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WARNING: You need to read and understand this entire article. This is complex and lengthy information but can save your life. Get a cup of coffee, and read the whole thing. This is a brain dump from a life-time of learning and personal experience you will not get from any Church or Bible study. While reading please heed the “WARNINGS” throughout.


Now more than ever before the LORD is leading me to believe, through the Holy Spirit that is thriving ever more within me, that the Great Tribulation is upon us today (e.g. just a few years away). Jesus said we will not know “neither the day nor the hour” (Matt 25:13). However it was strongly suggested in the scripture that through prayer and “watching” for certain signs, we could know when the Great Tribulation was coming upon us. The graphic shown above, I believe, shows the most likely timeline of the Tribulation of 3 1/2 years + 3 1/2 years with a possible “calling up” or (gulp) dare I say even a “rapture” of some kind toward the very end. But please read on because there are many possibilities of which you MUST be made aware.

WARNING: Pre-Trib Rapture believers, do not let your heart be hardened and open your minds to the other possibilities so you might be one of the “elect” that are not deceived. If pre-trib happens, then I will see you “on the way up”!

So let’s briefly look at how the “evangelical” Christian “body” has concluded the prophetic timelines might unfold. But first let’s set down some foundations. We all know there is only going to be *one* correct timeline. So what is one to think about all the different beliefs? Are we to conclude that many of the ‘born again’ believers are incorrect? In fact the answer is yes … absolutely. Do I pretend to have some divine revelation? Absolutely not. So how do you deal with all these interpretations of timelines? A very wise man of God and Bible Teacher from Harrisburg, PA, named David Ebaugh (see, put it like this. He told his students to take what they had learned and put it on a “shelf” and be watchful. He was wise enough to know that you should study all the possibilities and hold dear none. But you must be watchful and pray as the scripture says (1 Peter 4:7). Those who are not watchful and do not pray during these times are definitely going to miss the timeline and ultimately have to go through some pretty horrible stuff. Matthew 24 is clear on this. Take some time to read this chapter of the Bible. But I cannot recommend more strongly that you read it slowly and use multiple translations so you get a decent understanding of what each verse is trying to say. While there is no question the original King James Version, from the Textus Recepticus line, is the most accurate and complete; most everyone agrees it is hard to understand. Read it first, but use a web site like to do a parallel study of each verse. I find the Amplified Bible is one of the most easy to understand while remaining quite faithful to the original intent of the King James. If you intend to invest in a new Bible, you can purchase a King James / Amplified parallel Bible (Zondervan publishing) from Amazon for 20 to 40% less than what you will find at your local Christian book store. I believe Amazon has a hard bound copy for as little as $25.

The “Holy Spirit Baptised” body of Christ has come up with a number of versions of this timeline. Make no mistake, studying these timelines is very complex and frustrating. Each timeline version has well calculated and scripturally based reasons for support. And unfortunately they all have issues and conclusions that just don’t make sense. This problem exists because of how the prophecies are analyzed. The analysis of prophecy is achieved through what some call the Hermeneutic “slider”. On one side of the “slider” you have the “literal” understanding. This means when the prophecy refers to a “Beast”, the understanding is literally a type of “Beast”, devil or Satan himself. The other side of the “slider” is symbolic. This means when prophecy refers to a “Beast”, instead it is actually referring to a “Kingdom” or some type of “government”. That is the crux of the problem and the core reason for all the disagreement. Where do you put that Hermeneutic slider for all the prophecies? It varies and nobody knows for sure.

And THEN you have the Rapture issues. The concept of a Rapture is one of the most dividing issues in the body of Christ today. The born-again Holy Spirit filled believers now, more than ever, need to stop spinning their wheels over this Rapture concept. It does nobody any good to bother with it at all since the scripture is infinitely clear you will not know the day or the time Christ will come. Instead the Bible states you must be perpetually ready – period – end of story. The “Rapture” enthusiasts are people who simply cannot except that the “born again believers” will have to suffer any persecution. Frankly they are scared to even consider it. So they remain passionate their embraced interpretation results in their “whisking up” so they will be taken out of harms way in the nick of time. But there are many problems with this notion. Let’s first consider the meaning of the words ‘trials and tribulations”.

First let us look at the definition of the word “Tribulation”. Tribulation is defined as “great affliction, trial, or distress”. Okay fair enough. Now lets look at the definition of the phrase “trials and tribulation”. If you type into Google, “define trials and tribulation” you will find “tests of one’s patience and endurance, particularly as it relates to FAITH!” Every time, throughout the Bible, the LORD’s people went into hard times, the LORD brought them THROUGH it as a form of “faith builder”. With only a few miraculous exceptions, such as Elijah when faced with an army of threatening men, the LORD takes his people through the problems. He insists that we put our trust in him. If you cannot do this you might want to go through some faith super-charging exercises and open your Bible because God does not like it when we cannot put our trust in him. I don’t know about you, but in these days, I do not want to be someone who disappoints the LORD.

The word “rapture” does not appear in the Bible. It is derived from the Latin root word “rapturos” which means a “calling up”. This story can be found in 1 Thessalonians chapter 4. It further coincides with Matthew 24’s statement by Jesus where one person is in the field and another one is taken away or simply “disappears”. At face value these scriptures certainly indicate that at one point through all this tribulation stuff certain born-again chosen Christians are going to be miraculously “taken out of the way”. But wait! Taken out of the way of what?? Therein lies the problem. The problem is trying to figure out WHEN this is going to happen during the tribulation timeline. But when you look at Matthew 24 again you see where Jesus says “take heed that no man deceive you” (Matt 24:4). Remember he says this FIRST. Then shortly thereafter he explains “For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in DIVERSE [unusual] places” [emphasis added]. Fair enough. But please take note that Jesus is actually telling us how these things will happen in their proper order. If you review history only as far back as the 1800 until now, you can clearly see how these things are currently occurring. There were more than 1,000 earthquakes recorded in Yellowstone since January 15th and there was a 4.3 earthquake recently recorded in the Chicago area. Never mind we self-centered Americans cannot see outside our borders as these are happening in strange places all over the globe. And let’s not even analyze the WAR and famine situation. That is a huge subject and should be painfully evident to anyone who is paying attention to current events.

But here is the real “kicker”. If this doesn’t wake you up, then you are probably in for a big surprise. Next Jesus tells us that after all these strange earthquakes, wars, famine (refer to Africa, Eastern Europe) and pestilence is the “beginning of sorrows” (Matt. 24:8). Think about that ominous statement. NEXT in the timeline Jesus tells us is the “beginning of sorrows:”. Folks I am telling you right now that we are currently on the very CUSP of the “beginning of sorrows”.

BE ADVISED: That I for one am Praising Jesus Christ every minute of the day because that means wonderful things are about to happen for those that believe, are saved, and are Baptised in the Holy Spirit. The LORD will take us “through” these things but only if you are “right with God”. Being saved alone does not guarantee you will be “steered around” the worst dangers.

Then Jesus says that this is what happens next. Remember this is the NEXT thing that happens in the Tribulation Timeline! Matthew 24:9 says “Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall KILL you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake”.

LOOK: It is NOT until Matthew 24 verse 40 that Jesus makes mention of anyone being “taken” while another is “left”. This is unbelievably critical for you to grasp. This is one of the few chronological timelines in the Bible. He is giving us hints of what WE must go through and how to be prepared.

What then do we have to “go through”? Here is a list of things Jesus said we will happen right after this “beginning of sorrows” occurs. This all happens before this supernatural Matthew 24:40 “taken” up stuff occurs.

  • We professed Christians, particularly those that are born-again / spirit filled Christians, will be “KILLED” and hated among nations (Matt. 24:9). Those that hide their Christian affiliations and go along with the “program” might not be discovered by their “haters” as easily but those that ‘wear the badge’ will become targets of this persecution.
  • People will be offended by Christians, people will betray and hate one another (verse 10)
  • Many false prophets will rise up (verse 11). Be aware this is most likely going to be a big obvious series of events that is not necessarily only referring to misled “Christian” leaders of today, but more likely referring to New Age prophets like “Matreiya” (Google it) and others. If you are not aware of the Ecumenical New-Age movement to combine all the world religion’s prophets under a “new god” you better get wise quick because it is already in FULL progress with the Satanic forces behind the papacy leading the way.
  • “He that endures to the end shall be saved” (verse 13). Remember he is talking to his disciples and explaining to THEM (and folks that will be “like them” during the end-times)
  • And this gospel (of Christ) shall be preached to all the world for a witness to all nations (This has already happened and is in full swing through televangelism) see (verse 14)
  • And THEN THE END SHALL COME (verse 14)
  • THEN we will see the “abomination” that will cause great “desolation” take his spot in the HOLY PLACE (verse 15). But wait where is the Rapture? Haa haa! It has not happened yet. We are not finished. This “abomination” is the manifestation of Satan in the physical. Revelation refers to this entity as Apollyon in chapter 9:11. “And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name is the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon.” (Rev. 9:11).

WARNING: Be advised there are Satanic worshipers and world powers that are currently preparing for the arrival of their new Messiah. They call him Osiris/Nimrod/Apollo – yes this is the Greek “god” Apollo. They believe he will be resurrected and “live” in the flesh here on Earth. This meshes perfectly with Revelation 9:11 thus it is confirmed beyond any doubt it is TRUE. Whatever this “entity” shall look like, it will be the manifestation of Lucifer on Earth and to the Satanists, it will be their “Messiah”, and a reincarnation in the “flesh” of the ancient mystery “god” Osiris / Horus / Isis / Nimrod / Apollo. The Satanist have many names of their “god” Lucifer because they believe he has manifested on Earth many times over thousands of years. Apollyon is the one we need to look for as he is the manifestation of Lucifer as the real “mac-daddy” Antichrist. He will take command from the 3rd Temple of Solomon, which is currently being established by the

BUT WAIT! We have not be “taken” out of the way yet in this chronological timeline of events. There is more stuff that happens in Matthew 24.

Let’s Continue

  • Basically the next couple sentences of Jesus tell us to “get out of Dodge!” People in Judaea flee into the mountains, you are not to go back and get anything but get out of the way, forget your clothes and ‘stuff’, and woe be to you with tiny babies, and pray it is not Winter because your flight will be difficult (verses 16 – 20)

Note that we are only at verse 21 in this chronological sequence of events. Again it is not until verse 40 that the LORD refers to people being taken out of the way. Jesus goes on to explain the things that will happened during the Great Tribulation and it is anything but pleasant. Following this timeline I frankly do not see the spirit filled Christian believers being “whisked up” and avoiding these things.


We already have solid reason to believe by studying only Bible prophecy that we are in the end-times. Those that do not believe we are in the first 3 1/2 years of the Tribulation have a serious wake up call coming. Some of the world-events that are happening or have already occurred include:

  • The literal destruction of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights with PDD / Executive Orders 9-51 with more coming. Presidential Directives / Executive Orders override the Constitution and are in fact “illegal” and a direct violation of the Constitution because they do not include the ratification of Congress.
  • Martial Laws. We have all the necessary laws and Presidential Directives to allow the President of the U.S. to institute “martial law” for virtually any reason he chooses if it is in the best interest of the country (or government). You should read the language in the bills. This basically means for any reason they so desire. Yes the language is *that* loose.
  • FEMA prison camps. There are over 800, barb-wire surrounded, prison camps in the United States alone. Most are located on military bases but hundreds are located in other places. Please do your homework. The U.S. government has recently started hiring “Internment Specialists” to staff these prison camps. There are substantial reports, including some articles on this web site, that strongly suggest many of these camps have means of execution (e.g. are death camps).
  • Similar prison-camps are located all over the world
  • Global banking / monetary collapse ushering in the “New World Order”. If you haven’t heard about this then you’ve had your head in the sand. Global Government! It is so close to being established in full swing it is absolutely astonishing.
  • Arguments that make utter sense about the 9-11 event that strongly indicate the buildings were not brought down by the plane impact (see If you have not at least watched Richard Gage’s presentation on this concern, you are completely ill-informed. The forces of evil in this world are at a peak and we are entering into the Tribulation right now. I believe it is very likely the first 3 1/2 years have already started. (more on that to come)
  • One more major false-flag (faked) terrorist attack and this country may be thrown into martial law. This means the government can name anyone as a terrorist. Even Christians! Guns will be confiscated door to door. Unmanned drones will patrol the skies with cameras and weapons mounted. Anything that is considered to be a “hate crime” or anyone that is considered a “rebel rouser” can be identified as a terrorist. Christians will be targeted as Matthew 24 clearly states.


Over the last 2 + years, the LORD and my personal interests both, have led me down a dark path of research. It started for me back in 1988 after attending a live lecture by a Christian named Ralph Epperson. After that lecture my life changed. I had already received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit at the age of 9 so you might say that “my pump was primed”. At the age of 10 I was fascinated with Jack Van Impe (the “talking Bible”) and remember listening to an old record album in my bedroom on his interpretation of the end-times. That was back in the 70’s. I became a Hal Lindsey fan as well, read his book “The Late Great Planet Earth”, and continue to listen and watch both of these Christian leaders. If you are one of those people inclined to fault a Christian leader because they “take a shot” at naming a date when they personally “believe” something major is going to happen you are in serious trouble. This DOES NOT make them a “false prophet”. If you think so you are gravely mistaken and it could cost you your life.

WARNING: Deuteronomy 18:22 says “When a prophet speaketh in the name of the Lord, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which the Lord hath not spoken, but the prophet hath spoken it presumptuously: thou shalt NOT be afraid of him. [emphasis added]

But over the years life got in the way and I stopped paying attention. That is unfortunate since many scary things took place of which I was oblivious. UNTIL I learned what really happened on 911. That was not until just a couple years ago. Once I realized that it was not only likely, but in fact the buildings were brought down by “controlled demolition” the flood gates were opened. Since then my research led from one thing to another. I started developing an intimate understanding that the forces of evil in this world have not taken a break the whole time. In fact they have sped things up dramatically in the last several years. But why? Why are all these sinister things happening right now?

Here are some questions you should ask yourself.

  • Why does the Bible frequently make reference to Godly men making use of “seers”? Use your concordance (hopefully you have a computerized version of the Bible with a concordance). There are 21 times the Bible refers to “seers” in the KJV.
  • Why, throughout all of history, have “seers”, Oracles, and prophets (some claimed Christian and some not so much) predicted that the year 2012 is going to a bad year?
  • Why do the top eschalon of Satanists in the “secret societies” throughout history point to 2012 as the time of the return of their Messiah, or at least aluding to the beginning of a New Age or “novus ordo seclorum” (see the back of your dollar bill please)
  • Why do ancient civilizations going back thousands of years such as the Incas, Azteks and the Mayans have complex mathematical calendar systems that defy science and all point to this 2012 date as being the time of a major END. End to what?
  • Nostradamus, Sybil, the “I-Ching”, the “Web-Bot Project”, NASA’s 2012 “solar maximum”, the prophecies of the Popes by Father Malachy, the ancient Cherokee rattlesnake prophecy, and even the symbolism and hidden knowledge of the 32nd and 33rd degree Masonic orders referred to as the Illuminati or illuminated ones. All their documentation, when properly understood and studied points to this year – 2012

I have told my friends and associates that I am not so certain that 2012 is going to be “all that”. Frankly I do not believe (at this time) there is going to be some global world ending calamity at that time. I do not believe (at this time) that some strange planet X is going to make the Earth spin on its axis and kill 1/3 of the worlds population. I am aware that there is going to be a celestial planetary line up that points astrologically to the “end of an age”. I am aware that NASA says we will be at one of the most significant solar activity peaks in history. I know about the existence of HAARP, and the alleged “Project Blue Beam” fake rapture, high FOV (Field of View) hollographic lie coming (search on Google with these key words). I’m aware and have seen military documents confirming that Barium is the substrate used to project such hollographic images into the sky so that people can see them from across extremely large areas.

But I do not think that 2012 is going to be the end of the world. As a matter of fact I think it is going to be another Y2K Event! That’s part of the plan in my opinion. The forces of evil on this world would like nothing better than to distract us of what is REALLY going on.

2012, you see, is indeed a MAJOR MARK in history. If we are truly being “watchful” and praying, and being “wise as serpents and gentle as doves” we should see clearly that our enemy has positioned its troops for a really really HUGE event. This event is the 7 year Tribulation!!

The first half of the 7 year Tribulation period happens after the diverse earthquakes, rumors of wars, conflicts, wars, famines, etc. All that stuff is already happening in full force. Look at JUST the stuff mentioned in this article and do some homework. Look at the Satanic symoblism on the back of your one dollar bill. All the Satanic demonic forces alive in the world today are ushering in their Osiris, their Nimrod, their Apollo (Apollyon). Their evil calendars for thousands of years have pointed to 2012. This date either marks the point in time for their “Apollyon” to take his throne (e.g. the Antichrist takes his political position in the new (3rd) Solomons’ Temple (being put into place right now) OR it points to the official beginning of “novus ordo seclorum” / the beginning of the “new age”, and the New World Order.

This means we face two possible timelines.

  1. 2012 marks the beginning of the Great Tribulation and “Apollyon” takes his seat in Solomon’s new temple in Jerusalem
  2. 2012 marks the beginning of the “new age” and the starting point of the 7 years tribulation with “Apollyon” taking his seat in the Temple in 2016

But what about the Al-Aqsa Mosque? The “Dome of the Rock”? Why it is located directly on top of the Holy of Holies!

My hunch is that during the forthcoming War with IRAN (you already see the signs that this is going to happen), the Al-Aqsa Mosque will be destroyed. I believe it will not be destroyed by IRAN. I believe it will be intentionally destroyed by either Israeli or U.S. cruise missiles as part of the conflict and be blamed on the “other side”. If you study your history this is how it works.

Also during this conflict, which may very well be the “battle of Jehoshaphat”, Damascus will be turned to “rubble” fulfilling yet another prophecy.

Remember the first 3 1/2 years of the Tribulation are “relative calm” in comparison to the Great Tribulation that happens right after Apollyon takes his throne in Solomons’ Temple.

This is all happening RIGHT NOW people.


There are survival supply sites all over the Internet. For good reason I might add quite honestly. Many believe, as I, the next false flag terror attack may very well be nuclear in nature. Very few people will be surprised by martial law if Chicago, New York and Los Angeles are hit with small hidden nuclear weapons. Many are being watchful and praying about this now. David Wilkerson had a recent vision (see article on this web site) about fire rolling down the streets of New York. During a major FEMA drill that happened last year, the practice scenario included an erily similar set of events. Folks they are *actually practicing* for these things. That should be a warning to you since they were practicing for jets flying into the World Trade Centers during the same morning the attacks actually took place. They were “practicing” for a subway bombing attack the same exact morning of England’s 7/7 subway bombing attack. AND the government was “practicing” for an emergency rescue of Haiti the same week the earthquakes occured (while HAARP was at full power!). Watch & Pray.

One of my friends said “Let’s take up arms and protect ourselves!” I asked him if martial law was imposed, and the government announced the death penalty for anyone who did not turn in their weapons within 72 hours – who would still have a weapon? He admitted it was probably not the best plan.

Another of my friends said, “Let’s buy food, and store supplies, and learn wilderness survival skills so we can hide from them”. I asked him how long he thought we could hide from flying drones equipped with infra-red detection cameras and satellite imaging that can see 50 feet under ground? He too admitted it was probably not the best plan.

So what do we do?

You get yourself to the closest non-denominational or Pentacostal church you can and you get yourself SAVED and Baptised in the HOLY SPIRIT NOW. This will not guarantee you complete safety during these difficult times ahead, but you will be in direct contact with a group of empowered believers that will GET SUPERNATURAL WORD from the LORD. You are going to need supernatural powers from God and you need to listen to him when he says PACK UP AND GO! Some of us are not going to make it. Some of us will be “beheaded” and show up in front of God in heaven and be rewarded for laying down our lives (Rev. 20:4). But your best shot at making it through this with as little pain as possible is to aly yourself with those who have the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit and the LORD guiding them.

But how do you know if you are with the right Church? You need to look for “signs following”. This is the KEY. If your church does not believe in healing miracles happening today you are in serious trouble. If your church believes that pentacost happened during only Acts 2:2-10 and nobody speaks in tongues any more and supernatural occurences are a thing of the past – you re in big trouble. LEAVE THAT CHURCH. Go to a church that not only believes it, but knows it is happening and can teach you everything you need to know. SIGNS MUST FOLLOW.

The LORD will protect you supernaturally. And if you are one of the lucky one’s that get beheaded quickly, I will be cheering you on in the audience in Heaven! Or maybe I will be standing by your side with the others. Who knows. But in the Name of Jesus I pray you stop watching the Discovery Channel and the Nostradamus effect and open your Bible. Start reading the New Testament. Learn about the supernatural by reading about Jesus and paying close attention to 1 Corinthians chapters 12 and 13. Make sure your church allows the Holy Spirit to flow and does NOTHING to stand in its way. That is the power that will save the elect in the next few years. Be prepared to make a run for it and aly yourself with power of Jesus Christ.

The drones and helicopters will not be able to see you.

Food will arrive on your doorstep

Word from God will tell you to get down to the next town and out of the way of harm.


And may God Bless you Always. I hope to see you at the party on the other side.


Please “google” all the information presented in this article
Please see all the articles located on this web site
Read: Apollyon Rising: 2012 by Thomas Horn
Listen to “Jack Van Impe 2012” on Youtube
Study YOUR Bible

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    Joe Ortiz's "End Times Passover" blog (Mar. 9, '10) is now displaying (for the first time anywhere) a facsimile copy of the "kernel" of Margaret Macdonald's 1830 handwritten pretrib rapture account!
    The same history-changing account was found in the British Library and is catalogued there as "Margaret McDonald's Vision."
    Historian Dave MacPherson, who has researched throughout Scotland and England, tracked it down and obtained a copy of the entire 1830 handwritten document which can now be viewed 180 years later.

    (Viewed the above web bit just now]

  2. What do you think about the big BP oil spill? I'll say this, from the shots I saw on TV, the huge rig sure could have looked like a mountain on fire, and the oil in the sea sure looks like blood…if someone was trying to descibe what he was seeing from a 30 something AD prespective…hummmm interesting.

  3. I am both troubled and facsinated by this oil spill from an eschatological perspective. Some have said it looks like blood on the water. Another article suggested it could lead to a perfect storm if they were to use explosives to close the hole. Is it truly an accident?

    As far as how likely it is that the results could be aligned with Revelation prophecy, this is an area which I continue to research. I will say this. At this stage of my research, I am leaning toward the signs in Revelation being more and more literal. Not 100% literal but "leaning that way". "IF" I am correct in my thinking, while this is a major event and probably related to some type of intentional nefarious plan of sorts, I am not certain in my heart it measures up to the events in Revelation. BUT I could be wrong.

    Also isn't the timing off a bit too. I don't get the impression these events in Revelation happen until *after* the abomination of desolation takes his throne but there is some debate on this as well. Matthew 24 definitely doesn't imply these types of "Wrath Like" events happen before the "abomination". Just some ideas. More on that subject as I learn more.

    Thanks for helping all of us "Watch & Pray"

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