How Deep is the Infection?

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Why Don’t They “Get It”?
Who are “they” Anyway?

In my recent research into the “Disclosure Project” phenomenon (term used generically), an uneasy feeling has come over me.  As I peel back the “evil-onion” and look for the warning signs, it seems the problem of possible “DNA” manipulation and corruption may be far deeper that any of us realize.

While there is no question that the forces of the Luciferian Rebellion have been hard at work corrupting the seed of mankind for thousands of years, there has always been the looming question of “just how successful” were they?  I believe it is reasonable to suggest, in one way or another, all bloodlines (with a very tiny few exceptions perhaps) have been “affected” to some extent.  This makes a lot of sense when you realize the extent God went to in order to wipe out the infestation in the land of Canaan.  And there is no question that God was “none too pleased” with Hebrews who fornicated or married outside of the Abrahamic bloodline.

There is MUCH evidence to indicate that the “hu”man bloodline has been infected with “alien” seed now for a very long time.   And as anyone who understand basic biology knows, DNA / genetic-type bloodline alterations have a way of “transmitting” themselves through the generations.  So is it not reasonable to assume it is possible the “hu”man bloodlines all have “some” alien (Watcher / Annunaki / whatever) genome infestations at this point in time?  I’m not sure.  How could anyone be absolutely positive? 

A Genesis 6 Frame of Reference

I will say this however.  If you set your frame of reference with Genesis 6 at the forefront, and you take into consideration ALL the factors associated with the importance of BLOOD PURITY in the scriptures (e.g. Blood of the Lamb, purified, washed robes white as snow, made whole, saved, “born again”, etc.) it sure stands to reason that part of the “being saved” process includes a “cleansing” of the blood elements in more than just a “spiritual” sense.  It makes sense that perhaps, just maybe, there is far more to being BORN AGAIN than meets the eye here. This would also explain why the scripture warns about not doing “bad things” to the body, which is the temple of the Holy Spirit.  There seems to be a connection between the “host-body” fitness biologically / bio-chemically and the “Holy-Spirit-indwelling” capabilities, which circles back to the whole “pineal gland” (pinecone) connection.

One thing is for certain … it makes a very strong case for any reasonable man or woman to WANT to seek “salvation” for more reasons than simply avoiding Hell (as if that wasn’t a good enough reason).  Hell appears to be basically a “trash bin” of sorts for those that failed to “make the cut” for a number of reasons.  Never forget this is God’s creation and God’s “movie” and we are awesomely privileged to be invited to participate.  It would stand to reason you might wish to “maximize” the advantage and “make the best of it” no matter how hard the “test” might become.  I, for one, have no intention of spending eternity in a burning dumpster (or in some other dimension being tormented by “alien-demon creatures”).

I recommend anyone who understands the magnitude of this DNA / Bloodline onslaught, take another look at the scripture in lieu of this forthcoming information.  The parable of the Wheat and the Tares takes on a whole new meaning when you see it from a blood line / DNA corruption frame-of-reference.  In fact, the vast majority of the Bible takes on a whole new dual meaning when you realize this concept is a “major catalyst” to the “salvation” paradigm.

The Disclosure Project Phenomenon

However for the purpose of this article, I intend to funnel the scope of this “thought stream” directly toward the “Disclosure Project Phenomenon”.  The Disclosure Project Phenomenon (by my definition) is anything that has to do with the New Age / Federation of Light / Ashtar Command / UFO “stuff”; not just the actual “project” itself. 

In the grand scheme of this particular scope, some of the questions that beg to be answered include …

  1. What happens to someone that has been “abducted” (from a DNA / bloodline / mind control / genome standpoint)?
  2. Just how many people have been abducted?
  3. Is it possible, after abduction and “infection / infestation” they are irrecoverable (from a salvation stand point)?
  4. And many more …

Is it possible we are actually living in an “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” scenario without even realizing it?  At this point I believe this may actually be the case.  In fact I am pretty sure this IS the case.

In the Beginning

So when did all this “alien” abduction stuff begin?  We have far too much evidence to clearly indicate we have been visited by “entities” outside of this “earth domain” at least as far back as the Sumerian civilization.  And quite frankly it is extremely reasonable for a learned person (one who has studied this subject for some time) to estimate that the Sumerians were not really “hu”man in the most strictest of definitions.  OR maybe it would be more reasonable to suggest that for certain they were strongly INFLUENCED by entities outside of the “earth domain”.   This pretty much goes without saying. 

Is it
Some “hu”man civilizations
WERE created here on earth
Of the Adam and Eve bloodlines
These Annunaki alien-demon “Elohim” DEVILS
through DNA trickery???

Never mind the archaeological facts that demonstrate their advanced knowledge of things they could NOT POSSIBLY have known about without some “insider help” (or “outsider help” for that matter).  And isn’t it fascinating to realize that technology trading occurs even today with the alien-demons.  Never mind the drawings the Sumerians made of their “space friends”.  Why in the world would we assume the Sumerians were anything less than fully infested with alien DNA?  Think about it.  If the “Watchers” were so “taken” by the beauty of the women on earth that they would leave their “first estate” to fornicate with them, then you can BET the “visitors” that taught the Sumerians algebra, architecture, government systems and more, were “infecting them” in precisely the same manner (or worse). 

I submit to you that ALL of the ancient civilizations that have “curiously unexplainable” characteristics were likely being “infested and infiltrated” in more ways than we can possibly imagine. 

Why are we so “NOW” centered in our thoughts?

If this “agenda” existed 6,000 years ago, then why in the world would we believe only the Zeta Grey Aliens and the Mil-Lab freaks have been trying to mess with our DNA since just the Roswell Incident?

P    L    E    A    S    E

Whatever it was that God did to place “enmity between the seed of the woman and the serpent” …  REALLY messed up the Annunaki “game plan” BADLY.  As advanced as those “alien-demon” civilizations are, it is utterly astonishing to realize this game of bloodline DNA corruption “cat-and-mouse” has been going on for an EXTREMELY long time.  And evidently whatever it is they intended to do “all along” is still not ready to burst from the “Pop n Fresh Dough Boy” container yet.

Surely you dont’ suppose they have been working all this time on just creating a “fit extension” for the Birth of the Phoenix … Lucifer do you?  Surely all this work hasn’t been so they could manifest the “mack daddy” Antichrist?  Naah.  There is way more to it than that I am sure.  I believe the Birth of the Phoenix Antichrist “fit extension” / “Nimrod rises again” paradigm is part of it, but I believe that the “forces of evil” intend to leverage our “hu”man spiritual energy force to “hitch a ride” back to their “original estate” and take this “God at War” deal back to the eternal realm.

There has to be WAY MORE than meets the eye here.

A Point of No Return

As you research all this New World Order, ancient Egypt, mystery religion, reptilian freakezoid nonsense, and start connecting the dots, you run up against this unexplainable phenomenon linked to “hu”man behavior.  This phenomenon seems to be tied to the concept of “predestination” and the fact that the Book of Life scripture indicates there are “some” that were “never invited” to the party (thank you Nancy, great find). 

Who ARE these “hu”man entities that were “never ever” in the Book of Life?   If you question this concept, then you should re-read the stories about take over of the Land of Canaan and remember that God wanted everyone slaughtered, even the babies.  This means the infection was TOO DEEP!!  This same “deep infection” concept is echoed by the fact the God unleashed the Flood of Noah when he did.  It certainly seems there is a point of no return for some.  I do not believe we will ever completely understand the criteria for these different dispositions however.  One thing is for SURE, there is a very clear difference between those that “feel the calling” of the LORD GOD El Elyon, and those who do NOT!

Which segways nicely into my point here.

Why is it that there are people like David Icke, Michael Tsarion, and Jordan Maxwell out there?  I don’t mean to pick on these fine gentlemen (yes I do) but they are the first three that pop into my mind when making this point.  And there are tons of these people out there.  These are just some of the more famous ones.

Ask yourself this one simple question …

How can anyone acknowledge and accept Satanism and Demons, and know that they exist, but NOT believe in a “knowable” God?  How can so many of these people know ALL ABOUT the dark side and know absolutely nothing about the “good side”?   How can these people SEE demons and reptilians but never think for a second there could be a such thing as Hell or Heaven?

Don’t you see how unlikely this is?

How is it that these people can accept a “creator god” and concepts of a “godhead” under the guise of “all things enlightened” BUT NOT be able to make the connection to the reality of YHWH and Jesus Christ?  How can you believe in 99% of all the things in the Bible (or so they say) but twist it just enough to fit some convoluted mish-mash version of a new religion of universal acceptance and believe this is OKAY??

The only answer to this question, in my very humble opinion, is these people were “never invited to the party” and they are sufficiently corrupted “bloodline” / DNA wise that they were NEVER predestined and couldn’t understand Jesus if he materialized in front of them and knocked them upside the head with a Louisville Slugger.

Summary in Jesus Name

I could ramble on and on.  This subject is DEEP.  And I have every intention of continuing this discussion in future articles.  Some of the concepts I am hoping to tackle with you include:

  • The Great White Brotherhood Connection
  • Weaponization of Space Issues
  • Who is the Ashtar Command
  • Conjuring Up UFOs with Mental Telepathy
  • Who ARE some of These Folks?
  • What are The Characteristics to Look For when Identifying These “Infected” Ones

These people (the New Age, UFO, “Friends of the Elohim”) have completely infiltrated our society on a scale that no one ever anticipated.  They track back more than a hundred years and in my opinion track back all the way to the Mayans and back into the bloodlines of the Phoenicians and the land of Tyre.  If my hunch is correct, these “friends of Anak” are linked to bloodlines that may have existed prior (or near the time of) the creation of Adam and Eve.

Remember the Luciferian Rebellion happened WAY BEFORE the creation of Adam and Eve.

There were “millions of years” that went buy and lots of “stuff” that happened that God had no reason to record in the Bible.


There is NO “hall pass”, and there is NO “ascension” to a “higher vibrational frequency”.
It is simply a cosmic shortcut to DESTINATION HELL


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19 thoughts on “How Deep is the Infection?

  1. Greetings, John!
    Great post, once again. I know you have so much going on, a day job, a family, holidays, and who knows what else. Thank you for making time for your Tribulation Now posts. God's blessings be on you and yours!
    Nancy K.

  2. Hi John
    let me start by saying I think your onto something.Some background and then food for thought…..

    I have seen ufo’s since I was a kid and once with my mother and neighbor. I think(using the term loosely ) I have seen some greys as a kid and maybe other times. I believe I have been abducted or entered into another dimension where a was sexually manipulated for some reason. I have experienced lost time. I was terrified about these things and probably still am for some unknown reason. God has given me I believe a number of prophetic dreams of things to come that involves these bastards.I also was very fascinated by this before I was “born again” .went to conferences read A LOT about the subject etc. this was primarily in the 90’s and think I may have an implant. I believe they know where I am all the time. I have so many other weird things that I have seen or experienced that I could spend hours writing, but I digress

    I recently relocated from the west to the east ,I won’t say where .my 1st night here they tried to snag me, but I rebuked them in Jesus's name and I was let go.experience over .I believe they are multi dimensional demons. and that this could be the reason for the great falling away and a great delusion in the future. there are very few people I tell this to. I hope and pray that this communication will not go anywhere that could be traced back to me, at least for now, until I feel more comfortable with you and the internet . I know big brother is watching and I have a family to think of . also I believe the gov. is in constant communication with them. and they know the future!! I also think that they are outside of time somehow and can go forward or backward. this is something I believe the holy spirit is showing me.
    I ramble and hate to type.

    In Christ

  3. John,

    Nice article!
    here are so many questions concerning the flood, fallen angels etc.
    I heard Tom Horn expound on this subject and he made a really good point that these fallen angels created hybrid "beings" (without a soul) in a physical manner, in order to exist in our realm.
    This subject can also give a whole new meaning to John 3:3,

    "Verily, verily, I say unto thee, except one be born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter into the Kingdom of God!"

    God bless and enjoy your weekend.

  4. I am glad you will give some guidance about characteristics to look for in infected ones. i have been trying to figure it all out. I draw the same conclusions about predestination and such. fascinating stuff but we are like john the baptist…a voice crying in the wilderness. keep the faith. robin

  5. There will be "hints" I can provide of those that should be "watched" as suspicious and in some cases "evidence" that should definitely indicate that the individual / entity simply cannot be trusted .. but it will be tricky to be sure and if there is doubt then I would avoid. You can listen to them and learn from them but hold them in contempt in regard to any of their "final conculsion e.g. treat them as likely the "emeny". Many will be genuinely decieved but not necessarily "corrupted seed". I hope this makes sense. It is complicated.


  6. I believe vaccinations have played a key role in the infection of the bloodlines. They have devised a quick, wide-spread method of introducing foreign DNA into an unsuspecting, trusting population. Oh yeah, vaccinations are good for us, don't ya know.

  7. You should get a copy of the TV series "Threshold". I was astonished to watch that because it was utterly loaded with data asociated with the triple helix DNA conversion threat. I believe we are touching the tip of the ice berg. The attack vectors are fabulous. Mark 16:18 is your best friend.

    The Blood of Jesus cleanses you in more ways than you can imagine.

    People are being converted unwittingly into the "all seeing eye"

  8. I've been watching the wikileaks deal unfold now for more than 8(?) years and I suspect they are probably legit. But that's me. No guarantees there. Anything can start legit and then be "bought out" so you could be right in your suspicions. You have to hold all information at "arms length" these days. The information can indeed be leaked from internal sources that are "in the loop" of the communication stream. AND the information that is "leaked" can also be intentionally falsified (double counter intel deals) etc.

    I used to work in the military "top secret" business for a while and I can tell you there are defininitely ways for insiders to funnel out data. Have you ever seen the movie "The Falcon and the Snowman"?? You should rent it. It is not only one of the best movies ever made (in my opinion) but it was based on a true story. Awesome

  9. Hey John, you're correct in stating that many researches do a very decent job in their findings on the evil side of the "problem" with humanity, yet they are missing the ONLY important aspect of HIStory. That is that salvation of humanity's "problem" is ONLY found in faith in Jesus Christ. I'm with you in warning people to have very sensitive discernment of the Holy Spirit when swimming in these waters. Any conclusion or solution that deviates from salvation in Jesus is of demonic origin.
    One of the things that I have been pondering is how faith in Jesus Christ (shedding of HIS blood) provide us with salvation. This is what I have concluded of salvation/condemnation.
    When God created Adam, He created him in His image; a perfect being in all aspects. God placed Him in a perfect environment (Eden) and created Eve from his genetic structure, a perfect being as well. By this time other gods/demons were roaming Earth corrupting a lot living things on it (Enoch's writing). Beasts (remember clean vs unclean) and plant life alike where corrupted. Somehow they replicated God's creation of humanity with a dose of their own corrupted genes. If you, like me, don’t buy into the “Oh, Cain’s wife was one of Adam and Eve’s descendents” story the establishment teaches, this will make a lot of sense.
    This is how we get all the diverse races (initially 6 or 7 races) and the different “gods”.
    I might be wrong on this one but it explains why God would work His salvation plan through the Jewish people, His only created, genetically pure lineage on earth. You can draw your own conclusions about the other races genetics.
    Anyway, God allows one of those genetically corrupted trees (tree of good and evil) to be planted in Eden. Because it was genetically corrupted, God told Adam and Eve not to eat of the fruit of this tree. When Adam ate of this tree, his genes became corrupted and could not partake of the garden of Eden, and was expelled. I think this was Adam’s sin. I think as we all have been told, disobedience to God played a role, but I think that could be “corrected” through discipline and may have not required a sacrifice (please hold the stones). Nevertheless, the most important factor (I would add, determining factor) was that since Adam corrupted his gene pool when he ate of the corrupted/prohibited fruit, a new creation had to be “born again” requiring the sacrifice of innocent (genetically perfect) blood. I’m not sure to what extent was the damage on Adams original genes was, but it was enough to need a redeemer. From this point on, the forgiveness of the sin (genetic imperfection) would be by faith. Somehow, miraculously I guess, when God knows someone has accepted Jesus Christ and the shedding of His blood by faith, God regenerates this person’s genes. As Jesus puts it, he/she is born again.
    This ties in to why God prohibited the Jewish people to be unequally yoked, why they could not eat certain “unclean” animals, why God commanded to destroy entire populations, including mother and babies, and even animals, etc…
    Just to push the envelope a little, I would suggest that even animals could become “clean” after prayer, not for salvation though, but for consumption. 1 Tim 4:4
    Anyways, just a possibility I pondered.
    What is not a possibility, but a truthful statement of fact is that faith in Jesus Christ, faith in the fact that He shed His blood for your inherited sins, and faith that we are sanctified/cleansed/purified by His blood is the ONLY way we will be given salvation. JESUS IS THE ONLY WAY TO GOD!!!
    With love.

  10. Wow quite a chocked full article!!

    Some thoughts:
    The wheat and tares DO have a new dimension when you consider these hybrid beings.

    I read Bud Hopkins book "Missing Time" in the 80's and talk about scary stuff back then! He tells the story a "Kathy" who was abducted over many years and is impregnated and then has the fetus removed, more than once. She is then shown the babies by the grays. She is shown them as they got a little older also. I think the story goes that "Kathy' was made aware that those children were then bred and the goal was to produce a being that looked more human and less like a gray.

    If these hybrids have been released into the population and have mated with humans then you end up with a hybrid/grays (mutants) contaminated population!

    It is so WEIRD to even contemplate this stuff! Sometimes I ask God "Is this really happening??" and I have to laugh sometimes at it all also because it is just so crazy weird!!

    But seriously, this is the reality. These hybrids are among us- tares- fakes.

    Do they have a soul? Can they be saved?

    Lots more questions than answers for sure.
    Thanks for great stuff!!
    IN Christ, Sarah

  11. As a comment to JRs comment: If it is true that we are genetically healed as well, that healing is not passed on to our children, since they (and we all) are born sinners. Sin nature is ALWAYS passed from the father, never from the mother (or else Jesus would have inherited from Mary) (And I find it interesting that the blood of the mother never mixes with the blood of the child.)

    So since sinlessness is not inheritable wouldnt that somehow disprove your theory?
    As for the eating of the fruit, God tested Adam and Eve on their obedience, and their failure was foreseen and a part of his plan from the beginning. Can any food alter our DNA?

  12. AAgggghhhh!!! Navigated out of Trib-Now and lost my extensive comment.

    Short version:
    "If it is true that we are genetically healed as well, that healing is not passed on to our children, since they (and we all) are born sinners." Agreed!
    "Sin nature is ALWAYS passed from the father, never from the mother (or else Jesus would have inherited from Mary) (And I find it interesting that the blood of the mother never mixes with the blood of the child.)" Not really, both father & mother have same (spiritual or DNA) sin problem. Besides there is no scriptural or even apocryphical basis for that assertion. Fits your sinless baby Jesus theory but not a likely reason. DNA is not only carried defined with blood cells. Jesus' birth was a miracle in all sense of the word: conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of a (sin inherited) virgin mother, and kept pure, free of the sin factor. One good explanation is that, consider this, HE IS GOD in flesh!!!
    "So since sinlessness is not inheritable wouldnt that somehow disprove your theory?" Only those who put faith in Jesus inherit HIS sinlessness. We, ourselves don't have sinlessness to inherit to our children. We only have sinfulness we inherited from Adam to inherit to our children. I'm not sure what you mean by "disprove your theory"?
    "Can any food alter our DNA?" Definitely yes!!! Google that exact question and you'll be amazed. I might add, Tom Horn suggests that we might be living in a time when we are witnessing the same evil deeds those fallen ones in the old day did all over again. Can you say GM crops?

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