Precious Testimonies from Our Listeners

Praise God for all the wonderful saints, their prayers, and the encouragement.  Here are some of the email testimonies sent into our Radio Show in the last couple months.  Glory to God on High.  Thank you all so much.

We covet your prayers.  Without them and your encouragement it would be far more difficult to continue this work.




John, let me share a short dream that I had a month ago.

I had a dream, and in the dream, I was praying in an upper room. The place started shaking, and I realized God was in the room. I couldn’t look at him directly due to a mighty presence that is hard to explain in any words, but I knew where He was seated. The place was shaking so much, and there was such a powerful and awesome presence of God.

In a moment, God spoke to me clearly and said, “Go and preach in cities and villages.”

In my many years of ministry, I have never had such an experience. This dream has ignited the passion in me to win more souls to God.
In Acts 20:20, Paul speaking to the elders of the church in Ephesus said that he did not keep back anything that was helpful but proclaimed it to them, and taught them publicly and from house to house.

As the hands and feet of Jesus Christ, We will continue to spread the gospel and God’s love to all nations. My family and PIPES team will obey Matthew 28:19-20, to Go and Make Disciples of All Nations. I feel God was giving me a powerful reminder of the great commission in the end time.

Thank you for your support of PIPES International.

Samuel Mwangi
[email protected]




I want to take this time to tell you that I really appreciate all of the time and effort you have put into your blog talk shows. I like that you show your vulnerability and share in small ways your struggles with health and God’s timing of things. I frequently thank God for you and your ministry.

I began listening to your show a few years back. I don’t remember how I found your site but I do know that you have directed me to a lot of inspired evangelist over the years which have really changed my understanding of the scripture’s, Baptism of the Holy Spirit, Spiritual Warfare and also of course Genesis 6 and aliens etc. 😉 I love your humble spirit and your silly anecdotes. You have introduced me to wonderful inspiring christian music which I was completely unaware of. I love so many of the songs you list on your website page. (I’m so sad you had to take them off your program I really miss them.😩 (If it is helpful you can tell those artist that it was because of you that I purchased their music. Fernando Ortega, (love,love, love him) Kari Jobe, Laurell Hubick, Chris Thomlin etc.) I use these songs everyday in my prayer time.

Through you and others I have learned about praise and worship which has been so critical to my spiritual journey.

You led me to Derek Prince. I binged on all of his you tube’s and spoke out loud every prayer and curse breaker’s that he had the audience do.
You led me to Andrew Womack. I went through a binge with him also. I even signed up for some of his healing ministry classes.
Any name you mention on your program I would go and look them up and listen to their stories like Howard Storm (I’m having a brain freeze and can’t remember all of their names.)

Because of all of this I had a complete transformation and a coming to Christ that I didn’t know was possible. After 2 years of Praise and Worship morning and evening and immersing myself in The word I came to know a different Christ than the one I was taught about and thought I knew! I had a down pouring of the spirit for 4 solid months.!!!! It was with me every minute of the day and night.! A tangible presence that I can’t describe which I still feel when I am with other spirit filled people and when I am praying. I was completely stocked and on fire for God. During this time God told me to leave the Mormon church that I was a member of. ( I think I have mentioned this to you before.) I sent in a letter of resignation but was denied my request. ( A lengthy story which would be difficult to put in this e-mail.)

Don’t be discouraged keep up the good work. Your work has touched at least one person and transformed their life. Me.

Thank you,
In Christ



Brother John, you are an amazing gift to me from The Most High!!!

Listened to all of your archived shows at work while I stock groceries overnight.
Your guests have helped cement allot of my beliefs on how Great God is and creation.
Practicing righteousness has changed my belief system and I thank God for using you – and you for speaking forth.
Love and blessings from Missouri and my earnest hope to hang with you in The Kingdom of Heaven.   -Steven P.



Brother John,

If you do end up selling your house and getting a Winnebago, please plan a voyage up north and park next to the biggest super volcano- Yellowstone! 😉 Seriously though, we live 20 minutes outside the park and would love nothing more than to have you sitting around our campfire, taking deep breaths and watching His big sky cinema! AND we’re keto up here!! Plenty of mct oil and fizzy water! Ha!

I almost had tears brought to my eyes when you asked for prayers tonight.. truly, I pray for you all the time. I’m so thankful for you and TNR. It’s blessed my family so much! When you come to my mind during my prayer time, I always feel led to lift you up with the supernatural peace that only He gives & for his ministering/healing angels ( fully clad ) to come to you and heal your soul scars.. Your prayer request was a conformation for me.

Praise Jesus for you, John.. keep up the good work brother! One day at a time 🙏🏻



I cry most times when you open in prayer, I laugh with your analogies,  only because they reflect a perfect description of what i cant often verbalize coherently…. at 60 i often need to refuel in prayer and with shows you broadcast. Thank you so much brother,  your passion bears fruit for Him, I will continue to pray protection over all of us. Praise Jesus,  I pray the finish line can be seen soon. My hearts cry is to hear well done good and faithful servant for us all. He will bring to completeness what He started. Bless you .



I must thank you for your ministry on the air. I listen always, and more than once. The music when you reached out, is wonderful. I have learned so much, and thank God for you always. you are so needed, and I wish you did not have such severe attacks, but you do not stop, and over the years you have become my go to site. I started with Chuck Missler, then Steve Quayle and Tom Horn, and LA Marzulli, then Augusto Perez and Steward Best and Larry, and you. It took me a few years to really absorb you and Zen and Loren, but I hung in there and so glad I did. Last night I was under a strong but sneeky attack. I was laying down curled up sinking, and put on the prayer vigil, I literally felt the whatever leave, and it was over. I was amazed and gave me courage, and helped in my intercessions. Just had to let you know how powerful and helpful your ministry is. Thank you Jesus for Johnny Baptist and all he does for us.



Hi John,
I believe I heard you say during a radio show that it’s possible to do water baptism by yourself. If that is so, would you please give me the instructions on how to do it. Since I came back to Jesus Christ in 2015 after being a back-slider for over 10 years, I really want to re-dedicate my self to Jesus through water baptism. When I was water baptized in church at the age of 18, I did it insincerely, not knowing really what I was doing. I just really did it because it was a requirement to have the pastor marry me and my husband. Now that I know how significant and beautiful water baptism is, I really want to do it again, but for real this time.
I don’t go to church anymore. I can’t go to church anymore, seeing all the things happening that really look more like an Illuminati concert. And the worship songs no longer have lyrics that praise Jesus Christ. It’s like they’re singing to an unknown god. Very rarely is there the words “Jesus Christ” in a worship song. When I see and think about how the church has fallen so far away from true, spiritual worship of Jesus Christ, I cry. It breaks my heart and I can’t go into a church anymore for these reasons. I feel as though God is not letting me go there to protect me, as weird as that sounds.
I listen to your radio show through podcasts. I also listen to a handful of other shows/youtube channels. But, I am thankful to Jesus that He led you into this ministry, and that He led me to your radio show. I can testify that listening to you speak the first hour of the show is so incredibly encouraging to me. Although I read the Bible and I began to build a relationship with Jesus Christ after I came back to the Lord, I didn’t realize how unloving I was of people until I heard you speak. You have been a great help to me in my walk with Jesus. Listening to you speak about loving people and the love of Jesus is a blessing. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone put such an emphasis on love and kindness as you do, and I can hear it is genuine and from the heart. It’s like, you know when someone is full of love just by hearing them talk for a few minutes. And you overflow with the love of Jesus Christ. So many other sermons and messages I’ve listened to, but none of them made me examine myself as I do when I listen to you. I praise Jesus for the work that you do.
Is it strange to yearn for fellowship with another person that loves God as much as I do, or that is on the same level as me in my walk with God? Sometimes I feel like I’m alone in this world; as if no one understands me. I can see all the chaos and destruction around me and I weep. I tell my husband, my sister, my brother. No one hears me. How can no one else see what is happening? How can no one else see that we are the last generation; that the people alive today will witness great and wonderful things, the judgments, and the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, among the other events? I can’t wait until we, the bride and body of Christ, will be in heaven, praising Jesus Christ our Lord.
With much love,


Brother John,

We LOVE you so much!!!! Listening to you now has inspired me to reach out..

We are so blessed to have you in our lives. Your ministry has been THE pivotal turn in our spiritual lives.. You have been such an inspiration, unlocking spiritual warfare in our prayer life. You’re beyond family, if you’re ever in Montana, (please get ahold of us!!!!) know you have a home here!

We’ve been lifting you (and Jose) up in prayer, and praying for your thorny (fiery) hedge of protection.. what a blessing to know that this body of believers will be reunited in praise.. I can’t wait to give you the biggest hug!

Back in the summer of 16, sister Terry (Hill)  was sharing such an anointed sermon. I remember being pregnant, in tearful meditation of her words, staring out the window.. she had said “The most important thing we need to be praying is, Lord, please finish the work you’ve started in me..” these words hit me so hard. As I prayed these words, I had the feeling that something intense would happen with my baby.. I can’t tell you how right this premonition was.

Fast forward to two months after having our son.. We lost the job we had for 3 years as property managers, (the property sold) our baby became covered in sores, ( I will attach a picture) and we were struggling.. spiritually & financially. My husband took a trying job, I went to many different specialists for my son, (no one could diagnose him) and went trough spiritual tides, knowing that what was happening was such an attack, but wrestling with vanity and anger.. I will admit that during this time I started to slip into a fog of frustration and ignorance.. It wasn’t until fall that we found the rope that the Lord had above us in this muddy pit, and slowly started the climb back up. He washed all the muck and mire off of us and revealed such deep rooted secret sin in our lives. He is so merciful!! His refining fire burning all things that won’t stand on His foundation.. preparing our hearts for His coming!

I’m so thankful to say that now we are at the peak of our spiritual relationship, and truly, you’ve played such a massive role. The Lord always has a puzzle piece for us in every show.. Most recently the biggest piece, (on the Friday night prayer vigil) generational curses and how they’ve played such a massive role in my life, and now my sons. I can’t begin to tell you the change that I’ve already began to see since praying in the way you have opened my eyes to regarding this.. we are still struggling financially, and going through tides of sores on our son, but now being able to count it as joy, knowing that it is working in us and refining us.. Praise Yeshua!!

I’m so sorry that I’m writing you a book after you said to keep it short!!! But Brother John, If you could even remember our names in your prayers, it would be such a blessing!

Thank you 🙏♥

praying always to be found worthy,
S, J and BE



Dear Pastor John,

I have been wanting to email you for a while now. I just want you to know I am praying for the ministry and your and Jose’s job situations. Thank you for your 7-fold blessing upon those who pray for you. I hope God continues to teach and groom His church through your ministry and that it continues until He comes.

I really want you to know how much you have blessed my life. Like so many others, my life has been full of difficulty and hardship. In particular, my marriage and family life has been very challenging and many times I feel like I am left hanging on a thin strand of God’s grace. But He does get me through!

Here’s where it involves you 🙂 … I have been listening to your podcasts for a good number of years and God uses you to reach me when I feel I have reached rock bottom. There were times recently when the only thing I had to keep myself encouraged were your podcasts. At just the time I needed to hear a word of encouragement or conviction, you would teach about the very thing the Holy Spirit was whispering to my spirit, and I had a bit more strength to endure or move forward a bit.

Last summer, my husband and I separated. We came back together in September by nothing less than a miracle. He is a believer and we agree on most things spiritually, but he does not know how to connect with me or our 3 daughters, to the point where I questioned if God really wanted us together. The girls are very sad that their dad doesn’t do stuff with them. I felt like I had 4 children, instead of 3. To make things worse, he was an alcoholic and I wished I was married to someone else. (Yes, that means I was adulterous.) Our 20-year anniversary was last summer. And we were not together.

I reached out a couple years prior to our pastor’s wife and sent off a private email to a handful of godly woman telling them of our situation and asking for intercession for us. But we still separated and almost spun out of control. BUT…I would often hear your voice in my head encouraging me to “keep on seeking, keep on asking, keep on knocking.” And I would. Sometimes with only the strength to whisper, I would say “God, I invite you in to this situation, this thought, this sinful meditation. I don’t know where to go from here but I do know that I want to end up with you saying, ‘well done, good and faithful servant,’ so I acknowledge you in this and ask you for wisdom and discernment to walk in your ways.”

Short story, God delivered my husband from alcohol (he hasn’t touched it since last spring) and brought us back together. Things are improving and we are heading in the right direction.

I know you know all too well and so much better than I do how faithful Jesus is when we go through difficulties. There aren’t many people (ok, really not any that I know) who I feel understand the depth of grief and sorrow that we can endure while holding (gripping, clinging!) onto Jesus’s hand. I sometimes feel foolish for thinking I suffer when I compare my life to others who are being persecuted or tortured, or are living in poverty or catastrophe, or who endure through countless other evils of this world. And that makes my heart heavy with grief as well.

I also cry daily for the struggles my own kids go through. Even among each other. The kind, loving, gentle, joyful family environment I dreamed of when we married is still on the horizon. But I trust that God will get us there. If not in this age, then in the one that is coming for sure. One of my favourite verses (I have a few) is that this present suffering cannot compare with the glory he has in store for us who believe.

So, I thank God every day for your ministry, your teaching, your transparency and your leading by example. You are a true shepherd. I love your heart after God. You inspire me, cheer me on and stretch me just as a godly pastor should. I hope this encourages you. I am not the kind of person to share deep things with someone because I don’t want to burden anyone with my struggles. But I felt like it was time I let you know a little bit more about me and how you have been used by God to touch me very significantly. I know I am not alone in this. And this is why we must keep praying that God’s ministry to us through Tribulation Now continues. So I will keep praying for that 🙂

If you remember us in your prayers, we need help to love our girls in His love and healing for their anxiety, fear, rejection and health. And pray for our marriage too.

Praying for God’s blessings, strength and encouragement for you always,


A couple show comments:

Your shows are so funny! Especially when you bring stuff up I have forgotten about, it makes me giggle. It’s a great balance considering the subject matter you discuss.

Remember when UFO’s/bigfoot were a HUGE subject growing up? (When mom and dad hogged the tv…lol.. and the kids could not play outside after dark!!! ) I used to spend my evenings reading all the books from the library about them, well and to balance it out horses too… Planet X was talked about. People being taken, the greys etc… I remember some nights, being too scared to turn the lights off. I did not know Jesus then… : (

Now we are all just crazy! Ha ha ha…what a difference a generation makes!

God bless you and Jose, Lauren, pastor Wagner…they are a wealth of info as well. You are a gracious host and an excellent teacher. Love your website and the content of your shows… your view and boldness to speak the truth!

You have helped me in ways I will be forever grateful…such as building my faith in Jesus. Showing me new ways of looking at scripture.

I found this website called:

No errors yet…they do great bible studies. I did their end time study…..if you have listened to pastor David Lankford, he is excellent! I am convinced by just those two and you have shown everyone the same thing….the rapture is between the 6th and 7th seal. It’s undeniable!!! It’s important to explain and debunk those arguments of wrath vs judgement.

It’s a lonely walk, I only have a few friends that get it. We comfort one anther and pray for blinders to fall off our brothers and sisters.

Priceless work Johnny!!!

God Bless you and your work!
Best regards,



Merry Christmas Johnny!!!
We love and thank God for you!! You have taught me so much about serving and being a believer!! We are your family!!! I can’t wait to go to heaven where we will unite as the family of the One True God!! What a wonderful time we will have!! Praising Him together and never being sad or lonely or disconnected from each other or more importantly HIM!!!

I want to encourage you and tell you that you are making a difference for the kingdom!!!…We are blessed by you!!! It is such a great blessing to have 3 of us in my family that listen to you on a regular basis!! That is a party when we get together!!! Me, my sister Eva (which the Lord used you to draw her back into relationship with HIM, praise Jesus!!), and my sister-in-law, Stephanie…(the Lord also used you about a year ago to wake her up!) Now the 3 of us, pray for each other (and for you), hold each other accountable, and meet to study the WORD and listen to your show!! It is wonderful and I thank God for His great mercy and grace and love, and the gift of this family that is like minded!! Of course, some of our family members think we are a little radical…but we try to tone it down and be loving and winsome at our family gatherings…but the way the Lord has showed us the power of praying is awesome!! You are our brother in Christ and we 3 love you so much, and can’t wait to get together with you in heaven!!! God bless you and all of the Tribulation Now team!! Merry Christmas!!! Praise JESUS!!


Have a blessed day!
Proverbs 3:5-6




Hi John,

Since 2011 I am listening to the Tribulation Now shows through podcasts on my Android phone.
I am amazed how the LORD has guided me to this show and how much I have learned from it. Subjects as Love, Holiness, Righteousness, Humility, Intimacy With Jesus are touching my heart and sounds like food to my spirit. (And off course trying to apply it in life)
The Holy Spirit is confirming everything you say in and through my life and in His Word. GOD is so faithful.
But also subjects as; The coming destruction, the latter rain, visiting heaven and hell, the alien deception. All revealed by the Holy Spirit to His church / bride, because our Bridegroom does not want us to be ignorant.

I just want to say that I really recognize things you say about life. I also work at a big company here in the Netherlands. It is as Jesus says, I will send you like lambs between wolves. It’s very hard and without Him I wouldn’t survive.
Sometimes at work I look at the clouds and think; Could this be the day of the Lord?
Then Jesus is saying to me Joshua 1; ‘Be strong and courageous’

Praise Jesus. He is learning us, through the Holy Spirit, how our character must be in this darkened world. Protection can only be, if we walk in obedience in His Word.
When you are ‘complaining’ on the show – ‘Lord please don’t delay!’ – I am very familiar with this feeling and laughing out loud. 8)
Just wanted to say you are doing a great, great job for the King. He will reward you for this ( but you already know that, and will, as I also do, not be focusing on the rewards, but on HIM).

The thing you mentioned in a show a month ago about a testimony was wonderful:
Someone went to heaven and didn’t ‘cared’ about their relatives, pets or house.
He said: I just want HIM, where is HE, where is my JESUS ?

Wow. Makes me happy and sad at once. It’s all about HIM. I also want to love HIM like that. Still learning.

Closing, I want to say I really hope something will happen between now and January 20th.
Basically I went on the same roller coaster ride as you (and many other listeners). Many, many times disappointed nothing happened. But every time nothing happened, it was as if the Lord said to me. ‘I am delaying because of My love for the lost souls’.

I am hoping/believing/praying that these are the last warnings and something is about to happen before inauguration day.
Whatever will happen. Thanks for preparing His bride to be spotless without wrinkles or any such thing. To be ready and set our houses in order.

John 15:15
I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master’s business. Instead, I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you.

Kind regards and Praise Jesus,



You know a sadness just hit me .  It is very  sad that there are so many of us who have gone thru this and the places where we should be able to get help and deliverance and mentoring are just not there for the most part. This is why Tribulation Now is so very wonderful .   You have given people a place to turn for your teachings , prayers,  healings, , prophecy’s , great speakers and teachers,  and deliverance even some jokes we can receive from our own homes.  Praise God.  If it were not for God’s love , patience, compassion and mercy  for so many of us backsliders no matter what our sin we would have been lost .    How can we every thank our Lord Holy Heavenly Father God for such a amazing gift  of the fear of God that is the beginning of wisdom and His wonderful Love.  We were all born for such a time as this.  How very grateful to God we are.



Wow that is perfect!! By the way John, the guest was awesome, but I wanted to tell you he is soooo right when he told
you that You are rare, and we all agree with that—–the true Body of Christ is so thankful to have found you, and I am sure that is why, all the attacks, THE DEVIL HATES YOU!!!!!! And it is because YOU are the real thing–the listeners
cannot help but know the Holy Spirit flows through you, and that you are so sensitive to Him!!! You give us all HOPE, because we are through with the false prophets, pastors, teachers, evangelists, and apostles-we are through!!!!!

You, John Baptist bring us ALL THESE, who are sold out to the Lord Jesus, and we are an ecclesia coming together from around the world-what an amazing feat.!! And God has done this through you John, you have brought us REAL
pastors, teachers, etc.PRAISE JESUS FOREVER—because we were lost not belonging to a body, coming out from among them like he commanded all of us to do—–THEN HE BROUGHT US TO YOU JOHN-THANK GOD YOU STAYED ON COURSE, AND DID NOT GIVE UP-I KNOW IT IS HARD-THE ATTACKS ARE REAL, BUT JOHN HE HAS ABSOLUTELY CALLED YOU TO “PREPARE THE WAY OF THE LORD”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





Hi John,
I just want to thank you and praise God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit!!

God has used your ministry!!! In my sister, Eva’s life (as well as my Sister-in-Law’s)I have prayed and prayed and prayed!!! Thank you Jesus!!!.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago my sister came to my house and I was listening to one of your shows, she seemed interested in it…(as I thought she would be) She has gotten very deep into the New Age (messing with the shakras(sp?) the k..dilini..(sp?) etc… So, I gave her a card as she was interested in the Saturday shows because she had been hearing about aliens in the New Age junk… I have refrained from talking much to her and just prayed over the last 6 months or so…I felt like God was beginning to work…but only answered questions if she asked, and I did not push!

Last week, she began talking about God and getting closer to Him…but still could not say “Jesus is Lord!”…I continued praying, telling my parents and others “please pray…God is working”…then, Yesterday morning at 7am she called me and told me that Jesus was her God, and that God bought her with a price!!! She was soooo different (as I knew she would be)…it’s like nine years ago she died, and yesterday she came back!!! I have praised God without ceasing!!! She and I have talked tons these past 2 days….I had printed the book, from the download and gave it her months ago…she is finally reading it…She listened to 9 hours of your older shows today…

Since she asked Jesus to save her…she has been throwing up all she eats…I wanted to ask you what do we do now?…She keeps saying she has to get the demons out of herself….I was thinking you could tell me a deliverance ministry that could help us!!

Praise the Lord!!! Love and God bless you, Brother…please pray for her…the warfare is getting stronger!! Thank you!!!

(Post script: She is being referred to a brother with a powerful telephone-based delivery ministry)



Hi Johnny,

I am sitting here with tears rolling down my face as I listen to the program you have just done with Pastor Aaron Wagner, the Lord had to hang my head over hell after over 33 years of being what I now realize was a lukewarm christian before I realised how serious sin was in my life. I am indescribably grateful to the Lord for showing me this terrifying truth as He has, since this experience, completely changed me in every way, thank you Jesus! It is fascinating that sins that some of my christian friends don’t seem to be convicted about yet are a big issue for me, I realise I can not look at others as a guide to what is permissable for me, the Lord seems to be making the way more and more narrow as time draws on, but I praise Him because He is giving the power of the Holy Spirit in greater measure to be able to overcome! Oh how I love you Jesus!

It is great to hear your passion for the things of God growing with intensity, it seems that you have gone into full on ‘crazy for Jesus’ mode the last few radio shows, ha ha, I love it 🙂

May the Lord increase His anointing on you and I plead the blood of Jesus over you and all involved in the show in Jesus mighty name.

Love from your brother,




Hello,  I just want to express my excitement and give thanks to you and above all almighty God for the powerful messages you work so diligently to convey! I’ve been asleep for a few years of my life,  dabbling in the sins of the world and a childhood friend I went to church with called me to come talk with him.  He showed me the evil and disgusting things that are happening to this nation and the world, and recommended your program, and from that night in January I could run no longer.  I fell to my knees and cried for that entire night,  trembling at the thought of living like I was I felt so ashamed but through Christ I am now able to stand with purpose.  I’ve got a long way to go still I must admit and I know time is short but all I want is to hear His majestic voice,  all I need is Jesus, all I want is JESUS…  I am asking for some of your cards,  so many loved ones are still oblivious and I desire to get your messages out to EVERYONE with urgency. I will place them in every busy place I visit.  Thank you,  may God keep blessing you! I love you,  for we are all brothers and sisters.
My address:



Hey brother,

Just wanted to shoot you a quick email and tell you how much I appreciate your dedication to the radio show. Last Wednesday, you led into the show by discussing a prophetic word about having a grateful heart, and giving thanks in all things. I feel like that one was definitely for me.

There have been times when I have had tough days at work, and I will go home and listen to your show, and there is something about your show that causes me to get my heart right with God. This has happened over and over again. I struggle much with the “cares of the world”. Your radio show has served to help me re-orient my focus back on the things of heaven.

Praise Jesus for his love, his grace, and his mercy. And praise him for providing people like you, and creating in you the steadfastness, hard work, and dedication that you have in order to continue to do what you do.

You will probably never know the impact you’re having on other people until you get to heaven. All I can do is provide you a perspective from one person. Your show blesses me more than you will ever know.

Blessings in Jesus!



Hello Brother John,

I just wanted to let you know that I’m listening to the show you did recently with Kat Kerr. I’m always behind the shows a little and download them to my phone and listen to them. I absolutely love all your shows. They convict me, give me hope, help me to worship, and grow closer to the Father. But on this show — early on in the beginning — I received a revelation from God through your words as you read a verse that I’ve read and heard many times before. You were talking about how various groups branch off and about those that follow the Sabbath on Saturday and how they are so dogmatic. They go so far as to say you won’t make it to heaven or it’s very unlikely if you don’t “keep” the sabbath.

Along my journey with the Lord I have encountered such dogmatic people within the Messianic movement. I started learning about Hebrew roots back in 2000 and started trying to understand what it means to me and my family. As I learned I was around people who were so dogmatic and very pushy about the whole law, feasts, sabbath, etc. I was taught that if my family and I didn’t start to practice these things that we didn’t really love the Lord and that heaven was not possible. Not everyone was this dogmatic but the majority were. My family and I started trying to do these things but we never have been able to do them all or even follow them as prescribed in the Old Testament. Since that time I have struggled spiritually as I have searched the scriptures myself, prayed, cried for help, and wanted to love God like I was supposed to. It has been very hard and burdensome. My husband does believe some of these things but not enough to get that into it, but I was pushy because I thought it was what we should do if we loved God.

To make an already long story short, I started to have negative feelings about all this Hebrew stuff especially after my mom (who was into it also) gave up Jesus. She no longer believes He is the Messiah. So my family started to drift away from keeping all the law and just try to learn about it, put some of it into action, and not be dogmatic like before. But I’ve always felt like I’m not measuring up….UNTIL TODAY…when I was listening to you read the verse in Matthew 5:18 “For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.” and I have read the next verse 19 “Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven: but whosoever shall do and teach them, the same shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.”

I have read this many times but I was blind to the part about being in heaven. You, brother John, brought that out to me today and I started gushing tears of joy and release. I knew God was telling me that we will be in heaven. I never saw it before with my heart. THANK YOU …..THANK YOU….THANK YOU….for bringing this out. John, I have learned more by listening to your show since 2011 than I have my whole life in church. You, brother Kenneth, sister Cathy, and everyone else are an amazing team with hearts that are transparent and a true love for serving Jesus. I really do appreciate all you do and for allowing God to work through you and bring His Truth right out of His Word. Praise God…

I just wanted to share this testimony with you all….I hope others that may also feel “unworthy” will hear this message from this verse in God’s Word. It does truly set you free.

Sincerely and in Christ’s Love




I have been very very ill and unable to do anything except remain in bed for several days – but the blessing is, I am able to listen to your radio archives 24/7 whenever I am not sleeping! I have NEVER heard preaching like this ANYWHERE! WOW! WOW! WOW! Anyway, I just was listening to July 1st 2013 Power of Praise & How to Pray – and at the end you played THE SONG!! All the music on the show is good, but as soon as Dan started singing, my soul just lept with excitement & Joy! As soon as it finished, I knew I wanted to try to record it, but I tried recording another one on another of your shows earlier today and it buffered and skipped when recording from blogtalk. So I went to youtube and found it!!! THEN, I saw the testimony of how the lyrics were received! THEN I saw the note at the end saying the two emails were sent within the same hour!! ( I
think I am remembering correctly) PRAISE THE LORD! HALLELUYAH!! I have bone cancer, so definitely could use some prayers… I listened in live on Sunday night. I was too weak to do anything but listen at the time, but would like to know how to get to the chat r
oom? Also, I have been SEARCHING for the programs you mention on self-baptism and baptism of the Holy Spirit, and casting demons out of oneself and ones
property – anything of the “basic” teachings???




Hello John, I have been wanting to send you a more personal email for a while but the father has a way of delaying things for just the right time. I have been listing to you since December 2012 and you are the pinnacle of being a follow of Jesus. I have listened to you and heard you grow over the radio and helped me and others grow. Being born again is not a hobby or a piece of life, IT IS YOUR LIFE and who you become. If Jesus does not come back in our life time, I will be like you and die a NEW being because the old Derrick no longer exist and will never again!

You and Kenn and everyone else are completely amazing and by allowing us into your personal lives and thoughts it shows us how to live in today’s world!

Thank you!!!



God bless you Derrick. Thank you so much. For 30+ years I intermittently went to church and never had a mentor. No one ever took the time to share with me their personal struggles. Any talented speaker can grab a microphone and preach witticisms and quote scripture. I wish during my walk that someone, ANYONE, would have taken the time to be “real” with me and help me understand that this walk is not fully of “furry bunnies and kittens” and our depression and frustrations and temptations need to be dealt with as human beings all struggling toward the same goal. If a person wishes to teach they perform two major steps.

1. Book learning and theory
2. Laboratories or Labs

Most people learn more in the LAB than they do from the Professor teaching. We need WAY more LABs in our Christian walk. We are a “learn by doing” society driven by “media” and video presentations that SHOW us “how” to accomplish the task.

When I tell people I’m having a bad week, or struggling with this problem or that, or Kenneth and I give examples of HOW we apply the scripture to our daily behaviors, its really not optional if we intend to truly help each other in our walks. Otherwise we are nothing more than just another ….


God bless YOU Derrick. We are IN FACT all in this together and we have to do everything we can to bring everyone along with us that we can.





Greetings Johnny,

I have been a listener of your show for quite a while now(probably close to when it began).   I have to say that it has blessed me, thanks to you guys and ultimately Lord Jesus of course!  You and Kenneth and the guests have really blown me away and helped me understand scriptures more clearly,  some of which I already knew but thought I could be wrong because of what churches and seminaries teach  — as you have said people get stuck in a dogmatic approach to God’s word and I have hit heads with the blind more times than I care to count.  I have also been blind myself.   Your interviews with Sarah Menet and Elvi Zapata have really opened my eyes.   You guys have an amazing level-headed approach to searching out the scriptures and connecting the dots.   AND what I love best is that you guys do it with joy and levity and a SENSE OF HUMOR,  something that I think is so nice and  so sadly lacking with many Christians these days  –  how can we be living if we can’t laugh?!      It feels that your shows are just getting more powerful and I don’t know but I bet that the number of listeners have to be growing at an impressive rate!   I listen to Steve Quayle on various shows,  the Hagmann & Hagmann show,  Rick Wiles, Alex Jones,  the Power Hour, and your show and I feel like I have all bases covered for info and Jesus in that regard.   I used to listen to the other shows more but your show has lately been one that I am more prone to catch over the others.   You and Kenneth are a great team!   Oh,  and I do agree with you that the powers that be are trying to bring about world war so their fake jesus can show up and pretend to be Jesus.   I love the  A-Ha moments that I share with you and your guests!


Greetings John,  This is Vickie from cali,  I pray your week was blessed.  I wanted let you know since listening to the shows my life is changing .  I am not saying life is easier, But what is happening is sooooo much better.  Since listening I first starting getting scared that I might not make it into The Father’s kingdom.  This was a good thing because now I have started seeking the Lord in earnest and I Heard from the Lord (which has not happened in years).  All I wanted was to hear from Him.  I stared asking Him to humble me, to bring up any sin that was blocking my relationship with Him,  and for him to use me for His glory and to allow me to advance His kingdom by loving others.  I thought I was a “good Christian” before but I have realized I have not been living for Jesus.  I have not loved the Lord like I should be.  I did not even feel loving toward him (not good).  I begged him to tell me how to show my love to Him and last week I was standing in my kitchen and into my head I heard “OBEY ME”  I stared thanking Him for those words.  Thank you, thank you,  thank you,  FATHER.   I cannot express what this Ment to me and I am tearing up writing this to you.  No other ministry has inspired me the way tribulation now has.  I want to obey the the Lord,  I want it to be all about Him,  I want everything else removed that gets in the way.  IT IS ALL ABOUT HIM.  Thank you John for letting God use you to bring the lost to Him.  Some day I hope I can talk to you.   I pray for you, Kenneth,  Cathy,  and the others members of this ministry. If I can ever be of service, let me know.   God’s Blessings.  Vickie.



Hello Sir,

I dont even know where to begin. But I first want to say HOW MUCH I truly enjoy, and have grown since listening to your radio show with your co host. You two are so awesome, humble, passionate, compassionate and sincere for the GOSPEL of Jesus and lost souls as well as FOR the BODY of Christ.

I am a christian and I somehow found or stumbled upon your video on YOUTUBE and the first one I heard was when you had Carolyn Hammlet? I cant remember her last name,but the message REEEAALLLLYYYY made me see HOW much and how OFTEN we as human beings are in a DAILY SPIRITUAL WARFARE, and I have been hooked ever since!

The words in the bible have come ALIVE for me now! I now pray Ephesians 6:10-20 over my family and myself DAILY. I always look forward to hearing the messages whether its the BRO-KEN messages or the TRIBULATION NOW messages.

I go to a predominantly all black church and we honestly simply just dont hear these types of messages and I think its sooooooooooooooo needed for our House Of GOD. I love hearing the messages from the PROPHETS that you share. I tell my husband all the time when you share them.

I think that my fellow brothers and sisters at the church probably think Im crazy because Im always sharing and posting your videos to my wall on Facebook and Instagram. Warning with love for them to take the time to listen. Im sooooo concerned for them and for my family because I dont want anyone of them to MISS IT. And Im not saying Im the ONLY one in my church that is aware on this level, BUT I do feel alone and that I have noone LOCAL that I can discuss these issues with. But its okay.

I probably look to them as being a NEW CHRISTIAN all over again, and Honestly I do feel that way! I remember very recently that one of my new christians friends said that I reminded her of a new saved person. I guess its because she could feel and see my desire and tenacity for GOD.

I thought about that statement later and said to myself “YES!! And I want to STAY THAT WAY!” That was a good thing that she said because I don’t want to LOSE my zeal or EVER get comfortable or distracted with the things of this world again.

But I simply feel like I have been REVIVED and have fallen in LOVE with GOD all over again. I want to say THANK YOU to you and your co host (And please forgive me for not remembering your names, Im terrible when it comes to that) But I really want to thank you BOTH for being bold and brave to share the truth that is practical and awakening the church.




Hoping you had a blessed Birthday!!  Praising God for you!! So glad you are doing Tribulation Now Radio Program. Love your show.  I can’t get enough of it. Your humility and passion for serving Jesus is contagious. Thank you for being that example. I also have a computer background and appreciate your discussions on computer related topics. Your intelligence shines through your discussions. I feel smarter after listening to you. I appreciate your comments about critical thinking skills. Thank you!

I discovered your show through my brother who has been a dedicated listener.  I listen to your show just about everyday and have been listening now for about a year and a half.  It has helped me through some very difficult times. You have kept me company when many abandoned me. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You have helped me to focus my attention on Jesus. I love Him more because of your ministry.

Praying God’s Abundant blessings on you and yours!!



Dear John,

I know you are a busy man but praise Jesus for Trib Now! I loved last night’s show. Honestly, although you have MANY anointed guests on the show, some of the most memorable times for me are when you host all of it. I believe that we grew up similarly in churches…even when you give chastising messages from The Lord, I find them edifying and answers to my prayers so praise God! But I do have a question and maybe you can help. Ecclesiastes 1:18 weighs so heavy on my heart every morning: it’s the lost John. My day always starts with praise and worship, then reading of The Word, then prayer just like The Lord has instructed through you in the prayer vigil to tell us how to pray every day. I work in retail, and I see the evidence of the times we live in all day and it hurts and brings me down. I know these things must come to pass…I understand our God is a righteous judge and there will be many that do not accept Him. The only thing that brings me up and gets me through the day is praise and worship and talking to Jesus all day at work but it takes time before my mood is brought up. John I do not want to miss ANY opportunities to speak Jesus and plant seeds, but I must confess that my sorrow is hard to get past daily. I ask God for a clean heart daily in prayer, put on the full armor of God daily, everything I can think of doing. Do you have any further suggestions for me so I can start my obedience earlier…In other words, get into the grove earlier in the day, not take so long to get past myself and my sorrow so I can hear His still small voice and not miss chances to plant seeds. Is my question clear? I WANT TO BE OBEDIENT!!!! I feel like I fail Him in the morning until praise and worship brings back my happiness in Jesus. Any suggestions? I believe you understand this problem very well by inferences by you being depressed in between shows. Praise Jesus and may God bless you.

Sent from my iPhone



Hi Johnny,

My name is Judy, I’m a frequent listener to your Tribulation Now show. Absolutely love it!

I wanted to share a testimony with you. I listened to your show, Baptism Special after my brother was deeply blessed by it. He received the gift of tongues during the show. When he told me his testimony, I felt compelled to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit as well. I was hoping to receive something similar to his experience. However, I didn’t have any set expectations of what I could receive from the Lord when I started to listen to the show.

To my surprise, I was left floored to my experience my symptoms as I began to follow and mimic Joyce Meyer’s prayer language as to invoke the Holy Spirit to receive the gifts of the spirit. I began to cough, gag and vomit. I had to stop the audio to compose myself a couple of times and start over. I couldn’t utter a word while praying. It occurred to me to perform self deliverance, the second time I stopped and started the baptism of Holy Spirit prayer . As I experienced these symptoms, it quickly registered in my head to pay attention to my lower back.

I’ve suffered from intense lower back pain for years. I was not able to remain in a standing position for more than 3 minutes without experiencing intense pain and was left unable to move from my lower back issues. While listening to the Holy Spirit prayer for almost an hour trying to follow the prayer, I realized, I had been standing up without feeling any pain or any discomfort in my lower back for that amount of time. I felt nothing in mu back just a subtle warmth. I realized, the Lord healed me completely from my back pain issues. I know that much, Praise Jesus!

Since then, I’ve been listening to the Baptism show, mostly the last audio clip segment from the show every night as a form of prayer and self-deliverance. However, I still experience the same symptoms doing the prayer (vomiting, coughing…they’re not as intense as the first couple of times). I am being led in my spirit to understand I’m going through a form of deliverance. However, I feel I’m stuck where I can’t get passed the symptoms. I feel I’m blocked. I believe, I’m not done being cleansed or set free. I am trying to live righteous life. I took all the eniquity out of my life. I am human so, I do struggle on occasions. Do you have any advice you can give me as to what else I need to do in order to obtain full deliverance?

God bless you!




Dear John,

My name is D_____, and I have been compelled to write you an email after I was fortunate enough to be led, by god, yo your radio show. I wanted to take the opportunity to simply say, thank you! Listening to your show, where you and your associates analyze current events using a divine perspective is just what I needed during these perilous times! You see, for several years due to my fascination with politics and history, I have known and felt that our world, including our country, are on the verge of collapse. This has troubled me greatly, as I am 31 years old and have been blessed ( I don’t know how) with a beautiful wife and two very special little kids. I feel very foolish though because in the years prior to my “awakening” I steadfastly towed the conservative party line. I took great pleasure in vigorously advocating my idealogy and thought myself to be a savy, wise, and I’ll admit opinionated person. But now I realize how narrow my view was and that I was deceived! The lord was missing from my life.

I feel compelled to share some information about my background to provide a context, which is out of character for me because I don’t even know you. I just want to support and encourage the great things that you are doing and let you know that you have impacted me.

You see, I was raised in a catholic household in Lincoln NE. Religion, however, was never really the focal point for me like it was for other members of my family. I am a very independent and black and white person, which has been a blessing and a curse. The lord has blessed me with tremendous strength and mental fortitude which has allowed me to handle extreme circumstances in my life that others could not. But I decided in my youth to walk my own path. I was a party guy with a chip on his shoulder and felt I had something to prove to everyone. Very prideful. Despite these faults I always felt a strong connection with God and calculated that my belief in his existence was enough. Man, has God taught me a lesson! You see, on September 9, 2001 I made a decision that would affect my life in a profound and fundamental way. I joined the Marine Corps infantry. Imagine my surprise two days later when 9/11 occurred. As a result, I found myself in 2004 in some of the worst fighting of the Iraq war! I was in Ramadi Iraq as a machine gunner and took the lives of many people. At the time, it didn’t think it affected me. I wanted to kill as many of the enemy as I could. Again I was very proud. Especially when I saw how others were destroyed by the experience, through PTSD, and I wasnt. I thought my fellow Marines were weak. Without realizing it though, I fell into a dark place. I reveled in the sins of the flesh and drank more than my share. Remember I said I had always felt a strong connection with God? At this point that connection grew silent. He had literally spared my life, bullets and RPGs came so close that I felt them! But I emerged from combat unscathed! Instead of praising the lord I turned my back and thought it had been dumb luck that I was spared when others fell.

Then came the second biggest decision of my life. I was slated to leave the Marine Corps in 2006, but unit was returning to fight in Ramadi. My command requested that I extend my enlistment for this deployment and sweetened the offer by offering my own squad. A great honor in the Marine Corps. I pondered this decision for several days, but a strong feeling told me this wasn’t the right choice. I declined the offer. A good friend of mine, <name withheld>, was in a similar situation and was given the same offer. He accepted. I left the Marine Corps and returned home to Nebraska for college and he went back to Iraq the same day! He was killed months later. The news of his death impacted me greatly, so much so that it made me question my decision to leave and caused me to loose my trust in God. I felt if I had been there it would have been different. At this point my life began to spiral downward. My drinking took over and I became reckless and a loose cannon. Then something hapoened, I found my wife who, at the time was dealing with her own life issues. We were Satan’s wet dream! Out of control young people without God. Then we were blessed with my son. This caused me to rethink my life and reprioritze things. I slowly came back to the church, but on my own conditions. My demons were strong! So much so that i literally came as close as you get to death. You see, one night in 2010, I got so drunk at a party during a football tailgate that when I was beligerant and blacked out. When I woke up I was in the hospital, no ideas what happened! Turns out that my wife picked me up early in the morning after I disappeared from the party. My parents were also looking for me. When my wife drove me home was angry, for no reason and went to the basement, but I fell down the stairs and knocked myself out! I landed in such a way that I couldn’t breathe, but by the grace of God my dad came to our house to check in me and found me at the bottom do the stairs. He gave me CPR and saved my life! An ambulance took me to the hospital. The only injuries I sustained were to my pride! Yet again I was spared! And yet again I didn’t turn to God right away. I was such an idiot. Here the lord gave me a wife, kids, a job, and I risked it all and my eternal soul, for what! I still don’t know.

My mom never gave up on my faith though. And in 2012 I came back to the church! And my wife came to! We have been learning and growing ever since. And guess what? My life flourished! I graduated college and after a short stint as a unit case worker in a maximum security prison, during which time my faith soared, I was blessed with my dream job! I became a deputy sheriff! The lord has truly blessed me!

Now this is where you come in John. You see, I have been awake to world events for the last several years and I’ve felt myself going back into that dark place. Listening to people like Alex Jones desperately trying to make sense of things a formulate a plan, a timeline. But relief was elluding me. Then I found your show, and as a result, peace. The answer has been there all along right in front of my eyes, Christ, the Bible, the divine word! I’m at peace John and once again have my strength and purpose! You led me back. I have shared this revelation with my family and coworkers and they have been awakened to! Brought back into the fold with a new sense of confidence and humility with the realization that we are here, at this time, for a reason! What an honor! Praise God! Its only been a week that I have been listening to your show but what a difference a week makes! I have been consuming the word of god and and the gospel like someone who hasn’t eaten for days! I believe we all have our roles to play and I believe that Christ is working through you to awaken his people. What an honor that is. To think that I was at risk of missing the feast! Man that’s scary. Keep up thegood work John and my God bless you! Take care brother!




Hi brother John.

Thank you for your radio shows. I wish you could have them every day. Thank you too for the business cards. I don’t need any more now, but I’ve been giving them out.

You and Ken make a good radio pair.

Thanks for your fervent prayers on the radio too.

I was going to ask if you could also pray for the persecuted Christians around the world over the radio as they’re being killed every day since all those countries are being taken over by this government.

Keep up the good work for the Lord. May thr Lord richly bless you and your family.

Your sister in Christ,




Hi John, my name is Juan and I’ve been listening to your program for at least a couple of years now. I am eye to eye with you about just about everything you, Ken, Loren, Zen and Augusto research and witness about and Id like to thank all of you for it.  I especially love how you stress the love of Jesus especially among all Christians. I don’t see many that are doing that. A lot of people resort to finger pointing and vile behavior towards another when they disagree on a point and that is really sad.  Anyhow, my sister is an avid listener as well and she urged me to mention to you my testimony regarding your water baptism and your communion shows. I don’t like sitting in front of computers any prolonged stretches of time but here it goes. I work in transportation, I am a Locomotive Engineer for the Union Pacific and I did my water baptism in the bath tub of my away from home terminal hotel just with your water baptism program and I definitely felt any spirit over me especially after the joyce meyer portion of the program. I always had the gift of tongues since real early in my life but i allowed unbelief to keep from believing I actually had it but when the joyce meyer portion of the baptism was playing I felt child start from my head and it traveled down to my body and my tongues flowed even in song. My baptism was not glamorous by any means but I definitely felt the power of the Holy Spirit and the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Just yesterday I decided to give your Friday Vigil show a listen for the first time and I definitely felt an anointing with your Vigil I even felt a supernatural laying of hands on the top of my head during the session afterwards. In the 1000 times I took catholic communion in my whole life I never felt the supernatural anointing of communion till I heard it from your Friday Vigil.

Im a former Catholic I wasn’t able to sever that tie until my water baptism. There is no doubt that I have a new spirit in Christ and your programs have been a conduit for Jesus to change my life and tear down the veil of sin that separated Jesus from me. I also wanted to mention something about your past program from Sunday when you mentioned Olin Hedricks,  sorry if I butchered his name, when he mentioned when he was in heaven and there were two beings that looked menacing and that had a light coming from them that supernaturally lit the room. I experienced a similar account in my room I mustve woken up in the spirit at night and it was really cold that night during winter and when I woke up in the spirit I saw two humanoid beings that appeared menacing looking in the sense that they were not human although human-like in appearance and they had a supernatural light that lit the room up and when I woke up one of my daughters didn’t have have her blanket over her and when I woke up one of the beings was reaching over as in trying to put the cover over her but all I can muster was beating the one to the punch and covering my kid up with the blanket and I did it in a way where I was saying to myself ‘maybe I can pretend that I didn’t see them and they won’t do anything’. I just don’t think I was ready for that but God allowed me to see that for a reason that He only knows. So I just went back to sleep and they observed the whole sequence. God only knows what would’ve happened had I engaged them.  Olins story reminded me of that.  But thank you John for your ministry and your enthusiasm, the Lord has allowed me to learn a lot from you and Augosto and I give thanks and praises to Jesus for your ministries.  P.s. Here in Chicagos suburbs we have a particle collider too its called fermilab, maybe thats why Chicago is so corrupt and the Cubbies don’t win 😉

God Bless You Johnny! Thanks for your time!




Hello Pastor John & pastor Kenneth

I’ve been listening to the radio show for some months now (almost a year now I think)

And looking back at the chronicles of my life (particularly the time I started tuning in for the Tribulation-now blog talk radio broadcast) I can see the fragile person I once was when I first embarked on this journey , this voyage, this quest to “Find God”

I was a Christian then(a Luke warm christian or as I call it a “Pretend-doe Christian” )
I was living my life trapped in a black mood,
& I would wander the coldness of my mind shivering violently in every muscle,In every ligament of my corpse,
searching for peace. Searching for it on hands and knees. Yet never finding it. (looking back now I know it was because I still lived in sin) I remember being insecure, having no sense of identity, and enslaved to “depression” ( Depression is such a Bony and naked creature , it’s a slave tender and all who fall pray to “it” become “it’s” SLAVE. )

I had bitterness in my heart, & The bitterness in my heart would contort in anguish at the sight of other Christians getting married and getting ahead in their life ( over facebook)
I would feel this bitterness gush through me like a deadly toxin in the veins,anointing my emotions with madness & jealousy.

I remember being tormented by creatures like laziness and fear( I’m very familiar with these two because they crept in really nasty like in my life and pressed a cold blade against my throat, Paralyzing me and preventing me from growing in Christ)

I had no friends and found it very hard to talk to people.

( to make this short) I was a mess Pastor.

But then… I heard you speak ( on the radio broadcast)
I heard you cover the Anunaki Alien concept like no one I had ever heard before,
you drew me in. I started tuning in to the radio shows more and more
until I was a regular listener.

You see at first I tuned in for the Alien demonic concept stuff you covered, but then my ears where open to your talks about righteousness and putting God first, and witnessing to people and not caring if people think your crazy because one believes in aliens and planet X and stuff. I started desiring to obey God!

And when you spoke everything changed
when you spoke I pictured you drawing a sword
a sword you learned to use righteously
a sword that cut insecure tentacles latched on to me

I started to become more confident ( like being in public with out having to put my head down because I was scared and intimidated by people) its like God was felling me with His Courage.

With fist clenched and unclenched, shaking with excitement I found myself talking to people about Jesus!, talking to them, because you helped me realize that my silence helped no one.

I started passing out tribulation flayers and practicing righteousness ( something I rarely ever effectively did because I had a “willy wonka Golden ticket pass to Heaven so I thought before when I stated this whole thing)

im Growing closer to Jesus now, seeking to left Holy hands before my heavenly father from here on out Pastor, and I just wanted to say thank you and encourage you for all that you do for your listeners , God really does use you in a Big Big way ( you and Kenneth with those advance bible study’s and amazingly deep voice & intense commentary on the tribulation-now broadcast) HaHa So cool. Love you Pastor John and Pastor Kenneth . Your guys are really anointed.

Duke From California



Thanks Brother. God Bless you.

The trib radio show helped me understand I needed to get the sin out of my life and with the help of God I was able to. Of course I will never be sinless but I’m trying to live a righteous and obedient life and pray for strength everyday.

Thanks again. I look forward to your shows each week more than words can express. Hope we can have a trib now reunion in Heaven. Praise The Lord!

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Hey John,

It’s sooo cool. I’m reading Heaven is so Real by Choo Thomas. Awesome book. I decided I wanted to hear the interview you did with her. The anointing is still there! Man, I’m sitting here at work doing my web work and listening to the interview and feeling the Holy Spirit-soooooo COOL.

Just had to share,



Brother John,

My words are not going to be able to express how meaningful your radio programs have become in my life. I am 62 and have been active in many churches for many years, but it was just about a year ago I woke up to what the essence of a relationship with Jesus is and I became alarmingly aware that I was among the foolish virgins.

Sarah Young’s Jesus Calling book became my constant companion for the conversations it initiated between me and the Lord and then after much internet searching I came across Tribulation Now. Your enthusiasm for the Lord became contagious and kept me coming back even though I was continually out of my comfort zone, even though like you my 40 years in church was mostly Assembly of God.

Anyway, I am staggering around now, awake but blinded by all the light and revelation I need to deal with. I am in great health, a self employed CPA and totally dead in the water as what to do with my life. All I seem to want to do is deprogram my old way of thinking and stay in the Lord’s presence. It seems like my personality is draining away and I am becoming a loner, I can not relate to any of my church friends any more, and I now do not enjoy anything the world offers anymore (sports, politics,food,travel, etc). I feel remorse over how many years I have been so carnally minded and have wasted . This brings me to asking your advice on two things that have been troubling me.

First, I have been on the fence about asking you for business cards to distribute. The night you taught on how the workers arriving late to the field were still valuable to the Lord greatly encouraged me, but I have never overcome my embarsement at how much time I have wasted until writing you today. Your words about not approaching my King empty handed ring in my head everyday. The fact that you provide the cards with your prayers and annointing on them is driving me to finally ask you if you would allow me to be a part of your ministry and entrust me with some cards. I am ready to trust the Lord that he will help me place them in the right hands.

Second area of advice needed, I struggle to have enthusiasm for the professional work I do. Devoting creative energy to the financial marketplace assisting people in planning for the future seems so contrary to what I now believe the hour we live in calls for. So my question is, how do you do it.? You give 110% to the radio show every week, yet you are active in your profession with your clients. I want to be able to do this but I feel stuck in the water in this area of my life as well. Something is out of balance and I do not know what to do about it. I am hoping you have been hear before and can help me overcome this as well?

Thank you so much for your time. I will highly value your input.




Thank you for your ministry and I am following the recorded messages on Tribulation.now.

I have surrendered my heart and life to the Lord for His services.

I have been Christian for 40 years since I received the Lord into my hert at 19 when I lost my dad in a car accident. I was brought up in a staunch Buddhist/Toist family and was the first to become Christian. And my past background helped me to understand and confirm what you are sharing on the web site.

I am now an Australian but travel frequently back to Malaysia to witness to my family (mum, sister and brother) , relatives and I thank God some of my relatives , cousins have received the Lord also.

Please send the card to Australia for now


NSW 2780 Australia

I am establishing bases in Malaysia with cousins etc so together we will reach as many souls as possible for the Kingdom of God and preparing ourselves for the harvest of souls and His second coming.

If possible, we could duplicate the cards (cos in Malaysia the printing costs will be lower) for distribution.

Needless to say I worship and serve in a small local church in Katoomba (AOG). Your messages has impacted on me but I know the Lord will guide me in wisdom how to share with other brother and sisters in Christ including the pastor and his wife.

Please pray for us.

God bless,





Hello, I hope you are having a great day. I love your show and look forward to listening to it every week. You and Kenneth are true men of God and I’m so glad that you are not afraid to confront any topic. Ya’ll make me laugh and sometimes cry and your words of wisdom and insight have really helped increase my faith over the last few years.

I am so thankful that God put you and Tribulation Now in my path. Because of you I listen to Jonathan Kleck (love him), follow Bon’s Blog and Wings of Prophecy, etc. I love your guests especially Stan Deyo and Augusto Perez. Because of you I pray that I will be prepared for whatever is coming, the asteroid, the earthquakes, etc. and the Rapture!

On June 9, 2013 God told me in a dream that “something horrible” was coming. I didn’t know what but I KNEW that it was horrible and that it was going to happen quicker than I thought. I woke up in tears and with a heaviness in my heart. Because of your show I now know that this event is probaby going to be the asteroid hit in Puerto Rico which will cause the 3 days of darkness that will affect the whole world. And thanks to you I know that if I am still here that God WILL take care of us during the 3 days of darkness. God is so wonderful! Praise God! Praise Jesus! (sound familiar?!)

If you don’t mind, please mail me some of your business cards. My address is:

<address withheld>



Hey congrats on the last planet x show, it was incredible.

I was thinking about this whole weird sounds phenomena. I know that you may believe that it could be alien ships, however, I postulate that these weird sounds may in fact be the work being done to create these underground bases… In order to create this type of tunneling/underground area, you probably need large drills and large equipment. This has to make noise and I theorize that who ever works on this probably has to slow down when they create too much noise and do it in short spurts.

I could be wrong, but it may be a possibility considering how many bases are suppose to be created all over the world.



Thank you John.

Your web site is truly fascinating and so inspiring.  The prophesy of Jesus’ return and how he is going to use the time of tribulation to win over his last harvest is just wow … I really love your site and have to share your site on my fb.  Your rapture prayers are unbelievable I read some but I was at the airport and read it under my breath cause i’m too embarrassed to say it out loud haha yea … I know… not a really good trait but im going to check it out  now and say it again.  I really thank God for getting our attention in weird and wondrous way and using people like you to reach the world, to reach people like me.  Really John thank you for being obedient to our God and our Lord and savior.




What is the name of the Bible u always talk about.. The Kenneth Voice bible ? (Kenneth Wuest) I tried looking for it on Amazon but couldn’t find it..

and last Brother could u include me in your prayers.. I have a 17 year old rebellious son named <name withheld> who is not living at home, living in sin, drinking, drugs, gets in trouble with the law.. I have to pay all the court cost and fines and the law does nothing about his behavior just more fines.. I love him to death and I pray every morning and night and I talk right with him… But I do feel like I have anger towards him and fear that he will give me more trouble… Feel like that’s keeping me from being spot free..

Thank you brother for everything you do brother.. U r helping many out here… I turned a friend on to the show and now Tribulation Now is his favorite thing too listen too.. We r both truck drivers in the oilfield in Oklahoma .. So we got time to listen to every show.. And we do lol.. My friend said listening to the show made him realize he was spiritually lazy…

Thanks again to you and Kenneth… Have a blessed day

Sent from my iPhone




I finally got to listen to the program and oh my WHAT A BLESSING!!!!!!!!!!! Things I have known inside also confirmed, as with you. WHAT AN AWESOME JESUS, WHAT A WONDERFUL FATHER!!

John when I first learnt about Nibiru I was in agreement with God’s coming judgment but also heartbroken about the loss of His beautiful, but now defiled creation on earth, and then out of the blue (and I still don’t know who sent it to me) I got an e mail saying that the Lord had shown him NOTHING WOULD BE LOST..THAT HE HAD SEEN ALL BIRDS ETC ON ANOTHER PLANET ( I don’t know if it was another planet or a level of heaven) AND THAT HE HAD SEEN THE FULLY MANIFEST SONS OF GOD AS BEINGS OF LIGHT FROM THIS EARTH GOING TO OTHER PLANETS AND THOSE BEINGS ON THE OTHER PLANETS WOULD SAY “THESE ARE THE SPECIAL ONES”!

I just wanted to share that John..made A HUGE IMPACT.

Also as a young, but sold out Christian, I had a vision of Jesus holding me by the right hand and we were on a precipice..like the end of a world, a platform, and we spoke nebulas into being together. At least I think it was nebulas. Anyhow it was decades later that I saw on TV the kind of things I saw in space that we were creating together and I was blown away. Also about the same time I was bemoaning seriously the fact that I don’t have a science and math brain and feeling very dumb and unworthy and the Lord said words to the effect of “WHEN YOU ARE IN HEAVEN. AS SOON AS YOU ASK YOU WILL BE GIVEN UNDERSTANDING, EVEN TO THE CREATION OF THE UNIVERSE AND EARTH” and I got that it would be in instant massive download of knowledge and understanding imparted in a flash. Of course we will have a resurrected mind then and can contain all that in a flash..it was imparted “telepathically”.

John, your and Kenneth’s brains and memories are amazing, THANKS BE TO GOD… I AM OFTEN AMAZED AT BOTH OF YOUR KNOWLEDGE AND MEMORY. I am like Job and have gone through much affliction so I am not, and nor is my mind, what it used to be but in, my weakness He is my strength.

South Africa



Hey Jonny!

My name is Steve and I am 24 years old. I just wanted to let you know that I love your show/ ministry. It has absolutely shaken me at my core and continues to encourage/ empower my walk with jesus. I am an avid follower of you, steve quayle, Tom horn, russ dizdar, the hagmans, omega man, rob skiba, rick wiles etc. I lift you guys up in my prayers as often as I can and I am so thankful for people like you, true modern day evangelists, that are out there doing the work and spreading the true word everyday.

I absolutely love researching all aspects of this subject and finding out the truth. I ask you to please pray for me as I am continuing to battle thoughts of lust and overcoming certain addictions. I have been strengthening my walk on the path of sobriety and getting in the word of god as much as possible.

If you have any books you can recommend that I should read that would be much appreciated.

I plead the blood of jesus over you and kenneth, and a hedge of protection over you and your families. I ask that he continues to bless your ministry ten fold. I love you guys and I hope this email inspires you and lights a fire in your heart to know that you guys are truly making a difference in this crazy world. I hope I can get to the point of where you guys are in your walk with jesus.

God bless you in Jesus Christ’s name!



Subject: You Dislay Christian Love

Hi John

I can’t just dismiss what other brothers and sisters in Christ have said ! I trust those people that have come on your show– Sara Traore has come out of a new age background and I wittness that she loves the Lord and hears from Him! Sister Barbara and brother Dan are so sincere! I grieve when I think this is dividing the believers! I really question how much more I can listen to <name withheld> — well the Lord will guide me!
You have always been so kind to answer my emails and I feel your Christian love!!
Thank-you for being there!

Sent from my iPhone



Subject: From a grateful heart

Dear John,

Today when I had a bit of time between cooking and my family arriving I began to think of what I am grateful for and I wanted you to know how grateful I am to God and you and Cathy and Kenneth for all you do and how much you have taught me and how much I appreciate your radio show and all that you do …. you may just go on your day and not pay much attention to this thank YOU note but let me tell you I wont since really really you have made a big impact on my life and I want you all to know that . I love you all … so many thank you’s sent your way … olive tree in chat …

God Bless you all Lindsey



Subject: Pastor Storm Show

Hi John

I just finished listening to your program with Pastor Storm for the third time.
Unfortunately I cannot express in words as to how incredible the show was.

When Pastor Storm related what Jesus said about allowing our Love for God to grow, how our Love must be nurtured and willingly given to God brings tears of joy to my eyes every time I think about it.

For some reason I have the feeling that Pastor Storm was testing the waters, sort to speak, on your show and has much more to share. I pray God willing he will be back again soon.

Take care, God Bless you and have a wonderful Thanksgiving,





Thank you, thank you, thank you for having Howard a Storm on. As you can see here, his testimony has had rippling affects on the Christian walk with those in just in my own family members alone. Praise Jesus! Howard’s testimony and especially the one on youtube titled, The nature of Jesus, which I forwarded ou to a number of friends and family members has made a huge difference in how we register in our hearts that powerful connectedness Jesus has for those who love Him. Powerful does not even scratch the surface of how out Jesus interacts with us in our daily lives. Howard’s testimony (especially the series on youtube) goes beyond anything I’ve even thought about. I sent for his book, and I look forward to hearing from him again on future programs. There are NO coincidences that’s for sure. Also, thank you for your prayers for my daughter .Jennifer. She finally got a job, a good one, very close to her apt. Really likes it, and sends her thanks.

Jon and Ken, wow, what an awesome, awesome God we have in Jesus. His love knows NO BOUNDS, Amen Halaluia!, all praise and honor to the gracious glory of our living God for those who love Him.

I feel His presence ever so strong in my being!
Love you all,

Suzy, daughter Jennifer and daughter in law Denise,

Thank you!

Sent from my iPad




I am new to your site and have found that the show has answered many of my long asked questions. It has also renewed and expanded upon my faith in God and Jesus. Thank you for your excellent show.

Please send me a supply of business cards.




I’ll keep this short.

I’d like to share an experience I had directly related to your broadcast a few weeks ago. I was listening to your recently aired show in which you were conducting communion. I decided to partake in communion for the first time over the broadcast.

I normally engage in communion during Catholic mass but since my recent departure from the Catholic church; I have resorted to partaking in Jesus’ blood and body through your radio show. Instantly after I consumed my piece of bread and water, I felt an overwhelming presence of the Holy Spirit. Truly incredible!

However, 4 hours later I went to bed. During my sleep, I had an encounter with a demonic spirit. I distinctively remember that although I was sleeping, I was not dreaming. It’s difficult to explain but this spirit was trying to enter into my mind and/or subconscious. I had what felt like a physical and metal fight with this spirit. I rebuked it. (said a prayer in the name of Jesus.) It left!!

Now, please understand that this is the FIRST time that I’ve been able to have power of the devil. Prior to this experience, I always struggled with terrible nightmares that would probably scare Stephen King himself. This is my thought on this. I’d like for you to tell me if you think I’m on the right page with this.

My conclusion is that since I’ve been trying to be obedient and working to rid out ALL sin in my life, that the devil does not like this. I view this encounter as an attack…especially after receiving communion with ardent faith and worship. This has been on my mind for the past few days. I went and bought numerous teaching by Curry Blake hoping that I can become a soldier for Christ in the battle of spiritual warfare.

Any other advice? God bless!!

Thank you so much for responding to my emails in the past!!!



A little over a year ago, I was getting close to throwing in the towel and checking myself into a padded prison/hospital, lol.

None of my Christian friends or family were willing to discuss the mysteries of the bible, the lateness of the hour, the state of the mainstream church, etc. They all thought I was losing it. The churches I would attend had the same 5 downloaded sermons and seemed more like a secular hangout than anything else. The Holy Spirit somehow brought me together with Trib-Now & Zen Garcia…What a blessing! What a relief! Turns out there are MANY people who are/were in the same boat.

Not anymore!

We are so blessed, and every single bit of the glory goes to Jesus Christ.

What a faithful and loving God we serve. I love you all.

Thanks Johnny, Kenneth, Zen, brother-Lee and the whole TN ‘behind the scenes’ saints.



Thanks in advance for sending (business cards) !

Hey, you guys do real extensive detective work! I’m so into watching the signs but sometimes I wonder “am I delusional!? Is this all toooooo OTT? Can there REALLY be FEMA camps, body bags, reptilian/fallen angels, Illuminati control and the likes if all this evil agenda!”??

Do you ever just doubt this! Perhaps my mind is full of doubt re many things! There r so any prophecies and denominations and interpretations out there, it’s sometimes hard to sort the truth from the fiction! How do we know what to believe and who to believe?

Also, you mentioned you are 100% obedient to Jesus! I’d LOVE to b so obedient, how to draw the line tho regarding what can my kids watch on Telly (re Disney wing run by illuminati etc) and what to fast for how long, which prophets to listen to! It can all be so confusing with modern technology and internet! Sometimes I’m overwhelmed! Don’t want to be LEFT BEHIND!!!

And hav you witnessed miracle healings, glory drunk on Holy Spirit, signs and wonders? I’m also trying to balance the end times with power of the Holy Spirit which will be here to help us but I haven’t witnessed these things even though I seek to know Him more!

Where is Australia in all the tribulation stuff and Africa? Are there any refutable people I can follow down here re this stuff?

Thanks brother and may His peace which transcends ALL be with you and your brothers and sisters! May god hav mercy on us and may He delight in our ways!


Ps. Sorry about all the questions, I promise that’s it! 🙂
Sent from my iPhone




I only got done with the first half of show last night and it was great.

I was speaking with my friend this a.m. since we haven’t talked in a week or more and for the short conversation we had, it was meant to be. By-the-way, she is reading the book you suggested on your program re: rewards and inheritance – she loves to study as well and is finding it an eye-opener.

I mentioned how last night’s show meant a lot to me and how another one had done so as well (think it was 2 or 3 shows ago that I responded to you about). Again, you spoke in love and it was so comforting and thrilled me spiritually to hear. When you speak ‘from the heart’ it’s quite powerful. Wanted you to know that – it’s very uplifting and very much needed. Again, it brought glory to God and His Love and longsuffering towards His people.

THEN, I mentioned how you ‘ate crow’ about a few things…..and don’t feel too badly, we as well wonder about ‘the delay’, as we also talked about this a.m. She’s studying and redeeming the time while I’m just sitting, which I feel bad about and wonder why I don’t have the urge to study like I was. We both came to the conclusion that we aren’t to be too hard on ourselves and He will direct our steps. I was telling her about what you said about ‘rapid succession’ and the Lord brought right to mind “Job”…the fartherist from my mind…he was living as normal, having great wealth and family, and in one day at one time he lost his whole family. The Holy Spirit went right through me, then and now as I wrote it, and that’s how it’s going to be – all of a sudden great losses (in the form of judgments for some (tests and refinements for believers).  Job also experienced more losses and there had to be spaces of grieving in-between each one—-which explains there is ‘space’ between judgments, but when one has it’s timing fulfilled, another one comes. “WOW – the book of Job is relevant to End of Days”……wow, wow, wow. What a Revelation! (was also happy to know I was useful to the Lord!!!!) lol

So, when I hung up with my friend, Robin, (who also listens to your show) I told her I had to let you know as well since your show was about it. Praise The Lord….how much He loves His own and cares for even our understandings.

Also, a couple of weeks ago my husband saw the ‘object’ in the sky again and called me out – he gets excited over it. I never told him what I ‘felt’ it was – so I tested him by asking, “Do you feel good or bad about it?”….He said, “good”……..so I told him what I ‘thought it might be’ and he agreed that it could be as he didn’t get a bad feeling from it. He also told me it must be as big as a planet…..and I told him that’s what others are saying as well. Praise God the Lord is preparing Bill for ‘tomorrow’s events’……he has changed so much, so quickly, the past couple of months and the Lord is finally really blessing our marriage….almost like living with a different man lately!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…..For now I’m enjoying him more than I ever had in our 42-43 yrs of marriage. Now that I wrote that, it’s spoken out-loud! (I pray protection over my words).

Let’s both pray in agreement that the Lord prepares a table before us in the presence of our enemies – another happening of scripture He has given me signs of lately…..can’t wait for it to come to pass.

I Hope and Pray you are encouraged……you are a blessing in my life.

Love in Christ,,




Thank you John and Ken

… and all the Tribulation Now members for following the Lord’s Will in your lives because He does use us all to encourage one another. I would never have known about the ecclesia had these circumstances, shaped by our loving Father not taken place. I know I will find much joy personally greeting you in Heaven one day! As Steven Curtis Chapman’s nineteen year old son said during a memorial for their daughter that was tragically killed as told by his father in last week’s episode on the 700 Club, and I am paraphrasing and just recalling what his amazing youthful wisdom imparted to me…’when you stand too close to a painting all you may see is confusion and brushstrokes that to the mind offer senseless meaning, but when stepping away, as with time and with God’s perspective, you can see the painting as it was created by the Creator and all will make perfect sense and proclaim His Glory.

Thank you for listening and for each and every week offering an amazing community of fellowship and passionate love and zeal for our Father, our King Jesus, and ever abiding and faithful helper, whom is The Holy Spirit. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

(The following is how God brought me to the ecclesia and continues to bless me each live gathering!)

Another email from Shelle:


Was too emotional at last writing in looking at past events in my personal life that are so dear to my heart and realized the reading was getting lengthy to complete the numerated ways your faithful ministry and personal walk with our King has helped me in so many ways.

Not to take up much time from your attention to the needs of many globally, but felt spirit-drawn to share in this writing to you a list of the many ways I appreciate the ministry and always choose to be a part of the present gathering as the show airs live.

. Your prayers and personal confessions make such a difference and it is awesome to see the measured growth in others through their own personal struggles and searching for guidance and direction. It’s raw, real, and adds to the collectiveness we share as brothers and sisters in Christ.

. Bringing praise and worship to a whole new level for me. I had no idea the supernatural quality and cleansing properties of praise and I am able to sit down at the piano and use this gift to bust through all manner of unseen barriers, and more importantly that you host the show in such a way we can follow your example. I’d never heard the sound of the Shofar before, actually didn’t even know what it was that heralded in the relative teachings and global events of each show! As I’ve written before, the decided and creative format of TribulationNow is praise worthy indeed!

. Because of your collective ministry, I’ve come into a fuller knowledge of the darkness and the unseen and seen evils of the world. My father struggled with what he had seen for so many years. As a young man a huge UFO hovered before the vehicle he was driving in which there were two of his friends who also were witness to this mind-blowing experience. He struggled with it. He struggled with many things. I’ll never know in this life exactly what happened to him, I only know that he seen himself looking back at him from outside his vehicle. My dad was not a man at peace, but I can offer praise that he gave his life to the Lord before the Lord took him home. So…many a dark movie was watched by us as children in innocence which still causes hair on forearms to stand-on-end as those images return forever imbedded in memory. (MIRACLE: Dad had always wanted to be a pilot but could not pursue this due to his vision. After he died his body was flown back to us and the pilot of the craft introduced himself to our mother and shook her hand. I still remember his words… “Hello Sandy, I’m sorry…my name is Larry Guingrich”. Well, my dad’s name is Larry Dean Guingrich. God does talk to us.)

Through you and Kenneth in your many years of combined research and personal sacrifice, I learned of the entities detailed in the Dulce Papers, the personal testimonies and warnings of the late PhiL Schneider, and obviously as you know, one doesn’t stop there after knowing what you know. (My heart just ACHES for the innocence taken and the HORROR of unspeakable acts where no cries were heard and absolute terror for those affected remain…as the Word states…their blood cries to Me from the ground…I trust the Father to provide as only He can, and I continue to pray for them and want to learn all that I can of the power God expects me to yield as His daughter in His Image!)

During that dark time for me trying to wrap my mind around all these things, my family greatly encouraged me to stop and chose not to follow me down that dark path. I felt it my duty to know what I could and feel this evil agenda has remained concealed far too long. How can society continue to let so many missing children go unaccounted for especially in known areas like New Mexico and around the world. My sister spends 1/2 of the year in TX and just looked horrified when I began to tell her only of the cattle mutilations …..Her and her family are so in love with The Lord and don’t let one event or decision in their lives, meal or morning rise or evening set without giving thanks to the Father and acknowledging Him in all ways. For her, for all my family I am not able to share which releases my own anxiety to have someone to talk to. I get that like-mindedness from your ability to expose your own struggles and efforts. You’ve shared the cost…and that offers brotherly comfort. Thank you!

. Spending eight years in caring for my fiancée as his health both improved and declined as medical attention both helped and hurt him, I can’t EXPRESS enough how VALUABLE a sense of community is offered as an electronic ecclesia or in television partnerships! For all the shut ins out there, in all manner of disability, health condition, or circumstance your leading in the Spirit to provide baptismal services, the reading of the ‘Word of Promise’ and encouragement for us to utilize this dramatic expression of the Word and hosting this faithful and awesome ministry is like a blazing star reaching from across the Heavens throughout the whole world casting influence and brotherly fellowship! Amen

. Kenneth, your bible studies are absolutely the most penetrating and passionate study of God’s heart and purpose that I am simply grasping for that level of appreciation to express what grips my Spirit. I know your days are incredibly full as John so often expresses. I even catch moments where your exuberance almost leaves you in slight moments where a natural yawning escapes, a releasing of a very natural response after addressing a particularly emotional study of the Word. The Spirit breathes life and maybe the respiration of our being directly connects to the inspiration of God’s Holy World!:). I’m currently listening to the six ‘Rapture Readiness’ series and am so thankful for your preparation of it and that it has been archived for as long as God allows us this medium!

. John, you’ve taught me the importance of praying SPECIFICALLY for regions, territories, countries, and nations for the lost. A new level of praying also for me before I would ask the Father to guide all who need to know and be redeemed by You and that would be a manner in which my prayers would be uttered. What a blessing to have The Lord talk to me in this way…and the majesty of it all is that The Lord has His eye on all of us, wherever we are coming together collectively in like manner! Aren’t you just ever so grateful for this awesome purpose in your life that The Lord raised you up for!!! God Bless You!

. Lastly, you have introduced me to so many of God’s warriors and servants through the open discussion that allow you and Kenneth to impact so many and to bring to awareness that which affects us all as children of the King, and our brothers who yet are enslaved as we once were to the enemy. Tribulation Now Facebook always keeps current that which should be our focus of prayer and allows us to partake in both the suffering of humanity and in the redemptive glory which propels us all on…



Your sister in Christ!






3 thoughts on “TESTIMONIES

  1. I am so frustrated. I don’t understand the baptism of the Holy Spirit, though I believe I am saved. My church teaches that tongues is speaking in known languages, not unknown, and that gibberish is a trademark of paganism. The scriptures tell us that there was division over this gift, but not to dicourage it. Paul said that the one who speaks in tongues speaks to God, though he may not understand it with his mind. My desire is to know the reality of the Bastism of the Holy Spirit for myself, not in order to boast, but for intimacy with God. I ask for prayer that this wall will fall down! I want not only to mentally believe, but to experientially know Christ’s living presence, and something just seems to be missing for me. Am I making sense, or am I crazy? Thanks.

    1. Why not check this short teaching out and if you feel led consider getting the entire teaching. Last time I checked Pastor Sweet was only charging like cost of production (about $10) for this CD. I have it and its really great stuff. Forget what the churches say they have NO IDEA what they are talking about. More people sitting in today’s sickly churches will end up being cast into the Great Tribulation than we could ever imagine. Run TO GOD and run away from the “Church”. God bless you. Here is the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M21xwxAalY4

  2. One thing is for sure, Jesus is coming soon. I had a dream, and in the dream, I was praying in an upper room. The place started shaking, and I realized God was in the room. I couldn’t look at him directly, but I knew where He was seated in the room. The place was shaking, and there was a powerful presence of God in the room.
    In a moment, God spoke to me clearly and said, “Go and preach in cities and villages.”

    In my many years of ministry, I have had such an experience. This dream has ignited the passion in me to win souls to God.
    In Acts 20:20, Paul speaking to the elders of the church in Ephesus said that he did not keep back anything that was helpful but proclaimed it to them, and taught them publicly and from house to house.

    Thank you for your support of PIPES International. As the hands and feet of Jesus Christ, We will continue to spread the gospel and God’s love to all nations.

    Pastor Samuel Mwangi

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