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Brother Chuck Pierce of Glory of Zion International Ministries says he had received a prophecy from the Lord EL. It is included in this article and entitled: “Keep the Oil in Your Lamps Ready”.

I admit I struggle with most email-based prophecy ministries. I have read probably too many of them already and struggle to both interpret them and “relate” to them. I am only being honest. I do not believe it is heresy to question the validity of claimed prophets in these times of Tribulation. I might argue further that NOW IS THE TIME, to question them more than ever before.

What I do is I seek out those that are not “too vague” and “speak” to my inner spirit. But you have to be careful here because there is the “Holy Spirit” inside of you and then there is the REST OF YOU. Discernment is a spiritual gift but not everyone has that gift and not everyone that does, always knows for sure.

Prophecy emails that say stuff like, “My people will be blessed”, and “You are my people, saith the Lord” to me are, sorry but, run of the mill and questionably useful to say the least. We are living in the precursor to the end of the World. The Tribulation, of which we shall see no rapture from, is going to be unbelievably horrible. Any born-again Christian that thinks they will be prancing off to their Sunday Church service in their Easter clothes has got to WAKE UP. We Christians need to DISCERN our own information and do it with supernatural accuracy and wisdom. I don’t believe the LORD meant for us to shut down all our common-sense and re-read Revelation for the N’th time. We are to OPEN OUR EYES and GET SMART. STREET SMART.

I will soon be starting a new Bible Study at my home. It will require all those attending to recite a paragraph back to me. These words are so loyal and loving to the Lord Jesus Christ that no demon possessed satanic minion would dare be allowed to utter them back to me in a futile attempt of deceit. I will be anointing my home (all four corners of the property and the doorways) with blessed oil of frankincense and myhre from Israel. My home will be protected by the Blood of Yeshua, the Spirit Son of the Almighty El Elyon – the MOST HIGH. Anyone who enters will be of one SPIRIT and ready to wage WAR WITH PRINCIPALITIES.

This “Bible Study” will start small and grow. It will be the beginning of a new Church. This church will learn STREET SMARTS. It will learn to battle in the spiritual realm. It will intimately understand the daily threats of this Tribulation (see the rest of this web site). It will become and remain COVERT in its mission, attendance, and location.



It has been said to “shelf” a prophecy and see if it comes true. However, in these times, I struggle with doing that because I only have so many “slots” to store things, metaphorically speaking. So I have become extremely choosy as to which information merits one of those “shelves”.

Below is the prophecy received through Chuck. I have underlined the words in the prophecy that speak to me for this TRIBULATION (remember tribulation means “test”). I have added comments in GOLD Color to explain the meanings as they speak to my spirit.

Keep the Oil in Your Lamp Ready

The Lord says, “You have brought the enemy into this land and allowed the enemy to amass his troops. You have allowed the enemy to come in and develop a philosophy, a mindset, and an army. (Welcome the United Nations and NATO – Praise you EL!) Now you must move and gather in new ways.” (And we shall – enter the Underground Christian Church of the Bride)
“For the Protectorate of My covenant in this land is no longer in place. (Amen – The churches of today are unequally yoked with satan’s (lower case “s” intended) minions, financed by Lucifer’s power structure such as the John Birch society and Bush’s Faith Based Initiatives) You have got to start gathering in new ways because the Protectorate of My covenant is no longer in place.” (The protectorate? Who are these people? They WERE the people in government that were strong Christian believers and protectors of the LORDs people through Congress – NOT ANY MORE – what’s left are remnants that have become ineffective. Any others are a FORGERY)

“I, the Lord, AM going to start amassing and gathering you in a new way, and you must move forward with Me. Do not resist this rearrangement. Now I must draw you up higher, for you are looking with the world’s eye (This means you are deceived with what you are watching in the NEWS. This means you DON’T GET IT. The Lord is warning you to wake up). I have needed to gather you as eagles so you go forth with new strength and vision. (We are being called to his service without divide. without MAN’S RULES. Without DENOMINATION.)

I must draw you high above the rivers because the rivers are now beginning to fill in such a way that unless you draw up higher and move into a new view of the earth, you will find yourself in a boundary you are not to be in. (Not to beleaguer the point, but FEMA camps come to mind)

There is going to be a rain coming in where you are, which will lift you up in the present so you can see the changing boundaries for your future. (Okay folks, pay attention. What does RAIN mean here? It means REALLY HARD TIMES. We are in for a hill of CRAP and it is going to change our “boundaries”. No KIDDING) I am going to draw you up above the Cascading Fall. The washing of the water of the WORD is coming from higher than you know. (This is El’s way of telling you to get “with it” because the Word will be revealed to you as you have never seen it before. It will be washed and cleansed of all the misinterpretations and lies that have been laced into it throughout demon possessed history)

You must draw near and come higher because I must align you with My host. I must align you with the army of Heaven. There are hosts in Heaven that I am waiting for you to align with before I send you into boundaries for the future. (People there is an army of (g)ods in Heaven, or should I say in the seven heavens. El is in the 7th Heaven – the Most High. These gods in heaven are part of the LORD’s mighty spiritual force. They are going to save the souls of people here on Earth and capture the spirits of those LOYAL to his cause. The “Elect” will be chosen to become the Bride and to do amazing miraculous battle here on Earth ultimately defeating the army of Lucifer. This is a spirit grab and we are going to WIN IT). I have been working and forming you. I have been equipping you to prepare you for your future. Keep the oil in your lamp ready.”

This is a gathering that God is ready to equip you to be the head and not the tail. This will represent God’s Kingdom expression in days ahead. He is doing things deep within you that He is going to have you express. He is shifting His mode of operation and diverse expression of how His manifold wisdom will work in His people


Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion International Ministries


I embrace this as a Word from the LORD; a legitimate prophecy of our time. No shelf for this one folks. Why? Because it is NOT VAGUE, not talking to “Itchy Ears”, and PERINENT to what is going on NOW.

I STRONGLY advise you to do the same.


In the Name of Jesus, I pray to you Lord Almighty, to wake up the Christians of today. Help them to see we are being lied to, not just through healthcare Bills but on a more horrific level than we ever imagined. Lord make your prophecy come true. We are ready to fight with your spiritual arm to win this battle and decimate your enemies.

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