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We the People are Used to Divide & Conquer

Recently I joined a We Are Change group via email. It appears We Are Change is growing more and more all the time. Guess where some of the new “joiners” are coming from.

Yes you’ve guessed it. They are coming from 912 / Tea Party groups.

It turns out the 912 groups do not allow “crazy talk”. They self-police their members speech and will kick you out of the group if you attempt to persuade other members the problems we face are MUCH WORSE than what Glenn Beck is allowed to protest.

The rejection email looks like this:

You have been removed from ____________9.12..
The person who removed you, ____________,


The Organizer has just removed you from the group, per the collective decision. If
you wish to discuss further, why you were removed, please contact directly.


(note: I have redacted the actual location and the names of the people involved)


First to set the record straight, I personally like Glenn Beck so this is NOT a slam on him. I have been listening to him on the radio for many years prior to his invitation to television. I think he is a Christian family man and deep inside wants to do good. I am certain, however, he is being USED. Used for a strategic purpose. A purpose that is so sinister it could only be conceived by the most shrewd people in the world. Pure evil.

The enemy (e.g. the globalist elite, the cabal, satan) understands the principle of “divide and conquer”. It is the fundemental method used to bring down regimes, countries and united groups of people. Get them to fight and disagree amongst themselves and the group breaks down. The empire falls. Remember the term, United We Stand, Divided We Fall. Divide and Conquer destroys “United We Stand”.

The method used by the enemy to “divide and conquer” requires control of group members from within. Many of you watched the Youtube videos of the Pittsburgh G20 protesters who identified three police thugs that attempted to infiltrate their group. The enemy either has people already on the inside of these groups in a controlling “leadership” capacity, or they send in their own people to infiltrate. Of course it is always better if you can control them with their “own” people. Self policing is vicious and gets away with a more than organized policing can.

The Difference Between WeAreChange & 912

We Are Change

We Are Change was organized and formed many years before the 912 “Tea Party” -esque groups. The members of We Are Change have a different “frame of reference”. They KNOW the World Trade Centers were intentionally demolished with super-nano-thermite. They KNOW about the FEMA Camps (concentration camps for American civilians). They know we are at war for our very survival. Yet nobody raises a fist. They are angry as hell. Deep down inside, they are afraid for their lives and the lives of their family. We Are Change UNDERSTANDS THE REAL THREAT.

912 / Tea Party

The 912 groups are awesome people. They are the CORE of the American protest. By far the ranks of the 912 groups outweigh those of the We Are Change groups by sheer numbers alone. Many of these people were forming protests (e.g. Tea Parties) before Glenn Beck got involved. Many (if not most) of them have been surreptitiously photographed by the FBI while attending the protests. The 912 groups represent the more intelligent and educated of the American people. They know that the evidence is clear; If something is not done NOW the country is in huge trouble.

But they do not realize it is a life or death issue. They do not understand they are under direct attack by their own government in a battle for survival. The do not understand that Islam is NOT our enemy. It is intentionally being made to look that way.


I’ve been wondering for quite some time how Glenn Beck has been getting away with this apparent assault on the “enemy”. How can an employee of News Corp seemingly get away with this frontal assault against the allegiances of his own employer?

Here above you see a clip of the Board of Directors page for Glenn Beck’s employer. Rupert Murdoch is the king pin of News Corp. Upon taking the helm for News Corp Mr. Murdoch said:

“We are in the midst of a phase of history in which nations will be
redefined and their futures fundamentally altered,”

Nations “REDEFINED” and their “FUTURES” fundementally altered.
Right. We undertand.

News Corp (and Mr. Murdoch) are charter members of the Council on Foreign Relations. The News Corp organization is an integral player in the global “coporatocracy”. This organization is a key player in media manipulation and mind control techniques. But yet they appear to stand up for the “little guy”. After all they have Glenn Beck on their payroll.


….. yes it does

The problem is you and I do not comprehend the depth of the corruption and the sheer shrewdness and cunning of the “enemy”. We do not understand that we are fighting directly against Satan himself. This global cabal is made up of the most powerful Satanists from the bowels of the most putrid secret societies in the world. Filthy blood drinking bottom dwellers. And they DO mean you harm.

Glenn Beck thinks 911-Truthers are “crazy” (or so he says). I’m beginning to think he knows 911 was an inside job but has convinced himself it simply cannot be true. Hell, I hand it to him for having the huevos to bring up the FEMA Camp issue on Fox & Friends in the morning; only to cave 6 hours later suddenly prepared to “debunk” them later that evening. This happens even after he had already said he could NOT debunk them earlier that morning. He did a 180 in 6 hours. Why? Because he is on the payroll of Rupert Murdoch.


The controling powers of the globalist elite realize they have a situation on their hands. They saw the increasing numbers of the Ron Paul movement and the We Are Change / 911 Truther crowds. They had to “divide” the group. They needed to devise a way to create another group of protesters that would over-shadow the other rising groups. After all, the existing We Are Change people know the SECRET. The 911 Truthers KNOW about those forbidden FEMA Camps that Glenn was told he could not talk about by his boss Mr. Murdoch.

AND Mr. Murdoch was kind enough to help Glenn save face and successfully debunk what he previously said he could not debunk just hours earlier. Mr. Murdoch made a phone call and enlisted James “Yellow Journalism” Meigs to assist Glenn in this debunking. You see Meigs comes out of NO WHERE. Meigs was so intelligent and so all-knowing that in less a couple days, Meigs was able to put together a debunking of FEMA Camps that Glenn’s team could not do in weeks of time.

James Meigs is the SAME journalist from Popular Mechanics that was hired to write a “” scientific”” article agreeing that burning JET FUEL could cause the World Trade Centers to collapse perfectly into itself (even though it is scientifically impossible).

James Meigs is a HIRED GUN

Murdock pulled some strings and got Glenn off the hook with the very same journalist-for-hire used to support the 911 jet fuel diatribe.


Glenn is not an idot. I do not accept that. I believe he quickly saw he had a line in the sand drawn out by his employer. I believe Glenn Beck sees an opporutnity to do good even though there are some subjects that are taboo. He, like Ron Paul, know there are certain subjects of which they cannot speak their mind as it will take away their ability to “do good” elsewhere. Once you are discredited publicly as a raving maniac and mental case, it can be a bit challenging to stay employed in the media business or politics.

The 912 movement was left to flourish and grow. Glenn jumped into the Tea Party scene and the explosion of good concerned citizens rose up. A new march on Washington D.C. is supposed to happen today (although I didn’t hear about it until just recently … hmmm).

Never mind the last Washington march, arguably tens of thousands strong, bareley made national news at all. Tens of millions of Americans had no idea it happened. The President was visiting a foreign country to further the New World Order agenda and frankly, no one gave a crap.


The President and his cabinet are part of the Satanic world government takeover. 912 can kick up some dirt, slow things down, and become a pain in their elite asses. But they can kick and scream all they want; it won’t matter. The GAME IS ON and the Satanic plan to usher in the antichrist MUST proceed. So the cabal will allow the 912 groups to “think” they have won some battles. Obamacare will get amended. HR 1207 will stay alive for awhile. But the real agenda will proceed behind the scenes while the 912 groups are unwittingly used to prevent the We Are Change 911-Truth people from gaining too much momentum.

The more people that join the 912 group, the more people that can be controlled by their DOCTRINE. This is exactly how “they” are controlling the Christian church right now. Whip up a big fat batch of THIS IS THE LINE IN THE SAND cookie mix, and you have a recipe for control of the masses.

ANY 912 member that knows the World Trade Centers were brought down by their own government better watch what they say because the 912 leadership will CENSOR YOU and kick you out of the “group”. They will SILENCE you. They do not want to be seen as “crazy people”. Your knowledge of what is really happening to us all will be viciously stomped.

The American protest groups should be working together but they fight amongst one another instead. This is EXACTLY what Rupert Murdoch and company wants. This is what the global elite leadership wants.


God Bless You.

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