Jesus, a White Kitten & a Model-T



 A Glimpse of Heaven

Victoria Boyson 

Your heavenly Father is yearning to give you insight into what He has prepared for you, showing you more of the delights of your eternal life with Him in His home. Drawing you nearer to the reality of who you really are in Him.

My Journey

The Lord told me He had something He wanted to show me – I took his hand and suddenly I was in the spirit atop a great hill in heaven. He was happy to be able show me His favored landscape and the hills of His home. It was all so breathtaking. You could stand in one spot and look for miles in all directions enjoying the beautiful hills. He was pleased with my delight.

Then, we walked down the hill toward a grove of large trees. To my surprise, He showed me a tunnel formed by the trees that had grown there. They had grown intertwining together to form a tunnel that almost blocked out the light. It seemed endless and although we did not walk the distance of it, He told me it went all the way to the other side of the valley we were in.

As we exited the tunnel, I saw a small pond near the grove of trees. I asked the Lord if we could stop and look at the fish – there were very large gold fish that were absolutely beautiful. I asked if I could hold one and as He agreed, a large fish came up to where I stood at the edge and stared up at me as if it were offering itself to me like a kitten or dog wanting to be held. Picking it up, I pet its golden scales as it looked up at me.

The Lord was happy I enjoyed it so much and pointed out a turtle near by. He scooped it up and handed it to me when I returned the fish. I held it and turned it over to touch its very smooth belly. Neither the turtle nor the fish were the least bit afraid of me and seemed to enjoy being held and petted. The animals seemed to accept me without fear or hesitation, as if there purpose, even their joy, was to be enjoyed.

While exploring the pond and all it’s wildlife, it suddenly started to rain. I knew that on Earth we needed rain, but wondered why it would need to rain in heaven, so I asked Him.

He said, “We just like it because it’s fun.” Isn’t that great?


What A Surprise

We walked around the base of a ravine and Jesus seemed excited to reveal a surprise He had in store for me. As we rounded the corner of the ravine, He smiled and said, “Look at that!” He was pointing to what seemed to be a brand new Model T Ford.

It was a stunning convertible in burgundy-red with leather seats and wooden accents as new as if it were just made yesterday.

I was delighted and surprised and said, “You have cars in heaven? Why, when you can transport by thought or desire?”

He smiled at me with His beautiful broad smile and said, “I just like it!”

He then took me for a ride and I had anticipated a drive through the beautiful landscapes of heaven with my dearest Lord. But suddenly, He took off and we were flying in the air. We passed right over beautiful vibrant people and, as we flew over them, I waved at them and they waved and yelled back at me, “Hello, Victoria!”

As we flew, He told me to look in the back seat. When I turned to look, I saw a pile of huge opulent pearls about an inch in diameter. I picked up the biggest handful I could gather and just held them in my hands. They were so luminous and beautiful. He told me I could have as many as I liked.

Again, He told me to look in the back seat, but when I looked this time I saw the sweetest little kitten – so darling with little white feet.

I asked Him, “What do you call it?”

“Socks” He said.

I snuggled with the kitten up to my face and I asked if I could have it and he laughed and said, “Well…you can hold it.”

It was interesting to me that without my even asking, He gave me as many pearls as I wanted, but would not let me keep His kitten, He valued it so much.

We flew over several more canyons and beautiful ravines and saw wonderful places for countless adventures (you could not possibly get bored there). We saw people down in the ravines enjoying the landscape of heaven. Again, they gave me a hearty wave and greeted me as if they knew me and loved me. Their greeting flooded my heart with such overwhelming acceptance – a very powerful acceptance that seemed to penetrate my spirit and affect my physical body.

He showed me the ocean and I saw all the people enjoying what seemed to me to be every kind of boat ever made. The vessels were all from different times in history, yet they all appeared to be brand new.


A Special Place

We ended our flight and I thought our visit was ending, but He wanted to show me one more place – a special place. We had to be very quiet as we climbed to the top of a hill where we could look down on a small creek running between the two smaller hills.

It was very beautiful, but I didn’t understand why it was special. We sat upon the hill just out of sight. As the Lord sat beside me, we enjoyed watching children playing in the creek. It was then He told me that the young lady playing there was my sister.

Growing up, I had wanted a sister so bad that my mother and I would pretend that the baby she had miscarried before I was born was my sister. She even told me I could name her, so I named her Valerie. And here right before me, was that girl. She was beautiful. I was simply overwhelmed. I wanted to cry.

I saw a woman with her I knew was my mother, who had died in a car accident in 1984 with my younger brother. My emotions were tumbling together rolling on top of each other – I wasn’t sure what to feel.

Valerie threw water at my mother and was playfully splashing her. Speaking of Valerie I said, “She’s really ornery, isn’t she?” “Yes, she is!” He said with obvious pride, “Yes, she’s always been here. She’s never known anything but freedom.”

He smiled as my mom started to chase after my sister, but Valerie remained out of her reach and they laughed together. I thought of how much joy and acceptance they were now experiencing together. For them, there was no more rejection – just the most thorough acceptance you’re able to imagine.

It was this tremendous feeling of acceptance which seemed to overwhelm me. It was evident even in the animals, who had no fear. The people in heaven celebrated one another and each trusted in the knowledge they were not just tolerated, but were able to truly enjoy one another. Jesus was proud of this most of all – proud to show me the greatest treasure of His kingdom – love. And what a glorious treasure it is!

When I emerged from the encounter with Him, bathed in the wondrous feeling of the acceptance I’d experienced there, I immediately called all my family to tell them of what I’d experienced. They too felt the love and acceptance that permeated heaven.

Truly, the Lord is proud of His home and of the joy of every living creature there. He also delights in the joy you experience here on Earth. Satan is the enemy of this joy, but our adversary is not a match for the joy of the Lord because he cannot understand it. And Beloved, God wants us to experience this tremendous joy on Earth! It is the power of the Kingdom for which we battle – to live each day in His love – to live each day in His acceptance. That is truly righteous living!

God wants us to contemplate our life with Him. It is not the “after-life” as so many on Earth believe. No, it is REAL LIFE! And it begins the moment you let Him in to your life!

2 thoughts on “Jesus, a White Kitten & a Model-T

  1. This story was incredible! I really needed it because I woke up today very sad and concerned about being left behind because I wasn’t righteous enough. You see my 13 year old daughter had a message from The Lord a few weeks back that was for our family. Jesus said to Meghan that 3 members of our family would be in the rapture while 2 would be martyred. I woke up feeling awful not wanting anyone of my family to be killed and yet not wanting myself to be killed. I’m overwhelmed and feeling such despair over either way and I just have been crying for hours. Anyways, thanks for sharing one day this life will be over and fears of today will be just a memory.

  2. This story really hit me deep in my heart for some reason. It felt like a message to me from GOD! Sounds crazy I’m sure but, if you could only feel how this story.made my heart and soul felt after reading it you would totally understand! PRAISE GOD!!!SPREAD LOVE ON THE EARTH WITH LIVE IN TODAY AND PREPARE YOUR HEART’S FOR WHAT WAS MEANT TO BE BECAUSE,IT WILL DEFINITELY BE THAT WAY IN HEAVEN WHEN JESUS COMES TO RESCUE US OFF THIS EARTH ON THE RAPTURE. AMEN!

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