We Are Getting Married!

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Prophetic Marriage Declaration

And Descriptions of the Trouble to Come

The revelations that are flowing into Tribulation-Now are at an all time high. I must admit it’s pretty hard to keep my composure. If it wasn’t enough that virtually every article written here since January 1st has been almost prophetic in nature and successive in new revelations, even more astonishing information came in just yesterday and this morning. If it wasn’t for choking back the tears, and a large squeezie of ice coffee, I’m reasonably sure I wouldn’t be able to write at all.

But write I will in Jesus Name.

The Awesome and the Ugly

Why is it with great joy, also seems to come great sorrow. Living in Florida, I often quip about the weather. While it’s not any fun to get pummeled by continuous snow, when the first flowers of spring appear and you smell the first freshly mowed lawn, the feeling you get is one of amazing beauty. You never get that in Florida. It’s pretty much one version of Summer all year round. I even asked my elderly Father once, “Dad when are you moving to Florida? After all, Jerry Seinfeld says the Snow Shovel Police will eventually come and get you anyway.” And he would tell me that he’s never coming to Florida because he loves the four seasons. I know exactly what he meant.

Happily and Sadly this article will proceed. I will save the best for last. First however let me share with you my estimation of the forthcoming time of trouble. First the snow, then the flowers. The interesting part is that for those of us who believe we qualify as the Bride of Jesus Christ, the good part comes FIRST, in reality.

And please never forget the Proverb, “As a man thinketh, so is he”. Amen?

The Problem with Theology

As I’ve said many times before, if you form a “hypothesis” with a predisposition to believe something in advance, your outcome will be tainted and often untrustworthy. So if you study the work of “mankind” and accept some of their conclusions about prophetic interpretation, those little “tidbits” of thought, form foundations in your mind and keep you from seeing what might have been obvious otherwise.

It doesn’t matter if you are a Moody Bible Institute graduate, a Hal Lindsey fan, or a Ellen G. White enthusiast, when you read their work it is almost impossible some of those “tidbits” don’t linger in your mind. Fortunately for me, I got so disgusted with all the inconsistencies, I just tossed the whole bunch of it in the mental “bit bucket”. All of them had excellent points. And since they all had major differences, it meant I had no choice but to toss it all out. All of it.

And yes indeed it sometimes comes back to haunt me. Sometimes I need to slap myself on the forehead and yell “I could’a had a V-8!”. But eventually I calm down, open my mind, and start realizing the new information coming in is UNBELIEVABLE. And quite frankly I would have written most of it off, if I haven’t been so used to “eating crow” all the time. Crow is my favorite food. Being wrong is one of my hobbies. Amen?

Prophecy Driven Empirical Reverse Engineering

Hardly a few days go by before I get an email asking “what order” various events will unfold. Unlike most other folks out there, including some of my favorite “theologians”, I don’t base my estimations on strictly Bible prophecy. I use a method which I like to refer too as “Prophecy Driven Empirical Reverse Engineering”.

“Prophecy Driven Empirical Reverse Engineering” is a method where you take the “obvious” watchmen intelligence, you weave in the material prophetic data (those are prophecies that are pertinent to the empirical data), and then you formulate an unbiased hypothesis, and go back to the scripture to confirm the hypothesis.

And what is really neat about this, is God seems to send me all sorts of people at the most “amazing” time, to confirm the “hypothesis” without me even prompting them to participate. That’s the really cool part. So while I am “kicking around” these estimations of “what happens first” vs. “what happens next”, I get these supernatural coincidental phone calls from people excitedly telling me what the Lord just showed them. And then, if I don’t break into tears right away, I sit there with my mouth hanging open in utter shock.

And there’s no way to remember it all. And there’s no way to tell you about all of them. I mused this morning with Kenneth on the phone, that if I wrote an article that had all these supernatural confirmations and “coincidences” in it, the article would be 30 pages long.

A Humble Attempt at Predicting the Future

With nothing more than a tired mind, and a peanut sized brain, I will try my best to summarize what I believe the near future holds. Remember the good part happens first, and the good part is the part I will share last.

Praise Jesus for All the Help

I praise God for each and every one of Tribulation-Now’s contributors and “thought-leaders” because without your emails, text messages, and phone calls, none of this would be possible. We are all INDEED part of a multi-function body of Jesus Christ. Amen. Also I have to mention a special thanks to Trish for her unbelievable and tireless study of scripture and data on paper and by hand. I am convinced there is no possible way she could have discovered what she did, using “books” and Bibles, without the divine providence of God and the Holy Spirit. Awesome. Praise YOU JESUS!!

If you want the whole story you will have to go back and read all the “alien” related articles on Tribulation-Now, and make sure you read “at least” the articles written since January of this year.

Basic Terms and Definitions

First some definitions are in order. Please, in Jesus name, do not write me with your alternative ideas because I simply will not debate any of this with you.

The Elect – The Elect are all those chosen by God before the Foundations of the Word. Many of the elect are still unsaved (see 2 Tim. 2:10)

The Bride – The Bride are a select and special group of the elect, that were Baptised in the Holy Spirit and have “extra oil” in their vessels (see Matt. 25, the parable of the Wise and Foolish Virgins), and are spared from the “hour of trial” as the Church of Philadelphia.

The Tribulation Saints – The Tribulation saints (and/or martyrs), are those of the elect that were not “called up” as part of the Bride and entered into the Great Tribulation. This is why the scripture says in Matt. 24:30 that at the sound of a great Trumpet He will send his angels to gather the elect. This is also why the scripture says (do your own homework) that at the sound of the Last Trumpet the “dead will be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed (1 Cor. 15:52) … etc.” This all happens at the end of the TRUMPET JUDGEMENTS.

Distinguishing the Bride

The problem where people get confused is that they typically believe that “all those saved” by the Blood of the Lamb will be raptured. This is not the case. Only the Bride that meets the Matthew 25 Wise and Foolish Virgins meet that criteria. The REST of the scripture is NOT talking about the Bride. So when you read Matthew 24, you are hearing a dissertation about “all the elect” and not specifically the Bride. The Bride is a very special group. The Bride is rescued out in the “nic of time” just prior to the Trumpet Judgements. (See Rev. 12:16) She is taken away and FED for 1260 days (or 3.5 years) of the Great Tribulation.

Once you make this distinction, EVERYTHING falls into place.

This is precisely why I have been SCREAMING MY HEAD OFF at ever reader to SEEK the Baptism of the Holy Spirit like it’s the most important thing in the world to you. All I can do is present the data to you. If you don’t take aggressive action, and run to God crying your eyes out, and go to a Pentecostal type church immediately, then I have done all I can do to help.

Please do this NOW!

Summary of the Order of Events

This is my best shot, at this time, to summarize the order of the forthcoming events. I guess the best way to do this is to make a bullet list.

Rapture of the Bride: The Bride will SOON be raptured / “called up”. This is what I refer to as “The Rescue Mission”. This “rescue mission” will happen in the “nic of time”. Just after the Bride is “snatched up”, a huge calamity of unspeakable proportions will occur. The “rapture” will have happened, but nobody will know they are missing. They will be counted amongst the missing and the dead. The remaining Christians will not believe the rapture occurred and be subject to the Project Blue Beam lie. They will also be subject to the “Strong Delusion” where the “Star God’s” (e.g. fallen Elohim UFO devils) will come to earth and demonstrate that they are our creators. The Two Witnesses will be those “elect” that did not believe the lie, and testify that the Living God YHWH and Jesus Christ are our true creators. God have mercy.

Trumpet Judgements – Planet X and Elenin, it certainly appears, will usher in the Trumpet Judgements and begin the 1260 days of the Great Tribulation. Never forget that the first verse of Revelation says “and these things will happen “shortly” which means “rapid fire succession”. This will include a Solar Flare (First Trumpet, see the movie “Knowing”), and Wormwood (Third Trumpet, a comet, such as Elenin, see the movie “Deep Impact”). At the end of the Trumpet Judgements, the rest of the elect, and the “dead in Christ” shall be collected by the Lord’s Angels (See Matt. 24:30, and 1 Corinthians 15:52)

Elite Hide In Bunkers and Live – The elite will hide in the underground bunkers and they will become the “command and control” center for the turmoil on the surface of the planet. Global chaos will be ensuing all over the world. World War III, attacks on Israel (which could start any moment), Martial Law, FEMA Camps, everything we have all been watching for the last 10 plus years will “spring” into action. People will be microchipped after the electrical infrastructures are repaired. The Alien-Demon “Fallen Elohim Creator Gods” will be on international New World Order sponsored Television.
Every single thing the “Alex Jones” and Jesus Watchmen of the world have been “freaking out” about for the last decade will become a reality. A Vibrational Shift will occur. Star Gates will be fully opened, and alien-demon creatures in intergalactic transport ships will be all over the place. The ABC mini-series “V” will become part of every day life. Christians will be regarded as “wackos” and killed off aggressively. This is captured in the “metaphor” of Satan waging war on the “Two Witnesses” for the FULL 1260 days of the Great Tribulation.

• Bowl Judgements – Planet X will swing back on its elliptical path through the Solar System, and then earth will be utterly destroyed. I suspect it will be very much like what you see in the movie 2012. The upper crust of the earth will crumble like a fortune cookies and lava will flow like the sea. Prior to this point, the dead and Christ and the remaining elect (Two Witnesses) will be resurrected and taken up to be with Jesus. Many will be the martyrs beheaded in Revelation. Most will be dead prior to their resurrection. Very very very few will be alive when Jesus comes back with ten thousands of his saints (see Jude) to clean up the mess and kick some butt on the remaining inhabitants.

Important Disclaimer

It’s okay if you disagree. Please don’t bother to write me and explain your take on these things. Let’s just bask in the peace of the Holy Spirit and remain vigilant and prayerful. Like I said, my favorite food is crow. I eat crow all the time and I’m very good about being wrong. The difference between me and the rest of “theology” is that I WILL admit I am wrong and update my findings in a new article as soon as I realized I need to eat some more “Humble Crow Pie”.


Finally the Super Great Awesome News

It is with great excitement and unbelievable humility and tears, I am presenting these recent revelations. Some of them are supernatural “coincidences” and others are far more prophetic in nature. Bear with me as I try my best to get this information out to you.

March 15th Coincidences

Many of us have heard about all the March 15th “alerts”. Supposedly March 15th is when the Comet Elenin crosses the earth / sun “elliptic” and could cause some ugly stuff to happen. But we can’t forget about the reports of Planet X aligning with Venus and the Sun potentially causing the “earth’s axis” to tilt. All this “March 15th” data is covered extensively in other recent Tribulation-Now articles. Never mind the article written here entitled:

March 15th Pole Shift Cover Up Warning

In addition, I recently sent out an email to Tribulation-Now’s email list. I will include it here below:

Possible Encoded Message to Evacuate to DIA

While there is no way to be sure at this point, it is “possible” an encoded message was sent out to “Elites” to start entering underground bunkers March 1 – 12. The AP News Wire and Reuters (both fully owned by the Rothschilds Corporation), started pumping all major media outlets regarding a reported “Measles” scare at DIA (Denver Airport).

While this “supposed” Measles carrier had traveled through several airports that day, all the news releases were focusing on the Denver International Airport, Gate 39, Concourse C. They mentioned 9:PM, and they mentioned March 1-12. These reports were neatly wrapped up in a claim this “carrier” was there on Feb 22 for 2 hours and the “supposed” incubation period is around 8-10 days. Right.

Here are some interesting and related points to consider.

• DIA (Denver International Airport) is in FACT the location many / most elites will be evacuating too.

• US Diplomats from Across the World have been “called back” to the United States

• The Federal Government has announced a “shut down” in March freeing up Congressmen

• Other alarming reports of March “pole shift” warnings, FEMA commercials, New Madrid warnings, Elenin “elliptic” path alignments, all pointing to ~ MARCH 15

To further add to this bizarre report with other “coincidences” ….

About 3 days ago, I was randomly flipping the channels on my TV. I rarely watch TV. Very very rarely. I randomly stopped on a “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit” episode. I was drawn to continue watching it because it was a “knock off” on the Florida story about the 2 year old girl who was buried by her 20 “something” mother. GET THIS. The episode was about the MEASLES! The story ended 100% focused on the Measles being spread by another child. What are the Odds?

• A Tribulation-Now contributor posted a Face Book Message in regard to this DIA Report. Face Book immediately DELETED the message

• I was contacted at approximately 11:40 PM Eastern Time tonight via a Text Message from a “watchmen” with the warning “Illuminati Movement Bigtime”

• For what its worth, both Jonathan Kleck and my birthdays are on March 15th and March 16th

• His name means “Yahweh has given a “Bell Ringer”, My name means “Yahweh has given a “Time Caller”

Maybe this is nothing
Maybe this is everything

Watch and Pray in Jesus Name

When you combine this recent development with the article on Tribulation-Now entitled:

Church of Philadelphia Now Boarding

March is starting to look like a SUPER IMPORTANT MONTH!

Additional Amazing Coincidences

Two years plus ago, when I first started Tribulation Now, I added the following “Prayer” to the web site at the top:

“Dear Holy Holy Father whoart in Heaven. In the name of Jesus, I pray you will protect this website, your home and the blessings you’ve offered to create it all, WITH “passover protection” from prying eyes of evil and bring to it those who want to know your GLORY. Amen.”

To Pick up His Bride … but….

The Rosicrucian, Francis Bacon Wrote:
“Beware of the Ides of March”
(March 15th)
Prophecy from My Wrath Does Not Sleep wrote:
“For before the leaves have fully budded upon the trees,
and before summer has fully come in,
shall your nation be destroyed.
Fear not, My son…I am with you to deliver you.”
A Prophecy from Jonathan Kleck said:
Behold the fig tree puts forth its leaves,
And Suddenly the Time is Upon You
The Travail Begins
PASSOVER was the Day of the Last Supper
The Hebrews who put a “cross” of Lambs Blood on their Doors
They were then spared the wrath of the “Angel of Death”
(This is a SHADOW of the Trumpet Judgments)
MARCH 15th
is the

Summary in Jesus Name

I do not know for sure if March 15th is actually going to be a “Pole Shift”.  Yes I know all about the Elenin predictions and the FEMA Commercial showing everything turning upside down.  What is really amazing is that all this material is covered in articles already here on Tribulation-Now.  I didn’t plan to write these articles out in this order.  It just happened that way.

Never mind all the prophets and RABBIS coming out and saying things like “The Rapture is Imminent” and “The Messiah is Coming”.  I get reports of that data every single day.  It’s utterly overwhelming.

About one hour ago, Jonathan called me once again in tears.  I was already in the process of writing this article.  Like many of us, he is at his “wits” end.  He cried out to the Lord and God gave him another prophecy while he sat in his car.

Thus Saith the Lord,
The Feast is Ready
The Place Has Been Prepared
The Bridegroom is Coming to Collect the Bride

Jonathan called me in tears.  You see, after he received this prophecy, he asked the Lord for a confirmation.  God told him to immediately pull into the nearby store and pick up the first magazine he saw.

Here are the pictures from the magazine:

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