Wheat Famines & Terror from the Heavens

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A Great Church and Wonderful Learning Site
People I highly recommend you spend some time at the

I found this most troubling article about the current threat to the world’s wheat supply there. There is a wealth of outstanding information available on this web site that coincides with the information Tribulation-Now is passing to you all.

PRAISE THE LORD for this Church. I was beginning to feel all alone trying to explain to people that we can no longer wait to be RIGHT with JESUS in our “all day long” walk in life. This means your spirit needs to “feel” his presence and commune with him throughout each living moment. The first step is to come to the LORD and ask him to come into your heart. Get yourself to a spirit-filled Church and tell them you seek the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Spiritual Relationship with the Lord
Folks this “spiritual” relationship with the LORD does not necessarily happen immediately. I am not a perfect person by any stretch of the imagination (just ask my wife). We all have faults. We all sin. Your walk with Christ does not mean that you have to give up everything you are used too. You will see that as you begin your relationship with the LORD your priorities will AUTOMATICALLY CHANGE. You will no longer want to do certain things and you will LIKE IT. It is WONDERFUL.

(Praise God)

I do not know who wrote the article about this Ug99 wheat fungus on the LCG.org web site but they were awesome enough to tie this concern back to the Word of God. While I have read the New Testament more than once it is amazing how much you can forget if you do not read it all the time. (Although I am a huge fan of the Old Testament as well and believe it holds secrets about things that will happen during the Great Deception).

Did you know that in Luke 21:11 Jesus warns us about large scale famine in the “end-times”?

“There will be great earthquakes, and in various places famines and pestilences. And there will be terrors and great signs from heaven.”

Did you also know that in Revelation 6:5 John is warned that a quart of wheat will cost a days wages? (Don’t get me going on the coming depression ‘ala the World Bank)

Luke 21:12 however says that these famines and pestilences and terrors from heaven won’t happen until the persecution of the Christians begins. BUT WATCH YOUR STEP HERE. You see, JUST BECAUSE you are not being persecuted in the United States at this time does NOT MEAN Christians are not being persecuted all over the world because THEY ARE.

Here is Luke 21:12

“But before all this they will lay their hands on you and persecute you, delivering you up to the synagogues and prisons, and you will be brought before kings and governors for my name’s sake.”


Pestilence & Famine
We have the Ug99 fungus evidently wreaking havoc on wheat supplies right now across the world.

Disease & Sickness
We also know that the H1N1 “pig” flu virus was created and released intentionally from a LAB.

More Famine
We also know that the International Monetary Fund admittedly creates “famines” in countries to take control of their governments through the Hegelian Dialect methods (e.g. such as Hitler’s Reichstag fire etc.; that is THEY Cause an Emergency and then Create a custom Solution for the Emergency THEY Caused [911 anyone?]).

Persecution of Christians
We also know that Christians are already being persecuted across the world (read the book “Tortured for Christ” as an example among thousands).

Terror from the Heavens
WHOOPS – I forgot about December of 2012. Maybe its going to be a huge disaster issue and maybe not. The Luciferians, Oracles throughout history, the Mayans and Hopi indians, and a whole lot of other surprisingly accurate “see’ers” have agreed that 2012 is going to be a very BAD TIME here on Earth. We even have 3 major motion pictures out about 2012 (two this fall and one already released, “The Knowing” – captures the Solar Flare issue, 2012 the movie captures the Polar Shift issue, and “Seeking Closure”). Since we already know that Hollywood has insider Luciferian insight into these things and uses the “big screen” to DESENSITIZE us for stuff that’s going to happen, these three movies are not a very good sign.

Deep Underground Military Bases (D.U.M.B.s)
AND IF THAT WEREN’T ENOUGH, if you study up you will discover the U.S. government has D.U.M.B.s. These are Deep Underground Military Bases. There are books written about them and pleanty of leaked data. Why do you suppose they were built??? Remember we are not invited to their underground party. SOMEBODY KNOWS SOMETHING.

But remember this! Those sources mentioned above are not of GOD. Jehovah may very well mess up their good time by making 2012 a big farce. Perhaps NOTHING will happen at all. God loves to make fools out of Satan’s followers and he especially doesn’t like it when you try to guess DATES. He reserves the right to know the dates that things will happen to HIMSELF. (Many great Christian leaders today are believed to be false prophets because they dared to state a date. Just NOT a good idea.)

This suggests it could go either way.

So look again at what we have THUS FAR:

1. Ug99 Wheat Fungus out of Control potentially causing global famine
2. Lab manufactured viruses the governments across the world are warning us about
(Gee how do you think they know there will be an outbreak this fall? Smacks of insider information doesn’t it?)
3. The ominous approaching date of 2012

When you re-read the scripture I’ve included for you above and you acknowledge that the wheat fungus could cause global famine issues, the H1N1 (or whatever flavor du jour they will release upon us), and the possibility of 2012 causing events from the “heavens” (such as NASA’s confirmation of likely Solar Flare activity causing disruptions or worse such as Polar Shift issues) then it really doesn’t look too good for those who are not prepared “in Christ” and do not have the power of the Lord protecting them and their families.

Its just a matter of time before the Christians are persecuted in the United States. Pull all this together and …


Grace & Peace be With You

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