Righteous Indignation

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Jesus Used a Whip
Sometimes Indignation is the Key

I was sitting at my “headquarters” this morning, thinking to myself (and sharing with others) that things are rather quiet.  Perhaps the quiet before the storm… Amen?  I’ve come to my walk in Christ where I rather dislike those who perceive themselves as “Holier than Thou”.  Quite frankly it rather disgusts me.  And I continuously look for signs from the Lord as I “turn over the tables in the tabernacle” on His behalf.

Well today I turned over some tables.  And I was “astonished” to see the Lord send me a sign that I was “okay” doing so.  I was in tears of victory all the way home.

We Live in Different Times

Today we live in different times.  Amen, we are definitely in the very “end of times”.  Some might say, that doesn’t change how you should act, and maybe that’s true.  I don’t know.  But I sure do take a LOT of crap from “self righteous” christians (note the lower case “c”) and so do other “thought-leaders” from Tribulation-Now.

The Lord made it clear to me, from now on, I am to delete and filter any person who emails me and “stirs up” crap.  Amen?  So read on if you wish, but if you email me with your nonsense then please do not expect a response.  Okay?

Jesus Used a Whip

In one of the Gospels Jesus didn’t just turn over the tables, he indeed used a whip.  Do your own homework.  This does not mean Jesus wasn’t a pacifist, it means he had EMOTIONS.  He got angry when it was “righteous”.   He got sad and bled tears of blood, when it was understandable.  We have been programmed to believe that we cannot have “righteous indignation” and I believe that is completely untrue.

If you feel you do not agree with me, then “let every man seek his salvation with fear and trembling” okay?


Go set up your own ministry and your own web site and “bug off” in Jesus Name.

Quiet then Loud

I look and listen around me in continuous prayer to the Lord.  I expect to hear God speak to me at all times.  I am especially sensitive to it when I am “out in public” Amen?  Sure.  Why wouldn’t you be?  Hebrews says that you might entertain Angels unaware.  So I have NO INTENTION  of upsetting God’s Angels.  Certainly not at this dark and dangerous hour of victory!

So today was rather quiet on the “intelligence front”.  Frankly I got bored.  I decided to go down to the local bistro for some Sumerian ale and time with God and the Tribulation-Now information feeds.  I sat down with my “netbook” and started responding to emails and instant messages about Planet X and Elenin being two different cosmic objects.  And indeed they are. You bet.  Elenin they claim is “intelligently controlled” (no way) and the other is a Brown Dwarf just going through its typical path.  God = Intelligent Design.  Get it?   Can you say “Wormwood”?

Enter Disrespectful Drunkard

Anyway, so out of the clear blue comes this fellow.  He was noticeably inebriated.  But that’s okay.  He saw my netbook and started asking questions.  I figured it was reasonable to tell him the whole truth.  I told him I was working on global intelligence about the end times.  He scoffed to some degree with a facetious smile and started asking questions.

A LOT of them.

He continuously tried to make fun of me by bringing waitresses over to the table and tell them “that he wanted to be with them at the end of the world”.  I was originally interested in what he had to say because he told me “up front” that he had heard about the forthcoming “pole shift”.  I told him if he continued to speak about women in a manner of mental “fornication” that he needed to leave my presence immediately.   It continued.

This fellow went on to inform me of how everything I thought was true, was a “myth”.  Evidently before he became a drunkard, he used to be a writer.  He addressed all of my input with a smirck and a smile of condescension.  I became weary of his disregard for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ and my Lord.

An Extension of Kindness

I told the waitress to bring him any food or drink he desired. I explained to him my money was from the Kingdom of Heaven and it was his as much as it was mine.  He thanked me.  He continued to ask questions and denigrate me with his devious smile and doubtful responses.  He even raised his hands into the air and said “Yeshua” is my King.  I was NOT HAPPY. 

It was done out of utter disrespect.

I let him stay at my table and feed off the bounty of my King.  I continued to take his badgering and kept responding to him that if he wanted to seek the “easy way” to his notion of Heaven he needed to go to a church down the street and I would not LIE to him and tell him he could act this way and be guaranteed anything but a ticket straight to Hell.

A Sign from the Lord

All of a sudden, a young man from a table behind me yelled out.  He said “Hey you know about Planet X and Nibiru God Bless You!  I jumped up from my table and ran to give him a big Jesus Hug!  We exchanged phone numbers.  I could not believe the timing.

Shortly thereafter another friend stopped by and said what’s going on with this weird end of the world situation.  We witnessed to eachother in front of this mean fellow and all was “supernatural” as I would expect from my God.

THEN a man named Craig from Homeland Security stopped by my table and said that he was interested in understanding the news that was coming in about March 15th and this supposed “pole shift”.  We talked openly and others chimed in.

The Same Old Disrespectful Snot

After this amazing and supernatural exchange of information and hugs on the porch, this unfortunate man in his disrespect for our King, continued to denigrate the Kingdom with his nasty mouth.

While I am not proud of what I said, and asked forgiveness of my King, after 2 hours of trying to reason with this “fellow” I simply told  him that …

He is F*cked if He does Not Repent to Jesus Christ Immediately

Am I sorry for using the F bomb on this man?  Yes!  But sometimes you have no choice but to speak the language they understand.  It might be the only words they comprehend.

The Heavenly Rewards System Kicks In

Feeling sad that I let my King down and dropped the “F” Bomb, right in the middle of that verbal skirmish, I got a call from an employer.  My background check evidently passed and they want me to meet them in Jacksonville for a happy hour and a job offer.

It will almost certainly be for more than 100K a year.  As much as I can, will be given to my King!

May God’s will be DONE!

Summary in Jesus Name

Do you think for one minute that Jesus doesn’t know the times we live in?  Come on.  We need to try as hard as we can in super difficult situations.  Was I proud that I used the “F” bomb on that guy?  No.  Was it what he probably needed to hear?  Yes … I suspect so.

I am not recommending that you start shouting the “F” bomb at people.  I cried out to God that he forgive me for using that word.   But DON’T lie to people and let them think they are saved because of some crap they have burned into their head.

Jesus Christ is our King

He is the Love of Our Lives

I Love Him With All My Heart


… even if it hurts their feelings a little bit.

Turn OVER the Tables in the Tabernacle Once in Awhile

Be Blessed in Jesus Name

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24 thoughts on “Righteous Indignation

  1. Have been reading your site for about a month. I am not 100% convinced speaking in tongues will or will not send you " up in the rapture " but I can tell you this: I am not taking a chance – for all I know you might/could/probally be right so I am praying for that to happen to me. It almost did Sunday at church and it would have had I not " pulled back " for fear it might make someone around me uncomfortable. It will happen soon – Please pray that I recieve it soon. Keep up the good work and love your reports.

  2. My friend, I am so grateful for this story. I struggle with finding a way to witness to those around me but your experience gives me hope. I know that the Lord will be in my corner, and it is not my job to make somebody believe or understand but simply to plant that seed. Who knows, perhaps when that guy sobers up the F-bomb will be the thing that jars him to acquaint himself with reality.

    God be with you on your interview. If it is the path he intends you will undoubtedly be well rewarded.

    Your brother in Christ,


  3. John: I agree with you that you shouldn't use the "F**" word, but I also agree that sometimes you have to speak the language 'the Natives' speak. I wrote to you some time back about my daughter Cylinthia who died of cancer, and then about starting a FB account to link to a Blog that would link to Prophecy sites. Anyway, my daughter worked in our Soup Kitchen/Pantry for 4 years before she collapsed. She volunteered two days a week, and her heart was toward the homeless, street people, prostitutes, drug addicts and 'gangstas'–which she had gone through a period of 'gansta life' before committing her life to the Lord. Never knew who she was going to bring home for me to feed, or to just 'hang out'. One friend of her's had come to dinner one night (always told them, "Leave your colors, drugs, and guns at the door and–You can come in.") and he thanked my sister and I for a wonderful meal and said that "This will be my last meal." He didn't stay long because as I found out later–he didn't want to endanger us. There was a hit on him and he was dead the next morning. Anyway, my daughter had been witnessing to him the previous week and–I hope that she's already seen him in Heaven. I say all of this because: When I would overhear her witnessing to street people, her friends and her gangstas–it didn't sound like any preacher I'd heard before, But–I Know they understood her Because–She spoke their 'lingo'. Our Pastor says they Still talk about her at the Pantry. Why? Because she was–Real. Sometimes that being 'Real' means just that–Being Real. I have one friend that every other word was "God Dam" or "Jesus Christ". Finally after listening and listening and listening to that, in frustration, I told him I was offended by that–Only those two exclamations. He could say "Mother F**er" "C**k S***er", "Son of a Bi**h" Anything Else, but Please don't say "God Dam" or "Jesus Christ". He caught my Drift, and–Stopped. Was I 'Right'–I don't know, But–I reached him In–His 'Lingo'.

  4. Wow what an amazing testimony Mary. Praise Jesus for you AND your wonderful daughter. I hope I get to meet her some day. Amen!

  5. amen to that John, sometimes the only word that will suffice is the Fbomb, LOL.

    I agree with you, it does seem quiet.

  6. i understand your frustration with yourself about the f bomb. done it myself but made me laugh too. a God lovin' friend of mine made this statement the other day and it cracked me up. thought it might make you laugh too. "I told them read the F-ing Bible for a change. you might get the truth from it" hope God is laughing too. he made all things….even the Fbomb. keep the faith, robin

  7. Hi John,
    I understand some of your angst. It is certainly true that in order to get your point across you will need to drop down to some peoples level. Reality states that there probably are not enough days left to bring an Orc like the one you encountered up to a reasonable state of awareness. Sad.

    It is funny that you wrote this article. I was starving to death yesterday and blasted into a sushi joint for some sashimi. While eating I could not help but overhear the fellas next to me talking intently about planet x. Naturally I butted in. The main point of the conversation between them was that they were unable to find much because it kept being removed from the sites that they were going to. I refered them to Trib-Now and went on my way.

    Peace brother, and keep up the good work. Steve

  8. Keep marching on brother. I feel the strong spiritual warfare myself right now. God is cranking up the delusion on a lot of people right now. Preach the Gospel then shake the dust off your feet when they dig in. Amen

  9. John B! God Bless You, little brother!!! I immensely enjoyed this last post! This gave me such a good laugh and Lord knows I needed one. Folks can be a real PITA!! You are my kind of guy. Hang in there brother

  10. Do Not be sorry for your defense of the faith my brother. The speech patterns of the fishermen that surrounded Jesus were certainly much "rougher" than what the Bible shares, I'm sure of that—those of us though who know our Master are clear in regard to the "knowledge of good and evil". You simply "told it like it is"-whether or not you "cast your pearls before a swine" is up to him—now!!!!! "How that they told you there should be mockers in the last time, who should walk after their own ungodly lusts (Jude 1:18)". As well as, "Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts (2 Peter 3:3)", pops into my mind when I hear story's like this. You, my brother, at least gave him the time that some of us would have simply made the statement and walked away, or, worse yet, simply walked away (guilty as charged)! If he doesn't repent, this episode, in his life will be brought back to his memory when Jesus Himself sits in judgment—my prayer is that he repents and becomes saved–Amen? Press on bro', press on!!!

  11. John, you were more gracious than I would have been. I have been trying to warn people. They do NOT want to hear. Last night I spoke at length to an acquaintance. He works construction when work can be found is the father of 3 young children and is married. He has been an asst pastor and a youth pastor in the foursquare organization. He's young maybe 40. So, he made the mistake of asking me about the economy. I said "Charlie, you asked" So I started telling him what was coming and I called it "the perfect storm" I didn't even cover 10% of what is coming upon us and he was hyper ventilating. Literally.
    I chuckled and told him that Jesus told us that when we see these things coming upon the Earth to Look up and Lift up your head because YOUR REDEMTION DRAWETH NEAR. Nothing I said to him would stop his panting and fear.

    I guess 20 years ago or so when I first realized that I would be going thru the trib I was frightened too. Not any more. Now, I eagerly watch for the coming of my Lord. I know you do also.

    Keep up the good work. You have friends out there. Sandy

  12. Ha… You are crazy brother. That's why I love you. Radical for Jesus is what you are. Our Dad probably looked down from heaven shaking His head with a hint of an almost inconspicuous smile coming from the side of His mouth. No different than when my 7 year old said "damn it" in frustration last week and then quickly looked at me to see if I heard him. I could tell he was unsure what to make of that situation. I just shook my head with a halfcocked smile and said the word "son?" and he replied back. "I know dad". How much more does our Dad understand the emotions that run through us and the love we truly have for Him? Thank God for "sons". And thank you for sharing. I feel like hugging my son. I think I'll go do that thanks to you. Love you brother.

  13. That was an amazing encounter. It is amazing three witnesses and the guy didn't get it. I have been dealing with situations like that with some of my Christian friends when it comes to these subjects as well. Congratulations on the Job offer !!! That is awesome news. Thank you once again for hosting your site and sharing your insights with us. Ira

  14. forgiveness is yours. we do not live a minute without sinful thoughts, reactions, judging others etc. sending a hug and needing no reply whatsoever…..bawled today knowing that time is really short….yahooooooo and amen and halleluYAH

  15. Well, John, you stacked coals on the drunk's head like Jesus said to do. I admit I probably would've dropped several f-bombs on the dude, so you did better than I probably would have done. it made me think of where I work – I get mad as hell at the politics of the university I work on (you know that universities are communist/marxist/socialist strongholds with people whose heads are very far up their bums). anyway, my employees started a cuss bucket for me last semester – every cuss word is $1. At the end of the semester, we add it all up and I take them out to eat & see a movie. This semester, wouldn't you know it, the Lord put a former preacher to work under me – not your ordinary guy either – he listens to me a little on the "conspiracy" stuff, and then he and I talk about how the American concept of christianity has it all wrong (and he makes sure to keep me in check on my cursing by filling up the cuss bucket). this guy is a weirdo to most christians – he's talking of selling his house and all his worldly goods and giving it all to the poor and then going to preach on the streets in america.

    anyway, just wanted to let you know that i've been there too. my cursing got pretty far out of hand because of work – so the cuss bucket has helped quite a bit. thought you might get a chuckle out of that



    Spent some time today in the car in prayer, almost every day tears are shed of joy and sorrow for the rest of the World. The spraying in the air today in Nashville and driving south to Alabama was unlike I've ever seen.

    The blue sky and a clear view is the enemy… They can't keep us from seeing our Lord in the clouds!!! AMEN?

    During my prayer time and meditation in the car I saw Jesus face in the sky (without a doubt) and a sign after that that read…

    THE SAVING WAY, with the Y in Way a human figure with "Arms Open Wide" which happened to be the last song I listened to by Hillsong United …

    He is speaking to all of those who have been seeking his face, NO Doubt!!! PRAISE YESHUA!!!

    By the way, watched the Final Warning vids last night with you and Jonathan…BLOWN AWAY, ALL PRAISE TO GOD!!!


  17. Morning John!

    You are so dear to Father & many of us!
    I was amused yesterday reading of the fellow who wouldn't-couldn't keep his mouth shut & your response.

    You see, my sister & I have a ministry on Sundays feeding the homeless in a local park. We've been at this for almost 3 years now. Well, one Sunday after asking the Lord's Blessing on the meal & everyone there (and there were almost 80 at that time) up comes this fellow I'd never seen before & starts babbling very strange words very loudly. Almost immediately the peace that was there was gone! I was confused & upset & asked Father "what the heck was that all about??" He says (almost immediately)" we wrestle not against flesh & blood"!….
    So about a month ago, a local woman coming down off whatever starts screaming obscenities at my sister & I about over using funds (we have no $ backing, this is our tithe, we have no church we go to- WE are the Church!), and every other unconcievable lie she could think of… & I also used the F bomb and was in shock that I didn't handle the situation in a Godly manner. I asked Father for forgiveness & started praying for the demons that hounded her to be gone in Yeshuas name!…Well 2 weeks ago she showed back up & asked us to forgive her for her behaviour. & we told her we had already forgiven her.
    I just wanted you to know you are loved & hang in there, but remember,
    His Child,

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