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Catastrophic Events following an Unfortunate Loss?

Could Ray Mabus have been predicted by Nostradamus as a marker of forthcoming calamities?  Hard to be certain.  However one of Tribulation-Now’s key contributors, Gary, has not only had a very powerful dream regarding this possibility, but it appears so did Nostradamus.


Who is Ray Mabus?

Here below is a snipet from an article on Ray Mabus and his likely promotion to Secretary of Defense this summer.

With Secretary of Defense Robert Gates now back from a final tour of operations in Iraq, the focus on Capitol Hill now turns to President Obama’s choice of Gates’ successor. After serving as defense secretary in the administrations of both Obama and former President George W. Bush, Gates is expected to retire this summer.

Current Navy Secretary Ray Mabus, 62, the former Mississippi governor and Clinton administration ambassador to Saudi Arabia, has been named by more than a dozen national news and defense industry media organizations as a leading contender to succeed Gates when he steps down.

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Why the Warning?

Sometimes by the divine providence of God, key Tribulation-Now email list members have unusual dreams.  While this is not at all uncommon, when they are tied directly to current events and can be correlated to other prophecies, visions or dreams, they become quite noteworthy.  Amen?

Here is a dream given to Gary Lowrey by the Most High YHWH God.

I had a dream that I was in a conference room and there was a podium and a stage . The back wall had blue curtains hanging from it and the podium had the official Presidential seal on it. In the background behind me I could here people rejoicing and clapping and whistling, they were celebrating .

Then I saw a man with grey hair in a blue suit jacket and tie walking behind the podium he walked back and forth, and as he did I heard a voice saying the people will rejoice, the people will cheer and Mabus will have glee in his heart over it and then sudden destruction and terror cometh.

That morning I told Lesa what I had dreamed and the next day I told Her mother Sue and Steve Sue’s husband. This dream occurred on the day that the Royal wedding took place.

The day of the dream I began to research who Mabus was, I thought the name was in the Bible so I searched there first and in Strong’s Exhaustive concordance of the Bible however it was not in the Bible.

So I did an internet search and found the name Mabus. He is Ray Mabus and he is on President Obama’s short list for Secretary of defense. The other search information came up under Nostradamus he wrote one quatrain about a man named Mabus.

The Nostradamus Prediction

Here below is the Nostradamus prediction on “Mabus”.  Is it Ray Mabus?  I don’t know.  But here it is.

‘Mabus’ then will soon die, there will come
Of people and beasts a horrible rout:
Then suddenly one will see vengeance,
Hundred, hand, thirst, hunger when the comet will run.

Whoops.  Excuse me?  Uhmm comet?  I don’t know about you, but when I saw the “comet” word in the same Nostradamus prediction as the name “Mabus” I got a sudden chill down my spine.  Glory to God you don’t suppose this is referring to Elenin or “Wormwood” do you?  Which is which?  Who is who?  Isn’t Elenin supposed to reach its closest point to earth in early to mid September?


For more information on the Nostradamus prediction see here:

Summary in Jesus Name

There is SOOO much going on at this time it is nearly impossible to keep up with all the information.  All I can suggest is that you stay in continuous praise and prayer as much as you possibly can.

Things seem to be ramping up at an all time high.



is the



… and most of all …


Author: John Baptist
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7 thoughts on “The Mabus Warning

  1. I not sure what to make of this, catching up on reading your stuff and I read Deut 18:10-14 as you state it, then your referrencing The Nostradamus Prediction. Help me out, wouldn’t Nostradamus fall into this catagory, for you ‘or one who interprets omens,? I don’t mean any disrespect, I’m searching for the truth and seeking Jesus Christ but I’m confused….

    There shall not be found among you anyone who makes his son or his daughter pass through the fire, or one who practices witchcraft, or a soothsayer, or one who interprets omens, or a sorcerer, 11 or one who conjures spells, or a medium, or a spiritist, or one who calls up the dead. 12 For all who do these things are an abomination to the Lord, and because of these abominations the Lord your God drives them out from before you. 13 You shall be blameless before the Lord your God. 14 For these nations which you will dispossess listened to soothsayers and diviners; but as for you, the Lord your God has not appointed such for you.

    1. Actually I used to think that was true. But then I did some additional deep dive research on Nostradamus and he was outspoken the “divinism” was of the works of Satan and rebuked its practice. You see, many “think” (as I did) that Nostradamus was a “divinist” but when you dig deep enough you discover he was a strong believer in God (YHWH) and was of Hebrew / Jewish bloodlines. You can confirm this by watching the first video on the Ancient of Days, Christians Symposium on Aliens where these data points are brought up by the speaker.

  2. I can’t believe I just discovered your website and I am reading about Mabus! A few years ago even before Obama was president I felt the Lord was showing me something with the Mississippi governor’s name Mabus. I had seen that name associated with Nostradomus-Now a dream has been given about Ray Mabus! I didn’t realize that he is inline to be Secretary of Defense possibly as early as this year!! Wow-when I saw the word Comet and sudden destruction I also “got the chills”!
    I would also like to ask anyone on this website if they observed the words that the husband of Gabrielle Gifford and current captain of the spaceshuttle spoke before the launch yesturday morning—ITS IN DNA OF OUR COUNTRY —– I felt that was a message to all the listening ears of the enemy saying that the DNA corruption is now complete ( I am not saying thus says the Lord) I just felt it in my spirit -also interesting that Gifford and her husband gave each other their wedding bands! Someone had a dream posted on Fivedoves not to long ago saying that when the launch took place at some point into the journey the shuttle would have to return to earth because of meteors and then in the dream the Bride of Christ would be raptured!

    1. Yes Amen the vision with the space shuttle is mentioned in the article entitled “Blue 21”. Praise Jesus.

  3. I was just reading some of Nostradamus quatrain about the 3 anti Christ and went on a search for the 3rd Mabus. First Jan Mabuse who was a friend of Nostradamus and said to have had a vision of the 3ed Anti Christ painted a picture about it. The painting shows 3 Kings of the Middle East who brought gifts to Jesus.
    Second Raymond Edwin “Ray” Mabus, Jr. (born October 11, 1948) is the 75th United States Secretary of the Navy. Mabus served as the 60th Governor of the U.S. state of Mississippi from 1988 to 1992 and as United States Ambassador to Saudi Arabia [Middle East ] from 1994 to 1996.
    Secretary of the Navy and next I found the US NAVY uses mobile HAARP ionispheric and seismic weapons . This is not looking good. HAARP is a very bad weapon that has already caused mass destruction in many areas of this planet.

  4. mabus is definitely gwbusH. He has to be responsible for over a million innocent deaths as the first two were. No on else fits that description. Spin the gw 180. ma. Mabus means Mr. Bush in ancient Greek. The first country to fall because of him. Vets committing suicide, to this day…

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