The Alien Demon Agenda (Part3) – Apotheosis

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Nibiru – the Hollow Planet – May Actually Be for Real

The Ascended Masters Cometh
But they Come to Ascend!

Praise Jesus.  For he alone is worthy.  And might I even add a hallelujah!  There is absolutely NO QUESTION just how important each member of the “body of Christ” and every one of us are.  As I’ve said over and over again, each and every one of your contributions is PARAMOUNT in helping stitch together this total onslaught coming our way.

I’m not kidding you when I tell you that right now I am extremely tired.  I’ve only had about 4 hours of sleep.  But never mind that.  This article is really important.  For many of you this might be the first time you heard any of this stuff.  For me it was AMAZING.  Right in the middle of the most amazing “Skype call” with a great contributor to Tribulation-Now (Loren), I get another email from Angela regarding a You Tube video she thought was pertinent.  I’m telling you, between the two of them, many questions have been answered.  I am satisfied this article, while not capturing everything by any stretch, will finally stitch together the ultimate PROOF that this “delusion” we face is coming to us from “outside” of this “Solar System”.

And thanks to Loren, and his remarkable patience and years of research, we might even know more about the “WHY” part. 

PLEASE NOTE:  If I make more editorial mistakes than normal in this article, its because I’m exhausted.  But please bear with me.  This is huge.

Important Disclaimer:

Remember I’m doing my best to present a TON of information on short notice.  After all, an “oil tsunami” might wash over my house any second now … right?  Well it might and many of us know it.

God is in utter control and I am only a “humble pie-eating messenger”.  I’m not a prophet (as far as I know), and I don’t necessarily have any divine knowledge (as far as I know for sure).  What I can tell you is that I find it utterly amazing that between Loren and Angela, last night the metaphorical “slot machine” dumped out a “world record jackpot!”

And once again, I could be wrong about some of this stuff.  But I really don’t think so.  At least not at this point.  Only God knows for certain.


Folks, this is complicated and I don’t know how well I will do presenting it.  You are going to have to do some homework on your own in order to completely grasp these concepts.  But here goes my best shot.

Oceans of Information

When you study the fine Christian works of Dr. Luginbill and the “Satanic Rebellion” here: and you combine that information with the 30 years of controversial study of our contributor Loren, and stitch in the findings of Wayne Herschel (submitted by Angela), the dots get connected on a level that I’ve never experienced before.

For years I have been studying the “Satanic” symbolism our enemy has been hiding right in front of our eyes.  I have books galore by Texe Marrs, and subscribe to his “Power of Prophecy” news letter.  I have the book series entitled “Occult Theocracy” which is a Christian based book that explains in extreme details all of the false religions and their roots throughout history.  I have hundreds of works, DVDs, lectures, and compilations and finally it all is making sense.  But the sense that it makes is weird and complex and I still have many unanswered questions.

The Complexities of Restoration and Creation

While I have not been able to confirm all these concepts Biblically yet, I have studied enough material from highly credible Christian researchers to strongly indicate that the Bible is a snap-shot in time and we suffer heavily from a “time compression” problem in our understanding.  This indicates that there are periods of millions of years that God has chosen to strategically leave out of the historical accounts.  There is no doubt this was done because the complexities of this information are so vast that the intended audience over thousands of years, would not have understood it.

When you understand the fundamentals of the Luciferian Rebellion, and you do multiple studies of the Book of Isaiah (and others), you begin to see that God has woven in information that indicates that the creation of the Universe(s) as we understand them, included the earth, but later was part of a “restoration” process as well.  Sound complex?  You BET!

Evidently, when the God created the “Heaven’s and the earth”, Lucifer rebelled.  As we know when this happened he kicked 1/3 of his then “fallen angels” out of “Heaven”.  He not only kicked them out of heaven, but he kicked them all over the place.  Some into our dimension, and some into other dimensions.  Some onto other planets and some inside of other planets.  In the “deep”, under the ground, and all over the place.  This happened as an act of WRATH.  He was really not a “happy camper”.  And in this wrath period, he wreaked havoc.  And evidently, the earth took a serious beating.

Where this gets really complicated, is that Adam and Eve and the original Garden of Eden, were created not too long after the “Heavens and the earth”.  But arguably there were millions of years of time that occurred before they were created.  (I know this is not easy to confirm scripturally, but bear with me).  So the basic chronological theory goes something like this in order:

  1. God creates the heavens and the earth
  2. God creates Lucifer and other angels and beings
  3. God then creates Adam and Eve in HIS image with HIS “unique” characteristics
  4. Lucifer realizes that Adam and Eve are special and realizes he is going to be “replaced” because these “Adam and Eve” “man” creations are the “real deal” and God intends to have them “rule and reign” under his Son Jesus
  5. Lucifer Rebels, this is a big deal, God gets really angry, wrath happens, planets are destroyed, cosmic destruction occurs, the earth becomes a casualty, life forms and various dinosaur type species become casualties, it is a huge mess
  6. God restores the earth and his most precious creation “mankind” starts to populate the earth
  7. Lucifer’s army of “alien-demons” continue their “genetic” onslaught and attack over thousands of years

 Now I am a little foggy on the exact details and haven’t had time to stitch it all  together, but I’m really not sure it’s all that important in the grand scheme of things.  What is important is that conceptually you understand that “they” are still angry about getting “kicked out of heaven”.  “They” hate mankind because mankind was created to “take over” and rule and reign with Jesus Christ as the “top dogs” and Lucifer didn’t like that arrangement.   The parables of the “Rich Young Ruler” and the Laborers that were paid differently for the work they did had multiple parallel meanings.  Jesus was not only talking to “us” on a metaphorical level, but he was speaking directly to Lucifer as well.

When God decides he is going to “pay you so much to do a job” or he is going to “re-arrange the reporting hierarchy” you best not “rebel” against him.   That’s the point.  Humility is the KEY.  Trust and faith are the keys.

Getting Back that Which was Taken Away

These demoted “fallen angel” / now “demons” are not happy with their “butt kicked” status in the heavens.  We humans have been their Nemesis from the start.  This is why they hate us.  But we have something that NO OTHER life form in the Universe has ever had.  We have the “magic” of God’s life force.  We have his SPIRIT breathed into us.  We have a unique DNA that no other life form has ever received … AND THEY KNOW IT!

Their attack on our DNA had many purposes.  It was not just to corrupt the blood line of Jesus and destroy the master plan of us “ruling and reigning” over all things in the heavens, but it was also a “tool” for them to “restore” themselves to a “god like” status and to “reach” the “heavens” that God kicked them out of in the first place. 

Did you ever notice that “THEY” are using the Bible as a “play book” to orchestrate their onslaught?  Take notice of the Tower of Babel.   The story of the Tower of Babel comes from Genesis 11, which is made up of 9 verses.  Did you notice what I just said?  NINE VERSES FROM GENESIS ELEVEN. 

Also take note of the wording God uses in Genesis 11:6 regarding what “they” were trying to accomplish.
Gen 11:6

;now nothing that they propose to do will be withheld from them.


Are you getting chills down your spine yet?  Well brace yourselves it gets worse.

DNA and “The God Particle”

In order for “them” to get back what God took away, “they” started to mess around and experiment with “God’s” technologies.  But the KEY to “them” accomplishing their ultimate goals is “mankind” and “physics” which have some characteristics that are unique for them to leverage.  Mankind has genetics that are extremely unique and there are “supernatural” energies that exist in “man” that exist in NO OTHER CREATION.

Moreover they must find and leverage the physics of this “Higgs boson” or “God particle”.  “They” believe that by tinkering with bodies of entities, and “snatching the souls” and “life force” energy of “man” that “they” can combine this with the characteristics of the “God particle” and open “Star Gates” back to HEAVEN.  “They” believe that once they accomplish this amazing and unbelievable feat, they can continue their war with God on HIS GROUND.  They are wrong, and God will NOT let that happen but “they” do not accept this.

They HATE us BUT They NEED us

So have you ever wondered why Alex Jones says the Elite intend to “enslave” mankind?   Well you are about to find out why they want to do it.  To these “entities” we are indeed “goyim” or “cattle”.  What do you do with “cattle”?  You do whatever you want with them.  You make furniture and clothing.  You make them do work for you.  You eat them.   But in their case, you also use them to “tinker” with DNA that has special God-like characteristics while you are “messing” with the physics of creating a Star Gate with the “God particle”.
Suddenly the FEMA Camps are more than just “death camps”.  Suddenly the mind control experiments and weird and horrible genetics they are messing with. have a new meaning.
And BLOOD is the Key.  The blood of “MAN”, God’s most awesome creation EVER, has “energy characteristics” that no other life form has ever had.  “They” NEED this life force to get “power”.  They need to create fear in humans so our adrenal glands pump this life-force energy into the blood stream.  This “life force” energy is KEY.  This life force energy gives them the ability to “talk” with their “buddies” in other dimensions.  This is WHY they perform sacrificial rituals that always include “human blood”. 
This is WHY Jesus gave us HIS BLOOD as a SACRIFICE to PROTECT US, to SAVE US
Jesus’ blood, is the Blood of the Lamb.  This Blood is the Key to giving us the POWER to OVERCOME their onslaught.

Passover Protection

The stories in the Old Testament are NOT to be overlooked and have lessons that will help us survive this really weird period of Tribulation.  Remember that God told the Hebrews to put the Blood of the Lamb on their door posts and STAY IN THE HOUSE!  I warn you that this is the key to keep you from “chasing after their fake Jesuses” and surviving their “fake rapture”.  Do not run after their fake Jesuses, and stay inside.  Do not be tempted to look outside at the “commotion”.  Keep your doors shut and stay PRAISING JESUS WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT.

“They” need your blood with “life force” properties that come from the “fear” that they cause.  This is the reason for the Noahide Laws, death camps, and the guillotines.  When you “praise Jesus” it is a supernatural “repellent” to these things.  Cover yourself with the Armor of God and stay in PRAISE continuously.  This introduces “God like” energies into your “blood stream” that “they” cannot tolerate. 

When I wrote the articles (many) which suggested “praise” was like a force field and a “bug repellent” unto these things, I had not yet made this connection.  NO WAY.  This all came to me within the last 6 hours.  Is this from the Holy Spirit or have I lost my mind?  Go ahead …. take your best shot IN JESUS NAME!

Proof Positive – The Ultimate Key to 2012

So you want to see some evidence to some of this stuff?  Okay.  Here is the ultimate key to unlock the mysteries associated with all these supernatural and unbelievable allegations. 

Symbolism Revealed!

Have you heard of the Talisman?  Have you heard of the “Ascended Masters”?  Have you heard of the anticipation of “Apotheosis” (restoration to “god status”)?  Have you heard of “The Key of Solomon”?  Have you heard of the matching symbolism in the Egyptian pyramids on the Gila plateau?  Have you seen the symbol of the “Chi Ro” (wikipedia that term)?  Do you know that the “Chi Ro” symbol is the “double cross”?  Do you realized this symbol is all over the Vatican and on the British flag?  Have you heard of the 7 Hills of Rome?  Do you know that Washington D.C. has Satanic symbolism that matches perfectly with all the other ancient Egyptian mysteries?  Have you heard they eventually plan to have UFO’s land in Washington D.C?  Do you realized that Washington D.C. is a LANDING STRIP?

Do you know they are coming?

Enter Wayne Herschel

I present to you the work of Wayne Herschel (thanks Angela).  Wayne’s research is entitled “The Lost Symbol of Ra” and is in two parts on You Tube right now.  I present to you Part Two only.  If you want to see the origins and speculation of Mr. Herschel in part one, then you can find it on the same page.  But the real “meat and potatoes” is all in “part two” and it leaves out some confusing connections to the “cross” that are unnecessary to make the “Jesus” point in all this data.


Without even realizing it, Wayne has basically proven all the allegations Tribulation-Now has made over the last year.  With the help of the Holy Spirit, and some dedicated research and the works of awesome “email list” subscribers (too numerous to mention – special kudos to ALL OF YOU IN JESUS NAME), Mr. Herschel, has “connected all the dots”.  These dots even explain why “Constantine” adopted the cross into his pagan version of Christianity.  Constantine didn’t see the cross, he saw the CHI RO!  The “Chi Ro” is a symbolic depiction of the “double cross” and the “double cross” (which is in the symbolism of Washington D.C and the Vatican) is THE STAR SYSTEM OF ORION and PLEIADES!

They are coming.
They are coming for us.



Lost Symbol of Ra Video Snap Shots

Here below I am including some video snapshots of the Lost Symbol of Ra video of Mr. Herschel.  I will briefly narrate some pointers below each snap-shot.

Here you see the introductory summary slide of The Lost Symbol of Ra video.  Here you see the lying stories of Dan Brown that are laced with truths and pointers for the Illuminati Brotherhood to see the symbolism worldwide.  You also see what looks like a big orange circle with a fiery star inside. This is actually in the Washington D.C. capital building.  It is the ceiling mural of George Washington’s Masonic “Apotheosis” as an “ascended master” into the Heavens, thus achieving “god” status and being “restored”.  Get it?
You also see, just to the right, The Key of Solomon.  The Key of Solomon has double-cross “chi ro” symbolism that correlates precisely to the star system ORION.  The other star symbols in the Key of Solomon correlate to the star system “Pleiades”.  To the far right you see the ULTIMATE Satanic “obelisk” … the Washington Monument.  This monument, with the appropriate measurements, extends 33 degrees off the horizon.  And the star system Orion also extends 33 degrees off the horizon when measured on specific dates from Australia (which is a known location for Star Gate portals).
Here you see the star system Orion.  Look closely to see the light colored reddish lines that show the “double cross” chi ro symbolism associated with this star system.  This is a key element in this Luciferian “approach”.
Here Wayne explains the origins and Satanic symbolism of the obelisk and the x-mas tree with the Star Sirius on the top.  I’m sorry Jesus for all the Christmas Trees I put in my home (tears in my eyes). 
Here Wayne shows three documents.  One from ancient Egypt, the center is the Masonic Lodge mural and the right is the Key of Solomon.  All three, separated by thousands of years, depict this Star Sirius shining down.
Here Mr. Herschel shows a close up of the Key of Solomon from the British Library.  Note the double cross pattern.  This is the star system Orion.  This is also the Chi Ro worn by the Pope(s) probably without many of their complete understanding.  Note the double cross depiction of the Orion star system in the upper left corner of the right symbol.  This aligns perfectly with the location of the star system from earth astrologically.

Here Wayne shows the actual Orion star system shown from a telescope and the “chi ro” symbol worn by the papacy and how they align perfectly.  He goes on to show that Roman symbolism also included the Chi Ro symbol.
Here Wayne shows the sign of the double cross / crosses over history and how they correlate to Solomon’s Key and Orion.  He goes on in great detail to demonstrate the Solomon’s Key diagram and now they align perfectly with the star systems of Orion and Pleiades.  It is utterly horrific.  You should watch and SAVE this video as it will save souls for Jesus some day.
He goes on to point out that on “September 15th” that Orion is located on the “Eastern Horizon” at the same time as Pleiades is located on the “Western Horizon”.  WHAT IS THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THIS DATE?  I don’t know other than the alignment.  Could it be their “arrival date”?  But what year?  Why do the “two witnesses” lie dead and people give gifts on the pagan x-mas fake holiday on the Winter Solstice?
Furthermore, this picture shows the 33 degree alignment with the horizon of the earth on September 15th when seen from Australia – the location of a major “star gate”.  Do your homework and email me please.
Here he shows the Dan Brown secrets of St. Peter pointing to the various symbols.  Dan Brown released his book “The Lost Symbol” on Sept. 15th.  He also shows the correlation to Orion here.
Here you see the 7 Hills of Rome and how they align perfectly with the Pleiades Star System.  This location is a STAR MAP just like the Key of Solomon.  He points out that on Sol Invinctus, December 25th, the Pope looks directly down the alignment from the Vatican past the obelisk in the Vatican court yard and “waves” to the Orion and Pleiades star systems.
He further goes on to explain that Mars also has blocks and  pyramids that depict the same symbolism.  Cydonia Mars!  They align perfectly with these star systems.  Not a coincidence. 
Here you see his demonstration of many symbolic monotliths and geological symbols pointing to the same star systems welcoming their “buddies” to earth.  Stonehenge, Tikal, Mars, Egypt, even in Iran.
And here he shows Washington D.C. correlation as a “landing strip” for “them” to arrive. It correlates perfectly to the symbolism in the monoliths on Mars.
If you haven’t seen enough to convince you that Jesus Christ is your only hope of salvation, then you must read more articles here on Tribulation-Now.  Read “The Escape Route”, read “Star Gate of Praise”, read the Aliens, Demons, Time Travel and God series, read them all and BELIEVE THAT YOUR ONLY HOPE IS JESUS CHRIST.
Jesus Christ is the ONLY BEGOTTEN SON of the God of all Creation.  He is the only way to SALVATION from this total onslaught of humanity.  Please understand this is NOT about what happens here on earth for those who are saved by the blood of the Lamb.  This is a fight for your SOUL.  These “things” are coming for YOUR BLOOD.  These “alien demons” intend to murder you and take your soul.  Do NOT LET THAT HAPPEN.
and most of all …

You should see “all” the symbolic and literal references in the Bible to these “reptilian” things.
For example, did you know the “Pale” horse is actually the word “chlorus” in Greek which means “greenish”?
And in Rev 13:11 the beast (s) come “out of the earth” and have “two horns” and speak like a “dragon”.

Alien Demon Agenda (Interim Part 1-2) here:

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  1. Notice that Solomons Key is the Double cross.. what is a doublecross Then.. Its exactly what i have been telling about Solomons temple and how the ark was defunct when he built it.. BUT GOD KNEW THIS… He transferred the ARK into us LITERALLY.. Now the ark speaks to us from our heart. Solomons temple was a decoy for the secret societys.

    All of these groups think that the ark will come and spirit them away once they have reached an ability to ascend and that it will open portals or stargates to new dimensions, particulary since the masters they contact through meditations and channeling tell them this

    This is why I try not to let anything that goes on in the world upset me.. As far as im concerned all these aliens whatever they are have nothing to do with me.. Remember i told you about the Vampires and Werewolfs (politicians etc) these either use our energy to survive in peaceful times.. (vampires) and Are bloody and brutal in times of war Werewolfs.. butchery and slaughter depends on the political party in house at the time words GENES -IS..(Genesis) or GENE-RATION or DNA (GENES) in the bible mean exactly what they say HOW about SOLDIER.. SOL (sun) DIER are they blood sacrifices to their sun god.. why do you suppose these words came into our language? POLITICS.. Many BLoodsuckers (poly-tics) words dont happen by accident

    While I agreed with your analysis of the Temple being inside of us, I didn't connect the dots as well as you have. You are a Bible expert extraordinare! God Bless You Mightily and Thank you IN JESUS NAME for being an awesome friend. If I had the money I would fly to Glasgow and give you the biggest hug I could. I love you brother Martin.


  3. Thankyou for this post. I have been researching these things for a few years and I too came to the conclusion that something very wicked is headed our way. Tom Horn has information that seems to indicate it will be in 2012.
    I am very thankful for the article about praise and worship as it will be a way of sustaining us through the terrible times we will certainly find ourselves in on the 3rd plannet from the sun…..BLESSINGS & SHALOM!

  4. Debra !

    Thank you for all your encouragement and help over these many months. Hearing from you has been some of the most encouraging and helpful communications I have received. You deserve nothing less than a front row seat at the Marriage Supper of Jesus Our King. Please save me a seat, I would be honored to sit right beside you.


  5. Praise Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This information is getting out. For 30 years God has been showing me these things and I was Blessed to read this artical. I am not nuts He is shoin others the truth. Another thing you might want to look into and don't think I've blown a gasket, but the fact that Obama is a clone of Akhenaten. Wow thisstuff will blow yourskirt up. It all ties into what you are presenting here.

    Be Blessed,

  6. Rick,

    God Bless You Too. Every day I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for all the information you have sent and especially for the awesome encouragement. You are a true friend in Jesus.

    I love you Rick
    We shall meet really soon at the victory celebration – AMEN

  7. Awwww SHUCKS.. we all play our part and we see what we are meant to when reading the bible.. everybody gets pointed to different things that they need to know.. between us all we uncover whats hidden

    YOU KNOW when the heavens were created.. we have all the elements to make matter The waters divided then light sound that made wind set the waters spinning and matter is made from this light and sounds in diff frequencys then the heat created by these combined (fire) electromagnetics kept the waters in their places. then we were created and the spirit put in us all of our atoms are musical tones.. GODS MUSIC. thats why we sing praises to GOD and what JESUS meant when he said even the rocks know who he is.. their atoms sing his song

    Dont know if you read the book of adam and eve.. orpistis sophia.. GOD said we have a counterfiet soul and a soul.. he put light in us that satan couldnt grasp.. OUR SPIRIT.. satan can only lay hands on our bodys.. thats why our flesh is weak.. the siprit satan can never grab

  8. YOU ARE "DA-MAN" … but not just any man. You are "Da Jesus Man!"


  9. hi john; please add me to your email list. i pray every day that all who seek to do evil to mankind will suffer confusion in their ranks and that they will be rendered helpless. please let me know if i can be of assistance to you. i expose the evil daily also………………blessings brother pamela


    I love it and thank you so much!
    Every person that emails me is so helpful and I pray with all my heart we can enable the body of Christ to learn about this great delusion and save souls for JESUS OUR KING


  11. This video reminds me of the angel with 'the key' to the bottomless pit!!!

    Revelation 9

    1 And the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star from heaven fallen unto the earth: and there was given to him the key of the pit of the abyss.

    2 And he opened the pit of the abyss; and there went up a smoke out of the pit, as the smoke of a great furnace; and the sun and the air were darkened by reason of the smoke of the pit.

    3 And out of the smoke came forth locusts upon the earth; and power was given them, as the scorpions of the earth have power.

    4 And it was said unto them that they should not hurt the grass of the earth, neither any green thing, neither any tree, but only such men as have not the seal of God on their foreheads.

    5 And it was given them that they should not kill them, but that they should be tormented five months: and their torment was as the torment of a scorpion, when it striketh a man.

    Stay w/ me on this:
    all mystery religion has the as above so below affinity with the stars. The mayans had it in particular, they had a time when their two calendars meet and held a sacred fire ceremony-I believe every 52 years. (see the video I attached w/ Jaime Maussan)

    Everything comes down to the Pleaides stars and Orion-the hunter: aka Nimrod. He is the king coming back from the abyss. The abyss is in Orion. Remember antichrist is one of the 7 previous kings. (now you know why Jesus said, "I am the first and the last." (nimrod first king, and last king)

    Back in 05 I came into contact w/ Charlie Garret who discovered something in the Bible: God uses 14000 days as a time period for judgement upon a generation.

    And there's one present day judgement: upon Israel, when they fought back in June 7,1967 they took Jerusalem-but not the temple mount.
    That day began the count down. The 14k days ended back in October 4, 2005 which I believe restarted Daniel's 70-7's, Daniel's last week.

    So in Daniel 12 it says the last day abomination that causes desolation happens on day 1290-and I believe it did: it's when Obama gave his speech at Georgetown University and blackened out the IHS, Jesus symbol. Remember that? His speech was, "A New Foundation for America."

    Now, tie into the fact that there will be a man who speaks proud words and blasphemies for 42 months:

    Nov 2008-Dec 2008
    all of 2009
    all of 2010
    all of 2011
    Jan, Feb, Mar, April 2012

    Man receives mortal wound. False prophet breathes life (pneuma, spirit) into the image (representation, resemblance) of the first beast (Rev 13) and Apollyon (Apollo=Nimrod) enters body. He's the one who only has 5 months to torture men of the earth. (May, June, July, Aug, Sept 2012)

    And guess what happens May of 2012? A conjuntion of the Pleiades with the Sun and the Earth! They're all aligned! Here's a crop circle that explains the return of Quetzalcoatl at this time!!!

    The 7 year period ends on Yom Kippur/Day of Atonement when Jesus Christ comes down to cleanse the Earth! Armageddon! He comes down with the sound of a trumpet (Is 27) (happens on Feast days)


    You have been an amazing Blessing and utter fountain of immense Biblical knowledge like I have never seen.

    If what you are saying is correct and IT MAY VERY WELL BE CORRECT, then we only have a couple years before the CRAP HITS THE FAN BIG TIME.

    Thank you JESUS FOR SAVING US.

    Thank you Jesus, Hosan Save NOW!

    I've been very concerned from quite some time that the 3rd Temple was a SATANIC DIVERSION and 2012 might be the "Big Date".

    Only the Grace of God can delay that date, be we must be prepared IN JESUS NAME!!


    EVERYONE! Watch those videos and study what she is saying and EMAIL ME at [email protected].

    Let's get this out to everyone.

  13. Johnny, you and everyone who reads your blog should check out this one too:
    Paul explains many things you have talked about but aren't sure of in a way that's easy to understand and is supported by scripture too.
    There are many blessings to be had there too.
    Thanks for your efforts in leading us to knowledge in Jesus and in his name.

  14. Algiz God Bless YOU MIGHTILY
    This is outstanding information.

    Please everyone take a look at this information and email me with your thoughts.

    Algiz – I added you to our email list. Please email me as often as you can.


  15. I give you now a new definition for war:
    SATANIC SACRIFICE! Does that explain while our Skull and Bones Leaders love war amd pursue it so strongly? Blood gives them power! They(aliens) want us to believe that the human race will no longer exist but will be part of theirs!

  16. Great article today. So much has been hidden. You made my day pointing out pagan practices and holidays. I quit all of that Nimrod Sun worship stuff two years ago. It was hard. Even returned to seventh day worship. Peace and joy beyond belief. My wake up call was the book of Enoch…I have spread info on project bluebeam and was severely harassed so we much be on to something eh? Blessings, pam

  17. Thank you so much. Project blue beam is complex and I have another article coming on that "wonderful" even.

    Glad to have you "on board" and indeed Be Blessed in the Name of our King Jesus!

  18. WOW! It's a miracle the way that YHWH works in us and around us! I am in the process of reading your article on your website via Steve Quayle and I decide to send it to a pastor friend when whaa laa…here's your letter! It's amazing how divine our work becomes.
    I made a video yesterday called, "How to Create a Mega-Tsunami" and you must go view it! It leads right into all the plans they have. My theory is that this event will cause the TAAA DAAA>>heros to come save us! Just as with Atlantis, they want humanity to believe they are our creator and saviors! Sickening, yes, but tis their plans. The whole 2012 agenda fits right into it too. I saw a video of a man yesterday that had been abducted in the 1980s and was shown by holographic projection just what their plans are. He saw a balck sea with a gold shiny NEW ATLANTIS in it, and he said they told him that earth only had a one world govt! So, even in the 80s, they were conducting business as usual. The whole 'Tarot Card' Illuminati Style shows many of their plans but most are ignorant as to what to look for. I say that in the kindest meaning, of course. It seems so many are waking up but still so many are asleep or just don't believe.
    I think we need to try all venues to spread the Word and..their evil plans against humanity. So, I will use some of the things you have brought together in your GRRREAT article. That is if you don't mind. I don't mean any discredit, in fact I will give credit where credits due! I think we need to work together! Many of us work separately when we should be working together! This is how they advance against us!!
    I know your a busy man, so I will leave it short. Thank you so much for your valuable work. You are a BLESSING and you certainly are appreciated.
    Respectfully, Virginia


    May everyone affiliated with Steve Quayle's ministry be blessed in the name of Jesus our KING.

    WOW HOLY SPIRIT – WOW I am amazed.

    Praise You Jesus!

  20. "They need to create fear in humans so our adrenal glands pump this life-force energy into the blood stream. This "life force" energy is KEY."

    Wow, I had never heard of that before. So — our special life force is stored in our adrenal glands? Or is it stored in our blood? Do our adrenal glands (when tapped)supply the correct amount of force (or energy) to propery activate that "life force"?

    If you could clarify all of that, that would be helpful. Because as I am writing this, I am suffering from chronic adrenal fatigue so much so, that I can't even do light exercise anymore.

    So, please pray for me.

    In Jesus Christ's name,

  21. Guess what … get ready to be HEALED IN JESUS NAME…

    18they will pick up snakes with their hands; and when they drink deadly poison, it will not hurt them at all; they will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well."

    We are those people. Believe with all your heart. There is no problem physically that Jesus cannot heal. It might not happen right away and you might have to PRAISE HIM EVERY DAY ALL DAY LONG, but he will heal you.

    Establish a relationship with Jesus right now. Lift your arms up to him and praise him for healing your illness.

    And Remember – Talk to your sickness. Say OUT LOUD … In the Name of Jesus, Adrenal Gland sickenss and spirits of infirmity, I COMMAND YOU TO LEAVE in Jesus Name.

    I am telling you the truth. You have the power. Jesus gave it to you.


  22. Great article….you should check out "Apollyon Rising 2012" by Thomas Horn. The book goes into great detail regarding the Washington DC Obelisk, the Vatican, the Great Seal of the United States, Egyptian and Babylonian symbolism, etc.

    Keep up the great work and be blessed in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

  23. I have been soaking up this alien agenda for many months now. I have listened to Tom Horn, Steve Quayle, Project Camalot etc. I have wondered for many months why I was obtaining this knowledge as it seems to be on the outside so contrary to what I have been taught as a Christian but yet now I see so very important as a believer to know the enemy. When Stewart Best talks about the strong delusion I so understand how many Christians will be swept away in the delusion.

  24. the Covert Government secret black projects (such as the Blue Beam) will create a false alien invasion to bring the Antichrist so that he can fulfill his master plan of fooling the world

  25. John,

    I listen to Alex Jones, Steve Quayle, and the Hawk, on Shatter the Darkness, linked from Steve Quayle's site. I think you have "Connected the Dots"! After all I have read, and heard from these men, alone with reading Tribulation Now, YOU blew me away! It was like painting a perfect picture of our future, and brought the whole Agenda Alex talks about together for me. I truly believe that the Holy Spirit has brought you (with the others you mentioned in this article) together for this very purpose. Preparing us for what is to come, and so that we are not deceived by Satan's deception that is headed our way. This information is so mind blowing! I don't know how to present it to loves ones. I pray that the Holy Spirit will open many eyes and ears to the truth! The lies we have been told since the Garden of Eden.
    It all makes since to me now why they have the "agenda" they have. To try to destroy the bloodline of Jesus by slaughter, starvation, the causing of infertility so that we cannot keep the bloodline going. Everything Alex has talked about with the "Elite" now makes since. Like I said, this part 3 has brought everything together to my understanding, and I just want to thank you for that! Praise God for the message I believe you have been given to share with the readers of Tribulation Now.

  26. Thank you IN the name of Jesus Our King! I mean that with all my heart.


  27. Richard (above) … (no pun intended) …

    Praise Jesus and don't be a stranger. Please be apart of our group and be prepared in Jesus Name!

  28. Lawrence… yep you are correct. I plan to write another article beyond what is already on Tribulation Now about the "fake rapture". People better learn to hear the Lord talking to them through spiritual empathy or they will mess up and walk out into the street and become a Thanksgiving Dinner for the "tractor beam" entities. Weird … well watch out. Praise is your force field in Jesus Name

  29. Thank you so much. But please be advised … it certainly isn't me. I could give you a thousand reasons why "I" didn't write those articles but it wouldn't make any "earthly" sense.


  30. Thanks for the article and to all who leave comments. If you are a Christian, please be on guard at all times. I personally think the alien/demon deception is what the Bible refers to as (My Paraphrase): "The Deception that will deceive many, even the elect if that were possible".

    If you are reading this and are not a Christian: you still have time to choose Christ as your Lord and Savior. Put the pieces together and do not take these issues lightly. Count the cost and determine where you want your eternal soul to dwell! Eternal is forever!

    God Bless & may Jesus Christ have your soul.

    A couple of insights:

    1) Why do you think there are so many similar locations around the world built by different peoples in totally different cultures?
    Answer: The alien/demons will land in many places at once. They want blood from all of humanity and won't discriminate!

    2) Why do you think that some of the popular culture is promoting vampires via the "Twilight" series?
    Answer: the alien/demons want you to think it is a good thing to give them your blood, even a cool thing. Unfortunately, children will be the main targets for this lie!

    3) Why do you think that other pop-culture items include: tattoos, body piercing, branding, or other bodily degridations?
    Answer: The alien/demons don't want you to view your body as the Temple of Christ but instead something that is cheap and can be abused and easily discarded!

  31. oh, wow. I see it but my mind is having a hard time wrapping around it. Please pray for us still poisoned with chemicals and lies. I know God has a plan and for some reason thru Steve Quayle's website brought me here but you all are so far above me. I feel like I'm not intillectual enough to contribute, but it makes so much sense! I am definately adding this to my favortes and will keep watching and learning. Thank you.

  32. i do not think we should go silently into this coming dark night,but loudly proclaiming the name of jesus for all the monsters to hear,he is king of kings and has the keys to death and hell with him,we should put on the armor of god,and stand.there is no fear when you have understanding of the lord,he has put into your heart and soul this power,use it to the very end.make the father and son and holy spirit,sing joyfully.we must stand,and meet the enemy!!

  33. Oh boy! Where to start! Lucifer was never an angel in heaven that fell from God's grace. the word lucifer is not even hebrew. Strange how it made it in a hebrew text.

    "I am the LORD, and there is none else, there is no God beside me: I girded you, though you have not known me: That they may know from the rising of the sun, and from the west, that there none beside Me. I am the LORD, and there is none else. I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, AND CREATE EVIL: I the LORD do ALL [even the creation of evil and even the creation of Satan] THESE THINGS" (Isaiah 45:5-7).

    Satan is evil, God created evil, God CREATED SATAN!
    Do some real bible study at:

  34. Hi everyone here I am Michael. I have been a silent visitor here at Trib Now for a little while since I first discovered it through Steve Quayle, God Bless him. Okay I think I feel comfortable now to come out and talk about what I know, have known since I was a young boy. It is subtle but one day at school in I think the fourth or fifth grade we were handed out some of those "AWAKE" paper books, yes I know but this was like the early 70's or so & I guess my school in San Jose wasn't taken over yet by the, whoever has that job now. But anyway the book I got had a illistrated story in it of the jack booted thugs invading a family household and basically acting like a bunch of Gustapo and harassing everyone. Of course it was a warning of the future. I am 48 yrs. Can anyone tell me why after all this time I have always remembered that? Why did it have such a profound impact on my soul? Because I tell you I never forgot it and I have always found reason to reflect back on that what might seem such an obscure little tidbit that which was given to me almost 40 years ago. I often wonder if that was the little spark that God made sure I was to recieve that made me the only person I know out of all the people I personaly know who questions authority and seeks truth always, I mean I never met a conspiracy theory I didn't like. Now finally I end up in places like this finding more and more answers that are just too mind blowing to dare try to tell even my own family, my own wife. Long ago I knew I had to keep an open mind because I knew evil was coming. As a pre teen I KNEW UNIMAGINABLE EVIL WAS COMING!!! What I think I mean is that my soul knew it and that seeped up into my conscious ever more. Like all of you I found Steve, Alex, Tom Horn & Hawk to name my favorites, and lately you, Johnny. So the bad news is that the most unspeakable evil is on the way and almost here but the very good news is that that means Jesus Christ is not far behind. I tried the other day to talk about things which have been revealed to me through all of you to my closest Christian friend and I tell you he was cool to me but I really think he thought I have turned wacko. It's hard, really hard because, well you all know why. I need all of you people here now. This is keeps getting bigger and bigger, WOW!!!


    And God Bless You All,


  35. Brother "Seaweed" 🙂

    NO we are not "intellectual" we are all part of the "Body of Christ". Everyone's thoughts are very important and the most new contributor can present ideas that give each of us blessings and insight to the works of our Lord.

    Email me directly at [email protected] if you would like to interract more. In Jesus Name.

  36. Anonmymous poster above from 3:47 PM. Thank you for your comments. Yes I am already a Tom Horn fan and a Steve Quayle fan – but mainly I am a FAN OF JESUS!

    I have an article posted here already on Apollyon Rising 2012. I was actually planning on writing a book like that, but Tom beat me to it and frankly did a far better job that I would have been able to do.


  37. Anonmymous poster from 12:56 AM


    To repeat:

    i do not think we should go silently into this coming dark night,but loudly proclaiming the name of jesus for all the monsters to hear,he is king of kings and has the keys to death and hell with him,we should put on the armor of god,and stand.there is no fear when you have understanding of the lord,he has put into your heart and soul this power,use it to the very end.make the father and son and holy spirit,sing joyfully.we must stand,and meet the enemy!!

  38. Loren above from 2:19 AM:

    Okay fellow stop with the "humble" one liners. You know you lectured me for 4 hours prior to this article being written. I'm just a news reporter. You are the awesome spirit filled "contributor". JESUS IS IN ALL OF US and like the fellow above said – GET READY FOR SPIRITUAL WAR … WE WIN

  39. Michael from 3:27 AM. Talk to me, talk to us. Email me directly at [email protected] and get on our email list. I keep everyone "anonymous" through blind carbon copies and try to answer every email. If I don't have the answer or you need more information, upon your request, I can forward your question out to the group.

    We call that a "Request for Comments" in Jesus Name

  40. Anonymous / Steve from 5:15 AM. BINGO! You hit the nail on the head. That is why the Christian community if falling flat on its face.

    How are you supposed to be a "watchman on the wall" if you are unwilling to research the enemy's work and "movement" in this spiritual war we are experiencing.

    We must "anchor" our faith in Jesus and "buck up" and read their books and study their movement or they are going to "broad-side us upside our ignorant heads".


    Learn and Be Prepared

  41. remember that many including Christian will be martyred at this time according to scripture! WE may only escape thru death….but blessed are those who escape the second death…eternal damnation! Jesus said not to fear those who kill the body but fear him who has power to cast both body and soul into hell…prepared for the devil and his angels….their time is limited1… blessings friends….

  42. This news, just in!

    Wow you should see "all" the symbolic and literal references in the Bible to these "reptilian" things.

    For example, did you know the "Pale" horse is actually the word "chlorus" in Greek which means "greenish"?

    And in Rev 13:11 the beast (s) come "out of the earth" and have "two horns" and speak like a "dragon".


  43. While I am now 63 yrs old, I learned of many of these things thru my elderly Sunday School teacher when I was ten years old. I thought she had lost her mind but lo and behold and praise His name He has allowed me to witness all she taught throughout my life. I did want to mention something I read this past weekend. Isaiah 29:1-6 God is speaking about a destruction in Jerusalem when he says, ..thou shalt be brought down, and shalt speak out of the ground, and thy speech shall be low, as of one that had a familiar spirit, out of the ground, and thy speech shall whisper out of the dust. I wondered if this relates in some way to the underground cities where the elite plan to hide when disaster hits. Perhaps God is informing the elite they cannot hide from Him, He knows where they hide and knows how to deal with their hidden sanctuaries as He says in verse 6. Just a thought.

  44. Amen – Not at all unlikely. There are many reports that there might be some type of "invasion" even this year. July 26th is a day to watch. Can't cornfim any of this though. It a watch & pray situation.

  45. Just as some of you , I originally woke up with Alex Jones about 3 years ago. It has definitely turned my life upside down, the way I saw things anyway. I'm a college student just now finishing up school. I've tried opening up the minds of my friends and family but they don't understand it. I also sometimes wonder 20 years down the road if I'll look back and think I was crazy?

    If you are a Christian, you believe that Jesus will return at some point…but its very hard not to correlate to 2012….ESPECIALLY with all the research from all the brilliant minds that are starting to show up.

    Anyways, I feel somewhat lost. Hoping you guys could pray for me. I do believe in the power and the blood our savior Jesus Christ.

  46. Anonymous – YOU ARE NOT ANONYMOUS – You belong to Jesus whether you think so or NOT. You said the Holy Spirit inspired words.

    Please email me at [email protected] so I can show you what an awesome future you have in Jesus name.

  47. I know that the Satanic agenda includes the appearance at large of Aliens. These entities must sell the evolutionary old earth line as a substitutionary doctrine for special creation, faith in our creator, and repentance from dead works. The human soul did not evolve, it is God breathed,and passed on. God's hand is in everything on earth. These entities will be allowed to appear when man has completely denied God except for his faithful remnant. In Rev. fifth seal these beings are signaled to appear by the star which falls to earth having the key to the abyss. Lucifer fell long ago when God demoted his terrestrail abodes he took following rebellion. Lucifer has been restrained from final takeover of earth, but when the fifth seal opens there will be an alien invasion. Those who are Christ's must look for Messaih's appearing and feed his household.
    From the early harvest to the fall harvest, a period of five months, those who looked for his appearing and prepared to wait for their angels to come for them will be preserved while the gathering takes place. The gathering of Saints covers the harvest time that finishes at revelation 10:7. Those who adopt the alien agenda lies will be subjected to the torments of their alien gods. We were not created by aliens but tampered with by them. They are the spirits of demons working miracles.

  48. Anonymous poster – EXCELLENT

    This is every insightful.

    Email me at [email protected] and say hello. We have a lot of people working behind the scenes uncovering some great information and would love to have you involved.


  49. hi brother john
    i haven't fully read all you have written but have been ''led '' to other sources to know that tribulation is very near
    my question is has JESUS told me correctly to watch for the temple building in jerusalem and upon completion i will have 45 days to reach mount sinai [ the wilderness ] before satan starts his 3 and a half year tribulation ?
    i do try to warn people of the im[portance of shunning the traditions of this world and to please GOD [ whether they listen i wonder but i do try ]
    a lady showed surprise today when i wholeheartedly agreed with her when she said i treated the situation seriously
    i referred her to scripture and how in noah's day people continued to marry , eat drink and be merry
    just as JESUS warned
    i guess you are stateside [ where i see it will be quite horrific as people take to arms in what they believe is righteous rebellion not knowing that rebellion is the tool of satan ]
    i wish we could meet and worship together as i feel all alone here in the uk
    still i must put my trust in JESUS and wait for his guidance
    at the moment i obey the 4th commandment alone but would love to observe the sabbath in unity with other brothers and sisters in christ
    the few that i have met would rather please the theological hierarchy than GOD it seems
    only the other day a sister said she thought one had to obey the local customs
    may JESUS continue to bless you in your works
    keep the faith brother

  50. The Youtube video referred to in the article has been removed. However, the following link still works:

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