Luciferian Global War Scenario

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Battle Stations II

What seems to be ringing true consistently, is that each group, (be it media, leading officials, religious, prophetic, etc.)  has “something” they bring to the table that is likely correct,  and other beliefs that just don’t “make sense”.  I have had a few discussions with some of my more knowledgeable associates, and there appear to be a number of possibilities unfolding.

 Most everyone accepts the oil disaster has an agenda behind it.  But thus far, it appears, that few have attempted to “stitch” all these occurrences together on a GLOBAL level understanding that LUCIFER himself is running the show.  When you build your estimations against this fact, the “Big Picture” begins to unfold.  And it’s not pretty.

First let me say that I am no better than any other analyst in this regard and I believe I must have errors in my estimation as well.  Saying this, I invite each reader to email me at [email protected] with your “take” on this. 

One component I have NOT been able to “weave” into this scenario, thus far, is “where do the UFO attackers / demonic saviors, fit into this equation?”


First – Just the Oil Plot

If I were to *only* look at the oil spill situation, then I would come up with these three highly simplified scenarios:

  1. Intentionally drilled oil volcano
  2. Intentionally drilled oil volcano that they intend to detonate and make worse
  3. Complete orchestrated distraction (a.k.a. the Alex Jones plot)

While number 3, “the agenda distraction plot”, is most evident, the other two may also be included in the “master plan” as well.  Oil Plot scenarios one and two will make more sense after we “set the frame of reference”.

Combat Information Center in the Air

When you realize this is all being orchestrated “from outside this dimension” by armies of demons, you see a “Combat Information Center” located in the “air” above the earth.  Indeed, the “Prince of the Air” is in charge of this global combat group.
Now if it were me up there, calling the shots, I would execute ALL attack scenarios SIMULTANEOUSLY.  This way I add the effect of global chaos and utter confusion and totally befuddle even those “under me”.  The more confusion I add into the “rank and fold” of the global leadership, the more control I can take by giving “strategic orders” to meet pre-planned objectives.
So for this exercise of thought, we must first divorce ourselves from any single event being autonomous.  In fact, each event MUST BE inextricably linked together into the master plan. 

Identify The Objectives

Some of these objectives may appear to overlap because I am not certain all of them are to be met by this forthcoming conflict.  However for this exercise, let’s assume all of them might be met.
  1. Global population control, enslavement
  2. Global corporation control, fascism
  3. Elimination of country-based sovereignty

If the above three objectives are met, then all the “sub-objectives” automatically are met.  For example, food control and genetic modification become just a matter of “edict”.  Forced inoculations (human genetic modification) become simple.  Gun control is no longer an issue.  Population chipping is mandatory and enforced by the “death sentence”. 

In fact, if this “Combat Information Center in the Air” scenario unfolds, every single obstacle in the way of the Antichrist’s agenda is thwarted.  In the smoke that rises above the countries of the world, there remain no dissenters.  Every living soul is utterly exhausted and willing to do ANYTHING for relief. 

“END GAME” Phase I has Been Completed

The Global Combat Execution Plan

If we are careful, not to underestimate our enemy (who is sickening but mighty)  – then this scenario is not only possible … but “highly likely”.
  1.  Lucifer intends to conquer the world and sacrifice human souls en masse
  2. World War III will be used to collapse all governments into this singular murderous Nazi-like regime
  3. Simultaneously, in parallel, Israel attacks Iran, U.S. joins in, and all U.S. military assets are fully engaged in Iran
  4. Oil volcano is “detonated” and blamed on the “evil empire”, tidal waves, millions killed, U.S. in chaos
  5. U.S. has no military left, MUST “call in” foreign U.N. assistance (which is already on our soil, Chinese, Russian, etc.)
  6. Martial Law is instituted, after all, there is NO CHOICE, we are in “utter collapse”
  7. Russia, under the command of Lucifer’s army, (the Synagogue of Satan), then “nukes” several major U.S. cities
  8. Chinese soldiers (with Russia’s help) flood in and take full control of the US in preparation to divide up the spoils  globally


  9. All other countries are shown (by Lucifer’s leadership) how it was accomplished and completely FOLD under fear
  10. Eventually all this leads up to the final conflict, but not until Satan runs the world for a short time

Objectives accomplished include, 1) total domination, 2) utter devastation,  and a 3) slaughterhouse of living human souls left over for Lucifer’s army to “feed upon”. 


What Else Does This Scenario Satisfy?

 This scenario above, also fulfills many prophecies and “insider” predictions. You don’t need to worry about the “Amero” or the North American Union, because that is skipped over in the aftermath of the above scenario. You accomplish all goals while the minions of the world are in utter chaos. Ultimately every other agenda item automatically gets fulfilled and was indeed, nothing but a distraction or perhaps a “Plan B, C, or D”. 

  • Political predictions are fulfilled
  • Nostradamus, Edgar Casey, and other “Oracle” predictions are fulfilled
  • Christian visions are fulfilled
  • Christian prophecies are fulfilled
  • Biblical prophecy is fulfilled


If you have not already done so, you must now give your life entirely to Jesus Christ.  This is God at War here on earth and the battle is over our souls.  God’s enemy is trying to slaughter you before you give yourself to JESUS.  Ask Jesus into your heart right now. 

Say, “Lord Jesus, please be my friend and come into my heart and live inside of me forever”.  Tell him “I know you died on the cross to save me” and “I want to be part of  your army in the Heavens”. 
Pray to Jesus every day.  PRAISE him all day long.
“Praise You Jesus for Saving Me!”

Do not lose sight of the final vision. 
Life BEGINS after this “earthly war” is all over.


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22 thoughts on “Luciferian Global War Scenario

  1. all last night and today i was thinking the same thing.. that everything will happen at once.. a ww3 situation.. a couple of tsunamis.. both hemispheres via gulf and volcano weather war tech.. power shortages.. then famine.. only last week i read in a newspaper that theyre considering banning using poison to exterminate rats.. in Japan theres talk of a new hybrid h1n1 virus.. aids?.. and in a weird way i remember reading an article about billy meir and the prophesys he gave that he was told by semsaje his alien friend would happen was that France and spain had a war… nukes used.. supersoldiers that turned against humanity.. that sounded like science fiction then and not likely.. but today theres words in the EU and spains next on the list following greece with the financial problems.. although i believe it was always part of the bigger plan and arranged 40 years ago by the elite. one thing for sure right off the bat if it all starts at the same time millions or even over one billion would suffer at the very start of this scenario. strangely enough there was a crop circle in the uk they claim was a two dimensions merging glyph appeared a couple of days ago

  2. Yes it looks exactly like Steve Quayle and Tom Horn were right all along. This is going to get really weird very fast. Indeed a "great delusion". The Bible is an understatement.

  3. I always thought that the UFO's would come soon after the economic collapse. You know, kick us while we're down sort of thing. I read that with project bluebeam they can put our "savior" up in the sky and with the ufo's create a kind of "rapture", and suck us up for later use. I don't know if thats true, but thats what I've read. Then sometime around here, Maitreya steps in as messiah/anti-christ, and then the real anti-christ steps in saying how Maitreya was anti-christ and he is the real christ. Not sure if that helps, but there is so much info out there, its hard to know how it will all come out in the end.

    I think you're right too about wanting to stay in this God forsaken land til the very last second. Why? It is kind of ridiculous if you think about it. lol! We're not going to beat the system no matter how much we prepare. So, anyways thats my 2 cents.
    I have seen in my dreams though that there are going to be handfuls of christians in different places in the US and the turmoil doesn't seem to touch them. We were singing and praising and they couldn't get near us, almost like we were in a bubble. My brother leads worship at our church and I saw him and me leading ALL these people in worship. It was awesome!!

  4. That's absolutely awesome. I wish I could be there in "that praise bubble". I believe once all this kicks off full force, all christians will wish they could be there. But unfortunately some will die, some will be in the streets at war, and others will be spared and protected in "praise bubbles" for awhile perhaps.

    Every day, in peace, I tell the Father to use me, to open my eyes, and help me be of value. Not sure how it will unfold as far as I am concerned but whatever situation I am thrown into, I intend to be saying "BE HEALED in Jesus Name" and leading as many souls to Jesus as I can. After all, this is a war, and the best way to "get back" at the enemy for doing this to us is to take souls away from them and give them to our King. And the only ones who will make sense when all this is happening are people like you and I.

  5. Great analysis, and let me add what is probably obvious but not mentioned….June 21st (summer solstice) is just a couple of days away. I had read a prophecy or vision of someone recently who said mayhem was coming on June 23rd, and I would question why the high occult day, when so close to this date, is not used instead, in other words, why wait for the 23rd when the summer solstice is soooo close. I do not know, just thinking out loud.
    I keep expecting Queen E. to pass the throne to her grandson, William Arthur, and he turns 28 on June 21, and I have often read that the number 28 is a high occult number….just more food for thought.
    All I know for sure is that I am not going to be on the beach or anywhere near the gulf coast on June 21.

    In one of your posts you wrote that you live east of the gulf. We are close to San Antonio and I am hoping we are far enough away when the action commences. I pray the same for you and yours, but no matter where we are, God has planted us here, so I trust in the Almighty to be able to supernaturally take care of his dearly loved children, knowing that this might mean a really cool trip to the throne room ahead of the crowd. That's ok, you know, though our existence might get pretty exciting and painful for a brief time.

    Keep your posts coming, you have been gifted with the ability to communicate concisely and clearly.
    Grace and Peace from Jesus Christ our Lord,
    Nancy K.

  6. Its funny, with as much peace as I have been given by the Lord over all this, I can feel my moments of fear surge as I hear specific dates that make sense. Yes I know all about how important those dates are and its "for real" and indeed a threat.

    Sadly, yes, we do live very close to the gulf coast (within miles) and yes, we might get carried away to the mezzanine in Heaven on a resulting rush of water. Then again, nobody knows how this is going to unfold. In fact, we really don't know if God is going to step in and push his thumb down on the thing and put out the fire. Then the ignorant will point at us all and call us alarmists as usual. Unseen spiritual wars have a way of throwing some unexpected punches to the poor humans whose souls are at stake.

    Awesome contribulation Nancy. Thank you so much. We are all in this together and where ever we land, we need to make sure we help people and tell them what is "really" going on. Don't forget the teenagers! Their imaginations are not poisoned by the fake sciences yet and they will be able to perceive this as something far greater than what our school teachings have divulged.

    Be Blessed in Jesus Name!!

  7. I agree, and want to bring people to Christ too. Gosh, if you think about it, pray for my in-laws and my best friend Tracy to come to the Lord, and that my husband will see whats really going on!! I've been praying so hard for them to see, and for the Lord to tell me what to say to them. Thanks! and thanks for the latest blogs, they are very helpful to me!

  8. When your friends and family see these things start to unfold you will be their hero and you can "reel them in" – In the Name of our King.

  9. Hello JohnBaptist!

    I have just recently become aware of your blog and thank God for you and your ministry in His service! I have been a "silent dove" of sorts even though I have had many experiences that would frighten most people, and I have spent my entire life trying to gather pieces of the puzzle and fit them together using Yahweh's truth and word. It started when I was very young and was visited in the night by two dark figures. As a child of 7, (I am now 50),I kept going back and forth as to what they were….demons or aliens….now I know they were one and the same. I cried out to God for protection and I heard Him tell them that "they could not enter the threshold, that I was His!" I praise God for His awesome power! I have also seen a large UFO in the air and have been given many dreams through the years that He has used to warn me of situations, some personal, some about the church, some about the country, but that is another lengthy part of me that I won't go into.

    The reason for the email is to add a few pieces to your puzzle. As I opened up the laptop to read your entry today, God lead me specifically to Isaiah 14. He said that it had everything to do with what you had written. Also, the other thing I want to mention….Do you remember a year ago when Vice President Joe Biden said the cryptic words about Pres. Obama being tested by a critical situation in the first 6 months of being in office???? Well, here we are almost a year and 6 months later. My belief is that the Vice Pres. was given his information via demonically through someone or something. These spirits are the same ones that have spoken to Nostradamus and the Edgar Caseys. They are not prophetic, but as you know, they are only parts of truth, parts of lies and not the whole word of God! I believe that this situation in the Gulf is the scenario spoken of by Biden. What do you think?

    My husband, son, sister, niece and I are keeping you in our prayers!

    Oceans of Love in Yeshua to you!

    "Every experience God gives us,
    every person He puts in our life,
    is the perfect preparation
    for the future that only He sees.
    ~~~Corie Ten Boom

  10. Absolutely awesome contribution and thank you so much.
    Those of us who see the 'big picture' will be much needed when the confusion rises.

    Thank you very very much.

    Isa 14:4-11

    "How the oppressor has ceased,
    The golden city ceased!

    5 The Lord has broken the staff of the wicked,
    The scepter of the rulers;

    6 He who struck the people in wrath with a continual stroke,
    He who ruled the nations in anger,
    Is persecuted and no one hinders.

    7 The whole earth is at rest and quiet;
    They break forth into singing.

    8 Indeed the cypress trees rejoice over you,
    And the cedars of Lebanon,
    Saying, 'Since you were cut down,
    No woodsman has come up against us.'

    9 "Hell from beneath is excited about you,
    To meet you at your coming;
    It stirs up the dead for you,
    All the chief ones of the earth;
    It has raised up from their thrones
    All the kings of the nations.

    10 They all shall speak and say to you:
    'Have you also become as weak as we?
    Have you become like us?

    11 Your pomp is brought down to Sheol,
    And the sound of your stringed instruments;
    The maggot is spread under you,
    And worms cover you.'

  11. OUCH… I just realized the one who is getting their butt kicked here in Isaiah 14 appears to be the good old USofA.

    Hang on Tight People of Jesus! This is going to be one heck of a ride!

  12. Do you ever wonder why the last were first and the first were last… I think its because the last will need to be taken out first because their belief is new and they are not as strong as the firsts.. they need to be here to reap or harvest new souls and get them took away safely

  13. I think I see your point. It surely seems to me that only those who "get" what is happening will be able to help others who are in utter confusion. Martin – I love you brother! You are a great asset to Jesus!

  14. I posted this in another forum, I'll paste here:
    Eclipse begins countown to Tish'a B' Av

    With Rosh Chodesh Av, the more intense period of mourning for the destruction of the Beit HaMikdash, known as The Nine Days, begins.
    (There's your number 9, Johnny)

    "As Av enters, we diminish our joy". This statement of the mishna is manifest in many laws & customs observed during the first nine days of the month of Av (Actually it is for nine and a half to ten days). … E2010.html

    On Sunday, 2010 July 11, a total eclipse of the Sun is visible from within a narrow corridor that traverses Earth's southern Hemisphere. Tish'a B 'Av is the 19th.

    Eclipses are relevant to watching the signs in the moon and stars, solar eclipses warning to 'gentiles' , while red moons (lunar eclipse) are a warning to the nation of Israel.

    I read just this morning a revelant article posted on S Quayle's site concerning the illuminati card game and what portends next.

    Can I give you a synopsis of a prophetic dream I had a few years back: I'm in a soccer game, I score at the last moment and we win. Then an astute boy (friend of my son's) says, 'I hear a black hawk helicopter.' There's cloud cover so we don't see it, only hear it. Then drops a huge white passenger jet with blue and red on the wing. A don't know what it's called but a part that a person can be in disconnects and lands right next to me, and he is dressed in all white. I'm not afraid as others are, they are gone. I see others dressed in white jumping from the plane, jumping over fences, they are dispersing. I wake up from the dream and literally smell incense in my nose! Later I interpreted the dream to mean, war happens we hear of it, but it doesn't harm us. The Holy Spirit is poured out in full measure for us to preach the gospel of the Kingdom throughout the world. The End. (I never quite understood the soccer portion, but I'm wondering if that has anything to do with the World Cup ending on the 11th, I believe)

  15. As to your ufo question, I think they will arrive with Apollyon from the bottomless pit. These characters are described as locusts and further described as like horses-from Rev 9 and Joel 2:2-4. (reminds me of what the greeks called centaurs.) Truth is stranger than fiction. Makes you wonder if that's the reason behind the cattle mutilations. All the hordes of hell are opened at this point. Does CERN's Hadron Collider have anything to do with this? BTW, the street going to the collider is called pralay: (and for good reason!) Pralay in Hindu mythology means the day when 'shrishti' and Brahmaand i.e Cosmos will be destroyed by Nature's fury. The literal meaning for Pralay, coming from Sanskrit is devastating Flood of unimaginable magnitude. But in Hinduism, meaning of Pralay is destruction of Universe. When evil starts getting better of the good and when falsehood starts outweighing truthfullness, the almighty lord will destroy the creation and will start recreating afresh. A vague analogy can be drawn between the concepts of Pralay (Hinduism), Qayamat (Islam) and Armageddon (Biblical religions)

    The object of cern is to open a gateway, or stargate to let these things through. Remember Apollyon and his horde only have 5 months to torment the men of the earth.

  16. I'm a little tea pot

    just kidding

    B.A. just checking in from between Shasta/Lassen 2 volcanoes. CA ,
    sitting here on the fault on the east side of the beautiful sacred (sacramento) River alive and polishing my witnessing skills and telling the Lord to change me, use me, change me , use me…

  17. When I see the pictures of the oil devastation in the gulf, all I can say is "God I'm so sorry we screwed up your creation…I'm so sorry!" The Lord said "You didn't do it." (?) Who then? I'm one of the millions who drive a car and am an oil consumer. Who then is responsible? No answer was given. But The Lord did say this. "As quickly as this oil is spreading through the waters, so spread my Word to the many."

    Time is very very short. We may have days maybe weeks before we see and experience the onslaught perpetrated by the powers of the air. We can not succumb to fear. No matter what, we must bullet proof our minds,steel our hearts, and resolve to stand for Christ. I don't want to face The Lord someday in shame knowing that I didn't share all I know about Him and His saving Grace to those He put in my path.

    I'm so very blessed to have found your blog John. It's one of those "God-incidenses" that is helping me see the big picture. Even though the enemy of our souls appears to have an upper hand for the moment, it is but for a moment, because Almighty Father God is allowing this buffeting. His purposes will be accomplished because He is King and reigns over all His creation. Thank You Father, Thank You Yeshua, Thank You Holy Spirit….

  18. Hello John,

    Very interesting, this should get peoples attention and stir the mind,

    For me the key is Gods word, and if we look at revelations and try to understand the pieces of the puzzle we can see the pieces coming together,
    Like birth pangs they seem to be coming together a little more often and I believe will be happening more quickly from now on, we are just now seeing things happen right in front of us.

    But we still can buy and sell, build, marry and give in marriage until something truly different and prophetic happens. We should take comfort in this.
    I have been reading the comments and people seem to be all over the place, remember we are told that there will be great confusion and delusion, historically common sense is not common enough. It seems that people with the prophecy bug lack it the most of all, keep focused on God's word.

    Don't watch a calendar, watch for the right event, How will we know? When the Abomination of Desolation happens we will know we have exactly 1290 days left.
    But before that day global disasters of prophecy will happen, for example: Revelation 18:4 — 4 Then I heard another voice from heaven: Come out of her, My people, so that you will not share in her sins or receive any of her plagues. 8 For this reason her plagues will come in one day death and grief and famine. She will be burned up with fire, because the Lord God who judges her is mighty.

    The fall is the second angel, the question is where is this fall, I truly believe it is North America, has any one read the book Apollyon Rising 2012, right under the nose of Americans satan has orchestrated this fall, it is going to happen and the signs are very clear and I believe that voice is loud and clear to all those who are listening, the question is who will obey.

    We can see the oil leak, it is happening folks right in front of our faces, this is the start of 1/3rd of the sea turning to blood and 1/3rd of the living things in the sea dieing and I believe this is just the start, they are not going to stop this, they are actually going to make things worst and what we are going to see next is the bottom of the sea floor come apart and cause a tsunami boats will be destroyed a hurricane is coming and will spread the toxic fumes across the nation people will die.

    The internet is an awesome tool for us Christians but we need this common sense that comes from God to sift through all the garbage to find what is true.

    North America also has another great problem you can read it here:

    We are warned of earthquakes, Tsunami's, earth changing events, we can see them right in front of our eyes, the global elite (satan) collapsing the world economy, we can see the start of the war against Iran and Israel, in which is not WWIII Israel will win and lead the way for the 3rd temple to be built where we will see the Abomination of Desolation happens these things are about to take place very soon.

    UFO's they are one in the same – The fallen ones, satan and his band of demons who have been very busy creating there army (clones, genetically altered humans and every evil living thing), don't be sucked in to this UFO distraction it is all of satan's plan to destroy and kill, to cause confusion and delusion.

    To all my brothers and sisters in the LORD, put on the battle gear and get ready because we are in for a ride of our live's.
    Now is the time to let our light shine, help your brothers and sisters in the Lord, show you Love, spread the good news, prepare and warn people what is to come, especially in this time of need.

    Praise to our Lord Jesus Christ our king of kings and lord of lords our savior we are all going to be with him very soon.

    I could keep on writing but until next time,

    God bless you all,


  19. All excellent points. However you must admit it explains why, throughout history, many thought the end of the world was upon them. Indeed this is likely only WWIII, possibly the Magog invasion from Ezekeil. One can never be quite sure. Humility is key.

    On the other hand, as I mentioned to a friend up in Pennsylvania, when you are being chased down the road by a tsunami, or shot at by a foreign soldier, you don't really care if its "Magog" or the 2nd Trumpet and which comes first.

    As always, thank you Steve.
    God Bless You

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