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Greetings to everyone and may the Blessings of the LORD be with you all.

The wife and I are heading for Gatlinburg to see the leaves turn orange, purple, red, and yellow. It’s one of the most spectacular things to see and demonstrates the glory of God like nothing else can.

My wife is a nurse. She is packing vaccine! That’s because they have to leave from their homes in the morning to administer the vaccine at different places around the area.

Here you see a picture of the “Attenuated” version. The attenuated vaccine is the kind that is the most primitive as it has the live H1N1 virus within. The others do not use live virus. It has been reported that the live virus version is much faster to bring to market.

Here are some things to ponder about this “Flu Emergency” we are under now (on a global scale by the way):

How did anyone know there was going to be a major flu pandemic?

Think this one through just a bit. About 2 years ago I attended a security conference sponsored by a state law enforcement agency. Naturally the FBI was there as well. I attended one of the break out sessions. It was about how to deal with a major flu outbreak. Specifically the “Bird Flu” or the H5N1. The FBI spokesperson was absolutely positive there was going to be a major flu pandemic and told of their plans to control and contain the population, etc.

How did the FBI know there was a threat? Never before in the history of mankind has a government agency known there was an eminent threat of a global sickness.

More mysterious are the researchers and scientist that have studied the make up of this H1N1 virus only to discover it was 1. Made in a Laboratory, 2. Required gene splicing technologies
to create, 3. And includes one part H1N1, one part H5N1 (Bird Flu) and 2 parts human flu (one of two different varieties). So two years ago we were warned by the FBI there is going to be an H5N1 flu pandemic and the current virus actually has H5N1 components in its makeup.

Did Something Go Wrong?

I believe something did go wrong. But it went wrong for THEM not us this time. The Satanic powers that are controlling the global cabal (and are currently destroying our country) tried to KILL US with this recent intentional release in Mexico. Make no mistake, this flu was created on purpose in a lab with the intent of killing millions of people worldwide. These filthy animals believe in eugenics (Obama’s appointed Science Advisor is one of them and has written books on the subject). But alas, this is not a lesson on eugenics, but you best get smart and know that population control (even as sinister and sick as this) is REAL. It only started with the Nazis under the umbrella of war. HIV was also created in a lab. You need to know this.

The Firecracker Fizzled

The Satanic cabal blew it this time. Their concoction failed. The facts are that the threat from the H1N1 is far less than the normal flu. It is a complete DUD.

So why all the hype?


We are now in the middle of the most obvious and amazing psychological attack on the people of a country EVER! Look at the news sources. Listen to the President. They have even announced a National Emergency over this NOTHING FIZZLE.

So how do you fix it?

I believe this use of “Attenuated” virus (e.g. live virus) is providing the largest variety and the most risky types of this vaccine to the people as possible. They know that there is a certain percentage that will get the flu from the vaccine itself. So push the vaccine out with the greatest variety of vaccine types and allow the vaccine to start the spread of the flu.

Their last hope to save face is to push the flu out into the population with the vaccine.

They are spraying live virus into the nostrils of our children in school sometimes without the parents knowledge.

PLAN B is to infect the population on a large scale via the vaccine.


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