cast of foreign characters that Uncle Sam had taken care of and even treated like family for decades, and they were rallying behind the demise of their benefactor with absolute glee! There were a small group of characters that had the appearance and even looked like “religious leaders” but had the name of God written across their foreheads–but it read backwards (doG)! I though this to be the most simple way to identify who and what they are-selfish and evil shepards! Of particular interest, were Chinese and Arabian characters that had lined their pockets as well as European characters shouting that the ‘old man’ must die and Islam must rule!

One of the more interesting side characters was a very small Al-Queda character (an evil looking little [turbin wearing], scraggly bearded figure) down at Uncle Sam’s ankle sticking his little dagger into his skin causing it to bleed-kind of like an “insect” or nuisance of sorts, at least to a healthy person. But Uncle Sam in his current state of illness was unable to even scrape this little “flea” off himself! The look on Uncle Sam’s face was truly sad and pathetic becasue he looked as if he might not make even make it to the door of the rest home with the barrage of evil pushing him to its door. In this panoramic view the current state of America was/is depicted in its most unsavory but current condition.

The next “frame” in the series, was a “postman” delivering an written invitation to a party. Ths “postman” had the wings of an angel and a face to match that demeanor, although the crowd pushing Uncle Sam called him a deciever and miscontent. Uncle Sam, although exhausted and almost to tired to even go further, made the decision to listen to the messenger and accept this last invitation to a party, as it was given by people whose names he used to know but hadn’t heard from in a while.

Although there was a great turmoil and anger by his captors, due to his decision to accept this invitation, he pushed his own way next door to the party, with the last of his strength even with the crowd calling for him to return to his death. Upon entering the party, Uncle Sam was surprised at who he saw sitting at the table awaiting his arrival. He recognized everyone there, even those he hadn’t seen in years. These were his loved ones, blood relatives, his real family, the ones who had always been there for him in rough times as well as good, the ones that he knew had always prayed for him but he had almost forgotten about because of the noise that the small crowd of trouble makers had stiffled his memories for so long in their incessant demands upon him.

There were pastors who held the Holy Bible with sermons calling for personal as well as coporate repentance-across their foreheads the true name of God was written clearly, there were military men holding the United States Constitution on their shoulders, one of them had clearly given his life as he was mortally wounded but actually helping the healthy soldier stand tall and strong. There were real people form all walks whose faces were truly glad and excited that their Uncle decided to come to their party for him. On the table set for him, was a tea cup that was offered to Uncle Sam. Although at first, the noise and boisterous activity caused by the degenerate crowd behind Uncle Sam caused him to hesitate, he decided to take a drink of this elixir.

Suddenly the “old man in the wheelchair” stood up on his own with a vigor that hadn’t been seen by the crowd in some time, but caused fear in those who had been infuriated at his desire to attend the party. In fact, when he stood up out of the wheel chair and turned around, it could be seen that “this old man had come home” after all , as when he started rolling up his sleeves, it could clearly be seen that his youthful muscles and demeanor had suddenly returned after the taste from the tea cup. Also, when he turned to face his previous captors in the eye, his facial features, as well as the look in his eyes were as that of flames were no longer that of a weakened old man, this was man made whole again and was now able to get up and walk on his own and by look of his clinched fist, something new was going to happen to the angry crowd! This caused the tea party family to gather behind him in facing his previous captors face to face.

One of the most remarkable looks in this whole scene was that of the degenerates, perverts, and traitors that were trying to push him to his death. They were absolutely terrified and astonished at this “magic potion” that had caused Uncle Sam to so quickly invigorate. Uncle Sam no longer needed a wheel chair to be pushed to his death, as a matter of fact, he hadn’t felt this good in years.

I’ll leave it to the imagination of others to interpret the meaning/relevance of this dream. I find it illuminating and interesting that there may be hope for our “old Uncle” yet.

David M

1 thought on “David’s Testimonies

  1. Thanks, David……….very insightful writing. Yes, actual history is a movie, directed by Father God.. I’ve always said, “when I get to heaven, I’m watching the movie!” History is simply a random selection of snapshoes, some labeled, some blurry. The story is repeated over and over again.
    Your Uncle Sam dream is very encouraging, and I think correct. Just as Israel was punished for her sins, so will the USA be punished, however, Israel will be saved and restored, therefore, so will the USA be saved and restored.Praise God.

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