Holy Declarations

holy declarations

The Power of Christ Is IN You
Declare the Power of God Upon You

Holy Declarations

“I DECLARE the abundant grace of God to surround me throughout the day in Jesus name”
“I DECLARE the Crystal River of Life to wash my Soul scars away from me in Jesus name”
“I DECLARE the blood of the Lamb of God to wash my robe white and Sanctify me”
“I DECLARE no weapon raised against me shall prosper, neither earthly nor spiritual, 
for who can be against me if God is for me” “Thank you holy Father and mighty king Yeshua 
for this Day. Help me bring just one more to the gates of the Kingdom. I am your bond servant, you are my God”



Ps 75:9

9 But I will declare forever,
I will sing praises to the God of Jacob.

Heb 2:12

I will declare Your name to My brethren;
In the midst of the assembly I will sing praise to You.”

John 14:12-13

12 “Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father. 13 And whatever you ask in My name, that I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.


John 16:12-15

12 “I still have many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now. 13 However, when He, the Spirit of truth, has come, He will guide you into all truth; for He will not speak on His own authority, but whatever He hears He will speak; and He will tell you things to come. 14 He will glorify Me, for He will take of what is Mine and declare it to you. 15 All things that the Father has are Mine. Therefore I said that He will take of Mine and declare it to you.

Rememberance of Sin
Wash the Soul Scars Away with the Crystal River of Life

The Demons will “buffet” you and make you feel unworthy by injecting “fiery darts” into your heart about the things which you have done in your past.  JESUS has taken your sins away because you have surrendered to HIM as your LORD and SAVIOR.   The demons have no right to you. Cleanse yourself of your rememberance of you sinful past.  Wash the “Soul Scars” away forever.  This takes time. Keep singing praise.  Keep DECLARING this before God.




Scar tissue of the soul, also known as hardness of the heart, makes the monster personality.  It destroys Spiritual Rapport with God and harmonious rapport in marriage.  It destroys Marriage Intimacy Love between the Right Man and Right Woman, leads to Christian degeneracy, and is likely the leading cause of divorce.  If unchecked by the divine solution, it can lead to psychosomatic pain, homosexuality, psychosis, and the psychopathic personality.





A Description of Scar Tissue


A Brief Explanation

Scar tissue of the soul is also called hardness of the heart, the uncircumcised heart, and stubbornness of heart.  It is a divine judgment of the soul that restricts capacity for life and love.  Unlike divine discipline that produces temporary suffering with no lasting side effects,scar tissue of the soul leaves a debilitating loss of capacity for life or love.  However, since it is part of the soul’s immaterial essence like emotion, it has no known physical properties.  However, it does restrict the capacity of the soul.  It blocks Spiritual light, which leads to affinity to the Cosmic System as well as soulish and physical ailments.  Psychosis and psychopathic personality are examples of scar tissue of the soul.  Although behavior can be altered by psychotherapy and psychiatric drugs, the only cure for such problems is the divine solution, which requires Rebound and application of Bible Doctrine.

Scar tissue of the soul destroys Spiritual Rapport with God and Marriage Intimacy Love.  It is called hardness of heart because it causes insensitivity in personal relationships.  Like callouses, which destroy the sensitivity of touch, scar tissue of the soul makes the soulinsensitive.  Since intimacy requires sensitivity, scar tissue wipes out intimate love relationships.  Although sensuality may be substituted, it will not satisfy the soul.  Only true love will provide contentment.  Illicit alternatives will produce frustration and stress, but they will never provide contentment.

Scar tissue of the soul destroys the love between Right Man and Right Woman while amplifying the attraction of paramours.  It is the primary reason Right Man and Right Woman lose their love for each other.  It explains why some partners become lascivious and seek relationships outside marriage, and why some seek medication to overcome their impotence while others complain of frigidity.  It explains why women can’t have orgasms, and men lack capacity for sexual life.  Scar tissue is the culprit, but getting rid of it is no simple matter.

It is God who hardens the heart – i.e. He delivers the judgment of scar tissue of the soul.  For example, homosexuality is the behavior that results from God judging a person with scartissue of the soul.  Scar tissue of the soul is not sin, and Rebound will not remove it.  What’s more, scar tissue is so much a part of a person’s soul that it is not separately identifiable – i.e. the person with scar tissue doesn’t know he has it.  However, there are clues which indicate the presence of scar tissue.  Among these are insensitivity, loss of love in marriage, and logic reversals such as thinking bad is good and good is bad.  Those who engage in sex outside of marriage for sure have a severe case of scar tissue of the soul.  And those who refuse to Rebound are doomed to be the slaves of scar tissue of the soul.

Criminality, alcoholism, drug addiction, psychosis, homosexuality, and eating disorders, all are fueled by scar tissue of the soul.  The problems are a rejection of the Plan of God and the resulting divine judgment for rejection of the Spiritual solution.  The problems are not hereditary but volitional.  Every person must decide to do these things.  Scar tissue of thesoul makes them attractive, whereas, a rational person would reject them.  However, a person in the darkness of the Cosmic System is not always rational.  When scar tissue is present, the senses are dulled and harmful activities become tempting.

True Love Relationships

True Love RelationshipsGod is the source of human life.  Every human soul is sustained by Spiritual life energy from the control room in Heaven.  When a person believes in Jesus Christ, the person is also given a human spirit to which is imputed the Righteousness of God and Eternal Life.  The soul withoutscar tissue is capable of having a true love relationship with God, which is also called Spiritual Rapport.  In Spiritual Rapport, there will be no hindrance to the human life energy from God.  The human life energy will come into the soulfrom the top of the head, flow through the body, and exit the feet.  The human life energy will give light to the souland to the body.

There are at least three life line connections along the center of the cranium.   The main life line enters the top center of the head and goes through the brain stem and spinal column.  The front life line goes through the frontal lobes, the face, and genitals.  The back life line goes through the cerebellum (which controls balance), down the back side of the body and to the anus.  The main life line corresponds to the Z-axis, which is the authority relationship with God.  The front life line corresponds to the positive Y-axis, which is for personal love relationships, e.g. personal love for God and personal love of Right Man for Right Woman.  The back life line corresponds to the negative Y-axis, which is for impersonal love relationships with all mankind.  The person in Spiritual Rapport will love God and express personal love for Right Man or Right Woman while impersonal love will be expressed for wrong man or wrong woman.

Scar Tissue of the Soul

Scar Tissue of the SoulScar tissue of the soul is illustrated by a band of blue, purple, and green light, although there are perhaps many other bands in a layer of scar tissue.  Green represents the trend of the soul toward lawlessness or lasciviousness.  Blue represents the trend toward legalism.  Even a soul with inclinations toward lasciviousness will be covered with the blue facade of self-righteousness, which is legalism.  Hardness of heart describes the blue layer, but beneath every blue layer is a green one.  The purple layer illustrates pride and jealousy, which fuels the split into moral (blue) and immoral (green) degeneracy.  There are other trends of scar tissue, such as worry, which would be represented by red, and darkness, which would be illustrated by gray or black.  Thus, scar tissue may include the complete rainbow of colors that illustrate a category of sin and evil of the soul.

Scar tissue of the soul, however, is not the same as the Old Sin Nature, which is the motivation to sin.  Every cell of the body contains the Old Sin Nature.  In the absence of the Filling of the Holy Spirit, the Old Sin Nature will motivate the thinking and sin will control the life.  Scar tissue of the soul will add fuel to the fire of the soul under the control of the Old Sin Nature.  However, the power of scar tissue of the soul will be thwarted by the Filling of the Holy Spirit.

Since the thinking of scar tissue of the soul rejects God, scar tissue affords easy access to the soul for Satan and his demons.  Those who yield to the power of scar tissue of the soulwill be easily influenced by Satan’s Cosmic System.  The person with scar tissue will readily accept doctrines of demons and succumb to pressure from the Cosmic System to become a cosmic evangelist and do the devil’s bidding.  The behavior associated with scar tissue of thesoul will be contrary to the thinking of Christ.  Scar tissue of the soul, therefore, has hooks into the Cosmic System for demon control.

Scar tissue of the soul knocks out the true love relationships with God as well as Right Man or Right Woman.  The person under the influence of scar tissue of the soul will be passionately attracted to a paramour while being devoid of love for Right Man or Right Woman.  The attraction to the paramour is coupled with rejection of true love.  The person with scar tissue of the soul will go for the bait of a paramour and forget the love of Right Man or Right Woman.  When the temptation arises, scar tissue of the soul clouds the thinking and weakens the individual so that a cheap substitute becomes attractive.  When tests are not passed, temptation follows.  When temptation occurs in a person with scartissue of the soul, the result is almost always succumbing to the temptation rather than having the power to resist.  The one who cannot resist temptation will not be able to resist Satan and his demons.  Scar tissue of the soul leaves a person vulnerable to the devil’s lie and desirous of experiencing evil.

Scar tissue of the soul hardens the various parts of the heart (right lobe of the soul) such as conscience, memory storage and retrieval, values, judgment, and viewpoint.  Scar tissue also hinders the circulation of Bible Doctrine in the stream of consciousness.  Scar tissue of thesoul is very similar in its effect on the soul to the effects of physical brain damage.  However, it is possible to recover from scar tissue of the soul, whereas physical brain damage may be permanent.

Scar tissue of the soul leads to Blackout of the Soul in which the frontal lobes are darkened and to hardness of the heart in which the influence of legalism covers the heart (right lobe).  The problems in the soul can easily be transmitted into the body.  The blue cerebellum illustrates the problem that scar tissue of the soul creates along the negative Y-axis.  True love of Right Man or Right Woman will be rejected.  Other problems associated with legalism from scar tissue include problems with the balance, hemorrhoids, and constipation.  Black out of the Soul is a problem with the positive Y-axis.  Blacked out frontal lobes are associated with slavery to the details of life, affinity to doctrines of demons, and the absence of Right Man or Right Woman in the thinking.  Resulting problems may be mental (e.g. confusion and lowered intelligence) and physical (e.g. psychosomatic pain, and problems with the viscera, stomach, intestines, and sexuality).  Blackout of the Soul is analogous to not being able to stomach something, digest it, or separate from it.  Blackout of the Soul is the soulish expression of indigestion.

Cosmic Degeneracy

Cosmic DegeneracyScar tissue of the soul blocks out the Spiritual human life energy from filling the soul.  Beneath the scar tissue will be darkness in the frontal lobes and heart.  The darkness in the frontal lobes creates an affinity to the Cosmic System through mataiotes, the vacuum in the soul.  Satan and his demons will have access to the soul through the vacuum to instill their doctrines of demons from Ecumenical Babylon.  Legalistic arrogance will reject the authority of God and succumb to the power of the Cosmic Babylon.  True love will be replaced by Political Babylon, which will accept a cheap substitute for Right Man or Right Woman.  At the same time, legalism along the negative Y-axis will reject the true love for Right Man or Right Woman.

Scar tissue knocks out true love and amplifies pseudo love.

Scar tissue of the soul wipes out the true love of the heart (the right lobe of the soul).  Not only does scar tissue reduce capacity for life, it also weakens capacity for love.  When love loses its strength, there will be vulnerability to temptation.  Minor attractions can be big problems to a person with scar tissue.  Those with scar tissue lack resilience and become a pushover to minor temptations.  Yielding to temptation, leads to reversionism.  The person who succumbs to temptation will quickly fall to the lowest level of reversionism.  Scartissue, therefore, is a metric of reversionistic behavior.  As the scar tissue is increased, the level of degeneracy in reversionism deepens.

The darkness in the soul from scar tissue makes it impossible to see the problem.  It takes light (or enlightenment) to discern a problem.  Without light, the person with scar tissue is like a blind person who cannot see his faults.

Scar tissue cannot be seen in self.

Scar tissue in the frontal lobes causes logic to be reversed.  Good becomes bad and bad appears good.  False appears true and true appears false.  The person with scar tissue doesn’t know what his problem is.  Psychiatry has various names for soul problems and the resulting dementia, e.g. psychosis, neurosis, psychopathy.  Scar tissue of the soul in Biblical terminology is the problem.  The person with scar tissue loses the grip on reality.  What may start as lies may lead to believing one’s own lies.  The liar who believes his own lies has scartissue of the soul.  He doesn’t know there is a problem any more than a psychotic knows where unreality begins.  In the early stages, the excursions into unreality may be temporary.  But, if the divine solution is rejected, scar tissue may build up enough to force wider and wider emotional swings until the soul cannot return to reality.

Another example of reversed logic is homosexuality or lesbianism.  Homosexuality is the result of hardness of the heart, or scar tissue of the soul (Romans 1:26-27).  The scar tissue is due to the judgment of God.  Homosexuality then follows based upon a person’s decision to sin in violation of Marriage Culture.  Scar tissue of the soul makes members of the same sex attractive, which is contrary to nature.  Scar tissue of the soul reverses mental logic due to darkness in the frontal lobes (Blackout of the Soul).

The Divine Solution

Rebound and the Filling of the Holy Spirit will neutralize the power of scar tissue of the soul until the believer sins again.  Upon sinning, the Old Sin Nature will immediately take control of the soul and yield to the power of the scar tissue.  The Christian who alternates between the Filling of the Holy Spirit and carnality is like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  When scar tissue of the soul is allowed to rule the soul, the Christian may become a monster.

The carnal Christian under the control of scar tissue of the soul may become a monster.

Rebound is the first step toward recovery.  The only way to overcome the subtle illusions ofscar tissue of the soul, however, is to execute the Spiritual Life.  Execution of the Spiritual Life demands the daily metabolization of Bible Doctrine and deployment of the Problem Solving Devices.  Whereas, metabolization of Bible Doctrine is necessary for Spiritual growth, it is not the means of removal of scar tissue.  Only God can remove scar tissue of the soul because it came from divine discipline in the first place.  Scar tissue is like a judicial sentence that must be fulfilled.  God will remove scar tissue from the soul when the believer submits to His authority and responds to divine discipline.  Suffering is usually the means of removing scar tissue.  When  divine discipline or suffering are ridden out in the Filling of the Holy Spirit, the discipline or suffering will be converted to blessing and scar tissue will be removed.  When the sentence is fulfilled, there will be the promotion of more grace.

Recovery from scar tissue demands that Rebound be used immediately after sinning.  Otherwise, going into reversionism can leave more scar tissue on the soul.  In order to advance spiritually, the believer must be willing to admit his sins to God.  Rejecting Rebound will take the carnal believer deeper into reversionism and away from Spiritual Maturity.

To overcome scar tissue of the soul:  Rebound and keep moving!

Even in Spiritual Maturity, which is the adult phase of the Spiritual Life, the Christian can have scar tissue of the soul.  David’s sins with Bathsheba came after he had reached Spiritual Maturity.  When David neglected Rebound, the Old Sin Nature took control of his soul and scar tissue overpowered his behavior so that he yielded to the temptation of adultery.  In adultery he was the pawn of Satan as the goddess of love.  After his adultery David still refused to Rebound and his scar tissue influenced him to have Uriah murdered.  As a murderer, David was the pawn of Satan, the god of war.


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  1. Just wanted to say Praise GOD! Thank you, I have a lot of studying to do. This is wonderful information on your website. GOD bless you!!

  2. Great stuff.Where did you get this information from?
    Anyway it helped me a lot to understand the source of my problems. GBU for posting this.

  3. After having read about soul scars, i notice that my marriage have scar tissue. How do i pray for the soul scars to be removed? Me and my hubby find it hard to have intimacy together for quite sometime now. We always argue over little things and can’t see eye to eye on alot of things. Please help and thanks

  4. I praise our God and wonderful Savior Jesus Christ. Our God is an awesome God. I’m so thankful and give glory to His name for leading me to your site, John. I’ve learned so much spiritual understanding from the articles you’ve posted. Yes, giving up on every thing and making Him first place in your life, leads you to understanding because of the wisdom He has given you. Confessing and repenting our sins right away with sincerity, we received forgiveness of our sins. A broken heart He will not despise. Oh, how I love our Lord with all my heart. He is so good. Glory to His name forever and ever through endless ages. Thank you, my Lord and my God. Hallelujah, amen.

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