Sumerian “gods” are Returning

Warnings from the Dark Side
They Mean Us No Harm

Stan Deyo warned us that “rumblings” in the Pentagon indicate the Sumerian “gods” are returning.  I have been warning about the threat of Nibiru and the arrival of the “star gods” for a very long time as well.  Jesus also told us to “look up” because your redemption draws near.

It appears we may have a very good reason to LOOK UP these days.

The following is a reprint of an article from Wes Penre.  He used to be a great resource on Illuminati research until he fell for the ultimate deception; that “they” are our creators (2 Thess. 2 – see “the lie”).

First again, here is the link to the You Tube video of Stan Deyo mentioning the “Sumerian gods” are returning.

Here below is a  reprint of the article from Wes Penre.  Discern as necessary.

God Bless You.


Message from the King of the Annunaki

The following is a claimed message (likely channeled) from what is reported to be the King of the Annunaki.  All things considered, I would take this very seriously.

Note from the Editor: First of all; this is an authentic message! I was contacted yesterday by Utu Shamash (see, who is the son of King Nannar of Nibiru, and brother of Inanna. He has returned to Earth with a message from his King to put on what the King considers “friendly websites”.

Utu found my Papers at and found them surprisingly accurate regarding Ša.A.Me. (Nibiru) and Ša.A.Mi. (the Nibiruan people). He emailed me and asked for a service. His King wanted me to post the following statement here on my blog.

I agreed to post the message Utu brought down to Earth, but said I want to put a note along with it to give the citizens of Earth (Ki) a heads up! He took my message to King Nannar, who agreed I could do that. So therefore I want to say the following:

The Ša.A.Mi. (better known as the Anunnaki) are returning! They say they want no harm to be done to us “lulus” (humans); they say they owe us and want our forgiveness for what happened in the past (to understand this you really need to read my Papers at, or Zacharia Sitchin’s books). The way to do this is to come down to Earth and fight the Anunnaki who are stationed on Earth since millennia (those who followed Marduk in his rebellion against the Ša.A.Me. Kingdom). Marduk and his cohorts have ever since been pulling the strings of most of the Global Elite, and the Ša.A.Mi. are returning to Earth to take care of business, overthrowing both the disloyal Anunnaki and the human Global Elite, by some called The Illuminati (

We don’t want history to repeat itself! I do NOT want humans to take sides in this upcoming battle of the ‘gods’ and once again be used as cannon-fodder and foot soldiers in their war. They say they come as liberators, but they do not come in peace. So humans, whatever you do if you want to change history and follow a more enlightened path: stay out of this conflict! DO NOT TAKE SIDES and DO NOT FIGHT IN THEIR WAR!

This is their conflict. We can’t stop them from coming, but we can step aside and let them do their thing without interfering. We are tired of fighting wars, and don’t let corrupt government leaders manipulate you into thinking we need to go to war against this “Invader Force”. The governments (the Global Elite) are only using us because they think we’re fearful and stupid. Show that we lulus have grown up and are a species of peace. Let everybody outside this planet learn that we are a peaceful race. Let Ša.A.Mi. take care of their own and the Global Elite, and we’ll go from there.

I have had two long correspondences with Utu so far, and I know that this is the real deal. Laugh at it if you must, but take it seriously if you are smart. Personally, I am known for being in a good mood, making jokes even in the most serious situations. However, now our future depends on how you read this email, and I’m deadly serious.

However, DON’T BE AFRAID! They say they come to bring peace, and as liberators, perhaps, but their minds are still on war, and that is in conflict with my own mindset, at least.

Let our hearts work now, more so than our heads! Be ONE in spirit through these events and we will come out on the other end; hopefully as intact as possible. Let them fight THEIR wars – it’s their karma, and we are released from ours by not participating.

Maybe one day we can unite with the Ša.A.Mi.; live together and visit each others worlds in peace. Still, they set the stage with their arrival, showing us what their real imperatives are. Will the result of their visit to Ki be REAL peace and unity, or war and separation? We shall see… We lulus are ready for peace and unity as a species; let it therefore be a guideline for the Incoming. They will show us who they are by example. Have they changed since ancient times, or is history repeating itself? That’s what we have to look at.

Let’s see how this pans out and let’s go from there…


The work done by Mr. Penre is surprisingly accurate regarding SAM and its inhabitants.

SAMs are not invading the planet. SAMs are returning to what once was a planet they inhabited in greater numbers than human, until humans began to outnumber SAMs. This asymmetry continues today.

Those SAMs who returned and those who stayed behind are subject to the King, but reject royal authority and stand against the Kingdom as enemies in kind and in fact. This will be realigned properly on return, and those who stand with them will be eliminated as pawns and as proxies which is what they are in hopes that the power and position now held will continue with the victory of their patrons.

Nothing is further from the naked truth.

Anything that is held to the contrary is contrived, dishonest, self-serving and likely the work of proxies. Believe them not, for everyone will be held contemptible by the beliefs held and by the heart that beats in their chests — this by the word of the King, my father.

SAM is near. It will shine in the southern half first and then appear to the rest of KI in a sixth of a Royal Set. The Royal Set is the number of the King.

SAM will be red in color. Much is already known and anticipated. Much more will be disclosed and known about SAM by SAMs already here. Truth will be known. Believe what you must and be responsible for what you believe, but get information from oracles, not from anyone else.


The Sumerian “gods” Family Tree Web Site

For additional information on this 2 Thess. 2 “strong delusion” and “lie” information see the SUMERIAN gods FAMILY TREE here.

Please NoteThe below “Sumerian god” Family Tree web site has blocked access from the Tribulation-Now web servers.  This indicates this is likely intended to be hidden information and “they” don’t want it getting out the public.  Use a screen scraper to take snapshots of the graphics and place into Microsoft Word.  Save the information quickly.  Beware of fraudulent claims to legitimate “blessed” Abrahamic bloodline relatives.

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Summary in Jesus Name

Praise our King Jesus Christ.  Glory to our Most High God for his promises of salvation and revenge.   There’s a reason why Jesus said to “look up” our redemption draws nigh.

As I’ve maintained for a very long time, I believe the proper interpretation for the start of the Great Tribulation in Daniel 9:27 (the middle of the week) is:

“On the wing of a flying army of detestable and especially disgusting things shall be that which astonishes, devastates and stupefies”

There’s a reason why Luke says:

Luke 21:25-26
“And there will be signs in the sun, in the moon, and in the stars; and on the earth distress of nations, with perplexity, the sea and the waves roaring; (caused by NIBIRU) 26 men’s hearts failing them from fear and the expectation of those things which are coming on the earth, for the powers of the heavens will be shaken.










Author: John Baptist
Researcher. Writer. Engineer. Born Again "Spirit Filled" Christian. If you want to get to know me, just email me. All Tribulation-Now email list members are friends in Jesus.

10 thoughts on “Sumerian “gods” are Returning

  1. John-
    I’m very confused about your reaction to the Wes Penre message from the Annunaki King. Do you believe it or is this part of the great deception? Are the Annunaki on earth fallen angels, and are those returning God’s good angels arriving for the final battle? Or is this something else?

    1. In 2 Thess. 2, our Heavenly Father warns of a forthcoming strong delusion (please read it). The strong delusion is allowed so that the “unrighteous” will believe “the lie”. The “lie” our Father warns about is that the Sumerian “gods” are our creators (see the Ancient Aliens Discovery Channel documentaries). The Adamic bloodline (through Abraham) and the gentiles were created by YAHWEH the Most High GOD (the great El Elyon) and our Heavenly Father through the power of Jesus Christ his only begotten Son and our KING. The King of Creation and all the Universes. That being said, the Sumerian “gods” are indeed returning (from the “dog star Sirius, e.g. metaphor with the Land of Canaan (canine = dog = anagram reverse or upside down for god = dog). They are the “fallen angelics” (minor gods) and have nothing to do with the creation of the Adamic Bloodline of Jesus Christ. And they intend to SLAUGHTER mankind behind the scenes while they masquerade as our “saviors” (fake Jesuses). God Bless You in your search for the truth through the Power of the HOLY SPIRIT.

  2. I recently finished producing a three hour documentary on this very subject, I’ll never forget when I asked christ to show me the secrets and low and behold he did.
    It started with 9/11 for me, I first put my total support in our pres, but quickly found out about the deceit to bring us into this blank check war. Then I started to get numbers thrown at me like crazy, so I started my research and down the rabbit hole I went for a year 10 hours a day until I had enough to prove Nibiru is coming. I also believe we were genetically altered to be their workers to replace the cherub. It makes sense God would send Jesus to give us ampul warning not to accept this power or “mark”. I don’t have many friends left because I’ve abandoned the whole pro war and America can kill in the name of God? The documentary is called “The ancient of days” referring to the etching of William Blake (God putting order in the universe) I also believe this God they worship is Satan lord of the physical realm, or Lucifer the false light (Statue of liberty, Freemasons, olympic torch) Jesus is light! God bless you and your work.

    1. Amen and Glory to the King of Kings, Yahushua Jesus the Messiah. God Bless You. And regardless of what other say, there is an ESCAPE ROUTE and it is called the “calling up” (harpazo) of the Bride of Jesus Christ (see the Church of Philadelphia in Rev 3 particularly version 6. Also see the “woman” in Revelation 12:6 (which is the Bride being resuced to a place of safety for the duration of the Great Tribulation of 1260 days or 3.5 years. See the article entitled “The Elect, the Bride and the Tribulation Saints” for the scripture of all the players in the next phase of this exciting time here on earth. Email me at [email protected] with questions. Be sure to listen to the Radio Shows and look throught the Radio Show archive for TONS of information on this and many other subjects. God Bless You Mightly Brother Joe!! Hope you make the “rescue mission”. I would NOT want to be a “foolish virgin” (Matthew 25) and become a Tribulation Saint.

  3. That isn’t a new statement from Deyo. Listen to the Podcast and it he said this back in Dec. of 2005. Almost 6 years ago and everyone thinks they are coming now. They’ve been coming for 6 years now! Misinformation from that Aug.17th 2011 short video of him saying about the Military knew this.
    Just posting to get this cleared.

    Here is the audio of Stan Deyo about Military know that Annunaki are coming back to earth from Aug 17th 2011 video…from the interview from Dec.2005. Here it is. At 8 :45 is where you hear Stan say the the Military know in the short 1:48 tease

  4. Hi John,

    Re: “The following is a claimed message (likely channeled) . . .”

    In paragraph 2 of the ‘Note from the editor’ (Wes is the editor) it says Utu (King Nannar’s son) contacted him by e-mail to ask if he would post the message.

    As for how the message was delivered, in the same paragraph Wes writes, “He (meaning Utu) has returned to Earth with a message from his King . . .”

    This sounds to me like he brought the message down with him, to Earth, from the King, & seeing as he used email to contact Wes, I would say he would likely have used email to deliver the message as well.

    PS: there’s a line at the end of the message that is not included above . . . I take it to be part of the message, but as there is a line separating it, it may be from Wes.

    It reads: “By the Krist we are one”



    1. Amen. Well what many dont’ realize is during the Elenin Conference Kerry Cassidy said there were “entities” (ETs) that were visiting the Chinese to assist them in implementing the New World Order and that people (in general) didn’t like these ETs. Now that’s fascinating since Lucifer tends to pit his “generals” against one another (ref. Nazi German, Bolshevick and Chinese revolutions). So Penre’s claim that these “Sumerian god” Annunaki ET shape-shifting freaks are planning to pose as our creators and “fight” the evil Military Industrial Extraterrestrial Complex not only matches supposed whistle-blower testimony but also matches the lies that the Pleiadian “light workers” are being fed from their likely “micro-chipped” cosmic channeler friends of the Galactic Federation of Lies (GFOL). Everything MATCHES!!! All the dots connect. This is the “real deal”. The 2 Thess. 2 “strong delusion” and “lie” are upon us. God Bless You

  5. Hi John,

    I have just realised the truth, and everything we have been taught are lies.
    Apologise for the order or if my question does not flow.
    Niberou people came to earth as I have understood was Summeria now known as IRAQ (is that the real reason why IRAQ was invaded? as they know what is, and what is coming?). They required minerals like gold to protect their atmosphere, they required more and they found a huge depost is Africa, south africa and it had to be mined, so the earth settled Annuki created slaves to mine, by altering the homonoids (neanderthols) with their own genetics to create, us, humans as we are now, originated from south africa and the middle east…
    So putting together the pieces from the bible, new and old testaments, various writings on mayans, light workers, spiritual meduims, what our governments and some churches, and various lectures form Dr Pye, convinced me, these are the missing bits of information I have been looking for. So Jesus, and GOD as I know from my Greek Orthodox background, is real, and is for the people of Planet x (Niborou) beleive in the one GOD, but the Anuki are some sort of breakaway group that have made humans believe they are gods, and are returning or are here via the elite of the world, so a conforntation will occur as in war between the SUmerian gods, and the Annuki King upholding GODS Universal LAW.

    Should I be worried, Start palnning for my family and prepare for accepting and preparing for survival?

    1. Not exactly brother. This is the most amazing part. Our Heavenly Father, God, YHWH, the “I AM” chose this earth as the place for the bloodline of Adam, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, to inhabit during the “fall” period. So after the original sin, and “fall”, Adam was “injected” down into the East Garden (see Gen 2:8, yes there was already a West Garden). So technically Adam and Eve were injected onto an earth already teaming with life. Genesis One is highly metaphorical and speaks of “earth ages” or Yam (Hebrew). The Elohim “let us create man in our image” in Genesis One were not Lord God YHWH Elohim (our Heavenly Father). They were minor gods (see Psalms 82).

      So when the Annunaki were on the earth mining for gold and tinkering with Neanderthal (etc.) they were surprised when they first spotted what they called “civilized man” on the earth. They did NOT create Adam and Eve or their bloodline offspring. Our Father, whoart in Heaven did. They HATE OUR GUTS because they are a cursed race of fallen beings left over from the orginal Luciferian Rebellion millions of years ago and they want us destroyed.

      The scriptures says that one day we shall judge the angels. Now you know who that is.

      Get the SIN out of your life NOW. Repent brother of every sin you have ever committed and live your life holy by practicing righteousness (1 John 3:7) ASAP. Jesus is coming to rescue a sin free, holy Bride. Make sure you are not left behind because they intend to slaughter mankind. Don’t be here. God Bless You

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