Aggregated May Threat Analysis

May Warnings and Reminders

Here it Comes … Brace Yourselves

A faked Bin Laden death, and Planet X forgotten.  These are the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Lucifer (or Zion?).   I’ve noticed we have all been diverted to the Katie Couric news stream.  Amen?  Not that we dont’ know that “something is up” but there is no question our attention has been drawn hard to this White House (or should it be “Black House”) announcement that Bin Laden was killed.

It is indeed big news, and even a bigger lie.

For those who want to know the real truth of the Bin Laden death in 2002 (give or take), I recommend you watch / listen to the Alex Jones show with Dr. Steve Pieczenik here:

If you have predispositions about an information sources’ credibility (e.g. you don’t like Alex Jones, etc.) then you need to “get over it”.  You cannot be a good watchman for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, if you “toss out the baby with the bathwater”.  Try to realize everyone is attacked by the forces of “evil” and study the data yourselves.  Measure it against the scripture.  Put the information “on a shelf” and queue it up so you undestand the “big picture” as it unfolds.

Or Else … I guarantee the Protocols of the Learned Elders will bite you on the “behind”.  Amen?

Preparation for the Inevitable

For those of us who have chosen to be “wise as serpents” the cost is very high.  It’s no secret one cannot become wise as a serpent without studying the movement of the enemy.  The scripture is ripe with warnings about such things (Hos. 4:6, Ezek. 33:6).

Our churches have been infiltrated by the “Brotherhood of Satan”.  The “Brotherhood of Satan” members are on the churches’ Board of Directors since they have elected to become unequally yoked with Baal through their 501c3 status.  They STOP the brethren from talking about the “enemy’s tactics”.  The “sheep” have no choice but to seek the truth elsewhere.  God will separate the “sheep from the sheep” and punish the shepherds.  (Ezekiel 34)

2 Cor 6:14-15

14 Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers (the Federal Government through 501c3 status requiring a “Board of Directors”). For what fellowship has righteousness with lawlessness? And what communion has light with darkness? 15 And what accord has Christ with Belial?

(Emphasis Added)

Knowing that Albert Pike, the head guy for the United States division of the Illuminati (1809 – 1891), in his writing for the Masons entitled “Morals and Dogma”, spoke in great detail about the plan for World War III, we need to connect the dots and realize we are dealing with LUCIFER.  Pike himself disclosed, in the Masonic dogma writing, that indeed the Mason’s “god” was Lucifer.  The truth is out there, we just need to “seek it”.  Amen?


Imminent Warnings – Stay Focused

Please try not to forget all the “May” warnings that have been presented on Tribulation-Now in the “not to distant” past.  Please remain in a continuous state of prayer and praise throughout the day.  Here is a short list of some of the “things” we need to remember.

  • Many Visions Regarding “Before the Leaves on the Trees Begin to Bud” (remember these?)  Due to the weather changes associated with “Planet X” (remember Planet X?), the seasons are very cold.  San Antonio, Texas had a record morning temperate yesterday of 47 degrees.  San Antonio!!  Think about that.  This is a world wide lingering cold.  I suspect most of the trees in the regions of Israel (particularly the fig and olive trees) probably have not yet started to bud.  Just a guess.  And if not this year, maybe next … God help us.
  • The “Blue 21” Article:  Remember this article?  There was a vision of the rapture that included the space shuttle and comets.  I have heard reports that the space shuttle launch has been rescheduled to sometime in mid May.  I haven’t been able to confirm this however.  I believe there was also mention of fires all over the place.  At this time there are states across the U.S. that have many brush fires.  This would likely become worse if there were comets involved.  Just something to think about.
  • Judgement Day May 21 Billboards: I realize many of you do not like Harold Camping and his predictions.  Before you start shouting judgments, embrace the scripture that warns us to get the “logs” out of our own eyes.  Amen?  Review all the data with an open prayerful mind.  Camping is not a wealthy man to the best of my understanding.  At least not wealthy enough to spend MILLIONS of dollars putting bill boards up all over the country and sending USPS bulk letters out to everyone in the country.  Humble yourself.  What if he (and all those supporting him) is right?
  • U.S. Earthquake Predictions: The earthquake situation continues to grow at an alarming pace.  Dutch Sinse’s You Tube channel almost exclusively focuses on this issue.  Geologists and seismologists continue to submit press reports of their concerns.  Get yourself a copy of the Earthquake 3D application.  Its free and it will keep you on the edge of your “end-times” prayer chair.
  • National Level Exercise (NLE 2011) –  During the 911 false flag event, it is no secret there were “drills” taking place from NORAD under the command of the shape-shifting reptilian Dick Cheney.  Also there was another huge emergency preparedness drill taking place in Miami just prior to the Haiti Earthquakes which were almost certainly created by HAARP (at full power).  These “drills” have become early warning signs that something “big” may be on the horizon.  The NLE 2011 “drill” is supposedly scheduled for May 16th.  The THEME of this “drill” is the forthcoming New Madrid Earthquake.
  • Government Purchasing Office RFIs Requests for Information: Please don’t forget that FEMA released RFIs for the purchase of more than 7 Million “emergency blankets”, “pre-packaged food items” and “underwater body bags”.  As I recall, ALL of these RFIs mentioned the New Madrid Earthquake as the reason for them being issued.  By now these orders have certainly been fulfilled.  Once an RFI is answered and the contracts are signed with the service providers, the Government will “up the purchase” and continue buying from the vendors.  Note that “underwater body bags” are specifically used by scuba divers to pick up severed body parts “under water”.  Recall the New Madrid “flooding” of the United States that is expected to occur should the Great Lakes begin to flow into the Mississippi river as a result of a major quake.  News articles have begun to surface indicating that the Mississippi River has started to “change direction“.  Yep.  It supposedly is starting to flow “upstream”. (hard to confirm).
  • Chinese Troop Buildups and Martial Law Alerts (ala Quayle and Hawk) – Remember the Chinese submarine that fired the missile off the coast of California?  Remember all the reports of the Chinese troop buildups and the You Tube videos of the machinery compound 60 miles South of Loredo, Texas?  Remember the “Triple Eagle” heard on the Mil-Net frequencies moving their communications to encryption?  Remember?  This is ALL still unfolding.  Don’t forget those pesky FEMA Camps either.  Now even Alex Jones is predicting the imminence of World War III.  He has come right out and said that Pakistan is being “set up” to look like a Bin Laden co-conspirator, and that China will likely ally with Pakistan.  In FACT I even heard Jones mention “Syria” as a potential “globalist target”.  Watch out for the prophecy of Damascus being turned into rubble unfold.
  • The UFO Threat continues to flow in as fast as ever.  BUT REMEMBER, the “google goblins” are taking the information down as fast as possible.  Since You Tube has been the primary source of this type of data, it is reasonable to assume our focus will quickly be distracted to “other issues” when THIS ISSUE is almost certainly the greatest threat to saving souls for Jesus Christ.  Keep your eyes on the New Age “diviners”.  Keep your eyes on those who talk to the “alien demons” and remember “the lie” (2 Thes. 2)  is a good lie and the information is likely to be very very close to the truth.  This threat could materialize “in force” at any time.  Never forget “disclosure” causes the “falling away“.  Amen?
  • Bin-Laden Retaliatory Attacks – The main stream media is pumping the globe with data on the likelihood of imminent retaliatory terrorist attacks.  Do not forget the “Protocols”.  The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion (Lucifer)”.  These attacks are indeed imminent, however they are not coming from so-called “terrorists”.  Please take some time and search on the words “nuke” or “nuclear” on Tribulation-Now.  Those articles are full of data indicating the “nuclear threat” is not only possible but very likely.  There was just recently a “National Level Exercise” by FEMA (2010?),  just for the threat of Nuclear war.
  • The Jonathan Kleck $10 Bill Prophecy – Also we are all so blessed by the spirit filled capabilities of our friend Jonathan.  The $10 Bill shows an off-shore nuclear detonation happening in the United States causing a 6 story tidal wave to overtake a building in the foreground.  There are also images of a major dam breaking on the $50 bill, with water flowing over.  These are GOING to happen.

Watch the latest Jonathan Kleck videos entitled “The Destruction of the Temple” (body) here at parts 1, 2 and 3.

Note: These were recently linked to on the front page of Steve Quayle’s web site.

Summary in Jesus Name

Watch, Pray and PRAISE!!

And remember, if NONE of these things happen this month. DO NOT BE DISCOURAGED!!

New prophetic information has surfaced that indicates we might have to go through the first 3 Trumpet judgments together.  Remember that the Bible is NOT specific about when the Trumpet Judgments begin.  Amen?  So the 1260 days the Bride is rescued and spared the hour of trial (Rev 3:6), might start “after” the first three trumpets.  I will write another article discussing the prophecy and the possibilities soon.

Remember it “rains on the just and the unjust” in Jesus Name.  Make sure you are prepared for meeting Jesus at any time.

2 Tim 1:6-7
Therefore I remind you to stir up the gift of God which is in you through the laying on of my hands. 7 For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

Lay hands on your fellow Jesus loving saints.  Encourage one another about the imminent transformation of our bodies.  Remember the rewards of Heaven are far greater that this test we have to endure.





… and most of all …


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