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First Dream- Last year around summer

In this dream it started with many people around and God
seemed to be selecting people to do something because it was all about to start and I was
nervous hoping that he would select me. He did select me and it was some other things happening
in that moment with others that I witnessed in the dream but that part seemed
to be erased from my memory like I wasn’t supposed to know anything more just
what I’m supposed to do (like it was sealed). I then found myself in a magnificent
room with gold and silver and bright lights and crystal clear water which I went into and seemed
to have received some type of power and then the room was no more. Afterwards I was walking down a
mountain speaking with my wife telling her that it’s very important that she
believes and get saved right away, and I told her I had to go for a while and
that she needs to tell others also. After this I seen myself standing on a
seashore and saw numerous ships with different countries flags flying over them
like they were going to war. I then found myself in battle with a Fallen Angel fighting
in the air falling to the waters below in a very intense battle ending with me
defeating this fallen angel. Then the dreams has me at a school speaking with
different people warning them and letting them know I must go now to warn
others. Upon leaving a man comes and asks to travel with me. I asked him did he
believe in Jesus Christ and accept him as his Lord and Savior and informed him
of the trials we may face and he followed. As we were walking I stopped and
shook his hand for some reason and told him that at any point he may die but
that the Lord told me that he would be safe with him. Lastly, we came to a path that we
had to enter through and it was a very narrow path with a river beneath it with
dangers in the river. He asked me how would we get through because that was the
only way to go and suddenly what seemed to be a great presence passed in front
of us through the path, I then got on one knee, hit the ground, and separated the waters so we were
able to pass through and that was the end of the dream but the beginning of the end. I woke up and had this energy flowing threw me and shook my bed and woke my wife. Afterwards I glanced out the window for about an hour.

Next night  2nd Dream:

It started off with me going to stores stocking up on food and other items. It was me and friends and some other people I met along the way. Right when we where getting into the car I was taken into another vision outside the White House with a lot of what seemed power people around a table and Obama at the head. Next something appeared above him saying the laws will change now and he pointed towards the sky almost mocking. Afterwards things started to fall from the sky like asteroids towards the earth. Then I saw a few people leaving in the sky but I was told to stay behind to save the rest. The land became desolate like there was no good left in it and I went on my way saving those left behind. Each dream seemed to start right at or right prior to the final 3 1/2 years.

Last Dream a few days later

This dream was shorter! It started off with me being in a
place I didn’t know and people were going crazy because earthquakes, flood, and calamities were
happening everywhere. I was going house to house warning people and helping
them out. The next part I seen that waters started rising higher all around and I was
on a dock waiting and a boat arrived with military people on it. They would
take no one else and pointed at me to come only. As we sailed away things got worst and that part of the
land seemed to become swallowed up and people left behind but there was nothing I could do. The
Dream then jumped forward and I was in a city on top of a sky scraper and water
was up near the top of the buildings and I seen fire and smoke and other places
looking across the horizon. I was moving from building to building helping people and
checking on them but it was very few people left it seemed. After that I woke

In 2005/06 a Vision I had:

I was sleep in bed with my wife and woke up. At this time in
my life I was doing very bad things sin wise. When I woke up I saw a guy at the
foot of my bed glowing red skin in a grey suit smoking a cigarette. I couldn’t
move but I know I was awake. He was just stirring at me hard and it was very
piercing I must say. I couldn’t speak or anything so I closed my eyes and when
I opened them he was gone and a bright face was on the ceiling over where he
was standing which seemed like the face of Christ and I felt comforted in fell
back asleep. (End)

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