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Life Challenges
Behind the Scenes Discussions

Look.  We all face the same challenges in life.  We really do.  We have to pay our bills, and tend to our families, and deal with our jobs.  And those of us who are “aware” of things going on around us, are …. well … perhaps very very blessed indeed.

Imagine how sad it’s going to be for those “asleep at the wheel” when the whole world comes falling down upon them.  Imagine how dismayed and horrified people will become when “all Hell” breaks loose.  Imagine how sad it must be for someone who lived a relatively “good life” back in the 40’s or 50’s but didn’t make the “cut” for Heaven.  Many people, even today, are clueless what is going on.

How utterly blessed we are to be truly expecting our King’s arrival at any moment.  Sure it’s hard.  Knowing what we know comes with a very heavy burden.  But it also gives us an enormous advantage at “making the flight out”.  Get it? 

Would you rather stay here and watch people dying all around you and being imprisoned in FEMA Camps, or would you rather be with THE KING, Jesus Christ?  I guess I think exactly like Paul the apostle.  To live is Christ, to Die is GAIN.  There is simply NOTHING this life can offer me that would cause me to pass on an opportunity to return to my “first estate”.  Why did Jesus say His Father builds us many mansions, and THEN follows it up with saying “I wouldn’t tell you this if it wasn’t true”? 



A Letter from Linda

Please note.  Linda’s letter is in normal text and my replies are in “quoted italics”.  It’s important you are able to hear and “feel” what people are going through behind the scenes.  Maybe you feel the same way.  I sure do.  This isn’t easy. 

May you be Blessed by this exchange of concerns, thoughts and ideas in Jesus Name.

=== Begin Letter ===

Hello Mr. John. 🙂

Please bear with me… I need to vent, or whatever…. 🙂

I would say that ever since around 1970’s I’ve been hearing of “end of the world” talk.

I got married in 1980 and my mother- in- law would constantly be talking of Jesus’ return and bring out certain scriptures… “space of half an hour” , we can’t know the day or the hour, but we can know the month, speculative talk. I always had lots of respect for her; she is an intelligent woman and prays and reads her scriptures and is a student of history.

In 1975, my family had some friends that happened to be Jehovah’s Witnesses and they thought the end of things would be in 1975 and they didn’t allow their son to finish his last year of high school. I found out later that the only job he could find was as a garbage truck driver or more politically correct, a sanitation worker… 🙂

(Then I said)

When I was about oh say like 10 or so, my mother had my father move out into the country with 7 acres of land. I wrote an article about it called “Time to Pick the Beans”. She was convinced the Great Tribulation was starting at any time and was trained there was no “rapture” so she wanted to be prepared. My father busted my butt, we filled a cold cellar with tons of food, raised chickens, ducks and it was quite an adventure.

I’ve often wondered why “pre-tribbers” would tell everyone about “imminence” which is this concept of being perpetually ready to become the “Bride” and be “called up”. But now with all the clear evidence of Planet X and a forthcoming UFO Disclosure / invasion, and all the evidence about the Ancient Alien “fallen creator angel gods”, I don’t have to wonder any more about “timing”.

Have you ever wondered what a serious disadvantage those that grew up in the 50s’ and earlier had when it came to “imminence”? I do. They really didn’t get it. And many don’t today either. At least we can “see” these events happening around us today and it is no longer a distant wild eyed speculation like Hal Lindsey’s Late Great Planet Earth talking about the year 2000.

Anyway, I remember walking into my English class in my public high school and read one of the many quotes that my Christian teacher would write on the back blackboard. It said, “Even if I knew the world would end tomorrow, I’d still plant my apple tree today”… or something to that effect. The quote is from Martin Luther. At the time, that was inspirational to me being only probably 17 or so.

(Then I said)

Which is the perfect segway into the point I was leading up to here. The truth of the matter is that a proper Christian led Holy Spirit filled life, has no fear. My sister Marilyn could give a “flip” about 2012. She talks to Jesus every day while she makes breakfast in her Pennsylvania farm home. She doesn’t give a whoop. She is utterly positive God will provide for her no matter what happens. She stores no food, because she KNOWS for SURE. She has the faith of Moses which is exactly how God expects us to think. Does that sound crazy? Well not if you really read Exodus and pay attention to how upset God got with the Hebrews for not believing and praising him for his supernatural provision in the desert. Not to mention all the other supernatural provision that happened through the rest of the Bible. But, God does not provide such protection to those who do not have that type of faith. In fact it tends to have the opposite effect.

Okay… here is my question/comment./continued rant… I have 3 children ages 17, 20, and 24. All of them are Christian. My 20 year old is very gifted in composing and has had a dream to be a film composer. (an aside… there is a man (name withheld) that has a leading from the Lord to do Christian film on the Internet and my son may end up being a part of that. […] … Continuing…. my son has been taught to wait for the right girl and that dating is a rehearsal for divorce because you end up giving your heart to so many people, and to wait before pursuing a girl until you can afford to support them, which means you have to find a career. Now… because of the times we are living in, he is having a battle with his heart and mind. He, I know, will remain a virgin, but he wants female companionship. All my children feel like they are going to be jipped out of having a normal life with a spouse and children and I understand that mentality because that’s the way I felt when I was their age.

(Then I said)

Wow do I totally empathize with you on this one. My daughter and her brand new 19 year old husband Josh moved in with me here in Tampa. Josh is a smart guy and he knows all about the New World Order. Ever since I helped him understand the cosmic nature of the Bible and “who” they UFO flying wierdo demons are, he is extremely excited about moving on to being with Jesus in the “Heavens”. But the story had to be delivered properly and can’t be explained to kids with this flimsy nebulous “floating around on a cloud” concept. Once they grasp the excitement of what a Son of God really is, then they “feel” (and spiritually sense) an element of supernatural excitement about getting off this planet. I said to Josh, how would you feel if one night you woke up on the “Star Ship Enterprise” and were on your way to a distant galaxy for a feast with your new King? His eyes lit up … He now “gets’ it”. Until we get past this intangible stuff that the youth cannot get their heads around and give them something they can truly look forward too, they will feel….. jipped … you bet!! There is nothing wrong with using the words “What if?….” And I don’t even share “half” the things I am pretty sure are ahead of us because too many readers will complain because they want their “stupid harp” and “puffy cloud”.

Back to my mother-in-law, … she is saying that the Lord TOLD her that He was returning between the end of March and the first of April. She has been on my husband about how important it is to follow the dietary laws and how it will “protect” him/us from diseases during these times coming.

(Then I said)

To be perfectly “full disclosure” with you, I am receiving so many confirmations from all over the world from people who are saying exactly the same type of thing your mother-in-law is saying. I wouldn’t tell you this if it wasn’t true. Honestly, its freaking me out. My wife threatened to leave me and is staying at her mothers house tonight. I am so excited (about Jesus’ arrival) I feel like I need to buy a box of “Depends”. Imagine the excitement a new astronaut must feel when they are taking their first “space shuttle” flight. That’s how I feel. And I love and empathize with Jesus’ sacrifice SO MUCH that I would DO ANYTHING for him. I cannot wait. I FEEL like a new BRIDE (from the old days before people used to “make out” and “cohabitate”). I am looking out the window of my home wondering if just maybe …. just maybe … tonight might be my chance to ride in that “Space Shuttle”.

But then, (sigh), I have to face challenges with my (life) and my “earthly” existence and come back down to “deal”. I get calls from Kenneth, a church “Elder” from a large non-denominational church in Pittsburgh every day. He is a Scientist and has a Ph.D. He KNOWS God is about science and he is a scriptural genius. He is metaphorically “pooping his pants” to get off this planet but has to deal with his wife calling him a crazy heretic. He is desperately trying to get his pastor to “re-adopt” the old policy they USED to have in getting everyone Baptised in the Holy Spirit. But the devils got onto the church “Board of Directors” and don’t want to scare anyone away. Aha! That’s the plan. “They” want to keep people here to endure the Great Tribulation and the “falling away” / strong delusion – and “they” are doing a darn good job accomplishing that goal. How sad.

You say you pray every day that you would be found “worthy to escape these things to come.” In a way that is a contradictory statement based on your belief that you are not preparing.

(Then I said)

No. I am like my sister Marilyn. I do what Jesus tells me to do, I remain humble pray and believe, and am willing to drink from the “cup” that God wishes me to including giving my life EAGERLY for my King. I do NOT want to live here any more … period … end of story. Survival is the LAST thing I want unless the “net result” is that I bring someone else with me to eternal life. I live for CHRIST and that’s that.

What if you are NOT found worthy to escape these things to come? What about your family and those around you that may not be at the same “place’ you are in your thinking? Just throwing that out there. Not to make you mad.

(Then I said)

Nope it doesn’t make me feel upset at all. First off, I live in Florida. Florida is going “underwater” and my family’s “ascension” to the Heaven’s (first the dead in Christ shall rise … etc.) will be an utter relief from the misery the rest have to suffer in their make shift bunkers with their cans of beany-weenies hoping for …. well … I guess I don’t know what it is they are hoping for? Taking the Mark of the Beast maybe? What is the reason why people want to survive anyway? Can someone please tell me what the goal is? I dont’ get it. Maybe I really believe in my King and know the Bible tells the truth. And since it does, then there is absolutely NOTHING to stay on this earth for…. nothing…. not a thing.

(The Next Paragraph, my Comments are in Parenthesis)

I personally am finding it difficult to be “in the world and not of it”. (Yes that’s hard) It is so frustrating that we are bombarded with so many necessary distractions! (that’s the plan amen) I still haven’t filed 2009 taxes, (me neither Holy cow are we similar) because I have been overwhelmed since March of last year studying out everything from the NWO, giants, end times, 2012, and you name it. (Hi there kindred spirit how are you?) I can’t seem to focus on my life at hand!!!! (Ha … you should see my desk, thousands in bills that need paid, no job, and a wife that is threatening to leave me … wow )  Also, my daughter is getting married in May. Am I nuts? Does anyone else have this problem? (HelloooooOOOooooo My name is John and I can introduce you to a half dozen other people going through the same thing and probably dozens more if I asked, one fellow is living in a tent in his back yard because his wife got so sick of hearing about his excitement that she kicked him out, he sneaks into the house to answer emails when she goes to work… no KIDDING!!  Hi Steve! )

Is it a good thing or an obsessive compulsive thing? Every time I think I’ve got to the bottom of something, something else surfaces. UGH. Maybe I need to do a fast from the computer. (actually Kemer used to be strong contributor for TN but he was told by God he needed to get away from “watching” and get focused on the Holy Spirit … so Amen I understand) I have gained weight and don’t get enough exercise from all this… 🙂 (pass some cake and ice cream please) lol (seriously) I want to keep my family informed, but I think I’m doing more harm than good. (yep I hear you there, but you do have a duty to try as best as you can… you can lead and horse to water …. whoops Space Shuttle leaving in …. ? ) They don’t understand how all of this is inspirational to me and it depresses them! Any suggestions? (see above, instil excitement .. have them watch “Contact” with Jodie Foster) I saw from a post from you to someone that sounds like your wife is not on the same page as you? (that’s an understatement)

I guess my point is that everybody has their own ideas, all based on scripture as they see it, and they all can’t be right.

Does this email makes sense?   Do you understand my frustration at all?

I’m sorry to burden you, really…

Oh, you spoke of a download you would send if people would ask for it, so…. 🙂 Would you please send it to me too?


(Then I said)

Yes I will send you both the teachings. I listen to audio Bible in the car, and through ministering and writing articles I am constantly re-visiting scripture and studying stuff. I am so busy helping people through emails, videos, radio shows, articles that I am not getting enough time alone with the Lord which bothers me, but Praise Jesus he “sees into my heart” and I am always talking to, praying and praising Him.


P.S. Just curious. Do you read your Bible every day? How do you go about doing that…systematically, or some other way? (Audio Bibles in the Car … Amen) 

Summary in Jesus Name

See.  We are all going through the same things here.  This is not easy.  It’s not meant to be easy.  And it is possibly going to become a lot harder for many of us very quickly.  Think about all those people out there in church that have no idea about the parable of the Wise and Foolish Virgins that are going to be utterly horrified when things don’t pan out like they were “told” by their church leadership.  WOW.

We have a wonderful advantage here.  Sure there is a “life balance” challenge.  But the GLORY of the KINGDOM awaits us. 


Be Blessed in Jesus Name

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  1. I question where she said the Lord told her he was coming end of March or April. It clearly states in the Bible that no one knows the day or hour of His coming so why would the Lord start telling anyone when he is coming?

  2. The "day" or the "hour". God does speak to people. Not with a megaphone from a flying saucer, but he does speak to people. Amen. We have to be careful here. It could be any second now and if your not living your life like that now, then when the "theif comes" you will miss the ride home.

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