The Outer Darkness


The Outer Darkness or Shadowy Area of Heaven


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The Outer Darkness
(and Jesus’ Commandments)

Investigate the mystery of inheritance and rewards and inspect your heart to see if you are doing everything you can as a bond-servant to your awesome King Jesus.

Is Heaven a flat land or is it a “Kingdom”? Why does the Bible refer to both the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven? Are they different? If Heaven is a Kingdom does everyone live near God where there is no “shadows”? Could Heaven be laid out in a huge land with a hierarchy? Could there be a “shady” area or an “outer environment” as Pastor Oden Hetrick says he experienced from his 80 visitations there? Could this outer environment, or suburb area be the mysterious “outer darkness” which the Bible refers too?

This show explores these possibilities. Be a good Berean (ref. Acts 17:11) and search the scripture daily to see if it is so.



3 thoughts on “The Outer Darkness

    1. No actually the “City of God” is the raised up area in Heaven where God and the Temple are located. The outer areas outside of the City of God is the “shady area” otherwise known as the “outer darkness”. Get your Strongs out and look up the word in Greek and you will see it it “shady area”. The city of God has light all the time. The outer darkness “shady area” goes on and one for many many long miles farther away from the City of God. It is a KINGDOM.

      Please listen to the testimonies of people taken to Heaven and it will become very clear.

  1. ” i will say to those who say lord lord , i do not know you be gone from me and they are cast outside the city where there is darkness and wailing and gnashing of teeth “

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