RIPLEY’S NEW WORLD ORDER "Believe it or Not"

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Occult “Christogram of the Society of Jesus inside Black Sun”

Well everyone you can always depend on me to wake up at 3AM in the morning and start a deep dive research operation. For three days now I have been un-peeling the metaphorical Evil-Onion. Remember as I peel this Evil-Onion, I am finding information that was already fully confirmed by the previous layer. I wish I could impress upon everyone how much reading and research it has taken to reveal these facts (click picture links in article for more information). This is not information gleaned from some lone-wolf you-tube video, but from books, books and more books. I should be bankrupt for how many books I have purchased to confirm this information. I could include some of the books in PDF for you in this article but you won’t read them (available upon request).

Without you being intimately familiar with each of the Evil-Onion layers, it may be difficult to grasp how obvious this information becomes once you find the links. Traveling down these paths of research is similar to tracking criminals with crime scene information. But once you find that piece of evidence and know the “secret key words” to search on, the information falls out on your lap like candy from a ruptured piñata.

Currently I am working on a section of the Tribulation-Now presentation entitled “New World Order Power Structure”. This is a new section because until this morning I had not quite figured it out yet. You see, I had figured out the connection to Ancient Egypt, the Illuminati, the Merovingian bloodlines, worship of ancient EVIL gods, Luciferian worship and masses, child sacrifice happening today, with further links to the Illuminati into a global governmental power structure. I have linked this to organizations such as the Knights Templar, Freemasons, Knights of Malta, Priory de Scion, the Rhodes Round Table, Bilderberg group, Council on Foreign Relations, banking dynasties (Rockefeller, Rothschilds, Morgans, etc.), and on and on. But until NOW I have not been able to identify the actual people behind the power structure. The actual people who call the shots. The one’s who clandestinely dictate the next edict and push the orders down through the submissive ranks of Luciferian power. The evil blood thirsty Satan worshipers and baby killers that founded the Nazi SS and place Himmler in charge (whom even Hitler himself feared). The faces behind the building of the Lodz death camp; the human sacrifice camp built by the Nazi SS for the burning alive of CHILDREN! (that’s why they separated the kids from their parents).

Some of you will think I have “lost it”, but I tell you I am of extremely sound mind and absolutely dead serious. I’ve warned many of you that I was routinely uncovering links to the papacy. Well they are no longer “links”; they are FACTS. I told my sister 6 months ago that I had reason to believe the Catholic Church was evil or Satanic because of this information I was uncovering and as I suspected it met with some resistance. But now I know that I know that I know that I know.

Vatican City, Rome is the Center of Evil in the World. From the days that Roman Emperor Constantine declared all the ancient Satanic religions of old be merged with a universal religion he referred to as “Christianity”, the Christian “Catholic” Church had been compromised by Lucifer, Ba’al and the whole gaggle of horrific merciless bloodthirsty entities. The word Catholic in Latin basically means “universal”. It was the perfect church of Satan. One that is beginning to resurface today. A church that is ultimately free of restriction as it is one that accepts everyone and everything as being “okay”. One that is fully owned by Lucifer.

Count Hans Kolvenbach – Superior General & Staff
(Jesuit Superior General’s Office in Vatican City)

The New World Order “Power Structure” was instituted in 1540 by Ignatius Loyola, a Spanish soldier of Royalty that had a furious anger of revenge so compelling he threw himself at the then Pope Pius III. He petitioned the Pope to create for him an army loyal to only the Pope; to control all things that were of the papacy.

Then was founded


These are some of the most sinister and horrible evil men that have ever walked the face of planet Earth



The Jesuits have been executing these “Protocols” with military precision.

I wish you knew what I know. Maybe you wish you did not.


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