Rapture Warning Flyers!


The following PDF can be downloaded and printed out on any basic computer printer.  50 sheets of paper yeilds 100 flyers that can be placed on car windsheilds in church parking-lots on Sundays in your local town.

Help wake-up the “sheep” and get them “sin free” in time for the Rapture (rescue mission) of the Bride of Jesus Christ.

Download PDF of Rapture Imminent Flyers HERE.



This is an easy to print 2 page informational flyer that can be left around town in restaurants, or even on car windshields.  This is highly informative, covers a number of “in-depth” subjects, and points people to compelling testimony such as Choo Thomas’ “Heaven is So Real” and Angelica Zambrano’s “Prepare to Meet Your God” video.  God Bless You Jerry for this contribution.

PDF File: Are We In the Last Days? HERE.




10 thoughts on “Rapture Warning Flyers!

  1. Rapture is coming soon 1 to 10 % church will be raptured lift up to enter The Kingdom of Jesus. The balance will suffer in the Tribulation ( Anti Christ ) will lead the economic crises, Jesus is coming to restore all.

  2. Rapture is coming soon 1 to 10 % church will lift it up to enter the Kingdom of Jesus.
    The balance will be on suffering on Tribulation until Jesus comes to restore all this world same as the Kingdom of Heavenly Father. Thought Shares

  3. question what happens to innocent christian children and babies also what happens to innocent children who have not been baptized. the early church debated this hotly could an unbaptized (child) go to heaven. Its a hard one.

    1. They are in Heaven. The early church Fathers were not empowered with the study tools we have today, or the Internet, or access to the testimonials of people who have been taken to Heaven and saw them there. Not to mention Mark 16:16-18 is greatly misunderstood.

    2. All children are innocent & automatically go to heaven up to a certain age of accountability. I’m not sure, but approximately age 9 I think–someone else may know for sure. A few visions I saw videos of–the person saw demons attacking children about age 10 that had not been raptured. And MANY children had been left behind about that age. Be sure your children know, or pray nonstop that they are saved prior to rapture!!

  4. I had an accident that caused trauma to he left side of my face, including my eye. I have the opportunity and funds (through family) to correct through surgery. Would it be foolish to pursue plastic surgery as we are so near the resurrection/rapture? My christian friend says it is not a sin to go on with life, and wants me to do it. My family is tired of either seeing me this way or tired of seeing me sad about it, but they are all LDS. I know spirit is more important but I am tired of hiding and it could possibly be another year or two before the rapture right?

    1. We have to continue with our lives in holiness and righteousness as we wait upon the Lord. Yes of course seek medical attention there nothing wrong with that praise Jesus

  5. Hi, you are doing an amazing job here warning people and telling them about Christ. I believe though you have been deceived like I was thinking there is a rapture before the tribulation. The tribulation is different from the wrath of God, satan is tricking people to believe that we will get to go before we suffer for Christ. Check out Steven Anderson’s video’s on Revelation he does a really good job of explaining the scriptures on this. God bless you!

    1. Thank you, I am on the same thought with that rapture thing. Pentecostal churches especially teach that (I was raised in my grandfather’s own P church) but I noticed at an early age that their rants did not line up with scripture. My grandpa would talk circles around anyone who asked for clarity.

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