Hard Times on the Horizon

Prophetic Revelation – 3 Trumpets and Out?
Stand Fast.  The Day Approaches.

Three Trumpets and Out?  Is it possible the Bride of Christ will have to endure the first three Trumpets?  If you would have asked me that question 2 weeks ago I would have said “probably not”.

After all, Revelation 3:6 is clear that the Church of Philadelphia is delivered from the “hour of trial”.  And since the Church of Thyatira is “cast into” the great tribulation then Philadelphia is in the clear.  Really?  Or could it be that the “no rapture” people have been correct all along in their belief that God “takes his people through things” not “out of them“.  Hmmm.

What if both the “no rapture” people AND the “rapture” people are correct to some degree?  What if the Bride does have to endure at least the first three trumpets?

Before I share the prophecy that indicates this is likely the case, a little scriptural review is in order.  To get your foundations nailed down, I recommend you take the time to read the article entitled “The Elect, The Bride and the Tribulation Saints” here.

But for those with a solid understanding of these complicated concepts, I will call out just a few scriptures to help solidify these possibilities and prepare you for what may be coming soon.

What is the Strong Delusion?

Before we proceed, you must get your “frame of reference” in order.  If you have no concept of what the “Strong Delusion” is, then you won’t be able to connect the dots.

Today we have been slammed with what I call the “Ancient Aliens” problem.  If you haven’t watched the Ancient Aliens documentary series on the History Channel yet, you should.  Most people I know have already.

Please Note: If you are the pastor of a church and have not yet figured these things out, I recommend you read Ezekiel 34.  For God will separate the Sheep from the Sheep and punish the Shepherds for their negligence.  Read it.  If you are failing to warn “your sheep” then “woe unto you”.  For the sake of the sheep, read the prophecy AND this article.

The “Ancient Aliens” series on the History Channel shows vast evidence of the presence of “ancient aliens” on earth over thousands of years of time.  Genesis 6:4 shows that “Sons of God” came “in unto” the daughters of men and took wives of their choice and bore children to them.  Daniel 2:43 says “they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men”.  Isaiah 14:29 and 30:6 refer to “flying fiery serpents“.  The major and minor prophets speak of armies coming “from afar“.

The Bible is pregnant with warnings of a forthcoming UFO war.  These concepts are covered in great detail here on Tribulation-Now.  Search on the book of 2 Esdras chapter 15 using Google.  Read it.  It not only speaks of a forthcoming cosmic battle, but it mentions Planet X and the horrible star in verse 40.

The “falling away” is caused by the “strong delusion”.  The “Ancient Aliens” are going to perpetuate “the lie” spoken of by Paul in 2 Thes. 2.  The “lie” is that “they are our creators” … get it?

Like it or not, the reader MUST understand that UFOs are REAL.  They are “fallen angels”.  I prefer to refer to them as “fallen-angel-demons”.  While I don’t agree with 100% of John W. Milor’s conclusions, he does a FABULOUS job helping people understand the intergalactic nature of the Bible, God, and the “alien-demon” UFO problem we all have to deal with here in his book entitled “Aliens and the Antichrist“.

There’s a reason why Luke 21:26 says “men’s hearts failing them from fear and the expectation of those things which are coming on the earth“.

Men’s hearts do not fail them because there is a comet coming to earth.  Watch the movie “Deep Impact”.  Yes people get scared.  Yes they are crying and upset.  But nobody’s hearts are failing them.  The fact of the matter is, mens’ hearts will fail them because they will be scared to death and utterly horrified.

Why do you think the forces of darkness have worked so hard and spent TRILLIONS of our tax dollars keeping the UFO stuff a secret?  They are minions of the Devil!  They are doing everything they can to make absolutely sure the “falling away” is as effective as possible.  And they are succeeding.

If you open up your Strong’s concordance and study the alternative meaning of Daniel 9:27’s “middle of the week”, you see interpretation could read:

On the “wing of a flying army” of “detestable and especially disgusting things” shall be that which “astonishes, devastates and stupefies”

I don’t know about you, but if I was ignorant about the “alien-demon” fallen-angel problem and I saw UFO’s and horrible detestable disgusting “THINGS” killing my family, I would probably suffer from heart failure.

If you take the time to read the article written here on Tribulation-Now since January of this year only, you will get an excellent understanding of these “things” and be able to see all sorts of scripture to back it.

This is not the intent of this article.  But you need to understand that the 5th Trumpet is ALMOST CERTAINLY the beginning of a UFO war or you will NOT understand the prophecy in this article and the possibility that the Bride may not get “called up” until just prior to this “onslaught from afar” occurring.  And it could happen in the next few months.

Comet Elenin is Wormwood

Planet X and Wormwood are two different things.  This is what the Bible bears witness too.  Read the article on Tribulation-Now entitled “Planet X Bible Study” by pastor Riley.  Planet X is a BROWN DWARF star.  They are very very very very COLD.  You cannot see them with normal telescopes.  You have to understand this and “nail it down” in your head.  The only time you can see Planet X is when the Sun reflects against it and the object is “amplified in size” by our atmosphere.  But the dang thing is out there.  You BETTER BELIEVE IT.

The scripture bears witness to TWO objects, not one.  Get it?  Two.   One of those objects is the 2 Esdras 15:40 “horrible star” and arguably the “sign of the Son of Man” in Matthew 24:30.  Many conclude it is also “the destroyer” mentioned by the prophet Jeremiah.  Brown Dwarfs are extremely LARGE but very dark and cold.  A brown dwarf is what would cause the Isaiah 24 “judgment upon the earth” and the final “bowl” judgments.  The earth is already wobbling.  The Sun is spewing forth unbelievable CMEs (coronal mass ejections).  The earth is undergoing seismic activity on a scale that is apocalyptic in nature.  A massive global earthquake could happen at any moment.  These are all things that would result as a “Brown Dwarf” star such as “Planet X” moves closer to earth, HIDDEN from our sight.

However, Elenin is visible with a telescope.  This is why there is an observatory in Australia called “Project Wormwood”.  This is why it is marked with a sign outside that says “For Earth’s Defense”.  Wormwood affects the earth during the THIRD Trumpet.  It does not impact the earth directly, but it gets close enough to “poison the waters” and cause a lot of horrible stuff to happen.

The projections of Elenin’s trajectory indicate that it will cause a lot of very bad things to happen in early to mid September of this year.  If my estimations are correct, and the intelligence on the Internet is even reasonably accurate, Elenin will cause some seriously ugly stuff to happen to the earth in September.  Again IF, my estimation is correct this would be the THIRD TRUMPET.

Jonathan’s Prophecy from May 2nd, 2011

First off let me be perfectly clear.  Jonathan NEVER makes any claims he knows anything except what God has shown him.  He is scared to death of misrepresenting information given to him by the Lord.  That being said, Jonathan and I spoke on the phone while God was giving him this prophetic utterance.

Next it is important that you understand what occurred AFTER the prophecy was given to Jonathan.  But first I will share with you the prophecy.

Thus sayeth the Lord of Hosts, ” The man of two faces has been seen in the light… And as the coming of the Son, (sun) so shall he be revealed … So shall the darkness of mans heart be made manifest and the two shall become one … And in the misdt of their conversion shall the Holy nation be brought forth and from the darkness to light shall the salvation of the Lord come from above.  Stand fast that you may endure the wrath of the Lord and Fear Not as the Day Star rises within your hearts … For you are chosen to escape the darkness and the plague that encompasses the inhabitants of the earth …  They have chosen the darkness and so shall they be the children of the darkness… Stand Fast! The day approaches…

When I heard Jonathan repeat what he heard from the Lord to me, I was “taken back” a bit.  There are a number of key points this prophecy drives home.  The most alarming of these points is that WE will have to endure SOME of the wrath of the Lord.  Woah!  Another important thing to take note of is that “the man of two faces has been seen in the light”.  Could this be Obama after all?  The Akhenaten “look alike”?

Now you have to understand that hearing this surprised me.  My understanding was that the Bride is spared the “hour of trial” which is the Great Tribulation of 1260 days!  And Jonathan normally panics at the thought of his kids having to go through any “dark times” here on earth.  It’s been Jonathan’s knowing his children would be “rescued”, that kept him at peace.  God promised Jonathan that his children would be spared and pulled out of harms way.

Could the Great Tribulation of 1260 days actually begin after the 4th Trumpet?  After all supposedly we are “rescued” at the sound of a Trumpet.  I used to argue that the scripture was unclear about “when” the Bride was actually taken out, which is basically correct.  But this opens up a LOT of interesting possibilities.

So I asked Jonathan if he was okay with what God had said.  In the past whenever I would suggest that we might have to endure some super dark days, Jonathan would panic and insist this was not what God had promised him.

But his time Jonathan was at peace.  He realized that God just told him not to worry and that he would be rescued and to “stand fast”.

Brown Dwarfs Cause Solar Flares

So when you look at the first Three Trumpets you see a 1) third of the trees and grass burning, you see 2) something large on fire fall into the sea, and you see 3) Wormwood.

And don’t forget Revelation verse one where it says “things which must shortly take place”.  Remember that means “rapid fire succession”.  Okay?

And even though I have eaten crow in the past on the Deepwater Horizon disaster, it was NOT the Second Trumpet.  1/3 of the fish in the sea did NOT die.  And 1/3 of the ships were NOT disabled.  The trumpets happen in numerical order.  That’s why they are numbered one, two, three, four, five, etc.  Get it?  Some things in the scripture CANNOT be “symbolic”.

Hopefully by now you understand that “Brown Dwarfs” cause a vast variety of cosmic disturbances.  One of the things they cause to happen is Solar Flares of enormous proportions.  I hate to keep pointing to the Illuminati warnings from Hollywood, but the movie “Knowing” with Nicolas Cage shows, not only this happening, but also shows much of the science behind it.  Indeed that movie shows a LOT MORE than the Solar Flare you should be aware of too.  It even includes Pleiadian “alien-demons” rescuing some children and taking them to their fake “Garden of Eden” on another planet.  (sigh).

The point is that Planet X is already kicking the earth’s butt right now.  For years we have been reading articles on the NASA Solar Maximum.  Have you noticed that topic has gotten quiet lately?  Yep.  I wonder why.  (no I don’t)

If I am correct, and Elenin is Wormwood, then sometime prior to this September there could be a huge solar flare burning a portion of the earth’s surface, and a massive global calamity that causes something like a burning mountain to kill 1/3 of the fishes in the sea and disable a 1/3 of the ships.  Then in September, Elenin (Wormwood) swoops by the earth causing some other “wormwood” like horrific event, poisoning the waters and causing people to become sick.

Never mind that we are all braced for a nuclear attack and World War III at this time since those pesky terrorists are sure to retaliate because of the faked Bin Laden death.  Give me a break.  Bin Laden’s been dead since 2002.  But I digress.

Rescued Just Before the Locusts

So when you look at Jonny’s prophecy, you see “to escape the darkness and the plague that encompasses the inhabitants of the earth“.  Let’s examine this for a minute.

What exactly is it that we will be “escaping from”??

  1. Darkness
  2. A Plague

Are you seeing this?

Read about the Locust in Revelation 9.  Let’s take a look at this scripture for a moment.  I have to insert some comments into the scripture to call your attention to a few things.  This is critical.

Rev 9:1-6
Then the fifth angel sounded: And I saw a star fallen from heaven to the earth. To him was given the key to the bottomless pit. 2 And he opened the bottomless pit, and smoke arose out of the pit like the smoke of a great furnace (please notice, while the “star” fell to earth, nowhere does it say the bottomless pit exists on earth). So the sun and the air were darkened because of the smoke of the pit. 3 Then out of the smoke locusts came upon the earth. (The Locusts came UPON the earth, from where did they come from … Hint … Planet X) And to them was given power, as the scorpions of the earth have power. 4 They were commanded not to harm the grass of the earth, or any green thing, or any tree, but only those men who do not have the seal of God on their foreheads (these are Tribulation-Saints or “Elect” that were “left behind”). 5 And they were not given authority to kill them, but to torment them for five months. Their torment was like the torment of a scorpion when it strikes a man. 6 In those days men will seek death and will not find it; they will desire to die, and death will flee from them.

I have maintained for years that these LOCUSTS are “alien-demons”.  I believe they look like the “alien” in the Aliens movie complete with stingers on their tails.  The guy who created the “Alien” entity for that motion picture is a Luciferian occultist freak.  He almost certainly saw that thing in some type of demonic dream.  Have you noticed that alien has a type of helmet “like” appendage on its head that looks alarmingly similar to the Pope’s mitre?


What about the darkness from Jonny’s prophecy?  Aha!

The Fourth Trumpet

The Fourth Trumpet sounds suspiciously like “The Day of the Lord” now doesn’t it?  First let’s take a look at Joel’s description of the “Day of the Lord”.

Acts 2:19-20
I will show wonders in heaven above
And signs in the earth beneath:
Blood and fire and vapor of smoke.
20 The sun shall be turned into darkness,
And the moon into blood,
Before the coming of the great and awesome day of the Lord.

Hmmm.  So it seems pretty much wherever you see references to “The Day of the Lord” you almost always see the Sun, and Moon going dark or some type of “darkness” right?  Sure you do.  Unexpected darkness.  Alarming darkness.  Scary darkness.  This darkness comes as a precursor to the “rescue mission” it seems.

Isa 26:20-21
Come, my people, enter your chambers,
And shut your doors behind you;
Hide yourself, as it were, for a little moment,
Until the indignation is past.
21 For behold, the Lord comes out of His place
To punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity;
The earth will also disclose her blood,
And will no more cover her slain.

Here’s the Fourth Trumpet.

Rev 8:12
Then the fourth angel sounded: And a third of the sun was struck, a third of the moon, and a third of the stars, so that a third of them were darkened. A third of the day did not shine, and likewise the night.

Well waddaya know.  There’s that darn darkness thing again.  It even mentions the Sun and the Moon.  Hmmm.  Sure kinda sounds a little like “The Day of the Lord” to me.  What do you think?

Summary in Jesus Name

First let me say that I am always happy to “eat crow”.  Crow is my favorite food.  I enjoy being wrong.  Being wrong is one of my favorite hobbies.  And anyone who predicts a certain date is setting themselves up to look like a “goof ball”.  But never the less, anything is possible.  So it is utterly imperative we humble ourselves and get right with Jesus Christ our King before He sneaks up on us like a “thief in the night”.

Oh and by the way, the postulations of this article  also explain Dr. Owuor’s prophecies about the sky turning dark and the heavens shutting up right after the Bride is taken out of the way.  Wow.  It looks like both the “rapture” and the “no rapture” people were right.  We will have to go through some stuff and God will bring His people through it.  AND the Bride will escape untarnished.  Awesome.  How is that going to work?  Only God knows.

I espouse advanced concepts of Biblical understanding that expand the boundaries of “milk drinking” and traditional thought.  I know this.  And quite frankly a lot of “so called Christians” don’t like some of the ideas I share.  That’s fine.  There is no requirement to have an imagination to make it into Heaven.  There is no requirement to read outside of the Bible to understand the hidden mysteries to make it into Heaven.  But there IS INDEED an obligation to be effective in teaching people about the THREATS to their salvation and you cannot do that by telling stories to make them giggle and give offerings.  Itchy ears doctrine is the enemy of properly preparing the SHEEP.

Dr. J. Vernon McGee is one of the most amazing Bible teachers that ever lived.  Let’s take a quick look at what Pastor McGee had to say about our understanding of the Bible, shall we?

(Note: bold text added for emphasis)

Dr. J. Vernon McGee, in his book, Through the Bible, he wrote,


“I believe that Genesis is telling us that this earth became without form and void, that it was just as uninhabitable as the moon when the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. We can only suggest that there was some pre-Adamic creature that was on this earth. And it seems that all of this is connected with the Fall of Lucifer…”

“I believe that the entire universe came under this great catastrophe. What was the catastrophe? We can only suggest that there was some pre-Adamic creature that was on this earth. And it seems that all of this is connected with the Fall of Lucifer, son of the morning, who became Satan, the devil, as we know him today. I think all of this is involved here [in Gen. 1:2], but God has not given us the details.

The fact of the matter is that He has given us very, very few details in the first chapter of Genesis” (Vol. I, p. 13).

You must expand your understanding of the Universe past those things your tiny little peanut brain understands when reading the scripture.  LEARN about science and other things and then MAP THEM BACK to the scripture.  This is how you become “wise as a serpent” and remain “gentle as a dove”.



The Locusts Are the UFO Wars



And Pray ALWAYS you are found worthy to escape these things which come upon the earth…


Author: John Baptist
Researcher. Writer. Engineer. Born Again "Spirit Filled" Christian. If you want to get to know me, just email me. All Tribulation-Now email list members are friends in Jesus.

17 thoughts on “Hard Times on the Horizon

  1. John Bless you again and again!! Great article! I just want to make sure I am understanding correctly. Seals come before Trumpets because the seventh seal is the giving of the 7 Trumpets. Rev. 8:1-2 right? During the 5th seal there is slaining and white robes given Rev.6:9-11 and slaining not over until a SET NUMBER had to be killed. Then you see them standing before the Throne in white robes Rev.7: 9-10 and Rev. 7:13-14 tells these are those in white robes who came out of the great tribulation. So these are killed and out of here before the start of trumpets? I can see us being here for a few trumpets and the 5th is where God says DO NOT HARM THE ONES THAT HAVE THE SEAL OF GOD ON THEIR FOREHEAD Rev.9:4, in otherwords everything will be crazy around us but we won’t be harmed or is the seal for the 144,000?? Start of trumpets-trump one- you say will start soon? The Feast of the Lord come September is Rosh Hashannah which is the Feast of Trumpets the blowing of 7 shofars -trumpets! IDK just reading Rev. over and over and over again it will all come together.

    1. God Bless You Laura. While I cannot be certain, I’ve always looked at the Seals as the opening of “periods of time”. It definitely get’s a bit confusing and I certainly don’t claim any expertise on this. In a way, Revelation seems to me kinda like a Martin Scorcese film where it shows you a period of time, and then reflects back to things that happened in the past, like Revelation 12 and the Thunders later. It’s an awesome book, and its the only book that says you are “blessed” for reading it. Let’s get “blessed” Amen?

  2. Good article John the B. I appreciate it.

    Just some comments. I believe (feel from some understanding) that the “bottomless pit” is in the Bermuda Triangle. It is also called the “Devil’s Triangle” . There’s a reason for it I believe. Many have thought there is a connection to Atlantis. (but that’s another subject)

    I feel there are fallen angels in the earth (held in prison until they are released) and ALSO in the heavenly rhelm …perhaps these (the ones in the heavenly rhelms) “demonic spirits and principalities “accompany Satan when he falls (or gets kicked out of the heavenly rhelm) Rev 12:13 actually says Satan is cast unto the earth, and probably the other demonic principalities with him.

    I believe it is at this point that they are no longer allowed back into the heavenly rhelm so they make havoc on the earth at that time.

    Rev 9:1 The “star” (Satan/Lucifer) falls to the earth and is given the key to the bottomless pit. Rev 9 2-3: He opens the pit and locusts (demonic like spirits) come out of it.

    Rev 9:11 mentions that there is a “king” over the locusts named Abbadon or Apollyon. I feel this may be the “spirit” of the antichrist (this apollyon) that is released along with the locusts. This “spirit” I feel inhabits the individual the man of sin/son of perdition/antichrist. He is the “son” of Satan -the “Satan” who opens the bottomless pit.
    This is when the “son of perdition” is inhabited by this “spirit” of antichrist.

    Also I agree with you that the the bride willl go through “some’ of the tribulation but not all of it. That’s my understanding for now. It could change too with more revelation but so far, this is what I am seeing, so I concur with you.

    1. Your beliefs align pretty well with many of the main stream thoughts on this such as those espoused by Thomas Horn (who I love) and other folks in their group. My research indicates this is not the case however and I have what I consider to be many many confirmations from a vast variety of research sources. While there is plenty of data to indicate there are extraterrestrial entities living in the underground caverns etc., there is much more Biblical evidence that indicates we are dealing with the UFO threat and they are indeed coming from “another star system”. Thanks for sharing and God Bless You.

  3. Hey Johnny,

    I’m a newbie to your site. I’m just throwing this out there for your consideration (so don’t feel like you have to respond) – from your article today about where the bottomless pit is located: (I believe separate Bible verses are meant to validate one another)

    Acts 2:19-20
    I will show wonders in heaven above (And I saw a star fallen from heaven to the earth.) (the “s” on wonders doesn’t line up since star is singular so I guess the moon to blood is also included here) (“fallen” bothers me because is does not say “fall”, it says “fallen” denoting past tense – maybe indicating the angel is already here)

    And signs IN the earth beneath:
    Blood and fire and vapor of smoke. (And he opened the bottomless pit, and smoke arose out of the pit like the smoke of a great furnace)

    The bottomless pit is in the earth beneath? (As in the days of Noah, fountains erupted in the earth beneath, so it’s possible for smoke to come out too?) but then how does the bottomless part fit in???? could it be the angel opens a hole all the way through the earth? (thus, the phrase about digging a hole all the way to China takes on new meaning) (yeh, i know that sounds a little out there, but that is what is says right?)

    20 The sun shall be turned into darkness, (So the sun and the air were darkened because of the smoke of the pit.) (uh-oh “air” is an addition so this indicates to me that the bottomless pit is in close proximity to our air and pollutes it)

    And the moon into blood, Before the coming of the great and awesome day of the Lord. (this will definitely be great and awesome – can’t wait!)

    Bless you Johnny…keep plugging away!


    PS – for further consideration – the angel IS the star (aren’t angels referred to as “morning stars”) and the key is what (I don’t know)? I’m still trying to figure out what causes the moon to turn to blood – the vapor mentioned above may have something to do with that – like a huge methane release from the big hole (methane turns red when it mixes with air) – but then I thought, wait, the moon is a solid, so what would turn it to a red liquid….? Colors (white, brown, etc) are elsewhere mentioned in the Bible, so why do we assume that the moon turning to blood just means it gets red?

    Ok, I’m on brain-fry and going to bed…goodnight.

    1. Excellent Melissa

      That could be a correct interpretation, there is no question about that. When I used to study “under” other people, like Steve Quayle, Tom Horn, Chuck Missler, Jack Van Impe, Hal Lindsey, … .the list goes on and on, I used to embrace that style of learning. Steve and Tom are two of my favorites, because their style is a bit more like mine, where the style of Chuck and most others of the “Christian Symposium” variety, is to “analyze” the tense of the words to deduce the intended meaning.

      Over the years, however, I developed my own style of research that expanded more on the Thomas Horn, Steve Quayle style of research, which is to study ancient writings and impirical scientific evidence and correlate that into the understanding as well. Where I differ from Tom and Steve, is that I also study especially “alien abduction testimony” and “channelers” testimony.

      The channeler”s testimony was the most revealing. And it is surprisingly consistent as long as you approach it with a non-christian biased analysis method. If you start researching it with a pre-disposition to believe they are lying then your mind comes up with ways to convince yourself there must be another answer since they simply “must” be lying.

      This, I believe, is a key flaw in those who fail to embrace the intergalactic nature of the threat we are dealing with. For example there are videos of extremely large space vehicles around the corona of the Sun. The Sun is no trivial distance from earth. And these vehicles are many times larger than the earth. These are not some little saucer-shaped “scout ship”, these are mammoth motherships. These are not some “interdimensional aberration”, they are real motherships. This, in my opionion, is “empirical evidence” that cannot be discounted and must be factored into the research equation. In fact this type of data strongly indicates the information the fallen-angels are giving to the channelers is far more trustworthy than they are given credit for.

      Much of the research I have done, my counterparts have not done, or if they have (which I doubt strongly) they did it with a preconceived notion that those who were sharing their information were not telling the truth or delusional. This detracts from the scientific method of analysis and then makes the research invalid.

      You must eliminate all bias, consider the data, research from multiple sources that are unrelated to one another, and then correlate it into a “hypotheis”. Once you have formed your “hypothesis”, you then go back to the scripture and take a second look to see if it fits.

      Since using this method, and paying unbiased attention to what the “fallen-angel-demons” have been interactively telling people for about 60 plus years now, I have concluded they are basically telling the truth. This is an intergalactic onslaught. The problem is that it is not “just” intergalactic, it is ALSO inner-earth as well.

      You would be amazed at how many different non-christian sources refer to Nibiru as a “prison planet” which holds extraterrestrial and dangerous life forms.

  4. YES, the aliens from the movie alien are definately inspired from DEMONS. First of all your right; Giger is a luciferian freak his artwork is proof of this. Also, when I went through my demonic encounters (sleep paralysis) I saw the exact same alien in my room! As God is my witness it looked exactly the same but the thing that got me the most is that it also moved the same and had all the same characteristics. I don’t believe the demons were mimicking the movie because from experience they always came very original through other episodes I had. I always knew that H.R Giger was full on demonic. Its a shame though because the alien movies are great! Also one thing about the aliens in the movie. They only have one purpose: killing and destroying and impregnating humans…. DNA tampering. Its like the purpose of demons.


      I didn’t make that connection. Yes indeed the “Aliens” in that movie impregnated humans with their offspring.

      This is NOT BY ACCIDENT!

      This give a whole new meaning to Jesus Saves! Glory to God!

  5. Oh, I didn’t know this is what is being taught by Tom Horn and such..I have read a little of his stuff..I just got my information (I feel) from the Spirit….I could be wrong of course. Just that I heard the phrase “Sargasso sea” so after that, I started to do research about where the Sargasso Sea is. I came to find it is in the Devil’s Triangle. I just get the impression that this is sort of the “headquarters” of Satan’s “earthly” hangout. I just feel this is where the “bottomless pit” headquarters could be. That pit could be very big but I dunno….just centered there.

    You wrote : “The problem is that it is not “just” intergalactic, it is ALSO inner-earth as well.”

    So John are you saying the “bottomless’ pit is in the heavenly dimensions? I’m just trying to get clarity on what you think.

    Thanks and God bless…

    1. I believe the “channelers” (e.g. those who divine with the Fallen Angels) are telling the truth to the best of their understanding. And since there is no reason for the fallen-angles to lie about Planet X and since they claim it is in fact a Prison Planet with evil alien entities on it, it stands to reason that Planet X is in fact where the “Abyss” is located. This matches up quite well with the statements by God in Job relating to “can you loose the belt of Orion” etc.

      This is an intergalactic onslaught. We have to expand our scope. They are going to utterly BLOW EVERYONES MINDS. And only those with ROCK SOLID belief in Yahushua Jesus the Messiah are going to survive. And quite honestly many of them will die too. It rains on the just and the unjust.

  6. Oh also, I do agree with you, if you are saying what *I think* you are saying- that the powers and principalities are coming with Satan when Nibiru passes by.They are with him I feel. Perhaps they are the high ranking ones- obviously, they must have a high rank to be cast out along with satan and be in close proximity to him.

    I think they are cast out along with Satan and are flung to the earth. So they come from the heavenly rhelm. Meanwhile, the demonic spirits that are chained in the bottomless pit are then released when he takes the “key’ and opens the pit. These particular bottomless pit demonic entities have a specific role and they are the ones that torment mankind.

    1. To properly set your frame of reference you probably should read Aliens and the Antichrist by John W. Milor. The Biblical term “Heavens” means “outer-space” … get it? God created ALL the galaxies and all the life forms in those galaxies. This is an intergalactic situation.

  7. John you wrote:
    “You would be amazed at how many different non-christian sources refer to Nibiru as a “prison planet” which holds extraterrestrial and dangerous life forms.”

    I agree with that! (repeating myself) I am thinking that the very highest rank of “powers and principalities” in the angelic rhelm are on that “prison planet”Nibiru.. Yes, I agree, they are coming with that planet.

    But that they also come along with Satan, (when they are cast out) and “release” those demonic entities who are ‘bound” in the bottomless pit in the earth. That’s how I see it thus far.

  8. Wow so much to take in late at night. I sure don’t want to be here for the alien invasion. I pray we are taken out before that. I wish I could email this to my Pastor. It would blow his mind. He would think I’ve been deceived and gotten off track. But, I always think you should keep an open mind, or you could miss something really important. The Holy Spirit gives us revelation and I feel in my bones this is true. How do I bring this up at church without them thinking I’ve gone off the deep end?

    1. Unfortunately you really cannot bring it up at your church without a negative reaction. All you can do is pray. You can ask someone, however, what they think about UFO’s. Makes for interesting conversation. Be careful out there. God Bless You. John

      1. I talked to my small group leader about UFO’s and she said they are just a distraction from the devil to keep people occupied with that instead of God. I said I think they are demons. She said maybe they are. So one girl I talk to believes me so far.
        The other girls look at me funny and just laugh. Oh well, the truth will come out soon enough.

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