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The Greater Glory is Before Us

It is so hard to understand how awesome an opportunity we have before us.  God protects us from seeing what actually surrounds us every day.  If we could see beyond this dimension and into the heavens, we would be awed (utterly astonished).  But because we dwell in this “illusion” (by purpose, by design), we are also divinely spared of seeing the enemy that is also in our midst.  Our ability to overcome this “illusion” is the “litmus test” God is using to determine our eternal destiny.  Our behavior becomes our “report card”.  Our report card determines what the Lord does with us for all eternity.

You see, the “Word” is the ONLY offensive weapon in the entire Armor of God. The “Word” of God is ALIVE.  All else leads to confusion. If you put on only “part” of the armor you lay on the ground getting battered by the enemy.  For without the SWORD you cannot “overcome”. You must put on “all” the armor or you are rendered ineffective. I praise Jesus for loving me (and you) so much that we can still have some time here on earth to understand spiritually even more of God’s intended meaning. I praise Jesus, the great El Elyon, for giving us ALL a chance to earn a greater inheritance in his “Kingdom that is YET to come!” (come here to this earth).

Psalm 118:17 I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the LORD

I believe you not only have to listen to God’s Word in the natural sense (literally), but you must also apply it to your “spirit”. Our *spirit* “will not die (in this realm, in this dimension), but LIVE, and declare the works of the Lord!

Did you know that the table you sit in front of does not exist? The sub-atomic particles that make up that table are separated mathematically by 10 to the 15th power! There is more “space” there than there is matter. The past, present and future are only a stubbornly persistent illusion.

Ps 144:4 Man is like a breath; His days are like a passing shadow

How much more is before us after the Millennium? Eternity is a very long time. We have been recruited for a higher position as future Elohim. But even greater perhaps, since God created his “council” before he “predestined” US. There is a reason even the Angels look upon us in awe.

If you can effectively teach people these concepts, their level of understanding turns from worldly to entirely spiritual. We have a duty to not only encourage, but we have a duty to instill in their spirit’s a higher understanding of God’s “eternal” plan.

Hardly anyone teaches this stuff. We are only limited by our spiritual prison here in this illusion on earth.

No wonder the Holy Spirit is grieved by our lack of understanding. We have NO IDEA how huge this is!

Forever is Forever

Glory is an Understatement

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