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Educate People on the Threat
Save them from Falling Away

Greetings in the Name of Jesus Christ!

Wow what a huge undertaking this “new job” has been for me.  Hallelujah!  Last week I was challenged to acclaimate to the airport travel experience again, and it was nothing less than utterly exhausting.  However the Lord has laid upon my heart a new ministry “of sorts” that I am planning to execute as best as I know how.

This makes the whole ordeal quite exciting.

Geodelic and GPS

I was laying in bed last night playing with a new application on my Droid X.  The whole reason I bought the Droid in the first place was to try and keep up with the Tribulation-Now emails while away from my computer.  And thus far it seems to have been rather helpful, at least for watching You Tube videos and doing “quick responses” back to those who need prayer and other guidance.

However for some reason I was led to explore this new program called Geodelic.  Turns out this application uses GPS services and can show me “churches” in the local area.  In fact, once I select a given church, I can press another button and the GPS system guides me to the churches’ location using Google Earth satellite imagery.  It even shows me a picture of the church before I arrive.  Amen and praise Jesus!

The Power of What We Know

A side effect of a job that requires travel is that you must learn to make things efficient.  You need to get your drycleaning scheduled and become meticulous about being ready.  If you have any hopes of enjoying the weekend at all, you need to run errands with military “like” precision.

Yesterday morning I woke up early, after only 4 hours of sleep, and ran to Walmart to get “stuff” I needed for the next trip out.  I got my “mini bottles” of whatever toiletries I needed and some cat food for the poor starving kittes.  The kids forgot to refill the cat’s auto-feeder.  There are lots of details that have to be managed that you take for granted when you’re at home every night.  I got in line at the register to check out.

Entering In and Out of “The Matrix”

The excitement of Jesus’s imminent return overcomes me these days.  It’s really hard to keep myself in check when I’m “working”.   In fact I was warned by a former collegue of mine that when I take this job I need to avoid talking about “God” and “Black Helicopters” or I was doomed.  I knew he was right.  My reputation for talking about such things in prior jobs almost got me kicked out the the running for this opportunity.  It’s one thing to be bold and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, its another thing to “lack wisdom” and render yourself destitute so you are no longer “employable”.  Amen?  I call this the “Timothy” problem.  My arguement is that if Timothy had controlled himself when confronting the “pagans” in the street parade in Ephesus, he would have had a much longer ministry and not got beaten to death.

The Wally-Word Testimony

As I stood in line at the register, I had a tall gentleman behind me.  I’m not really sure how I started the conversation, but since it was quite early in the morning there were only the three of us there;  me, the cashier lady, and the tall fellow right behind me.  I remember saying something about the packages shrinking and how all our products were becoming extremely expensive even though the prices seems to be the same.  As they agreed and said how terrible it was, I said “Glory to Jesus he is coming back really soon and we won’t have to worry about it for too much longer”.

One thing led to another and before you know it I was telling them the alternative meaning to Daniel 9:27 and the forthcoming “Fallen-Angel-UFO” problem.  They were both immediately amazed and wanted to hear more.  The tall fellow behind me asked about the great “falling away”.  And I told him, Praise Jesus for you brother.  2 Thes. 2 .. And God sends them a “Strong Delusion” so they will believe THE LIE.  I told them it’s the Ancient Aliens problem and that “they” will pawn themselves off as OUR CREATORS!

Both of them becames so excited about this new revelation that the conversation went on and on.  In fact, I couldn’t get out of the store.  The cashier lady actually left her register and chased me down to continue asking me more questions.  It was AWESOME!

Now there are TWO MORE Jesus loving people that will be IMMUNE to the Strong Delusion


An Email to the Editor

My daughter has been researching things too.  When I got home she had clipped an article out of the Tampa Tribune.  Here is what the article said.

High in the night sky, a mysterious object

On Sunday night, at approximately 9:45, I noticed a disk-shaped object moving in a northwestern path across the sky.  The object had no lights on it, and made no noise.  I got my brother and together we watched the thing glide by.  It was of a color lighter than the night sky; perhaps white or dull grey.  It appeared as if in the center of it was a dark circle.

It seemed to be very high up in the sky, but I hesitate to estimate its size or altitude.  I will, however, say that it was at least the size of a commercial jet, and moving at least as fast as they do.  I reported the sighting to the local police, and then to MacDill Air Force Base.  If my orientation is correct, I estimate that this object must have flown over the base before crossing Tampa Bay and then St. Petersburg.

I find it unnerving that some sort of craft is flying around at night with no lights on it through airspace close to two major airports and an Air Force base.

Did anyone else see this thing?

James Guild, St. Petersburg

Now I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure that a major newspaper will not typically print UFO reports like this.   I would “at least” estimate that this type of  “letter to the editor” would have been scrutinized in the past.  So to have such information find its way into the local newspaper is definitely a sign of the times.  People are seeing these things everywhere.

This is a GOOD THING.  The more people who are made aware of this reality in a tangible manner, the more ripe the harvest becomes for those of us who wish to prepare our fellow brethren for the forthcoming threat.


Crazy Reports of Reptilian Surgery

Other than this weird report of a “reptilian” surgical procedure on Obama’s head, the “Intel” coming in has been relatively stable and consistent.  Most of us know by now about the 7.4 earthquake in Japan this week and the subsequent one in Mexico.  I was sitting in a board room at a client site when that news came in.  Praise God it didn’t turn into another tsunami.  Amen.

And yes the reports of “spirals and dimensional ports” continue to flow. Before it’s News and The Big Wobble continue to report on these mind bending issues as they surface.  There is new footage of a UFO like event by the Japanese volcano, and other data that seems to be “never ending”.  There is no question the crescendo of this forthcoming “LIE” continues at an alarming pace.

For your continued edification on “News of the Weird”, here is a link to the You Tube video where a woman claims that the Lord told her why Obama has a surgical scar on the back of his head.  She insists that God told her that “they” had surgically implanted some type of reptilian entity into Obama’s skull.  Now to the best of my knowledge this is not actually “how” the reptiles take over a person’s “host body”, but anything is possible these days when it comes to them “mingling themselves” with what’s left of our “human-ness”.

Here is the link to that video.  It’s pretty strange.  This lady is convinced and she doesn’t even seem to understand how prolific this “reptilian” onslaught has been,  because she continues to refer to Obama as “our president”.   Obama was never “our president”.  I am reasonably sure he was genetically bred to be “their robotic” minion since birth.


Geodelic Cosmic Discipleship

The “tall man” from Walmart followed me out into the parking lot to continue our exchange of Jesus filled cosmic information.  He was very knowledgeable about scripture and was “connecting the dots” with great excitement.  This event “supercharged” me and I was feeling filled with the glory of the Lord.  This stuff get’s me “jacked up” in a big way and that man will start telling all his friends.  This is how the “word” spreads.  This is how God get’s his people to spread the “news”.  Amen?

Last night I discovered the Geodelic application would lead me to churches wherever I travel.  I knew what I had to do.  I was already planning to attend some Wednesday night church services while I was “on the road” but my reason was to join them in worship.

Now it has taken on a whole new meaning.

Summary in Jesus Name

All week long I have had “separation anxiety” about being on the road and away from Tribulation-Now.  The blessings associated with writing these articles and ministering to hundreds of people has been wonderful.  I give all the Glory to God for each email I receive.  Indeed I search my emails daily in hopes of spotting just “one more” email from a new person who needs a little direction in their walk during these super strange days.

God has witnessed to my heart, more than once, that I have covered the most important material in the articles here on Tribulation-Now.  Again, if one was to read only the articles published since January of this year, they would have an awesome understanding of some of the most wonderful things the Lord has led me (and many of us) to understand.  It has been a spectacular blessing.

However, God will often move his people around and put them in new and different places to continue His work.  More than once I was discouraged sitting in my hotel room feeling like I made a mistake by taking this job.  I couldn’t understand why the Lord would put me in such a demanding job and keep me from full time ministry.  But as Paul said, if you don’t work, you don’t eat.  And Amen, I want to be a good “Thessalonian” … you bet.  Yes I have to take care of my family and work my job better than the other workers to set an example of good stewardship and a Godly work ethic.

Today I shall go to Office Depot and get “Flyer / Brochure” paper for my printer.  Today I will make a brochure that includes the information about Daniel 9:27 and the forthcoming UFO wars.  I will embed tons of scripture regarding “ The Elect, The Bride, and The Tribulation Saints“.

In Jesus Name, I will travel as Paul did.

In Jesus Name, I will hand out those brochures at churches all over the United States.

In Jesus Name, I will save people from FALLING AWAY.







… and most of all …

Be Blessed in Jesus Name

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