The Cosmic Transformer Mystery

Transformer Explosions, EMP, or Plasma Weapons
To Go Where No Man Has Gone Before

Evidently there have been a vast number of “global” reports of what the main-stream media is reporting as electrical system transformer explosions.  Organizations such as the “Sorcha Faal” group, in my opinion, have a far more plausible explanation for these events.

This article will attempt to expand your mind into concepts that most Christians would call “of the devil”.  However I will try to perform this “mind expansion” exercise in such a way as to excite you about the possibilities of our God (YHWH) being BIGGER than which we give Him credit.

I believe strongly we are entering into the Great Tribulation very soon.  I believe strongly that the Great Tribulation will likely begin with some kind of “disclosure” causing the 2 Thes. 2 “falling away” and ultimately lead to the “strong delusion”.

It’s fair to share the fact that I am often confronted with questions like “how do we know when the UFOs are “ours” or the “enemy’s”?  Let’s begin by sharing links to the articles entitled “Souls, Sons, Elohim and Angels” and “Intergalactic God” here.

The Concepts of Critical Analysis

If you are the type of person to completely dismiss “dinosaurs” and “Neanderthal man”, then you will choke on this article and you might as well go back to American Idol.  If you are the type of person to completely dismiss the possibility of the earth existing for millions of years, then you might as well go watch re-runs of Lost in Space on Nickelodean.

It’s not especially easy to write an article that attempts to tackle these extremely advanced concepts and make it understandable to the general population.  But let’s see if this is possible anyway.  Amen?

The concepts of critical thinking, or critical analysis, don’t come easy for the most people.  However arguably the MOST important aspect of these concepts is to ALWAYS apply “Quid Bono” to the equation.  Quid Bono means “who benefits”?  Another way to look at this is to say to yourself  “What would be their motivation”?  Think about this for a second.  We put people to death in the electric chair based primarily on their “motive” and the supporting “testimony” … right?   Okay.

So first you look at the situation and the events.  Next you identify the possible “players” involved.  Then you say to yourself, “what might be their motive”?

It sounds kinda easy but it can be a little challenging if you don’t have your facts and foundations in order.   Anyway so let’s “dive in” shall we?

Identify the Event(s)

It’s important you first identify the events you are analyzing.  For this exercise we will begin by first summarizing what happened.  Let’s keep the “scope” of the analysis simplified so this exercise doesn’t get too complicated.  The scope will include JUST the Fort Worth claimed “electrical transformer” explosions.  It’s important to keep your scope small at first so you can form a reasonable hypothesis but not allow yourself to get bogged down in too many details.

The Fort Worth Event

It’s important you know that when I tried to link to the Fort Worth video on the “google goblins” You Tube site, I received yet another “bovine feces” copyright violation.  You know as well as I do that there is NO copyright on this data and they can bite my Jesus loving kazoo.   Therefore, I had no choice but to “upload” this video which I fortunately saved to my local computer earlier.  And it is a pain in the “Kazoo” if you get my “drift”.  Amen?

Praise God I am in the business of understanding copyright law and the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act).  If they want to subpoena Tribulation-Now and question our right to FAIR USE … then Glory to God!  Let’s have at it!  Dang google-goblins.  And for the record (as if it wasn’t obvious), this is for “educational purposes” and Tribulation-Now is not commercial operation, nor a 501c3 … Amen?

Here is the video.  Click on the image for the video to begin.

description=”Fort Worth Cosmic Plasma Attack”

After you watch the video it’s important you don’t allow yourself to suffer from “analysis paralysis”.  This is when you second guess yourself into a state of non-productivity.  Look at the facts, form your hypothesis, and move on quickly. Do not pencil whip yourself.

Anyone who has seen a transformer explode before, knows that it doesn’t look like that.  The explosion has a “yellow colored” burst of light and emits “fireworks like” sparcs with yellow trails.  So immediately, for the sake of efficiency, rule out “transformers”.  Never mind there were no “sounds” or “booms” from the explosions.

Here we have, 1) Blue light flashes, 2) No sound, 3) Rapid fire intermittent and non-sequential events.

This looks EXACTLY like an attack of some sort.   This is reminiscent of the Gulf  War “Shock and Awe” event.  Someone or something appears to be “bombing” an area near the Forth Worth location.  But it is eerily quiet.  This does not “appear” to be normal.

Surely it is not normal.

Conclusion:  This MUST be “paranormal”.  This MUST be “supernatural”.  This is “cosmic” in nature to our “earthly” understanding.

Who Are the Players?

To continue with our “critical analysis” process, we must analyze who the possible players might be.  This requires you to have an advanced understanding of the Bible.  This requires you to “expand your insight” to the concept of “Intergalactic God”.

Remember that the Sons of God, “Messengers” are “Angels”.  The term “angel” is used VERY LOOSELY in the Bible.  All beings that work on behalf of God’s Heavenly Office are by definition “Sons of God”.  I covered this in the “Souls, Sons, Elohim and Angels” articles (see link above).

Also remember that God’s “angels” appear “in the flesh“.  Sometimes they appear in what seems a “spiritual” or “apparition like” appearance.  But other times they are clearly “human looking” and can sit at a table beside us and we DON’T realize it.

Heb 13:1-2
Let brotherly love continue. 2 Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some have unwittingly entertained angels.

So the possible players in this Fort Worth event include:

  1. The Evil Cabal of the Black-Ops Reptilian / Grey Alien Entities
  2. The Intergalactic Federation of Light Pleiadian Forces
  3. Or maybe, just maybe, God’s “angels” in “flesh bodies”

Remember that God’s angel “messengers” take on “flesh like bodies” when they must “interact” with the “physical world” (or dimension) we live in (think Lot and Sodom).  If you don’t “get” this concept then you will be utterly lost in this dissertation.

Apply the Motivation (Quid Bono) Concept

When you attempt to apply the “Quid Bono” (who benefits) concept to the “players” that are likely involved, you have to “at least” understand the basics of their “pecking order” and understand “who they are” and what “might motivate” them.

For the sake of time and efficiency, I will give you that summary.  If  you don’t believe me that’s cool.  Do your homework.  Email me if you need references.

1) The Evil Reptilian Cabal (Allied with the United States Black-Ops Groups) – The evil “cabal” includes both the reptilian extraterrestrials AND the cooperating U.S. Military “black-ops” groups.  They work together in DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Bases).

Please Note: The New Age “Pleiadian” Federation of Light forces (the mostly human New Agers on earth known as “Light Workers”) believe that they (the Reptilian / Grey alien forces) are their enemy.  What they don’t know is that the Reptilians are running the show.  The Reptilian / Draconian entities give commands to the Greys (Zeta Reticulans).  The  “Pleiadians” (humanoid looking “Nordic Class” alien-fallen-angels) take their orders from the Greys.  

2) The Federation of Light Pleiadian Forces (FOL) – The New Agers claim their cosmic family or  Federation of Light (FOL) friends (Pleiadians) are interceding on their behalf.  However they have  not done their homework and believe the “familiar spirits” that are communicating with them.  And they ARE communicating with them.  They believe the Pleiadians are coming to rescue them.

They believe the Pleiadians, who are taking orders from the Reptilians under Lucifer’s control, are actually interceding on their behalf.   While this could be a “good cop / bad cop scenario“, at this time, it is highly unlikely.   Quid Bono does not apply.  There would be NO MOTIVATION whatsoever, for the Pleiadians to squash “Reptilian Black Ops” operations from taking place.  It just doesn’t make sense.

3) God’s Angel “Messengers” – What if there is a third player in this dynamic unfolding here?  What if God does have “angels” in the “flesh” that can interact in defense of the “elect” as ordered by the Holy Spirit?  What if because they NEED to interact on this dimension, they NEED protection from space and the “elements” and must use “technologies” (such as Chariots of Fire) to do what they are told to do by the “Holy Spirit” of God (YHWH)?

Enter the Vimana

The Vimana is supposedly this ancient technology used by “space gods” to interact with the earth.  To make matters most interesting, evidently this “Vimana” had weaponry on it that was “nuclear” in nature.  Multiple reports surfaced a few months ago, indicating a “Vimana” was discovered and “dug up”.  This would be of “great interest” to the upper-echelon of the Illuminati and “black-ops” human-alien cooperative.

This “notion” is supported by the fact that archeological evidence indicates that nuclear weapons were used prior to “Adam and Eve” in past earth “ages”.   (see here) This is based on rock that has been analyzed by scientists at archeological digs where the rock surface has been turned to glass and could only have happened in a “nuclear like” event.   So to summarize, there is a respectable group of super smart physicists and scientists that agree that potentially millions of years ago, ancient civilization had “nuclear” wars of some type.

While I have little trust for the source of the Sorcha Faal data, the conclusions drawn by this team of folks make solid sense when backed by the reports and historical information.

Here is that report.  I warn you that many web sites seem to copy this data adding little new information to the report.  This indicates the Sorch Faal data is syndicated or copied by other organizations.  Never-the-less it seems reasonably worth looking into. See the report here:


During a critical analysis exercise, one must weave in some assumptions.

  1. It is assumed that the Vimana might have had nuclear weaponry in its technology.
  2. It is assumed that the “Black Ops” and potentially the Pleiadian “Federation of Light” (FOL) forces might BOTH have interest in that technology
  3. It is assumed that perhaps this might have been a “Tower of Babel” moment where God had no choice but to “step in” and “take out” that technology


What About the Disclosure Project Testimony

Our “New Age” friend, Dr. Steven Greer, has assembled an impressive list of retired “high ranking” military and FAA personnel.  Never mind Mr. Greer occasionally “conjures up” Federation of Light “Pleiadian” family members, like his comrad the “Yahweh Prophet” (see the article entitled: Souls, Sons, Elohim and Angels, part one).   Truth be told, that’s beside the point.  The unwitting testimony of the coalition of x-Military and FAA personnel is definitely worth paying attention too.  They are highly credible and telling the truth (in my opinion).

According to the testimony of these highly credible first-hand witnesses, with military and government experience in such matters, these “alien” UFO events include a VAST number of “nuclear silo” attacks where the UFOs disabled the systems.  In fact these reports even include UFOs flying into “high speed” filming of ICBM tests and shooting a “laser” into the warhead to disable the missile while in flight at “mach-something” speed.  The event was so fast that the film had to be slowed down to even see it occur.


Why did these UFOs disable the nuclear war heads and shut down the nuclear missile silos?  Why were vast numbers of UFOs seen escaping the Bikini Islands at the time of the nuclear testing?  Why would the Pleiadian “Federation of Light” forces, hell-bent on our destruction, destroy our ability to destroy ourselves?  Isnt’ that their goal anyway?

Rom 11:25-26
For I do not desire, brethren, that you should be ignorant of this mystery, lest you should be wise in your own opinion, that blindness in part has happened to Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles has come in.


What About Space Weapons?

Do your homework.  The New Agers are upset about the funding for “space weaponry”.  There has been a significant investment in “weapons in space”.  The New Agers don’t want the “evil cabal” to shoot down their family members.


What if I am right?  What if the Pleiadians are “in bed” with the “reptilian black-ops” extraterrestrials.  If this is true (hint: which it is) then the ONLY reason the “NASA black-ops folks” would want “space weapons” is to fight …


… not their own Luciferian fallen-angels …  right?


Final Analysis Summary

It seems to me that indeed “something is restraining” the forces of evil until the fullness of the gentiles is brought in.  Is there someone reading this article that is holding us back perhaps?

If you accept the possibility that maybe, just maybe, the Fort Worth event was not transformers exploding but possibly “cosmic forces” attacking the proliferation of space-craft born nuclear weaponry, then QUID BONO …. who benefits?  What would be their motivation?

Dan 4:13
I saw in the visions of my head upon my bed, and, behold, a watcher and an holy one came down from heaven

Summary in Jesus Name

Do I know for certain this series of events (more than just Fort Worth) was “God’s angel- warriors” …  Oh for goodness sakes NO.  Is it utterly fascinating to wonder that maybe they were?  Yes and GLORY TO GOD.   Were “Chariots of Fire” actually technologies in the Bible.  Hmmm.  Perhaps they were.

According to our awesome Web Master Greg, there are reports of these “Transformer Events” occuring all over the world right now.  See here:

Greg: COMPILATION OF 39+ TRANSFORMER INCIDENTS past month. GLP can be a powerful research tool.

And what about this scripture:

2 Thess 2:7-8
For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work; only He who now restrains will do so until He is taken out of the way.

Are God’s “warrior angels” communicated with by the Holy Spirit?  Could “they” be that which restrains?

See the article entitled “That Which Restrains” for more ideas in this “thought-stream”.

For now…









… Be Blessed in Jesus Name

Author: John Baptist
Researcher. Writer. Engineer. Born Again "Spirit Filled" Christian. If you want to get to know me, just email me. All Tribulation-Now email list members are friends in Jesus.

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  1. Regarding the video shown in this article, “The Cosmic Transformer Mystery,” please note that several light orbs appear in the video at about the 20 second mark. These orbs are hovering above the flashes that take place, the orbs gradually dissapear from view. What are they? Any ideas? I have seen transformers blow, they look nothing like the flashes in this video! Amazing times we live in, blessings to all!

    1. Amen Vicki… yes we noticed the orbs in the sky. Since we didn’t know the actual time of the footage there was no way to speculate if they were planes heading to the Dallas Fort Worth Airport. The first impression was that they were *not* planes but it was hard to be sure. And yes you are correct, there is no way those were transformers.

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