Emergency Supplies List


 While there are no guarantees that the saints will be in a survival mode for only three weeks, many of the dreams and visions given to the body of Jesus Christ seem to indicate that we will have AT LEAST three weeks of ugly to endure.  During this time we need to practice the LOVE of Jesus and if possible help others by giving to them and witnessing to them so they too can be saved.

God has promised us that He will take care of us.  We must TRUST in the Lord with all our Hearts.

Prov 3:5-6

5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
And lean not on your own understanding;
6 In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He shall direct your paths.


Matt 6:33-34
But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.


Also there is a powerful prophecy from Wings of Prophecy that is CRITICAL for us to embrace.  http://wingsofprophecy.blogspot.com/2013/04/nothing-to-fear.html

nothing to fear


Remember however that these promises are for the SAINTS and in order for you to qualify for these protections from God you MUST be practicing righteousness (1 John 3:7) and holiness and get the SIN out of your life NOW.   Read this article HERE and say these prayers HERE.

Here is a minimum recommended list of things to get before the calamities strike the earth and the United States.



Frank & Beans, Ramen Noodles

You can eat Ramen noodles after soaking them in cold water.  You do not need to heat them.  They will fill the tummies of your children.  Also canned foods that can be eaten directly from a can are perfect.  This is about survival for a relatively short period of time and waiting for the rapture during the calamities coming upon the earth.



Water (City Water Stops Working)

When the power goes out, your city pluming and water stops working. The toilets do NOT flush any more.  You need to stock up on water.  You can get 12-16 oz cases of bottled water at Walmart for around $3.00/case.  You can also get these 5 gallon jugs of water for slightly more.  RATION your water use.  Read about camping and how to camp with NO WATER.



Water Filtration

Just in case water becomes hard to find you may need to filter rain water or other sources of water.  Get yourself a water filtration system.  Here below is one that can filter a good amount of water suitable for a small family on a daily basis.  PRAY FOR RAIN.



Turn Ocean,Lake, River, and Creek water safe for drinking








You CAN NOT use your toilets when the power goes out.  You house will stink so bad that no once will be able to sleep.  And you will NOT be able to clean out the toilets later.  BAN people from using the bathrooms.  Nail the doors shut if you have too.  Put cheap kitchen trash bags in a 5 gallon bucket and get people to go outside.  Use a blanket and hang it in a tent so people have privacy.  Get a SHOVEL and bury the bags after use.



Make sure you have a shovel to bury the stuff after use.



White Kitchen Bags

You will need LOTS AND LOTS of these bags.  You can get the super cheap generic ones at the Dollar Store or Big Lots.

 Kitchen Bags



Toilet Paper


During the Bosnian War, toilet paper was LIFE SAVING.  It was more valuable than gold, silver and currency.

toilet paper


Cloth Diapers to Tear Into Strips

You can tear cloth diapers (or cut) into strips and wash them after each use.  Re-usable toilet paper.

cloth diapers

Candles / Bulk Tea Candles / Lighters

You can buy 7 hour long burn tea candles, 250 count, for around $23 dollars from Amazon.  Do the math.  These can last a long time.  Get a LOT.  GET LIGHTERS.  Lighters were like GOLD during the Bosnian war.




Yes you need lighters.




The more the merrier.



Car Batteries & Power Converters

With a couple car batteries and a nice power converter like the one shown below, you can run small electronic devices, radios, CB Radios, charge cell phones, walkie-talkies, etc.  This can be indispensable.  But remember to RATION IT OUT because the power will last only so long.  Get jumper cables so you can re-charge your car battery with your car and the gas you have in the tank.




LED Lantern

These LED lanterns can last for hundreds of hours in some cases on a single set of batteries.  And NO FIRE HAZARD.

 LED Lanterns


Hand Crank Emergency Radio

You can get one of these cheap emergency radios for under $30 dollars.  The one shown even allows you to charge your cell phone just in case the towers work and are available.

emergecy radio


3 Week Supply Pet Food

Don’t forget the kitties, doggies, birdies and fish.  GET A LOT!  You do not want to be feeding your pets your Ramen Noodles.




Get yourself some band aids, hydrogen peroxide, lots of aspirin, Excedrin, Tylenol, the whole deal. STOCK UP.






For around $15 at Lowes you can by this “cooling towel”.  It is a luxury that might help you keep sane in intense heat.  You add water (not drinking water if you can avoid it) and put the towel around your neck.  It is used by long distance runners and people who play sports in the sun.


cooling towel




Propane and propane accessories.  Thank you HANK HILL.





Get plenty of Bibles and put praise music and Jesus filled MP3 radio programs on portable MP3 players which can be recharged with solar chargers.


New Picture

solar charger



For those who want:


Here is a battery source that is apparently built like a tank and is rechargeable using portable solar panels.


This product is evidently manufactured by one of our radio show listeners.  Here is a link to their web site:  http://www.portableuniversalpower.com/juicebox-product.htm



31 thoughts on “Emergency Supplies List

  1. long time now read! i went on read solar/warning/need to go back read one before! i get so tired of being only person i know that knows about rapture, that we are suppossed to obey God, and to try/warn others. i have several who told me to shut up. and u know—i barely said anything to them. i am going to spend my evening praying for others…and strength for myself. got some great ideas on prep—-i have been watching so long –supplies dwindle. it is gonna be hard-wi God–can u imagine wi/out?

    1. I know how you are feeling. Truly. I have 4 grown kids–I think but not positive that 2 are saved. one is gay–so not. she is not interested in my belief in Jesus and frankly told me do not ever bring up that topic. one other son I do not know if he is or not saved. He isn’t open to it and won’t even phone me. so I can do nothing for them but pray.

      1. I read the following from the ” I AM COMING” free ebooks :
        If you have many around you who are lost and you are concerned for their eternal welfare, we recommend the following: pray for them to be covered with the precious blood of Christ: pray for them to have a hedge of protection around them: pray for the LORD to send angels to guard them; pray for the HOLY SPIRIT to open the eyes of their hearts and to fill them with the truth. And never stop praying or fighting for your loved ones, God hears your prayers and your prayers count! God is especially tender to the prayers of a mother for her children
        YAHUVEH Bless You All!

      2. Hi Nancy
        You have done all the Lord expects us to do as believers – I have a sister who too is gay and does not want to hear anything about Jesus. We are called to sow the seed and Christ will do the rest…God bless you…

  2. Besides a lantern, a few flashlights and LOTS of batteries for both I think LED tap lights that can be stuck on the walls is a good idea. Also, if you can, stick them on a mirror to increase the illumination. Besides the pet food don’t forget that they need water too so stock up!


  3. John,

    Just wanted to extend a thank you for including our JuiceBox on your list of supplies… I also wanted to encourage people to call or email if they have questions about how our gear can help them. We are always happy to help people understand how they can be sure to have power when they need it.

    Praise to the King,

    In Him,


  4. You’ve done a GREAT job compiling all these needs & locations to purchase. Thank you for all your hard work! I have a couple of ideas to throw in the pot for consideration….
    Rather than a full size grill, consider purchasing a Coleman camp stove and an extension to go from stove to 5 gal propane tank. it is a much more efficient and controllable way to use your propane conservatively. no need to heat water for coffee on such big burners. 😉
    Large bags of charcoal & lighter fluid. you can dig a pit in the back yard, put the grate from full size bbq grill across it & cook
    Look into (google or youtube) MAKING A SOLAR OVEN with a sun reflector that you use in the windshieeld of your car. could go a long way toward extending your other fuels.
    If you’re stocking up on rice – get inverted (quick cooking like Uncle Bens) rice. it takes less water and less time (read fuel consumption) to cook.
    Dry beans take a lot of water and time to cook (best done in solar oven to conserve other fuels) consider purchasing canned beans or can them yourself. also consider dehydrated refried beans. although they require water, they take less water and time than regular beans and make up in minutes. best place we have found for bulk converted rice & dehydrated beans is Winco.
    For women, look into a Diva cup. Best price is on AMAZON.
    Sox (& tennies) for everybody. You can always take them off but if you need them & don’t have them… ugh
    Fire extinguishers expire. Keep a large bag of baking soda in every room that will have a candle burning & go over fire safety… ($5 @ costco)
    5 gal buckets – keep plenty around. they come in hany for so many things – an extra “loo”, washing clothes, hauling most anything… etc
    Baggies – as the Lord leads you to share DISCRETELY you don’t want to have to give a 25 lb bag unless God is telling you to do so.

  5. Hey,
    PRAISE GOD for this site! After reading through this list recently ordered the LUGGABLE LOO along with 5 boxes of the gel bags. I was a little skeptical of it’s height however, once unpacked see that it’s everything and more than I hoped for.
    This is a MUST!

    1. ONE MORE THING…if you have a cat like I do, stock up on litter then once that’s gone the luggable loo can be used for their *leavings* as well!

  6. Thank you for the great site and list to prep.
    have two lanterns, small ones and might get more;
    and what about if you live in a highrise condo..how do you dispose of..garbage bags? Have a grill..I mean to cook?
    And you say..it will last 3 weeks?
    Thanks much.
    God bless you ~

  7. Months ago I had been struggling with my feelings and became very grateful of what may happen during these hard times. I prayed to the Lord to give me a dream of encouragement. That night I dreamt of being on the run with my husband from the government. We escaped them barely each time. We got in a truck driving down the highway. In my dream I had a holy spirit inspired open vision, my name came across the sky one letter at a time like fireworks, bright, vibrant, and colorful. Underneath my name appeared peace and safety to you. It was beautiful. I love how God works, he chose to give me a dream within a dream so I knew he was answering my prayer. I have complete faith in the Lord. Great list I plan to start preparing some supplies. I may even add getting a tent and some emergency foil blankets.

  8. I suggest that those who are stocking up on supplies buy several cases of canned veggies as they’re convenient and filling. I’m a type 2 diabetic so WHEN THE TIME COMES and I’m no longer able to get my insulin it will be important that I consume healthy low carb foods. For instance, I discovered Del Monte green beans WITHOUT added salt can not only be a healthy meal but the UNSALTED liquid will also quench thirst.
    May God bless us ALL and keep HIS bride safe.

    1. ALSO…even though ramen noodles needn’t be heated they will need some kind of sauce to make them edible…so ready to eat soups are the answer.

        1. Something occurred to me yesterday…a revelation which is the big elephant in a room that is being ignored. Many of us who live in apartments will have no running water at all meaning that what little we’ve bought and stored must be used for drinking. If we dirty dishes or utensils preparing anything at all they will need cleaning or become contaminated and dangerous to reuse. Even those soaked ramen noodles combined with sauce or soup will create something needing cleaning. So I’ve decided to scratch the noodles and stick to ready to eat soups and veggies that can be eaten from their cans.
          To keep OURSELVES clean baking soda works for hair while wet ones can be used for our bodies.
          But most importantly it is our hearts and minds that will need to be kept healthy! Remembering during any tragedy that we who are HIS are not alone and even in times of stress and suffering we are blessed…because in the end we will have our heavenly reward.

      1. I know some people that eat the noodles dry, plain or with the seasoning packet sprinkled on them or dipped in it.

        1. Amen. The great thing about Ramen noodles is that they fill a person’s tummy in a worst case scenario AND it will make the children stop crying too. They come with their own containers that can be thrown away. At pennies a meal you can’t beat them and if you have a big jar of multivitamins you will be in pretty good shape … FOR A LITTLE WHILE… But in an EXTENDED situation we MUST believe that our Father will supernaturally fill our homes with food and water. I believe with all my heart that if you are practicing righteousness and living holy and fear the Lord, then He will provide for His “Bride”. PRAISE HIM. YES I MEAN MIRACLES.

  9. First off, maybe I’m naive but I just believe God to take care of me when the time gets difficult or that we may be raptured before He pours out His wrath on the earth. Second, I personally don’t have the finances to stock up like this unless it’s a little at a time and hopefully I have enough time. My husband thinks I’m crazy already although he does believe in the Bible and the rapture. I guess it’s better to be safe than sorry I suppose.

    1. This is just basic stuff here. WE MUST rely upon Jesus and the manna miracles of God because otherwise you limit the Holy One of Israel

      Ps 78:41
      Yes, again and again they tempted God,
      And limited the Holy One of Israel.

  10. Solar lights vs Candles: Solar lights work well in the homes of those who have breathing problems and candles aren’t an option for them. Also solar lights are safe around children. Solar lights last longer. I will leave it to you to figure out other ways in witch solar lights are better than candles. Candles have benefits,
    but I like Solar for emergency lighting.

  11. We must first pray for the blessings and guidance of the Lord. I believe He will watch over us but also believe that we are aware of the time because He lets us know. And as He lets us know the time, we also need to make sure that we are able to obtain some ways of having food and water for ourselves. I do not think He would be pleased with us if we just sat back and expected Him to feed us like we where babies with no way to think of what we needed to do. He stated that we where to be made in His image and I believe this means we are to plan, reason, and be able to help in our salvation. By planning and gathering we are doing the things that God gave us to use because we are created in Their image.

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