Souls, Sons, Elohim and Angels

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A Tissue or A Kleenex
Amazing “Coincidences” and Scriptural Epiphanies

By now the regular readers of Tribulation-Now are probably wondering about my suggestions that there are alarming differences between Genesis One and Genesis Two.  Frankly we have “litmus tested” our findings amongst a number of people with both prophetic gifts and some “arguably advanced” Christian thinkers.   There are some interesting findings we are aggressively pursuing that are not only possible, but at this point, “Highly Likely“.

To Restate the Problem

It’s important that I take a moment and restate the most “immediate” problem we have as Christianity at this moment in time.  All the other nonsense aside, the MOST imminent threat to “saving souls” for Jesus Christ, is THE LANDING!!  Or, if you would rather, we can call it THE DISCLOSURE PROJECT.  Or, maybe we can refer to it as the “Strong Delusion” (or a ramp up to it), or maybe we should call it “The Ancient Alien” Problem, thanks to the History Channel.

Before I continue to elucidate further on the “problem”, here is the Riddle of the Day.  What does the “Prophet Yahweh” and “Dr. Steven Greer” of the Disclosure Project both have in common?

Answer:  They BOTH can use “telekinetic mind powers” to “conjure up” the appearance of a UFO (supposedly of Pleiadian origin) AT WILL.

Yes indeed they can.  If you don’t know who these people are then you need to search You Tube on both of these fellows.  You will actually SEE on a local Television News Station, the Prophet Yahweh, conjuring up the appearance of UFOs in the sky on television.  Yep!  Never mind he has a following of “parishioners” that learn how to do this themselves with his DIVINE assistance.

AND THEN, you have Dr. Steven Greer.  Now I thought this guy was on the “up and up” since he has a pretty impressive list of high ranking and apparently genuine officials “disclosing” their “close encounters” with these UFO “entities” on his video series. (search Disclosure Project).  And in fact there is NO question in my mind that these folks are telling the truth.  As if it wasn’t bizarre enough to hear that these UFO’s are actively disabling Nuclear missiles (in flight, ICBM testing, etc.) but they have been shutting down “missile silos” off and on now for quite a few decades.

But when you buy Dr. Greer’s book, (like I did), “Hidden Truth, Forbidden Knowledge”, you quickly discover that HE TOO, like Prophet Yahweh, enjoys the “conjuring up” activities of the learned far east mystics and friends of the White Brotherhood.  If you look on and do some homework on Dr. Steven Greer, all you have to do is look at the name of the college he attended.  Check THIS OUT!  It’s Maharishi International University.   How about that.  Yes sireeeeee.  Mr. Greer himself is the Kung Fu Panda of UFO “calling”.   I would not be surprised if this becomes an Olympic Sport.

But I digress.

The most CRITICAL problem we face is the claim that these coming UFO alien-demon-fallen-angels are our creators.  They are coming here to tell us this.  The entire Ancient Alien Series on the History Channel makes that as clear as crystal “skull”.  We can push aside the fact there are NUMEROUS books from highly credible scientists out there.  Nobody, but me, reads them anyway (only kidding).  Forget about Zechariah Sitchin, after all, Dr. Michael Heiser (who I love as a very smart fellow Christian), says “Stichin Lies”.  Why?  Because there are some discrepancies in his understanding of Hebrew and Sumerian language.  Yep. So every single thing that Sitchin says MUST be a lie.

And yes, while very few people know this (except those that purchase, watch and study) such material as “Confessions of a Mother Goddess” (a wacky Masonic lie from David Icke no less – give me a break), Zechariah Sitchin was seen regularly attending “Blood Sacrifice Ceremonies” where leading government officials and Heads of State were seen “shape shifting” into Reptilian Demons.  NO WAY!  Sure.  But you have to be gullible like me to believe such crazy “fallen angel” nonsensical stories such as that.  Right?

I have one last question for you.

Why does God say that “HE” sends a STRONG DELUSION?  Why would God SEND the Strong Delusion.  Isn’t he on OUR SIDE?  Why would he do that?

Hint:  I know why!!  It’s actually pretty cool.

Another question for you.

What if the coming “fallen-angel-demon-elohim” DID IN FACT create MAN?

WOAH.  Now you KNOW I’ve lost my mind, right?  Uhmmm.

(Hurry click away now before you learn something)

And praise Jesus for those who didn’t “click away”.  At least some of us will have a clue of how to explain to people that “THEY” ARE NOT our CREATORS.

The problem here is “terms and definitions” and our inability to see the “big picture”.    Let’s face it.  We were robbed.  We would have had a much better shot at understanding these things if the Nicean Council of 325 A.D. wouldn’t have had gnostic Dionysus worshiping pagans tearing out legitimate pseudoepigrapha from the canon.  (sly devils, no pun intented).

It’s “almost” like they had an “agenda” way back then and knew JUST what texts to remove.  Never mind that the term “pseudoepigrapha” actually means “works with a false title”.  What?  Yep.  Evidently if the pagans could argue that the claimed writer was not really the one who wrote it using whatever means necessary, then it got classified as such.

And don’t EVEN get me going about The Book of Enoch.  (sigh)

Small Adjustments to our Frame of Reference

We may need to change our frame of reference a little.  But once you “get your arms around it”, it is the single most exciting thing you will discover.  These “epiphanies” are in the 66 book canon, but you have to know what you are looking for in advance.

Also, for what it’s worth, (and I know you didn’t experience it yourself so you’ll just have to believe or discard), there have been SO many supernatural confirmations that I can no longer turn my back on the subject.  I have been on hours of conference calls with the smartest guys in the world (I think) on this subject, and these amazing people have a hard time giving you a half dozen scriptures to back the facts.  Have you ever met people like that?  They are SO DARN SMART that they can’t stop sharing with you their amazing journey long enough to focus on ONE big question.

Surely many of you know by now that I’ve been harping on this problem with understanding Genesis One “man and woman” vs. Genesis 2:7 where the “Lord God” (YHWH Elohim) specifically creates man and blew into his nostrils the “breath of life” and the man became a “living soul”.  I have heard the same old diatribe about Gen 1 being a type of repetition of Gen 2 but this flies in the face of common sense.  I am so TIRED of being misled by so-called “Th.Ds” (theologians), that have been educated through the “common frame of reference” from our pagan forefathers that cannibalized our scripture, I could just … well …  “pop a fuse”.

Think about this.  When you study something like the Bible, if your basics are “out of whack”, how can you expect to understand the rest?  Well you can’t.  And what books are hidden in the basement of the Vatican?  I don’t know.  What books or scriptures have we not even discovered yet?  Beats me.  So how in the WORLD do you stitch this all together?

Never mind all the translation issues.  I do not care what version  you have, there is stuff missing and stuff that is mistranslated.  And yes I have heard the story that “at least” in the KVJ we know where the mistakes are …  NO WE DON’T!   But it is one of my favorites as long as a I have an Amplified Bible or a Kenneth Wuest Expanded near by to keep my brain from bleeding with metaphorical frustration.

And THEN you have the problem with the fact that Hebrew only has 800 words and each letter has a different meaning depending on how it is combined with the other letters.  English has more than 500,000 words.  And Greek!  Forget about it.  Between Greek and Hebrew, we are arguably talking about the single two most difficult languages to translate to English EVER.

Sorry, is that enough or might I add the problem with metaphors, symbolism and out-right “generalities”.  Did that lady ask for a Kleenex or a tissue?  Does it matter?  Well maybe.  Maybe not.  Was that BEAST a nasty evil animal, or was it a “Government”?  Wow.  That’s a huge difference.  At least for the most part, when the Bible uses some metaphors, it is relatively consistent.

But you still have to be careful because it’s tricky AND you have duplicitous meanings. YES.  There are times when Jesus appears to be talking to people (the general populous) but he is simultaneously talking to Satan and his army of “fallen ones” to make a point.  You also have this problem with soul and spiritual realities juxtaposed against physical realities.  Sure you do.

The Duplicitous Meaning Paradigm

For example, since we know that the “fallen-alien-demon-angels” (“angels”… make a note here), have been trying to destroy “man’s DNA” and corrupt the bloodline of man”kind” since Adam was created, (the serpent in the Garden, the indiscretion of Eve, Who is the Father of Cain, God having to place “enmity ” between the “seed of Satan” and the “seed of the woman”, and on and on and on), AND we know that the “Body is the Temple” of the Holy Spirit (see “The Bible”), then is it not likely “the abomination that creates desolation” is ALSO the DNA bloodline corruption of the Temple?

If the DEMON SEED has successfully “infested” virtually all of mankind’s bloodlines over the years, (as any reasonable person would acknowledge MUST be the case), then might there be TWO DIFFERENT meanings to the “abomination” that causes destruction.  Is it even REMOTELY possible that that same abomination, that “stands in the Temple” is actually standing inside of a “human Temple”?   What if the physical Temple is not really a true prophetic term and ultimately is used as a deception to “throw us off our game”?  We know the demons are using the Bible as a play book, right?  Surely you do.

If you find yourself scratching your head, you may be new to this information and need a little history or refresher course in the order the Lord led me to these things.  I took the time to put the articles in order from the point I began to struggle with the Genesis One vs. Genesis Two “elohim” problem.  If you take the time to read through these (in this order) you will see how I have struggled with the concepts but simultaneously KNEW something WAS UP!

Demon Seed Day One

Intercepting the Elohim

Interim Epiphanies

Cosmic Threat Analysis

How Deep is the Infection?

The Esoteric X-Files Problem

And if you REALLY want the whole skinny on the Alien Demon epiphanies of mine (Praise Jesus), go back through the article history even further and find, the “Aliens, Demons, Nephilim, Time Travel and God” series (Parts one through four I believe).  Also look up UFO Wars: They’re coming to Save Us, It’s a setup, A Greater Delusion than We Think, and You Can’t Handle the Truth.  Whoops I almost forgot; and then you should also see “The Alien Demon Agenda” articles, Part 1, part 1-2 “Interim Thoughts, Part 2 and Part 3 “Apotheosis”.

If those articles I just linked you to above, don’t get you “going” than nothing will.  And the stuff I am learning NOW is really SUPER COOL!!


Seek and Ye Shall Find

If you begin researching a particular subject Biblically, with a pre-disposition to a particular conclusion, you can easily spend your entire life proving what you already believed was the case.  And sure enough, with the help of the “church” forefathers and all of their “agendas” you will have some sort of “pre-disposition” in most studies.  Dare I say all studies for the most part.

In the book entitled “Pre-Wrath Rapture of the Church” by Marvin Rosenthal, you hear an alarming story of how the HEAD GUY at one of the largest pre-trib operations in the world, CHANGED HIS MIND, and had the entire board freaking out on him because it would EMBARRASS their father, and their fathers’ father, and their fathers grandfather.  NO!  Don’t change your mind Mr. Rosenthal.  No matter how important it is to the SOULS OF MILLIONS OF CHRISTIANS, after all it might embarrass us.  That is PRECISELY what happened.

So if you don’t open your mind and start your research with a HUMBLE MIND and an open mind, you will automatically fail.  You have to start your research with a “hypothesis” or a “what if” scenario, and then BUCK UP and be a good BEREAN and do your homework.

Otherwise people are going to “burn in Hell” because you stood their with your mouth open and had no explanation to give when they say … ” I can believe in those UFOs better than I can believe in your Jesus” (which actually happened to me one day at a local bistro).

Was God warning me of what’s coming?

The “Sons of God” are WHAT?

Considering every “jot and tittle” is meaningful in the Bible (including punctuation), why do you suppose God would waste an entire chapter on creation and then repeat the concept of “man’s creation” in the second chapter?  Hmmm.

Why in John 10:34 does Jesus ask “Have I not said YE are gods”?  Whoops.  I goofed up again.  Actually Jesus didn’t say that at all.  HE SAID!!  “Have I not said ye are ELOHIM”.  Wow.

Why is it that the exact same word used to describe the “Sons of God” in Genesis 6:4 is used in the New Testament to describe the Sons of God” when talking about “us” in Matthew 5:9, Luke 20:36, Romans 8:14, Romans 8:19, and Galatians 3:26?   In fact, listen closely here folks.  The KJV likes to use the word “children” instead of SON.  Now please you need to wake up here.  If you can defend the notion that “children of God” is somehow different than “Sons of God” then you are in COMPLETE DENIAL.

Never mind this fact.

If you really DIG and you look up the HEBREW WORDS to describe the “Sons of God” in Genesis 6:4 (also known as the “Watchers” in The Book of Enoch”), you find the words “B’neey haa – ‘Elohiym”.  Okay that’s fine.  But darn it.  When you go to the above mentioned New Testament scriptures you find instead the Greek words (for Sons of God) as “vloi tov Oeov”.  Well that’s cool but not so helpful really.  Oh gosh, what to do.  How in the world do we “correlate” the term “Sons of God” from the New Testament back to the Old Testament, PARTICULARLY to the Genesis 6 problem cause that makes this REALLY INTERESTING.

Aha.  The SEPTUAGINT.  The “Apostolic Bible”.  The translation that the apostles arguably carried with them of the Old Testament Hebrew since (as far as I know) none of them but Paul, knew Hebrew well anyway.

So let’s see what “B’neey haa- ‘Elohiym” is in GREEK, shall we?

“B’neey haa- ‘Elohiym” (Hebrew – Genesis 6:4) IS ALSO “Vloi Tov Oeov” in Greek.  You see, the EXACT SAME WORDS were used to describe the “fallen angel watchers” of Genesis 6 as were used to describe the “Sons of God” (that’s us) in the New Testament.

Now isn’t that fascinating?  You bet it is.

But HOW CAN THAT BE??  Am I implying that perhaps, just maybe, the term angel in the Bible is used very loosely?  Is it even remotely possible that the “Sons of God” are also TISSUES, whoops there I go again, I meant “Kleenexes” … DANG IT… I mean … Angels?  Is it even remotely possible, that JUST MAYBE the term “Angel” is a term used to generically represent the divine hierarchy of “beings” that “LORD GOD” (YHWY Elohim) created as the “supporting front office” of the Heavenly management system?  Could YHWH Elohim’s Universe be a supernatural electro-magnetic “messaging system” (hence the term “messengers”)?

Who are the Seraphim?  Who are the Cherubim?  What are their jobs in the Heavenly Office?  And have  you ever heard of Ophannim?  WHAT?  Well if you read the Bible you sure have indeed heard of Ophannim.  They are the mis-interpreted terms referred to in Ezekiel chapter one, as WHEELS.  That’s a fact.  The Hebrew word for “wheels” is actually the term for the Angel classification called “Ophannim”.

Summary in Jesus Name

Boy this is exciting isn’t it?  I think so.  If I kept brain dumping on you all the amazing things the Lord has led me to understand in the last week or so, you would believe I was a complete basket case.  Okay maybe you do already.  But I do in fact have a “duty” to report these things to you for the Glorification of the Kingdom of Heaven and the Saving of Souls for Jesus Christ, Yeshua or Yahushua (your preference) the Messiah!!

Did you know the word SOUL does not appear in the King James Bible in the first Chapter of Genesis when “man and woman” were created?  I wonder why? (no I don’t any more PRAISE JESUS!).

What in the world is “christianity” going to do when these “fallen-angel-demon-alien” predators, PROVE that “man” has been around for maybe as long as “millions” of years.  WOW!.  That’s a serious problem if you hope to win yourself some Jesus brownie points (“rewards” see 1 Corinthians 3:12-15).

Gosh I feel so sorry for any Christian that embraces the “young earth” notion of utter balderdash.  Don’t forget those “pesky” dinosaurs we “christians” like to look at in the museums and movies.  I wonder why Abraham, Isaac and Jacob weren’t fighting off those nasty Tyrannosaurus Rexs like in Jurassic Park. Hmmm.  Hey maybe the Giants in the Land of Canaan were actually some kind of Brontosaurus or something.  (scratching my head).

AND WHAT’S UP with the petroglyphs that show “man fighting with dinosaurs”.  Boy thats’ weird.  Those darn Geico Cave Men need to “step away from the crack-pipe” don’t they?


Try to wipe the “milk” from your chinny chin chin.  We need to “muster up” and get smart for the Kingdom of Heaven.  Read the book “Genesis and Geology” for the sake of your fellow man.  Please, let’s save “christianity” from the “evils of science”.

And Never Forget


Be Blessed in Jesus Name

Post Script: “Eternity is a long long time” … older than the dinosaurs.


Souls, Sons, Elohim and Angels (Part Two) here:

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28 thoughts on “Souls, Sons, Elohim and Angels

  1. "Is it even remotely possible, that JUST MAYBE the term "Angel" is a term used to generically represent the divine hierarchy of "beings" that "LORD GOD" (YHWY Elohim) created as the "supporting front office" of the Heavenly management system? Could YHWH Elohim's Universe be a supernatural electro-magnetic "messaging system" (hence the term "messengers")?"
    Along this same line I was moved to make a modern analogy. It occurred to me that Jesus has bought our admission tickets to the event, eternal life with him, with his blood. All we have to do is go to the will call window and give our names. If we are on the list we get in. We first had to let him know we were interested in getting in and he had to have wanted us to get in from the get go. We have to call on him so he knows our intention and we have to truly want entrance and do certain things that qualify us. The bottom line is we have to believe he bought our ticket and we have to claim it, maybe at the front office. The will call window will not be in an alien/demon spacecraft but in the spirit.
    This may be too simplistic or inane but I was compelled to say it.

  2. Amen …

    We may be surprised how we are rounded up, but you can be Jesus' angels will find us and come and get us.

    Awesome and God Bless You

  3. John, why do you say you know why God does not mention souls in Gen. Chapter 1? For some reason the point is not hitting home with me? I don't want you to have to re type everything but just a little clarification on that statement would be nice, thanks and God Bless!

  4. The "manifold elhoim" creator (Sons of God) angels, known as Ophannim, came to earth to "seed" or "PLANT" the Heavens on behalf of God. The "man and woman" creations in Genesis One were intelligent versions of "human like" life forms but THEY WERE NOT ADAM!!! They were the other bloodlines that that were created as part of normal "Heavenly "Planting" that God does routinely across the Universe with his blessed Ophannim teams who are given the powers to CREATED directly by God (through Him, and for Him, power vested "into them" directly for that purpose.

    They did not have SOULS and they did not have YHWH God's "SPIRIT" breathed into them like Adam (see Genesis 2:7?) Our judgement, as Ophannim elohim creator angels, was to take on "human form" and live lives in the flesh to "REDEEM" ourselves. The spirit of YHWH God enters his chosen, at the point of conceptions (sperm meets ova).

    The real trouble began when Eve, through some indiscretion, crossed the line and had "sex" with one of the "non-spirit-breathed" entities that were on the other side of the garden (she ate the forbidden fruit etc.). This resulted in the birth of Cain (see Lucifer Father of Caine book and see Who is Cains Father) search Google.

    From that point forward, the anarchy of bloodline corruption was out of control (post fall from the Garden). This is WHY God had to put "enmity" between the SEED of the Woman and the Serpent (metaphore) to PREVENT inter-racial mixing with these other "life forms".

    But it got SO OUT OF CONTROL, that God was going to KILL OFF every living creature on the earth. Instead however, he found that Noah was "PURE IN HIS GENERATIONS". So he sent the flood and restarted the whole "Spirit Breathed" process of allowing is remorseful Ophannim creator Angels to come down "in the flesh" (similar to Jesus … who was proving a point) and go through their "judgement for the original sin" which was the rebellion that happened because Lucifer screwed up everything during the wars in the Heavens.

    Since then there have been multiple onslaughts against our GENOME / DNA for thousands of years, (Nephilim etc., UFO abductions, hybridization of the species, on and on). They never stopped attacking the remorseful Ophannim' angle creators attempt to serve their sentence undisturbed. The evil Alien-Demon-Fallen-Angels that fell with Lucifer are out to destroy our chances at REDEMPTION.

    Lucifer's army HATES US because we betrayed him so we could earn our opportunity to GO BACK with JESUS and Rule and Reign with Him in the Heaven's.

    And the price we have to pay is HIGH! Our struggle here on earth is critical for us to Show GOD, the Father, that we are 1) spritually understanding of the fact we need to be born-again, and 2) called by Him (touched by him) to come HOME.

    Not everyone is coming along either.


    What a fabulous opportunity for us.

  5. Awesome that helps a lot. There is one thing that isnt quite clear yet, and i know this seems all new to you as well, but have you thought about where the concept of the bride and bridegroom fit it. If the church is his bride how is that concept reconciled with this? Is the bride his "most elite" are they the only ones kept from Our Fathers wrath? I pray we the holy spirit can continue to open our hearts and minds as we continue to eat of the tree of life.

  6. John,

    This is truly an awesome thing that is being revealed and I thank you for the time you are taking to write and research this stuff! I just have a few questions after finishing the second article for the second time, and I know you are learning right along with us, but my question is this: if we are a lower class of angels than say the seraphim or the cherubim, where does the concept of being the body of Christ come in, and sitting at the right hand of the Father with Him? Also, where does the bride of Christ come into play? It almost seems to me like Jesus lost His wife, and came to earth to win her back. But I have been trying to wrap my head around that concept, and pray about it, to tie the entirety of the Bible together. Let me know your thoughts on those questions! Thanks!

    Be Blessed in Jesus Christ!


  7. David

    Great questions all of which I don't have the answers too of course. However, what I always to is humble myself before I ponder these things.

    Is it possible, that the 1 Cor. 3:13-15 rewards system is in place to "honor" The True Bride of Christ. Not just those that were saved (per se) but those that went the extra mile?

    Is it possible the we are being REDEEMED as "The Bride" back into our prior positions as Sons of God (Heavenly workers) to "Rule and Reign" with Jesus like we used to when He knew us "Before the Foundations of the World"?

    Is it possible, when you consider the "possibility" that there are trillions of life forms all across God's "Heavens", that our vision of the privilege of being "Sons of God" and part of the Heavenly Ruling Hierarchy, is too small?

    Maybe that priviledge is SO HUGE that our tiny little minds cannot grasp it. Maybe when Jesus said that there are "many mansions" for us, we "just don't grasp the concept".

    We have been so "pigeon holed" into this "abstract" concept of "ruling and reigning" with Jesus, that we never considered how HUGE this is.

    I have been asking people all my life (here and there) what "ruling and reigning" means. I have heard the most amazing dribble come out of the mouths of those who haven't a clue, that for a long time I actually imagined myself being some type of foreman over a community in the New Millennium. And what about the New Millennium. Isn't that Phase II of the testing of those who make the first cut? When you read the very end of Revelation (20, 21?) you hear of another battle with God and Magog before Lucifer is finally locked up.

    What if? The phrase "what if" is one of my favority phrases.

    What if you die before you read this response? Have you done enough to make it into the Kingdom at all by then? Why does it say in James that Faith without Works is DEAD? DEAD???

    Why does it say in 1 Peter 4:18 "Now If the righteous are "scarcely saved", Where will the ungodly and the sinner appear?

    Not a day goes by that I am not talking to Jesus, asking for his mercy, and praying I am found worthy to escape "these things".

    Not a day goes by that I don't tell Jesus, "I want to come home!"

    There is a LOT more to our understanding of salvation that we have been told by the church establishement. My heart hurts so, for people who are ushered to the altar to repeat a few words and told they are "guaranteed" a ticket to eternity.

    Oh God, in Jesus name, may we all try harder to earn the necessary mercy to STAND BEFORE THE SON OF MAN, blamesless and saved by your blood.


  8. Jonathan

    What A HUGE """" coincidence """ !!!

    I just answered David's exact same question above with my best ideas. Could it be some type of supernatural confirmation that I'm maybe close to the correct answer?

    I don't know but I think the problem is our frame of reference.

    I've always wondered why all the Angels in Heaven rejoice at the saving of one sinner.

    BOY … I cried when I realized it might be because "they know us too" and with Jesus all knew us before the foundation of the world. They want their friends to come home too and they are voting for us every step of the way.

    Be Blessed In Jesus Name

  9. what do you think about builds Christ like charater right,God is a rewarder of those who dilengtly seek you think the bible teaches sinless perfection?i believe that Gods still small whisper is actully loud,satan being the prince of the air theres so much clutter and clamour and distractions it apears that Gods voice is a still small whisper,but to hear that loud voice we must be in spirit since God is spirit,the sprirt is Gods bandwidth with sin in our lives affecting our flesh bodies which is the temple it affects the transmissions to God thats why fasting is not an option we must fast to silence the flesh to put it under submission the flesh must submit,,,thorns in the flesh,,,,,praise God Yeshua reigns. the awakening is here the mysteries are being revealed,,God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.humility is a key.just felt led to write what i did going with the flow…..thanks,,,,cary love

  10. Gosh I really don't know anything about "". I do believe everything else you said is true and demonstrated in the scripture. Without utter humility and a fresh open mind as a child, you will not hear God speak. God will only give you as much information as you allow him too. If your mind is closed and you have strong beliefs about something you were taught in a church, you will not hear new things from the Lord. Amen!

  11. personally ive learned more since ive left the organized church some 20 yrs ago really never liked being a spectator.its more then a posistion its a function…functional not posistional…i believe home is Gods order not a building.God doesnt dwell in a temple made by mans hands of course we need fellowship but theres very few far and between since im not a religious man and that im looked at as strange because of my prophetic giftings as well as the ufo alien thing, ive had my encounters theres a war in the heavenlys for the souls of man kind.the Holyspirit has been my best teacher,i need no man teach me..but i was mentored and taught how to rightly study the word,now most teaching comes from the revelation the Holyspirit gives,im always looking,ears opened to recieve from where ever im not to proud to receive a word from a child or a homeless person there not tarnished with denomation theology.and humble enough to receive correction,whos to say that the white horse Jesus comes back on is not a horse,,,,,,,wheat and tares hmmmmmmmmm do you know the differece they look identical wheat has a bend to it which shows humilty. a tare stands upright which is arrogance pride…the veil is transparent now so thin you can see through it.theres an angelic war going on,time seems to have sped up,but its actually all the events in the heavens that is affecting us here theres a clarion call going forth,a mantle of awakening.time to become sanctifide purifide.the battle is in the mind we must renew our minds by taken on the mind of Christ.satan wants to corrupt our dna,to steal kill and destroy,in all you get get understanding,,,,if you seek(wisdom)as for silver and search for skillful and godly wisdom as for hidden treasure,then you will understand the reverent worshipful fear of the Lord and find the knowledge of God, proverbs 2:4-5,,,,,know if your searching for treasure that it requires an diligent effort treasure never lays on the surface you have to dig for it,look in your yard youll find rocks all day long..any rubies diamonds? thank you,,,love your site ,,my name ( cary love )blessings on you……

  12. I have only in the last four weeks started reading about the illuminati and now to where I am reading of our purpose to sow seed, to witness God’s love to those around. Thankyou so much for going the extra hundred miles to gain understanding and truth and to pass it on. I know my purpose is on course so strongly now without fear though at times I may be frightened by what I see, our God is so good that He saved a wretch like me. I am thankful for an eternity to be able to
    Thank and worship Him.

    1. You are not a wretch my friend…we are all beautiful wonderful creations from The Mighty Soveriegn Lord in Heaven.

      “Love thy neighbour, as thy love thy self”…

      Remember God loves us all….

      Peace be with you in Jesus name. Amen

  13. Hey John,
    The one question I have is how does the Satan being the father of Cain theory fit in with Genesis Chapter 4:1 which says, “1 Adam made love to his wife Eve, and she became pregnant and gave birth to Cain. She said, “With the help of the LORD I have brought forth a man.” This seems very specific that Adam is the father of Cain, now Satan might have seen something in Cain’s heart and exposed it as a weakness, leading Cain to murder Able, hence being the father of Cain’s hatred and sin, but not through biology. Also the name Cain means either “brought forth” or “acquired.” Either way you look at it. Adam is Cain’s father, and he was brought forth to them with the help of the LORD, or was acquired with the help of the LORD. Just trying to understand it. Great work on the site!



    1. Kurt

      I forwarded you question to Zen Garcia at because he literally wrote the book on this subject. Th He will be able to give you the answer better than I. It has something to do with a subtle nuance in the text and other supporting scriptures. Please email me directly at [email protected] if you don’t get a response from Zen soon.

  14. It has been amazing to me that many do not see that much time passed between Gen 1:1 and Gen 1:2 and do not realize the earth was already here during the 6 day creation. It was without form and was void, lucifer had fallen during this time and great chaos on the earth. God cleaned up the earth and made it ready for His Man that He would create. Later in scripture it says He did not create the world without form nor did He create it void. So many really believe the earth is only 6 thousand years old. They absolutely refuse to believe what is said in scripture. I am still learning and it will never end because there is just too much to learn. I heard one say that the reasons those beings fall on their faces as the throne turns around is that something new is revealed about God with each turn and has always been so. It takes much digging to find a nugget and when we do we rejoice and cherish it, if we do not we may not find more. He will not force anyone to learn of Him, one must desire Him more than one desires water for He alone can quench that thirst. Love your website. It takes time for me to learn things. I must think on these things and listen. Scripture, one of my favorites in Ps is: As the deer panteth after water in a dry and thirsty land where no water is, so panteth my soul after thee. w

  15. I have just recently, in the last two years, come to realize the truth about angels, demons and aliens. I pray often and meditate over these ideas, however, I find it difficult to get my point across to others. My friends see me as crazy and dillusional, I dont believe I am. I have been a christian most of my life but the adversary has attacked me always. I received my gift of tongues at the age of seventeen, when I mostly needed it. My sister belongs to the church of Christ, and they dont believe. God has watched over me and protected me countless times. My mother was my first protector, friend, and teacher, because of her, I am who I am today. Thank you Jesus for my mother, praise be to the King of Kings. I pray that one day, God may use me for His Greatness. Thank you for this great site, I’ll begin sharing it with other like minded individuals.

    1. Praise Jesus for you Davif. God Bless You for sharing. I believe this verse says it all …

      Luke 8:17-18 17 For nothing is secret that will not be revealed, nor anything hidden that will not be known and come to light. 18 Therefore take heed how you hear. For whoever has, to him more will be given; and whoever does not have, even what he seems to have will be taken from him.”

      Notice it says “take heed HOW you hear”. If people have closed minds, they will not hear. And if people have closed minds, and they don’t hear, God will not reveal any more mysteries to them. Not everyone wants to understand the wonderful mysteries of the Kingdom of God. They simply don’t have the capacity to embrace it understand it. So praise Jesus that you and others can embrace them and get “excited” about the wonders of our Heavenly Father. Glory to Jesus.

  16. Thank you Cary and God Bless You… & God Bless All of you that have posted and this website. I recently came into an awakening just before 11-11. So strange…for years I kept seeing 9-11 everywhere I looked, and then right before 11-11 I was being bombarded with 11:11 and the number 11. It started me on a quest for answers and brought me to your website. Luckily for me I had an amazing mom that raised me as a Christian from birth. But, that journey has been up and down for me through my life…sometimes very close to the Lord and others not so much. My sister, at one time claims she was such a spiritual Christian that she could speak in tongues. Now, she is following the Jewish Faith. I have had many doubts about Christianity in recent years, and questioned my faith. My mom, no longer here to console me or give me guidance unfortunately, told me once that in the end times that even true believers would have doubts. I worry now about my salvation and that of my family. I worry that I haven’t been good enough or done enough, and that I haven’t been right with the Lord…and now my family thinks I’m crazy! I have been studying like crazy lately and just can’t seem to absorb enough info quickly enough. I worry about the music my children are listening to and video/computer games, (mind-control) and that I don’t know how to approach them without it being strange and scary for them. My husband knows that I have been gathering info, but he doesn’t want to know about it. I am worried about all of us…for all of our souls…and also I am so scared of what I know is coming. I have noone to discuss it with. I also, have come accross something in my research that says the pre-tribulation rapture is a lie. I know time is short. I have prayed for knowledge, so that I may be able to discern between false prophets and the word of God. I guess that I am looking for someone to relate to. I think that my son and I are going to attend a local church this weekend just because I am hoping to be around other people that I can relate to and also, for my 11 year old so that maybe it would be a positive experience for him too. He is open to it and has been asking a lot of questions so I hope that is a good thing! Any feedback would be appreciated. I feel sort of silly posting this, I’m not citing scripture or giving the answers that people are seeking, but I am really begging for help right now in my time of need. I thank you in Jesus Name…Amen.

    1. Hello Kim. I must say i find your story quite compelling and i hope i can help you and encourage you to stay strong in Jesus name. It says in Ecclesiastes 1:18 “For with much wisdom comes much sorrow; As knowledge increases, so does our grief.”
      I can relate strongly to your story and over the past few years as my knowledge has increased so has my sorrow and sometimes it can be a burden. I just think of the end game and what the Lord has in store for us in his kingdom and it encourages me to pray harder and seek more truth. My family don’t want to listen to me, and my girlfriend cant be bothered when i try talking to her but i can’t help trying to make them understand because i know there is nothing more important in this life. I’ve been a “Christian” for a few years now maybe and i’ve been to all kinds of churches from evangelical, to christdelphian and even Kingdom Halls and at times have almost given up because of all the deception, but again i thank the lord for showing me the truth and filling my heart with the desire, strength and will to keep on pushing. Over the past few months ive been compiling a file of information, almost like a book in which i can hand round in the hope that i can inspire people around me to open up and humble themselves with the truth. I thought this might help get things of my chest as well as praying earnestly to the almighty. Hope this helps and may you and all the readers discern truth and be positive in the name of Jesus. May we all be written in the book of life by the grace and loving mercy of our sovereign Lord God in heaven. Take us Home Jesus. Amen

  17. OK. Since we want to get to the root, let’s get there together. After some additional research I had discovered through some fellow Christian brothers that Albert Pike wrote in Morals and Dogma that the satanist worship YHWH as their god Ba’al. It was changed by the kabbalist and the romans in 1000 bc. You can find references to YHWH in witch books and other places as well. Don’t freak, hear me out. We all know here that the vatican is well, satan. If you look at all of their artwork in their church’s they have YHWH in the triangle with the sun rays coming off of it. Well, their satanic, so they worship satan, so they will have the name of their god plastered all over the place right. Wait, it get’s deeper than that. A book was written called the god code by a guy named Greg Bradden, a new agey kind of guy, who goes on for a couple hundred pages on how YHWH is a code written right into our DNA. Wow, now we have even more evidence that these fallen ones will us to prove they are our creators. Satan has his hands all over everything, and I mean everything. Let me pose this question. It’s satan right, lucifer, the great deciever, who want’s no one to be worshiped except for him. He holds nothing sacred, at all nothing. Why then would he keep his hands off of the bible? What, did he and God have some kind of agreement that says he can’t touch the bible? No. Satan’s in it and it takes discernment to decipher that. Maybe that’s why the letter killeth. I mean if there’s gonna be a strong delusion, then the set up goes way back, way, way, way, way back. I don’t want to be one to kick the legs of what seems to be a stable chair right out from under anyone, I’m just a guy who seeks the absolute truth. We all just want the Truth right. We are all on the same team. Don’t attack me, I’m just a messenger. God guides me to knowledge, God presses on my heart the Truth. Sometimes it’s not pleasant, but I know it when I see it and it set’s off my discernment button like a giant gong. Exo 3:14 And God said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you.
    Which is if you break it up in hebrew AHAYAH ashar AHAYAH, his name is AHAYAH meaning I AM. I like God, but these are his words not mine. Truth is Love.

    1. You are right except for one small but mighty oversight which is captured in Rev. 4:11 (KJV ONLY) and the book of Job and Psalms 82. Our Heavenly Father places LIMITS on thing the devil and his minions can do. It is the absence of God that allows darkness. So our Father ensures enough inerrant truth is always there in any translation to lead us to salvation through Jesus Christ. The second you allow yourself to believe Lucifer has a shot at winning this match, you have made a crucial and potentially dangerous turn.

      GOD, our Father, is IN CONTROL

  18. John-
    You are truly a breath of fresh air. I thank YHWH Elohim that there are still a few men willing to go against the crowd. My husband and I were called out of the 501 c3 Nicolaitan church in 2010 and we have not regretted it for one moment. Distance truly does lend to proportion! Our relationship with our Creator has been so greatly enriched since we no longer have a man tell us what to think or how to worship.
    We overlooked the numerous errors, the paganism and the path towards the Emergent Church in trying to remain humble and conform. In hindsight, we now believe that more than half of the congregation are totally lost.

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