New Word Order of Lucifer


Dan 12:1
And there shall be a time of trouble,
Such as never was since there was a nation,
Even to that time.

Tribulation-Now New World Order PowerPoint

This is a very large PowerPoint presentation made several years ago with an amazing collection of information about the establishment of the New World Order and the devil’s occult attack upon mankind over hundreds of years of time.  It includes some amazing and alarming information that many will find very interesting and some will be astonished by.

It requires a full version of Microsoft PowerPoint to run.  The file is a ZIP file and ust be downloaded and compressed into a single file folder to run properly.

God Bless You


Fake CNN News Report

(This is How They Do It)


The Anonymous Hacker Group Revealing Hidden Alien Agenda


Beach Grove Indiana FEMA Camp


Police State, FEMA Camps, Coffins – Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura




Zeitgeist The Movie – Conspiracy Truths

(Please Note: The Zeitgeist movie claims about religion and the Holy Bible of our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have been debunked)
















The Truth about 911


Loose Change: Final Cut




AE911 Truth Full Documentary


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