America will Burn


Revelation 18 and Jeremiah 51 are Upon Us
God’s Judgment Shall Fall Upon America

One of the most anointed and powerful radio shows Tribulation Now has ever had the blessing of bringing forth.  All the Glory to Jesus our King.  May GOD bless you.  We are ALL in this together.

 “America will Burn w Dimitru Duduman’s Grandson, Michael Boldea”

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Join Kenneth, John and Cathy in the chat room while they recap the latest apocalyptic news of the weird, and welcome to the program brother Michael Boldea, the grandson and translator of pastor Dimitru Duduman who was shown that America is Babylon the Great and will burn in one hour by fire. We praise God for this wonderful opportunity to hear this account first hand from brother Michael.

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18 thoughts on “America will Burn

  1. Dear Brothers and Sisters:

    I live in Muskogee Ok and found the radio channel on youtube a week or
    so ago.
    I got a chance to hear Brother Michael Boldea and I was blessed by that
    radio show you three did ( except for Cathy screaming ha ha ha )
    Keep doing the work of the Lord, dear Watchmen.
    Pastor Monica Bailey

  2. So if we live in America, what do we do? Doesn’t anyone else want to immigrate like our ancestors? And where to?

    1. The bible does say “come out of her my people”. I want to leave, but my daughter refuses to go. I can’t leave her and grandchildren. Israel is safest, but they are tightening up on immigration now. You almost certainly have to be Jewish to get in. I think Russia would be safe. South America (parts) is good too. Stay away from any country affiliated with UK. And don’t go to Europe! God bless you all!

      1. The Bible says “come out of her my people lest you partake in her sins” what is is referring to is “Holiness”. To “come out of her” is to make yourself holy and distance yourself from the behavior of the people who live there. Its not telling us to move out of the country like some believe. This is a spiritual meaning of scripture. I hope this is helpful. God bless you – John

    2. in few months a christian monarchy will arise in Brazil. When this happen leave US UK IMMEDIATELY. I had 4 dreams, Russia will nuke América England without warning. Obama is the last. Please Just do it, no questions. The new gov will fund everything, and will grant land for all

  3. My dear brothers and sisters in America, .we are praying for you. Come live in South Africa if you feel led by The Holy Spirit. Look up bride of Christ your redemption draws near, seek The Lord now more than ever. Love in Christ, Lambert

  4. Rebecca, your question is important. Many are hearing from The Lord now and are being re-situated for His purposes. Those that are doing the Will of the father will be lights and used greatly during this time. God has a eternal purpose for all His children that will give up their lives for His purposes; His Will, not ours. Then we can be used as His instruments to help those in need.
    A prophet of The Lord, Thomas S. Gibson, was set apart from The Lord many years ago, to illuminate Gods Word during these judgements. He has two books free, than can be downloaded from the Internet.
    Seek first The Lord and His righteousness and fast and pray. His Holy Spirit will lead if you seek Him with your whole being. This is what He is doing with us. These books are for those who ‘have ears to hear.’ God bless.

  5. Randomly looked at this page and saw people from Oklahoma! I’m here, too! Tahlequah! 🙂 And ready for Jesus yesterday. haha

  6. Repent, Repent, Repent. Pray, Pray, Pray to the father directly everyday and ask to recieve the holy spirit. It is real and will change your ways, you will be guided to walk in the fruit of the spirit and he will show you the truth. Peace and love be with all of you.

  7. Haven’t they already done gun grabs there? Plus how many Muslims has the UK allowed to migrate? I would not go to South Africa. If you go to New Zealand, go to the wilderness.

  8. The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard, and shall be removed like a cottage; and the transgression thereof shall be heavy upon it; and it shall fall, and not rise again

    Explain this verse to me, please?

  9. I haven’t listened yet…but if the claim is that America will burn in 1 hour, I
    m ‘guessing’ its referring to after the saints are raptured or in general but not every place in that the nation will be a loss but lives of the saints at least in tact. I’m not saying anyone is a false teacher. Again, I haven’t listened yet…but speaking in general terms IF someone is saying all America will burn (which is what I think too in terms of USA burning & it seems to be occurring now in CA with drought)…I would think in terms of one of the 2 scenarios I just shared. Hey…if God says it I believe it. However, I do not know if God has spoken to the anyone on here…yet.

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