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V – The ABC Mini-Series Depicts a Version of “The Great Deception”

What do the authors, David Icke, Michael Tsarion, Steven Quayle, and particularly Thomas Horn all have in common? Everyone of them, in one way or another, has predicted the plot of the ABC mini-series “V” years in advance. For me, seeing this episode, was a fantastic wake-up call. I am still completely beside myself.

Most people (who were willing to listen) would wonder why?

What if you were researching a lot of information in regard to the Holy Bible and stumbled across a consistent disclosure over and over again from multiple sources. Some sources are archaeological in nature. Some sources are ancient history experts and books / articles.

One source is a lecture from a born-again Christian author named Thomas Horn. He used to be a Full-Gospel Business Men’s minister and now is a spreader of God’s word with a visionary and highly controversial twist. He writes fiction books. They are fascinating but frankly pretty “out-there”. But they each capture a concept that comes ultimately from scripture (some symbolically) but intermix current day science (‘ala the CERN Accelerator) complete with “Star Gates” which he maintains are spiritual energy rifts between the demonic world and the physical world.

Another source is Steven Quayle. Another famous author and lecturer. Another born-again Christian. Thomas Horn is often interviewed on Steven Quayle’s web site.

Both gentlemen Christians are admittedly controversial. But they believe things are going to get REALLY WEIRD very soon and are prepared and watchful.

What if you were able to confirm consistent historical claims separated by hundreds and even thousands of years. Some written in clay as far back as 3,000 + BC and others written by a famous “seerer” (which are Biblical, use your concordance). What if their stories all pretty much matched? Isn’t that just a bit unbelievable? To have such diverse sources, in one fashion or another, record their history or report their visions and the happenings all correlated. They are the same stories and the same predictions over and over. From the ancient Sumerians of Old Testament times, to Nostradamus in the mid-1500’s the story remains the same.

Here is just a sample of Nostradamus’ writings regarding UFOs.

(Centurie II, Quatrain 91)

Extraterrestrials tried to contact us in the Siberia Tunguska explosion in the
0s. Similarly they will again visit the earth. The Russians are doing secret
weapons research and have energy fields guarding northern approach corridors.
Another spacecraft will arrive, paralleling this incident. When the
extraterrestrial spacecraft enters the atmosphere the fields will cause it to
malfunction and many of the crew are killed. 38 When they crash, soldiers will
be on hand to capture or kill them. The ship will harbor microorganisms that
will react in bizarre ways to the earth climate and cause plagues of unknown
origin, which cannot be understood because of the extraterrestrial causative
organism. The country will be at war or fixing to go to war and will have a
paranoid mindset. Thinking the crash is a result of enemy weapons, the soldiers
will shoot anything that moves.

The Sumerians have drawings of UFOs on their clay tablets. They wrote on clay because they knew it would out survive any other type of information storage. Hell it would survive an Atomic Bomb. Why in the world would a fantastically primitive people of 3000+ BC play “Pictionary” on clay and draw pictures of UFO’s?


Now enter-in the current day authors, lecturers and researchers.

Never mind Phil Schnieder, and his story told to thousands on the lecture circuit, regarding his work with Black Ops at the Dulce, NM Top Secret military base which starts 2 miles under ground. Never mind his public claim and video taped lectures about his experiences bumping into “extraterrestrials” while working with a team of scientists digging out Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs). Never mind the fact that he was later found shot execution style.

Lets briefly look at David Icke and Michael Tsarion. Neither of these fellows are to be disparaged I assure you. Only fearful and ignorant people would take such a stand. They are, without a doubt, arguably the most controversial researcher, lecturers, and authors of today but their findings match up quite amazingly to the Sumerians, Nostradamus, and many other predictions from others.

First it is important to know that many scientists, particularly archaeologists, agree with the ancient civilization claims of extraterrestrials visiting Earth.

To summarize their stories, it goes something like this.

At some point, at least as far back as ancient Sumeria (or Sumer as the Biblical scholars may suggest), extraterrestrial space craft visited the Earth. They transferred technical knowledge and it accelerated learning and led to sophisticated civilization complete with laws, historical writings, libraries, legal systems, advanced mathematics, astronomy, and yes even “sky scrapers”. These were people still fighting with swords and spears but they knew ALGEBRA.

Icke and Tsarion (as well as many others) have researched the EVIL side of these ancient writings. In doing so they uncovered the claim of reptile like or “reptilian” beings. There are carvings and statues galore from ancient civilizations (Sumer, Egypt) that include reptilian featured beings. Icke and Tsarion et. al, believe they have confirmed, via hundreds of sources and years of research and interviews, that these “reptilian” beings can manifest themselves and take human form. They strongly believe, and back their claims, these reptilian beings inhabit the souls of influential people alive today.

David Icke often points out that Princess Diana told her best friend and confidant, Christine Fitzgerald the Windsors were “lizards” or “reptiles”.

CLICK HERE to get the whole interview of Princess Diana’s disclosure. It is fantastic. And what if this claim is true? It certainly matches all the other historical evidence.


And if that were not enough information to make you say “Hmmmmm” then what do you think about the ABC mini-series “V”? What a surprise the pilot premier showed aliens arriving on Earth sometime in the future. What a surprise the underground resisters find out these aliens have been on the Earth all along and their arrival was just a big show and secret power grab. How amazing they talk about offering the world “Universal Healthcare”. Unbelievable that upon their arrival a statue of Jesus Christ falls down toward a crippled man and shatters in a million pieces. CLICK HERE for an excellent write-up on the first episode. It includes the New World Order’s global government, and even an admission these reptilians have been “running the show” all along, causing wars, famines, government discord so they could arrive on Earth as the saviours of all the WORLD. People even WORSHIP them.

So let’s review some pertinent factoids:

  1. Ancient writings show UFOs visiting Earth
  2. Genesis 6 talks of Nephilim, the Book of Enoch confirms and mentions the “Watchers”
  3. Oracles and civilizations throughout history record similar events
  4. Egyptian temples have statues of reptilian creatures, other civilizations do too
  5. Nostradamus in the mid 1500’s predicts UFO encounters on Earth
  6. The Bible speaks of a great deception / delusion and Christ tells that the endtimes will be like the times of Noah
  7. Ezekiel’s visions / dreams symbolically describe “things” that could be space craft
  8. Multiple sightings, historical accounts, and new reports of UFO’s throughout history into the 20th century
  9. The Roswell incident and the myriads of subsequent books, movies, organizations, etc.
  10. Recent government disclosures via the “Freedom of Information Act” of extraterrestrials
  11. Researchers, some born again Christians, writing books and lecturing on these things
  12. Current claims that reptilian “shape-shifting” beings are possessing government leaders across the world.
  13. Cathy O’Brien, a victim of the US government mind control experiments turned whistleblower, admits seeing Bush shape-shift to a reptilian being in front of her eyes (but says it might have been the mind drugs they forced on her)
  14. Christine Fitzgerald’s claim that Princess Diana said the Windsors were reptilian lizards
  15. Thousands of Youtube videos – why so many?
  16. Thousands of web sites – why so many?
  17. The New World Order, The FEMA Camps

The moral of the “V” Story is that they are not here to be our friends as they say. They are here to kill everyone and take over the planet.


It is a bit too coincidental it matches what historians have been uncovering little by little long prior to its release. It is a bit too coincidental it literally mimics to a “T” the happenings of today right down to Universal Healthcare and Global Government. It even captures the claim that an evil cabal has been controlling the world all along.

Now these claims are but only the plot of a television show.

What do you believe?

Praise the Holy name of Jesus. The blood of the Redeemer protects us all. All you have to do is believe in him.

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