Priviledge and Position

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Heaven is Earth
Look Around You Please!

You need to be aware of who you are in the Universe.  You are a Son of God.  You are the Master of the Devil.  You are special.  Do you not see the works of your Lord all around you?  Do you not see the birds in the trees?  Do you not understand why Jesus said the very “rocks” would cry out if people didn’t praise his entry into Jerusalem?  Don’t you see?

We are so BLESSED and we have no idea how much so.

Why do you THINK the Lord has chosen Earth for the New Millennium?  Because it is the most amazing place in the entire Universe!

No wonder the Lord was so upset about the Israelites and how they failed to praise him.  No wonder he is basically upset with mankind in general.  We just don’t understand how significant all this is.  We don’t realize how WONDERFUL our daily life here on earth is.


God created “angel-people” (okay angel beings) and asked them to “watch over” the earth and keep an eye on what was “going on”.   Study the book of Enoch and understand this.  These “angel-people” who “had it made” were SO AMAZED with the blessings that God had given his most prized creations – us – that they gave up EVERYTHING just to have a taste of what “we take for granted”.  How sad is that?

“They” wanted to “feel feelings”.   “They” wanted to feel “joy”.  “They” wanted to be “human” even for just a little while.  Sure maybe they were all evil and bad demons … or maybe … just maybe … they wanted to be “human” for just a while.  We are experiencing heaven, in the Universe. and we are too dense to realize it.  How this must grieve our Lord.

I sympathize with the “watchers” in the Book of Enoch.  Am I wrong? Maybe I am. 

They “messed up”… you bet they did.  They were not part of the original Luciferian Rebellion … but they saw how “good it was” to experience the wonderful earthly pleasures God gave to us. They “wanted” to experience it more than anything.  They “gave up” their heavenly estate and threw away everything just ….. TO BE LIKE US…

Please think about that for just a minute.

Please understand that the workings of God, the most fabulous wonderful loving Father EVER, are all around you.  Understand that you take EVERYTHING for granted.  Don’t you?  Yes you do! 

This earth, the “new earth”, is the place where we spend the new “Millennium” with Jesus.  You can either learn to realize how wonderful and privileged you are right now, or learn it side by side with your KING. 

But be ADVISED, you BEST take advantage of the short time you have on this wonderful, coveted creation, by the Lord Your God, because EVERY LIVING BEING is “jealous” of how awesome we have it here on this unbelievably gorgeous planet the Lord created for his “most prized” creations….man and woman…. you and I.

May this message bless you in the Name of Jesus Our King

Get Ready for Phase II of our “testing” for glory.

We have a lot to learn in the New Millennium.


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3 thoughts on “Priviledge and Position

  1. Thank You brother,
    I am in awe of the things that our heavenly Father has made for us…….just look up on a star filled night!!! I am speechless. AMEN!
    GLORY TO GOD ALMIGHTY!!! for HE is worthly of all our praise and worship!!! we are truly fearfully and wonderfully made. Our GOD is an AWESOME GOD!!

  2. remember the time post you did.. well this post follows that thread in a way.. When i was musing on time only being relevent to where we are. and not existing before we were born… As we exist just now in the flesh the universe exists around us but we are the very centre of this universe from the inside outwards, Each individual person is the centre of the universe from their own position in it, probably this is why we are told to look within.

    Who knows what an afterlife may hold for us.. just maybe in the afterlife time travel wuold be possible for us, even through dimensions and each one of us may each be a seperate dimensions in a new reality.. maybe this is why the fallen angels were envious.. maybe this is what they craved. Maybe thats why we are sooo special

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