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Another Nibiru Video from Boaters in Australia


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Huge Mothership Passes Overhead (caution strong language)

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Humongous Fleet of Alien Space Ships (tens of thousands)

(Or maybe chinese lanterns, but with Nibiru out there, and the eventually arrival of 30 million Annunaki, and no reason for celebration?  Who would do that?) I’m thinking this is…

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Huge Strange Creature beside Tornado in Russia

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Huge Mothership Seen in Lightning Filled Sky

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Nibiru, Planet X, The Horrible Star is Here! Sign of the Son of Man – WOOHOO!

Nibiru, Planet X, The Horrible Star is Here! Sign of the Son of Man – WOOHOO! For about 23 years I have been watching for a video that shows a…

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Self Assembling Nanotech Inside of Pepsi

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Supernatural Floating Palm Branch (moves through tree)

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Las Vegas Alien in Back Yard (up close)

This is a fallen-angelic being in a “host” body.  Book of Jude (Twice Dead, Strange Flesh) and yes they can be KILLED.

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Woman Disappears During Traffic Stop (likely an Alien-Human Hybrid)

  See the book entitled “The Threat” by Dr. David Jacobs who has been on the Tribulation-Now radio show.

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The REAL Mark of the Beast (the interface to buy and sell)

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Mothership Shooting Red Laser at Ground Target

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Alien Nanobot Mass Shooting to Ground

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Spherical Mothership Cloaked inside Round Cloud?

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Wormhole Vortex in Sky (more signs)

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Interdimentional Portal Opens in Dark Sky

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The Vax is Now Causing “Psychosis” (disconnect from reality)

THE EPOCH TIMES Just released this article on a new manifestation of vaccine recipients. “The peer-reviewed systemic review, published in the Frontiers in Psychiatry journal on April 12, examined cases…

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Strange Apocalyptic Purple & Blue Atmospheric Light


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Demonic Creature in Cloud with Wings

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Strange Apocalyptic Blue Light in NY Sky

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