The Chuck Youngbrandt Encounter


(prior to reading this account)

One of the things that makes me hold this Youngbrandt encounter “at arms length” is that it does not line up with the Holy Bible “as I understand it”.  For example, when you read Revelation 17, and 18 you see America is completely destroyed by nuclear missiles (ref. Dimitru Duduman, Henry Gruver, AA Alan) in “one hour” AND you see that the other countries of the world are “surprised” and lament at the loss of America.  I don’t see any of this in the Youngbrandt encounter.
Another thing that troubles me is this idea that 4 cities are destroyed by a Russian “accidental” nuclear strike and so much more happens after that.  While this is possilbe, America’s devastation over those four cities being destroyed would be very noteworthy.  It’s reasonable to suggest that the entire economy of the country would be shut down as a result. Trucking and train lines would be closed and martial law would be enacted.   This series of events, while worth considering, should be tucked away as possible. However, there are clearly some feasibility issues with the events happening exactly as this timeline depicts.



Order of Events of the Tribulation – Chuck Youngbrandt

Order of events given to Chuck Youngbrandt on April 21, 1977 that appear to be a description mostly of the first half of the tribulation period….

First Year

1. Do not buy an air conditioner – get used to the heat.

2. Do buy gas cans and store white gas. (I assume white gas means propane).

3. Spring rain will be followed by summer heat and gas shortages.

4. The dollar will begin to slide in July. For this reason, crude oil imported to the United States will increase sharply and there will be gold value problems.

5. Temperature rise will begin in early June, (Chuck asked the Lord “when in early June?”  Jesus said, “June 9”) and climb in temperature reaching peak temperatures in July and this will hold all through July, August, and September followed by sudden and drastic temperature drop in October.

6. There will be no rain of any significance from mid-June and on.

7. Devestating Hurricane to hit New Orleans in September

8. The President will be in serious trouble by December.

9. Japan and China will become friends through economic agreements this year and arrange certain defense agreements that will seem aimed at Russia-but secretly aimed initially at the United States. This will be a great deception. The United States will fall for it. Japanese government will change character drastically in a visible way.

10. The angel of death awaits through this year.

13. Continue in faith. The Net of Prayer will grow steadily and then unexpectedly-be ready!

14. Do not fear. This year many will lose jobs and city and state governments will fail suddenly.

15. There will be serious economic crumbling. Psalm 37:39 quoted.

16. Disease will start from California and move east. Many left incapacitated.

17. From Georgia a plague to kill thousands as it spreads. Panic and fear will grip the nation.

18. Food riots will break out in August in many major cities.

19. Food costs to soar, availability declines, quality poor, hoarding magnifies the problems.

20. Government tries, but fails to instill confidence.

21. Those who rebel against God will also rebel against government and hundreds of thousands will want for food and starvation begins. Psalm 37:35 quoted.

22. Heat is unbearable. No rain. Multitudes curse God but those touched by love of Christ will repent and God will spare them.  Psalm 53:1 quoted.

23. Power outs caused by heat. Fuel shortage grows worse.

24. Riots and deliberate destruction by enraged individuals and extremist groups aiming at overthrow of the government. Proverbs 3:25, 26 quoted.

25. Local police will fail to deal with violence and State troupes will be called out and in some areas, the violence will be so severe that Federal troops and tanks will have to be called out. Psalm 125:1 quoted.

26. In December Russia will “accidentally” nuke 4 American cities, Lexington, KY, Richmond, VA, Columbia, SC and just north of New York City. The U.S. Counter attacks and hits three Russian cities.

Second year of events.

1. January, northern Iowa will be struck by a strong tremor. Thirty days later a massive quake will strike Boston area followed by a wave of quakes, leveling blows clear across the nation. “My prophets will be sent out across the Nation and My call to repent in late spring,” sayeth the Lord! Psalm 37:27, 28 quoted. (note, these prophets I believe are the 144,000 after the later rain is poured out in late spring)

2. Little winter snow but intense cold and little heat in most American homes.

3. In some places too much snow–in others none. Severe winds add to cold.

4. Power diverted to major institutions, hospitals, entertainment centers.

5. Food lines and economy near collapse. United States crude oil imports cut off by most oil producers. Japan becomes China’s ally. Psalm 146:3 quoted.

6. Chicago temperatures minus 40 degrees to minus 46 degrees below zero during coldest temperatures of winter. Upwards of 80% of homes in area will be without heat after a month of intense cold. Many will freeze to death.  With little food, intense cold and fear everywhere, life will be intolerable to those who do not know Jesus.

7. Suicide will become common. City services will break down and fail in mid-winter. Fires will burn unchecked.

8. The dead will fall in the streets and lie in the streets. Disease will flourish and kill tens of thousands. The nation will reap the seed it has sown in itself. Psalm 147:6 quoted.

9. Over half the nations employed will be without work and the dollar will be worthless.

10. Canada will be in sad shape-but not as bad off as the United States. Mexico and Canada will seal their borders, and set a quota on how many United States citizens can ‘move over’.

11. Winter will end abruptly in April with warm days and sun. It will be very pleasant and many will think ‘it’s over’ but the land is parched and last year’s crop failures will deepen this year. Rivers and lakes will dry up this year and temperatures will rise to over 120 degrees F. by Mid-May. (From another source there is a plan for bodies of water to be diverted to underground cisterns for use of the government living in underground bunkers by the time this thing is happening too.)

12. In some other places, rainfall will be so heavy, that flooding and destruction will be unavoidable. Other areas will be ripped by numberless tornadoes and hurricanes, and waves of tremors will shake the land, followed by outbreaks of disease and fear – hate spawned destruction.

13. Famine will continue. The government will establish a special economic arrangement and food distribution program, but early crop failures, mixed with unending disasters, will crush all hope. Corruption in government will destroy confidence. No rain. Intense heat. People will stay indoors in fear.

14. Everything is failing. Only the Christians have the strength to act, and the Hand of God will be clearly visible to all in the Christian communities. Many will be saved in this time; but many others will curse God, knowing full well why this has befallen them. This will be the year of “Fear, Pain, and Misery’ for those who reject Christ.  Psalm 149:4 quoted.

15. Sin will grow to its deepest even in the midst of judgment, with the call to repentance the loudest, with visible signs and wondrous miracles and the mercy and love of Jesus reaching to all.

16. Multitudes will reject Christ in knowing ways and the depths of depravity and abominable behavior will stun even the most compassionate. Persecution will also reach a high in this year, and in many states with government approval. Jesus said: “My Prophets and messengers will be abused and hated and injured and killed.”

17. The wrath of God up to this point was much blended with God’s mercy; but now the wrath of God will burn hot. His fury will be unleashed in a terrible way. Psalm 125:3 quoted.

18. The giant earthquake strikes the mid-west, literally the whole continent is shaken by the intensity of the earthquake. The mid-western United Sates is devastated.  (note, according to other pages this happens at noon on July 5 of the second year of this scenario which if you read Revelation 18 it seems to indicate something like a meteor hitting water that would relate to this.)

19. The Russians and Chinese (Japan is a tag-along) have been formulating contingency plans to deal with the United States, plans aiming at long range ‘wearing down’ of the United States that require close co-operation. Although they review the possibility of war, neither power wants to risk war until there is no risk. Both agree that the United States is not to be taken intact–but is to be destroyed after weakened. The massive earthquake happens at this time, and with great excitement they both see that the United States defenses are down.

20. It appears to be the opportunity they have looked for. Under the guise of helping us recover, they immediately begin to set into motion a plan of attack. Thirty days after the mid-western United States earthquake, the Lord sends His angels to warn HIs children to flee- and 7 days later, Russia and China press the buttons, launching a full thermonuclear attack on the United States. (This would equate to August 11, 2006 if what I mentioned above are true.

21. The U.S. Navy and U.S. Air forces are dealt death blows. Major cities are destroyed. The United States returns a hard punch at Russia-much to their surprise. Russia weathers the counter attack with strength and within two months invades. Russian amphibious and airborne troops invade the east coast of the United States at five points; two points North of New York City and three points south of New York City. Southern Florida and parts of Louisiana and Alabama are under water and cease to exist.

22. The U.S. Army fights hard and manages to contain the Russian invasion points; but then heavy Russian attacks break out of one bridgehead and they sweep towards the destroyed Philadelphia area.  U.S. Armies are threatened from the rear, attempts to stem the Russian advance fail.

23. The President and the government abandon Washington, D.C.  U.S. Armies retreat to a defense line being set up in the Appalachian Mountains. Japan, an uneasy ally at first is greatly encouraged by the course of the war. Japan moves quickly with China and a month after the Russian invasion of the east coast Chinese troops with Japanese troops invade the west coast of the United States. (note, he says October 21 is the date of the first invasion so the second must be in November for west coast).

24. The invasion happens at three widely separated points on California and Washington state coastlines. At first, the U.S. Armed forces stop them: One Chinese invasion beach-head near San Francisco, is wiped out but then with considerable strength the Chinese and Japanese crush the U.S. defense and sweep inland. Russia invades and annexes Alaska and slaughters much of the population deliberately.

25. Hawaii surrenders to Japan intact and China jointly occupies with Japan. The U.S. Army is pressed back on every front. Washington, D.C. a ruined city falls into Russian hands. The President and government move west and set up the seat of government in Kansas and Dakotas.  The U.S. industrial base is largely destroyed although smaller factories are opening up in small towns everywhere.

26. A severe fuel shortage cripples every effort. The U.S. Air Force is outnumbered and out classed; and Russian and Chinese aircraft control the skies over every battlefield.  The U.S. Navy is destroyed or surrendered. The President tries to arrange peace terms; but neither Russia, China, nor Japan will respond and the war goes on.

27. All now smell the blood of the United States and are closing in ‘for the kill’. France, Great Britain and Italy form a coalition alliance, and U.S. Armies are asked to leave Europe, Spain, West Germany, Holland, Sweden, Luxembourg, Norway, and Portugal become loose allies in a mutual defense pact.  Here the Lord does not make it clear (it seems vague to me, with a lack of definition) yet the Lord makes it clear that western Europe will not be involved in the war and will elect to stay out of the war and will remain neutral.  Psalm 127:1 quoted.

28. North Korea will attack South Korea.

29. China attacks Taiwan.

30. Stock market crashes in July.

31.Great inflation, massive food shortages, massive unemployment, starvation starts.

32. Chicago destroyed completely by a major earthquake. Lake Michigan will plummet the city. 62 million will die because of this earthquake felt 500 miles around the city.

33. 80% of the homes in America will be without heat in the winter time and with little food, millions will starve to death.

34. Food riots will start in August.

Third year begins.

Chicago is completely destroyed by an earthquake…

1. Jesus calls this winter: ‘Harsh and Horrible’. Another bitter cold winter with more hardships than ever before. Cold, death, and destruction prevail. During winter, Russian and Chinese-Japanese armies are stopped respectively in the Appalachian Mountain range and the Rocky Mountain range. The U.S. Army and the U.S. Air force recover some strength and launch desperate attacks aimed at driving Russian armies out. The Russians hold the ground they have taken.

2. Russia hits several places with nuclear devices but now refrains from over use of nuclear weapons. U.S. Army is hungry and cannot re-equip like the enemy forces; and our supplies dwindle in battles; and losses cannot be replaced. In the Spring of the third year, Russia, China and Japan will launch coordinated attacks. Russia will break through at two points in the north and south, while China and Japan will break through at three points. Russia will move swiftly against bitter resistance, driving west and southwest. Attempts by the U.S. Army to establish a line of defense fail. Russians advance rapidly into Iowa-Missouri areas. Their deepest penetration happens in Kansas before the war ends.

3. Fighting hard, the U.S. Army and government is encircled in the central United States and attacked without mercy. The invaders attack and slaughter U.S. Armed forces and the U.S. Army collapses.  Many surrender, many run to the hills and much of the government gives up. No surrender is ever signed: there is a general collapse of organized resistance.

4. Late Spring into early Summer, all major fighting will cease and Russian, Chinese, and Japanese soldiers with their allies will dance and sing for joy. For the United States is destroyed and occupied. There will be no slaughter in the mainland as in Alaska. Very many soldiers and civilians of the United States will be taken to Russia and eastern Europe to work as slave labor at rebuilding destroyed cities. Later many will be allowed to return home, although not all will come back.

5. The Chinese will not at first take prisoners: after meeting bitter resistance, they will change this policy. Russia, China, and Japan will strip the land of industrial tools, machinery, and goods.  Only Russia will take large numbers as slaves. China will take scientists and technicians. The occupying armies will leave populated areas largely intact, using local people to extract raw materials and goods, such as are available. No effort to rebuild or restore the nation will be allowed.

6. God will, by the Holy Spirit, bring or cause the occupying armies to have compassion on the Holy seed, the remnant, the Christians. Nevertheless, persecution will begin once Russian, Chinese, and Japanese communist officials or commissars replace army officers. Late in the first year of occupation the drought will begin to ease, and temperatures will also ease somewhat. The world will be in great fear of this Russian, China, and Japan union.

7. Canada is intact, although suffering from famine, bad weather, and disease. War will come to them later, and much of the nation will be destroyed.

8. The Japanese and Chinese alliance grows stronger and fast. Russia is now becoming afraid of them, even though Russia is stronger. Russian oil resources decline seriously and there is severe trouble in the nation. China and Japan move to block the Russian threat to Israel, and now a much stronger European alliance joints to back Israel also. Russian power is in a state of decline. Russia tries to take Israel, war breaks out. China and Japan, joined with Western Europe, engage Russia (to Russia’s surprise). Russia is overwhelmed and destroyed utterly as a world power.

9. Israel survives.

10. At this point, the Leader of the Land-Jeffrey–emerges.  Christians suffer severe persecution in Jeffrey’s town, as elsewhere.  Jeffrey takes his family and flees into the hills and joins an Army band of guerillas.  Jeffrey remembers the Lord’s words, and leads an attack on a Russian military base.  It is a miserable failure, with over half his unit killed. The Lord sends Chuck and Cliff to Jeffrey. Jeffrey returns to the hills in fear and anger. Jeffrey prays and fasts. We arrive with the Lord’s word. Jeffrey takes up arms in obedience to God and goes. Russians, terror stricken, flee before the Leader of the Land and his small band. Depots of arms and equipment are left behind, in tact. Christian Russians quit the Russian army and join with Christian Americans, forming a Christian army. A mighty move of the Holy Spirit begins to sweep the land. Psalm 126:3 quoted.

11. The year starts out with an earthquake in northern Iowa (January) followed by another one in Boston and then they become very common throughout the year.

12. In late spring God’s prophets will go across the land, calling people to repentance, many will repent.

13. Oil imports are cut off.

14. Mexico and Canada restrict how many Americans can cross over.

15. At this time persecution of Christians will go wild with government approval.

16. From the notes I received the great Chicago earthquake is listed for this year as well as during the month of July, so I don’t know.

17. The Mississippi river spreads and wipes out all the cities in its path. Thirty days later angels will tell the Christians where to flee, and seven days after, an all out nuclear attack will hit America. At this time in Florida most of the southern half from Orlando south will go under the ocean. Two months later the Russians invade landing at Slaughter Beach, Delaware moving into Philadelphia where no one is alive from 3 neutron bombs. They also land at San Francisco, Astoria Oregon (Japanese) Russians (Alaska, who kill everyone there they find). Hawaii will surrender to the Japanese.

Chuck saw busts of Karl Marx set up in churches and people worshipped him. This begins a seven-year occupation. Children will be sold for food. Witches and homosexuals will hunt Christians for food, cannibalism! Nearing the end of this occupation Americans were put on trains, told they were going to re-education camps and taken to slaughter-houses where they are processed for food.

All totaled, 70% of Americans will have died.

P.S. Within a matter of days after receiving this revelation of ‘Events’, the Lord revealed that the occupation would last for seven years.

There are 5 safe zones: NE Washington, North N. Dakota, NE NY State, N. Arkansas and N. Florida



1st Year:
–Great heat starting in June with no rain from June on. Drastic drop of temperatures in October.
–Gasoline prices go up, shortage.
–Gold prices go down.
–Economic upheavals, job losses.
–Japan and China become friends.
–Church will continue as before, rejecting God’s word.
–Disease will start in California and move east. Plague spreads from Georgia, panic and fear grip nation.
–Food riots break out in August.
–Power outages caused by Heat.
–Rioting, troops called out.
2nd Year:
–In January, north Iowa struck by strong tremor – 30 days later a massive earthquake hits Boston (or Washington) area followed by a wave of quakes delivering blows all across the land.
–Prophets will be sent out in late spring.
–Little heat in most American homes.
–Rationing of electrical power – Chicago temperatures fall to -40 to -42 degrees.
–Food lines – economy near collapse.
–Oil imports cut off by most producers.
–Japan becomes China’s ally.
–50% of American’s will lose jobs.
–Crop failures, rivers and lakes dry up. Temperatures will rise to over 120 degrees by mid May.
–Numerous tornadoes and hurricanes.
–Famine will continue.
–Christians who love God will flourish; food multiplied, dead raised, etc.
–Persecution will increase.
–In September a giant earthquake will strike the midwest (Chicago). 30 days later the Lord sends His angels to warn His people to flee. 7 days later Russia and China attack. Full nuclear attack. Navy and Air Force are dealt death blows. Major cities are destroyed. US responds with hard punch at Russia but in 2 months Russia invades US. Occupation will last 7 years.
–WWIII – Iran attacks Dhahran with nuclear weapons (US military there). North Korea attacks South Korea. Japan shaking. Taiwan invaded by China. The Philippines turn blood red.
–3 volcanoes erupt on the west coast. 1 in Washington and 2 in California.