6 thoughts on “The Effects of a Rogue Planet

  1. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ . Brother , is the Navy map provided on your site authentic for sure? It reflects their prediction that much land will be inundated.h in the USA. how reliable are your sources?

    1. It has been my experience that 100% of all “human” sources have proven to be woefully inadequate. However when you get the same story from prophecies, dreams and visions of godly people over extremely long periods of time then it all starts to look very very likely. Not only is the US Navy “intelligence” level officers (according to some claims) handing out this map, but it matches prophecies, dreams and visions of many people going all the way back to the Joe Brandt dream of 1937 and many others alive even today. So in my opinion, because of these confirmation from multiple disparate sources, its very reliable. God bless you. – John

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