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We shall BOYCOTT you BACK

As seen recently in the United States, the Obama Administration and his assignees have been “backing down”. They know they are out-numbered by the American citizens who are educated, make GOOD money, and a prepared to act against the current trend. We are sick of being robbed by criminals.

It appears that YOUR organization has decided to act “with” the criminal socialist element in our government by pulling support for Glenn Beck. Millions of email messages are rallying nationwide support. We shall respond appropriately to your flagrant disregard for this country’s constitution and its citizens well being.

We are not a coalition of ignorant, work-ethic-challenged government dependees, as is Obama’s primary constituency. We are the affluent upper middle class who BUYS YOUR PRODUCTS and does not shop at the dollar store.

I for one will no longer buy your products

=end letter=

Here is a list of the company’s you should avoid

JB Cumberland – A Public Relations Corporation

Wounded Warrior – A charity (find another one that supports soldiers)

Joseph A. Bank – A (no longer so) Fine Clothier

Panasonic – Buy Sony, it is better anyway.

Cinergy Health – A Health Insurance Co. obviously in bed with the Obama administration.

Medco – Mail Order Medications

McKesson – A Healthcare Product Supplier

Wyndham Hotels & Resorts – Just another Hotel. Use and find another.

United States Postal Service – This one is easy.

A.A.R.P. – Retired People, they are working against you. Get rid of them.

U.H.C. – United Health Care (switch if you can but alas, not to Obamacare or “adios”)

WSJ – The Wall Street Journal (save some time, switch to the Internet)

Radio Shack – Go to Walmart instead. They have the same stuff and it’s cheaper

Pep BoysAutoZone and Rose work just as well.

ADT ADT Home Security sucks. They won’t even notice if your alarm is disconnected. Try it.

Equis – A Stock Trading Analysis company. If your trading stock now, see you in the bread line

Gold101 – A gold purchasing firm. Go elsewhere

60 Plus – Get rid of this. Shop around.

Apple Computer – Too expensive for what you get. Save a thousand and get a PC!

Darden Foods – Avoid Longhorn, Bahama Breeze, Olive Garden, Red Lobster, The Capital Grill and Seasons 22. Eat at home. Get some candles. Save $50 dollars – you will need it.

PHS – Pacific Care, another Healthcare company in bed with the Obamacare group

UPS – United Parcel Service. Go FEDEX!

Scott Trade – An online stock trading company. TD Ameritrade is far better. Move to it.

Sepracor – Makers of Lunestra, Xopenet, Omnaris, Brovana, and Alvesto – Get alternatives.

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1 thought on “Boycott YOUR PRODUCTS

    Dear Mr. Baptist,

    Thank you for your e-mail. I think you may have some misinformation that I would like to clarify.

    First, let me say that we recognize your passion for this issue and want you to know that your e-mail has not gone unnoticed. Our advertising strategy has always been to have a presence on media channels where we believe do-it-yourself investors can be reached. This includes all of the major news networks, including FOX News, although we were never scheduled to air during Glenn Beck. Therefore, there was never a decision to “pull” advertising.

    We are dedicated to providing honest and personal service to our customers and hope you find our response to your concern in that same manner.

    Kind Regards,

    Kelly Doria
    Director of Public Relations
    Scottrade, Inc

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